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Laurentian Mountains near Montreal, Canada

Montreal as many know is a MAJOR hippie mecca of Canada with enormous urban counterculture activity. For those of you who love nature, mountains and forest, and more organic, health-oriented back-to-the-land hippie havens, a short trip just north of Montreal will find you in the Laurentian Mountains which is one of the most beautiful places on the planet in the Canadian summer. Loads of organic outdoorsy hippies from Montreal and other parts of Canada hang out in the Laurentians to commune with the shimmering lakes, birds, beautiful bright green trees, and the bluest of skies around for the months of May-October.

If you want to live in the Laurentian mountains, the cost of living is next to nothing – you can find a small cottage for a very cheap/good price. Americans can buy cheap, cheap land/cottages, and take up residence in the Laurentians for up to six months a year. You might bring a English/French dictionary and compliment the passionate french locals – since it’s mostly a french-speaking area. However, there’s about 25% English speaking people in the Laurentians and so you can easily get by with just English particularly on the edge of the resort areas where many Americans travel from i.e., New York to vacation. People flock to the area from all over the world (mostly northern Europe). And, it has a very left-wing, progressive European feel about it.

Loads of free, peace-loving hippies in and around the Laurentians. Communes, yoga and artist studios, an incredible bike path (use to be a train line) that goes to Montreal, and endless nature/recreation!

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10 Responses to Laurentian Mountains near Montreal, Canada

  • Great place indeed I went there a few times in my childhood. An other great place (quite close) is the Tam-Tam du Mont-Royal , it’s wonderful there and there is a lot of cool people …

  • I live in Montreal! There is a lot of cultural activities (Jazz Festival, Fringe Festival, Just For Laughs Festival, etc.) But unfortunately, it’s not exactly back to the sixties. I sure get teased the heck out of for being as hippy-like as I am.

  • I live in Montreal too. And, while you might not find it as hip as you would like, by comparison to the rest of Canada and the US, Montreal is a fairly open, comparatively wild, tolerant place – next to SanFran, its about as artsy, liberal as you’re going to find these days unfortunately. Remember we’re living in the Bush years of neoconservativism which puts sociopolitical pressure on the whole global culture including Canada – lets hope that Harper nazi doesn’t get in, then we’re really screwed. I’ve been to 100s of spots in Canada i.e., try being a hippie in Calgary or Kelowna, and be prepared to be glared at with prejudice eyes – it’s a spectrum dude, and hopefully one day the spectrum will bring us back to the 60s. Your really lucky to live in Mtl – its pretty left-wing. In and for peace.

  • So where does one go to buy this cheap land? Especially if you do not live in Canada!

  • You go to Canada’s real estate portal: https://www.mls.ca Click on Quebec and then the Laurentides/Laurentians. Want a small cabin within minutes of two artsy towns – type in i.e., 1154869 into the number search of https://www.mls.ca Americans/foreigners can buy Canadian property (however, if you sell your property, you will have to pay the Canadian government 30% tax on the property).

  • Thank you very much Lily! Wish me well!

  • Ste Agathe Des Monts is a really chilled town in the Laurentians and is about 45 minutes north of Montreal. It has beautiful old character buildings, all set on a lake amongst rolling green mountains. Quebec itself is the most left-wing province in Canada. I regularly see like-minded hippies in this historic french/english town, and most of people have liberal leanings in general. Fun and wild funky clothes outlet near the dock to check out, fantastic health food store on main road, and a nice gym on the edge of town if that interests you. All the basics for simply living… And, no problem getting organic food – most of the grocery stores carry organic produce and an incredible variety of foods, if you don’t end up growing them yourself.

  • I’m interested in finding a Yogic community to live with… I’m studying and practicing Yoga and would like to live with like minded individuals but away from an ashram setting… Anyone have any ideas?!


  • yo guys are hipies

  • Hello! I was interested in living on a commune that would welcome me in the area. I a vegan and try to eat organic whenever possible, would like to live communally. If you know of any place in the area please let me know. Thank you.

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