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Nyack, NY

A popular hippie town. Near the Tappanzee Bridge right on the Hudson. Much tie-dye clothing, organic health stores, yoga, antique and used book stores. Much art. Reputed as the home of Rose O’Donald.

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26 Responses to Nyack, NY

  • I heard Rosie moved out a few years back.


  • Rosie..has been seen in and around the town

  • Nyack is awesome. I live here and it is the ideal town. Only 20 miles from downtown manhattan and on the foothills of the catskill mountains. It is right on the hudson river with nothing but open-minded chill people. pot is plentiful in nyack and for a larger town, the police do not bother you. There is a fairly ghetto section of nyack but the people there are very well behaved and respectful for the most part

  • I found the recent comment about the inhabitants of the “ghetto section” of Nyack being “well-behaved and respectful for the most part” to be EXTREMELY offensive. As someone who was raised in Nyack, it is upsetting to me that a fellow Nyacker would refer to the minority populations in such a blatantly disrespectful and belittleing manner. Think about the implications of what you are saying, “well-behaved” is a phrase used to describe children. I am so incensed that I don’t know what else to say politely, so, in order to be well-behaved and respectful, I will leave it at that.

  • IN RE: to Maggie’s offfense—I believe that the person that posted that ghetto coment was reffering to children. I’ve lived in Nyack and have gone to school in NYack with these kids and agree with that statement. To take offense so easily speaks volumes about a person. Relax there are much bigger battles in life to step too.

  • I agree with Maggie those comments are offensive. Wise1 you should change your name. I’m not saying everyone needs to be PC all the time, but the writer’s background puts them in a place where they feel it’s important to let everyone know that the less fortunate are not to be feared in Nyack. As a rule of thumb if you’re writing something then turn it around as if you’re reading those same word about yourself or your surroundings and it bothers you, you should rewrite it, because it will bother some one else.

  • i use to live in nyack and it is digusting what has happened to it

  • Does Rosie O’Donnell, the lesbian entertainer, live in Nyack? If so, I want to move there!

  • I grew up in Nyack in the 60’s and 70’s and ran ran ran to get out. It is impossible for me to believe that Nyack is hip in any way. Back in the 60’s it was the place not to be from. Seeing it now it is a beautiful town and quite different than the place it was.

  • Rosie was here, left, came back. While originally here, her paranoia caused her to ruin one of the more beautiful homes in town, Pretty Penny, which was the lifelong residence of actress Helen Hayes. She ran her fat mouth on national television about how much she loved Nyack, and then got annoyed when her idiot fans started flocking to town to try and find her. So she left, then snuck back into town 2 years later. This time she had a nice little riverside park at the end of her street removed, on the premise that it would affect her privacy and the security of her “family”. She’s earned a reputation amongst the local waitpersons and bartenders as a real pain in the ass and a lousy tipper. Most residents can’t wait for her to leave again.

    On the other hand, director Jonathan Demme, Bill Murray, Bill Irwin, Ellen Burstyn, U2’s Larry Mullen, Margot Kidder and a host of other celebrities live here or nearby, in relative anonymity, and don’t annoy anybody.

    Nyack’s a great town. Come visit. But if you see that fat bitch in town, cross the street.

  • I honestly live 10 mins from Nyack, Im from Teaneck NJ, Nyacks an awesome place to experience, but i also have many friends from nyack, and from what i hear living there might get alittle boring, theres not that much to do compared to, say, Manhattan right across the river…and if there was any reason to move to Nyack, it would be because Bjork lives in Nyack

  • and by the way, i find the more “privileged” population of Nyack to be more disrespectful and poorly behaived, anyone from Nyack can support that claim, the preppie and psuedo-psychedelic crowd tends to be extremely elitist and headstrong.

  • Ive lived in nyack since 1946- weve had our ups and downs especially in the 60s for those of us who knew it when it was a little village it is a major pain to have to thread your way through those spandexed bikers down at the runcible spoon – and dont get me started on the street fairs that tie things up – having said that nyack is my home – i went to st anns school – lived for a brief time in nyc — by the way rosie o donnell DOES live there and everything elmo said about her is true –

  • I grew up and still live relatively near the “ghetto ” section youre referring to – since 1946 its been that way – the issue is NOT the people – its the drug corner there on franklyn and depew — they sell right out in front of the head start – as many times as the police try to intervene they get flack — some things never change

  • Trying to contact people in Nyack commune or other near New York City…looking for information and to join….Please contact me at rth595@yahoo.com asap….Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

  • Nyack NY is beautiful > Disregard anything negative people say.

