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Rustlers Valley, South Africa

“This is a place where people come together in peace and celebrate life, arts and music. There is also a permanent community there. They have recently had a disaster. A fire destroyed most of their infrastructure, but they are rebuilding.

Rustlers Valley is undergoing a fundamental transformation, watch this space for updates.

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12 Responses to Rustlers Valley, South Africa

  • Rustler’s Valley is FANTASTIC!!!
    I was blessed and fortunate enough to have lived very near to this magical place for more than ten years, and went to many of their Easter and New Years festival.
    I am now living in dreary Surrey, England, and during these cold, wet British seasons, my technicolor dreams are of Rustlers…
    ‘ A circle of friends, a starlit sky, my first experiences of the chemical smile…’
    May the Goddess bless and protect Rustler’s Valley and all her children

    See you all very soon!!! Jake

  • Hi i visited rustlers when i travelled round south africa in july05 and was just blown away! its a fantastic place. and the huge can man is just awesome!! it, to me, is a complete chillout place. i absolutely loved the experience (and the food!) and was gutted when i arrived back in west scotland! deeply recommend visiting this place 🙂 x

  • After many years of wandering this was the perfect place to be. I fell in love with the place and with the people; Frik, Myrtle, Anton, Eiden, Christian, Tracy, Damian, Jappie, Roz, Bunty, Richie, Fiona: to all of you Khotso! I stayed too long – but hope to be back one day.

  • Sad news about Rustlers, they had a bush fire there yesterday (19th september 2007). from what I hear there was extensive damage but thankfully no body hurt.
    Last I heard was that are still fighting the fire nearby..

  • Non of the magic is there anymore. It has all changed. Only negative energy that I could feel. What is happening to the world?

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  • i was blessed to live as a resident artist at rustlers for a while in the early 1990’s – life changing. frik – big big love to you…

  • For all of you who love Rustlers and the magical, chaotic, creative, mind boggling splendor of the Valley…a fire took out the main buildings a few years ago but there is life in the Valley- Naledi Village is the place to visit and Niyan is there at the Starseed and we are planning a series of permaculture courses starting agin in 2011. Keep in touch via Facebook xxx

  • my name is karlene,kiwi, and i lived and worked just a horse ride away down the hill, from rustlers and really looked forward to the festivalals!!!  in the late nineties, an amazing time for shure, good times, huge bummer bout the fire, hope the rebuild is going not too poley poley!!! good luck hey!!!

  • does anyone have contact details for anyone involved in the rebuild? I have some design and construction contributions to make…please contact me on 0768587777. Chris

  • For everyone posting that stayed in rustlers valley a few years back , id say about 12 to 13 years ago . My mom and me stayed there and im trying to learn more about her or at least try to get in touch with her past since she passed . If anyone knew fiona leigh roney please contact me . 071 513 7773 

  • How is Rustlers these days since the fires? Has it recovered?

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