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Nimbin Australia

Nimbin Hemp Bar and Hemp Info Center
I’m here in Nimbin and I’ll be reviewing the MardiGrass Festival for our sites. They’re expecting 10,000 people to decend upon this tiny town tomorrow in the countryside surrounded by rainforest.

Yesterday I got to walk thru some of that rainforest on the side of an ancient volcano. Awesome.

The town is gearing up for the annual onslaught which highlights cannabis reform. It seems everyone in this town is passionately activist regarding that subject, and this is definite one cool place to hang out. I hear they call this place Amsterdam on Steroids in the middle of nowhere (not sure about the steroid thing). I’d say it’s a cross between woodstock and Amsterdam, or it will be this weekend.

There’s going to be a big parade thru town on Sunday. I expect to be there, but I don’t even have my accomodation sorted yet. Camping out is the order of the day anyway. So I got to go to get some camping gear, now.

Beautiful Nimbin Area
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7 Responses to Nimbin Australia

  • i am wondering when the next 2006 mardi grass is in Nimbin. Id like to attend. Any details please.

    many thanks


  • hi i visited nimbin in 2005 and if it was anymore layed back people would be on their backs. fantastic place to jus chill and do nothing.
    i will definatly be visiting when i go back to oz later this year. someone said byron used to be like it. cant see that myself but hey, what do i know. if you get the chance to go then do.

  • Sorry, but what is kimerikas?


  • I lived in Nimbin for a while and, now that I am away from it, I miss the place so much. To begin with I went there as a backpacker for the fantastic buds that are grown out in the rainforest but after moving there and living as a local I realised that the ‘real’ Nimbin was found under the smoke haze and that the pot was an extra bonus on top of a friendly, happy, excepting, environmentally sound community. Go there.Go there now.

  • yea i just got back from nimbin yesterday and it was my first time to a place like that before and i have to say thet i had one of the best weekends in a very long time its a beautiful place and the people there are awsome

  • I visited Nimbin… all i can say is its fantastic! and for anyone thinking of going… do so, Australia is one of the best places i have been and i have travelled a fair bit. Also visit Bunya Mountains if ur looking for a bit of peace and quiet….
    Definetly worth a look!

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