  • Nyack is awesome. I’ve lived there for at least 15 years. I’ve since moved away but my parents still live in the next town over. Nyack is a neat little bohemian town. Sure Starbucks has weasled its way in there, but there’s is also a place called Temptations right next door, and they also have coffee (and coffee flavored coffee at that!) as well as awesome food. There’s the whole night scene I never really got into, but there is no shortage of chill bars on Main Street as well. Don’t miss the crystal/new age shop Castle Keep & Nirvana Books, off main street & broadway behind Back To Earth food store, as well as Mind Over Matter, down on the south end of Broadway across from the Getty Station. Nyack has a lot of cool shops and Turiello’s (might have spelled that wrong) has awesome pizza. There are quite a few celebrities who live there too, the only one who’s ever been nasty to me was Rosie O’Donnell. Don’t even smile at her, she’ll throw daggers at you with her eyes! haha I actually met Johnny Depp in what used to be Damien & Sinclair’s on Broadway when I was 14…I’m 25 and still remember it like yesterday! haha Enjoy Nyack, and ignore all the stuff about the “ghetto”- if you’re not looking for trouble you won’t find any! I did some pretty stupid stuff as a kid and never had a problem! Peace!

  • nyack is fast losing its charm as it becomes a bedroom community to nyc – its time that we ended the stream of bikers blocking traffic every weekend – the the biweekly street fairs that create revenue for the town but make it impossible to get around in –

  • Ive lived in nyack for ten years and everyday that i am away at college i miss it more and more. Being right on the hudson river, and seeing sailboats and the tappen zee bridge everyday will never get old. I dont care what anyone has to say Nyack is one of the most amazing places in the world to live. Downtown is filled with places to hang out and shops to browse through. I worked at Temptations on mainstreet for three years and i dont think youd be able to find a better ice cream/restaurant if you tried! I love Nyack and I will always consider it my home!

  • I have lived in Nyack for my entire life. That goes for my mother and most of my grandmother’s life as well. And I believe this town has found its way to the appropriate website: hipplanet.com/hip. Nyack is a quaint bohemian sailboat town where the smell of weed does not make you turn your head. The pricey victorian homes house artists, musicians, producers and actors – some among the very best of the best. Jonathan Demme walks his dog and says hello to all the locals (Director of Silence of the Lambs, Philidelphia), while Larry Mullen takes a stroll with his children (Drummer of U2). You may see unpleasant Rosie O’ Donnell, but don’t mind her. The Baldwin brothers tend to eat a slice of pizza at Turiello’s, and sometimes you can meet Russell Crowe down at art cafe enjoying a latte and some green olives. You can’t walk downtown without seeing at least three flowy skirted woman rushing to yoga with their skinny soy lattes. Everything is organic. You can walk along the Hudson River and see all of the sailboats and smell the blooming magnolia trees that litter the little town. Even the talent among the children reflect the overtone of art. If you get the chance to see a Nyack High School theatrical performance, it is like seeing a broadway caliber show with mere high school students (I have seen them all but Cats was my absolute favorite). Most who live here commute to Manhattan for work, and obviously continue to succeed judging by the price to live in this small town. If you decide to come to Nyack, enjoy a bike ride to hook mountain, a slice of pizza at Turiello’s, coffee or tea at Art Cafe, an ice cream sundae at Temptations and some killer pad thai at the Thai House and finally a homemade dessert and some jazz at the Hudson House. After all of that, you won’t want to leave. I can promise you that.

  • Thinking of moving to Nyack. Heard about the parks, the downtown area. But is there any place to swim? In the river? A lake? A pond?

  • Alright, nostalgia aside, here are the  facts about nyack.

