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Orlando, Florida

“Gainesville is not all the bomb that you say it is. it is not the “hippy capital” of phlorida. there are kydz there cause there is a college. that’s it. just a college. if there were no college, the town would be non-existent. there are some nice kydz there, but no family. they have some good shows maybe once a month. i live in Orlando. it is mofuckin awesome! i have lived in many places and for about 6 mos. in different places in phlorida.

The “hippy capital” is definitely St. Augustine. SUCH A fabulous family!! there’s a beach, there’s plenty of places to sell crafts on the street all year round. there’s tons of cool shit like an old fort that you can trip around in and plenty of kynd folks. not much of a nightlife unfortunately. They never have big name bands. Orlando on the other hand is a mecca. we get awesome shows here pretty regularly. we’ve got the house of blues, we’ve got a university, we’re an hour from the beach, an hour from Daytona Beach, not much further from Gainesville, a little less from St. Augustine. we’ve got the big ekon river. two drum circles every week. we’ve got the Orlando family. we’ve got the hippy hole.”

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