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Louisville, Kentucky

“Bardstown Road is a large street where you can not only find hippies, but every kind of person there is. The best parts of Bardstown Road stretch for about 3 miles. It’s lined with eclectic shops, head and hemp and beads and vintage clothing…as well as vegetarian cuisine. It’s a great place to just take a walk. It really does look like it’s straight out of 1968. There are great coffee shops with outdoor cafes, “gently used” book stores, instrument and record shops, head shops, vintage clothing stores, specialty stores and everything in between. It’s absolutely the best place in Louisville to visit!!!”

“There is a happy thriving hippie community here. Cherokee Park is home to many drummers and smokers. This city also has a solid gay community, and a well-known affinity for birthing original bands–there are very many opportunities for budding musicians to meet like-minded folks…Also many poets and artists claim Louisville for their home. It is groovy.”

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