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Koh Phangan Thailand

Fire Dancer Pirates Bar Koh Phangan
I’m in the middle of a HUGE party here on Koh Phangan, for the Thai Songkran Festival. The house music right outside this Internet cafe is pounding the beat, and everyone’s dancing like crazy. I’ve been powdered, drenched, powdered again & drenched again, so many times it’s impossible to count! The supersoakers are out in force, and others are just throwing buckets of water, sometimes iced on everyone. Everyone is soaking everyone else, and Everyone is smiling like they’re having a great time (and we are indeed!)The Thais are going nuts. This is obviously a big thing for them. And today the sun is shining without a cloud in the sky. I haven’t a clue what the temperature is because for the last 3 hours I’ve been completely soaked, feeling nice & cool.

I’m sorry but I’m not taking pix of this wonderful event. 🙁 Can’t risk the camera (which by now would be history!). I’ve refilled my supersoaker at least 50 times, and I’ve got a nice blister coming on my trigger finger.

Too bad everyday can’t be like this one! Tonight there’s a big party at the Pirates Bar, with a bunch of DJs with their setups in little nooks in the sheer cliff. I’ll post some pix of the bar soon. It’s right at the end of the beach I’m on, which is one minute away from my bungalow. How convenient.

I’m not jonesin’ anymore! Yippee! Sweet Thai medicine for my insomnia. 🙂

So the story about this Thai New Year celebration is that they’re supposedly cleansing themselves of all the shit from the last year, so they can start the new year fresh. It’s new years cause today is their Equinox, with the sun directly overhead. It’s the hottest month of the year here, so a great excuse to get soaking wet!

Koh Phangan Beach Scene
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7 Responses to Koh Phangan Thailand

  • I went to one of the full moon parties on koh phangan. Loved it! the thai are party animals. After returning from my trip i picked up the art of fire poi. i’m hoping to go back to thailand soon!!!

  • I love Thailand!! & The people are beautiful

  • I stayed on this very beach!! I can see my bungalow in the picture! Pirates bar is great! One of the best nights of my life was spent on Hat Chaophao being childlike on mushrooms, dancing on the sand and cloudbusting the clouds around the full moon… ahh..

  • Any suggestions of where to stay on Koh? I am going in 2 months and need a place (bungalow) to stay!!!

  • Great Bay Koh Phangan

  • well, thailand is no hippieland anymore, its for backpackers only (its a difference)

  • Any real hippy avoids Koh Pan ngan now I would think.

    I used to go there 10-16 years ago and met some wonderful people (real hippies) with gifts even from S.F. on the beach (hold out your tongue). Now last year I visited a full moon party for old times sake – and left the day before (no thanks). Its mostly just a beach full of international travellers who want to get drunk and dance to techno and act like idiots all night long and get in fights with Israeli commandos who are on vacation. No thanks. I wont say where we all go to now, but use your imagination 😉 Peace and Love, Sky

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