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Omaha, Nebraska

“Omaha is a pretty phun li’l town. Pretty good family. There are NO CLUBS there, so those annoying clubkids are not even present (woo-hoo!). They’ll introduce you to a real rave, which everyone should experience. Omaha also has the oldmarket which is downtown and a fun place to hang out day and night with a park to the east, the Big Slides (extreme amounts of child-like fun) on the north, the abandoned warehouses are also right near where the parties rage at night. Lots of grassroots organizations are sprouting up. Definitely worth checking out if you’re traveling through to Boulder or somewhere.”

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14 Responses to Omaha, Nebraska

  • omaha is the shit there are tons of places to buy weed almost like a convience store of weed!! very cool place.

  • Hey kids, where are all you hippies hiding in Omaha, man? I’ve maybe
    seen a handful in my 22 years while out on the town. Not enough long
    haired folks. and where’s all the phatty hippie gear? Who wants to
    help me out? @}->–

  • Check out the Old Market. There are tons of stores and activities, man.

  • I have been living in Omaha for 2 years going to school learning Horticulture I can grow just about anything. I am interested in opening a commune in Western Nebraska self sustainablility type and wondering if anyone knows where to get grants for this kind of on taking. Would also like to know how the Ammish and other groups go about not paying taxes.

  • Omaha’s a great place in general, Memorial park is the place for our types, a little sketch, but the place non the same. Crazy prices, but heads if you have the golden ticket, Heh Heh….

  • The best place for all. too many prep kids are spoiling the fun though. Omaha Central!!!!
    want some good shit, go see memorial park

  • Omaha easy women free beer all you can eat come visit ask around for the Toecutter

  • Oh, yeah, Omaha. I live here. No wonder I remember the name.

    It’s a hodge-podge. The Florence area, a little while away from the river (and a ways uptown from downtown), has a lot of blacks (it wouldn’t be so bad, except that almost all are happily into the MTV gansta-rap culture), including tons riding old Caddys down the street blaring bass and rattling windows. Many, many great old houses, though, relatively cheap compared to other cities’. But, again, a hodgepodge — the Metro Community College campus shines next to the bleak, moldering houses (some closed off) across the street, and the south side of Miller Park doesn’t look too pretty, though the park is good all around. The Salvation Army thrift shop on 30th Street doesn’t have many 8-tracks (I collect ’em! :P), but the “American Outlet” thrift store is great for most of your needs, from furniture and clothes to the odd handheld radio.

    As for the hippie population, I haven’t exactly been looking, but I haven’t seen many around this part of town, either…where are you guys?

    And, again, check out Memorial Park, starting with the Gene Leahy Mall (remember when that used to mean a large, green space?), which is partially sunken below street level for a feeling of peace within the bustling downtown. Oh, and it’s right by the W. Dale Clark main library — great place to while away the hours. The waterfront’s starting to look somewhat good, too, though the approach to the new convention center downtown’s marred by the bleak concrete road all around. But I guess that can’t be helped…yet.

    For great food and a cozy atmosphere, check out Romona’s, a small Mexican (and American) restaurant on the corner of 30th and Redick Avenue — I live around there a ways, and the food is great. Doesn’t take too much bread, either. (No, not the food kind of bread!)

    The top of 30th Street, near the Florence Library branch, might be a good spot for a free store. I’ve a mind to start one myself someday, so long as our vibes can keep away the types who just want to rip things off. A hippie haven waiting to happen, if the right people come in. Here’s to peace, hope, and love!

  • The hip place to shop for all your clothing and Accesories is Cool Stuff at 35 and Jackson. You can also find out whats goin on in town there. Also try our Mcfosters for kind vegan grub.

  • I live about an hour away from Omaha in a tiny, intolerant, pro-Bush town. Escaping to Omaha every once in a while is sanity-saving. Visit the Old Market and the retro store on Leavenworth. Tons of cool thrift stores. Lots of hippies, artsy people, and kynd folks. Love it! Although, I wouldn’t mind a few hippies flocking toward my area…I’m all for a commune!

    Psychedelia, Love, and Peace

  • I came for the zoo but loved the cobble stone…

    The Omaha zoo is amazing huge and has a cool walk through jungle. Just make sure u time your peak right.

    The downtown/ cobbled stone area is way cool, walk from bar to bar, there was some place up stairs with a ton of dead on the juke box… memories.. fading…

    Omaha rocks

  • ive lived in omaha my whole life and it is alot better than it gets credit for.

  • Man, I must not go to the right places, cuz i almost never see hippies around here… Maybe it’s cuz i’m always in South O? But hey, the old market is cool 🙂 A little piece of advice: Stay away from West Omaha. Creepy suburbs all look the same and tons of rich white people. It’s a good place for trick or treating though!!! 😀

  • hey!!! can somebody tell me where these raves and parties are at! bc i totally would love to be there! 🙂 i wanna find some hippie brothers and sisters! that would be awesome!
    email me. maria.hughes2012@hotmail.com! 🙂

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