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Viroqua Wisconsin

Viroqua is 30 minutes SE of La Crosse, approximately 3.5 hours from Milwaukee and the Twin Cities, 4 hours from NW Chicagoland; just 20 minutes to the Mississippi River.

Three Chimney’s Rock Formation is just outside of Viroqua.  It highlights the anchient seafloor mountain range that makes up the topography of the area.

As a fascinating aside, the entire Valley was slated to be flooded as part of a huge Army Corps of Engineers damn project.  For several reasons the project was halted in 1973… now, we can enjoy the land and its spirit everyday, just as it has been for thousands of years. A large part of the Valley is permanently protected in the 8,500 acre Kickapoo Valley Reserve.

There’s much to do in Viroqua, many hidden shops and hippie hang outs but the most impressive feature of Viroqua is the alternative high school.

The old, rich soil has supported decades of farming, and has been particularly suited to organic farming.  The surrounding area has become one of the most successful organic farming regions in the entire world!  In fact Organic Valley / CROPP organic farming coop, located 20 minutes from Viroqua, has grown into a multi-million dollar international company! 


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2 Responses to Viroqua Wisconsin

  • Viroqua is great in many ways, colder than cold in winter. Several educational options, but the high school mentioned is not so great, had great ideals when formed but now taken over by right wing demagods who put their own cultish ideals ahead of doing good for the kids. They think they are so cool they don’t have a clue how to treat people like decent human beings, are exclusionary and all about “themselves” – NOT a school for open minded people and their kids. A great charter school though and lots of homeschooling options. It is like paradise in the spring, summer and fall but stick to the highlands and the hills cuz the valleys flood – big time. The soil is so fertile, it is awesome for growing just about anything. Strong Amish community that is cool and into sustainability. Interesting things to do, lots of culture for a small town, but a strong midwestern stodginess pervades in the air and the hippie crowd can be a little too elitist and not open so much to newcomers. Driftless Cafe is awesome, great organic co-op and a few organic restaurants. Great farmers market!

  • Hi,

    First of all, don’t assume that we all don’t want hippies here. We don’t have a problem with you until you start pushing your ideals upon us. Isn’t the true philosphy of hippy to get along with everyone, not create chaos? You drive down our property values by not upkeeping your homes, allowing noxious weeds to grow in our community and now want to raise disease-carrying poultry and livestock…shouldn’t you be in the country? NO, that’s right…you can’t AFFORD to purchase a home in the country. In fact, you can’t afford health insurance for your children, so we pay for that, too! (Badgercare!) Viroqua hippies are elitists that want things their way and that’s it! And, as far as the alternatiave high school….thePUBLIC school system pays for it…it’s a satellite school sponsored by the public school system. And, having subbed in the room before I can tell you that teh QUALITY of work (other than artwork) that comes from your Waldorf-education system STINKS!!! Your kids don’t know how to spell, let alone capitalize or punctuate. GO AWAY HIPPIES!!!! DON’T BE FOOLED….YOU ARE NOT WANTED HERE. IT’S JUST THIS SMALL ELITE GROUP WANTING TO USE YOU TO GET WHAT THEY WANT FROM VIROQUA!!

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