    Nyack- a place of art, music, and a laid-back vibe only attainable in the quaint little town. Anyone you meet here will be extremely open-minded.
    That is until the past 5 years…
    Yes, it still holds its artistic sense as well as a fair share of open-minded people, but now people who are not from nyack CONSTANTLY over crowd it. Who are these people?
    The "scene" kids from other high schools (aka spoiled rich kids who dress emo and judge everyone who does not dress emo)
    The druggies. Many of whom are from Nyack, if you have a problem with drugs (mainly weed, booze, E, Acid, and pills) do not come to nyack. ANYWHERE you go in nyack you will run into them, this is not an exaggeration by any means.
    Also, the younger generation all do drugs, even the 13 year old kids. They also are rude, loud, and trash the town (literally).
    While nyack has its upsides for the first year or two, I guarantee by the 20th month there, you will either a) also be doing drugs or b) be going crazy with cabin fever. 
    Not much happens in nyack aside from drinking and doing drugs, and a couple of art shows here and there.
    IT IS EXPENSIVE and not worth the money, IMO
    The winters are brutal and this leads to either more drugs and drinking, or depression.
    If you don’t drink or do drugs, prepare to have no social life. 
    Basically, if you are a young person looking to move to the area for a SHORT amount of time, its awesome.
    If you are looking to bring a family here, your children will all end up crackheads. I’m not exaggerating this part at all. Try to find one person at Nyack High School (or even ask the 7th and 8th graders at the middle school) who does not smoke and drink, or find one who is still a virgin, yep you can go ask the middle schoolers that as well. (p.s the kids smoke at school in the bathrooms, in the woods, in the cars, some even drink and do e)
    There are a lot of posers, oh my god the posers. the wanna-be hipsters, the supposed "hippies", and the freaking scene kids…you will want to rip someones gauges out by the end of it, I promise you that much.
    There are also a million italians and guidos, not saying that is a bad thing, just saying if you do not like that type of attitude.
    This year alone, one women was stalked and stabbed to death in her home in nyack, and another one was shot to death. A girl my best friend knew was just randomly grabbed off the street at night and raped.
    A lot of drunk, staggering men walking around at night as well.
    Not to mention the problems with the gangs….
    -Lived in Nyack for 10 years. Went to the parties, was in town all the time, and I could probably name most of the people walking around there.
    But again, Family= don’t
    Young and restless= do.
    and if your really wealthy then you’ll be fine because you’ll probably never run into the real nyack at all.
  • I lived in Nyack in the same house very close to town my entire life until I left for college, an d I still try to make it back whenever I can. My parents still live there and love the place. I know this town as well as anyone, and I would agree with just about everything positive that I have heard on this thread; the small-town feel, the "hippie" attitude that many residents share, the beauty of the town and the prevalence of the arts and music all make it an amazing place to live and grow up. Turiellos pizza, the art cafe, and strawberry place are all staples. A day riding bikes to hook mountain, spending time on the water, or going on the lesser-known hike up to the top of hook mountain to look down on the town is a day very well spent.

    A lot of these things that I love about the town however, seem to be threatened in recent years. More development consistently creeps into town, often destroying trees in the process. And yes, there are lots of young 13 year old "emo" "scenesters" who come from neighboring towns, but they are young and harmless. The most annoying and uncharacteristic aspect of the town is the growing bar scene, which is in large part populated by people who look like they belong on the television show The Jersey Shore. This is absolutely NOT nyack-like, and causes a lot of angst for residents to have drunken guidos invading the town every friday and saturday night.

    I love this town, it will always be my home, but I really hope to see some of those recent trends slowed, stopped or reversed to preserve the identity of this great little town.

  • If you enjoy a loud horn blowing multiple times per day you should go to Nyack.

    The town is garbage. Over-priced restaurants, over-priced stores around every corner. A street fair every month with the same people selling the same jewelry or other useless trinkets. 
    If you come to Nyack you will find one or more of the following for sure:
    1) Someone smoking pot. 
    2) Someone littering.
    3) Someone asking for money.
    4) Someone asking for cigarettes.
    5) Someone loitering.
    6) Someone looking like he is going to either steal your wallet or follow you home.
    The only redeeming things are the two good pizza places and Harry’s, though all three are over-priced.
    It would be bearable if most people weren’t so rude. 
    Besides the above and trying to not get hit by a car while you are trying to cross Main at a crosswalk, people yelling, garbage everywhere, its a good place. 
    The funny thing is that for a place with so many hippies, its one of the least friendly places I have ever lived.
  • Edit your comment. It’s Rosie O’Donnell, not Rosie O’Donald.

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