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Viroqua Wisconsin

Viroqua is 30 minutes SE of La Crosse, approximately 3.5 hours from Milwaukee and the Twin Cities, 4 hours from NW Chicagoland; just 20 minutes to the Mississippi River.

Three Chimney’s Rock Formation is just outside of Viroqua.  It highlights the anchient seafloor mountain range that makes up the topography of the area.

As a fascinating aside, the entire Valley was slated to be flooded as part of a huge Army Corps of Engineers damn project.  For several reasons the project was halted in 1973… now, we can enjoy the land and its spirit everyday, just as it has been for thousands of years. A large part of the Valley is permanently protected in the 8,500 acre Kickapoo Valley Reserve.

There’s much to do in Viroqua, many hidden shops and hippie hang outs but the most impressive feature of Viroqua is the alternative high school.

The old, rich soil has supported decades of farming, and has been particularly suited to organic farming.  The surrounding area has become one of the most successful organic farming regions in the entire world!  In fact Organic Valley / CROPP organic farming coop, located 20 minutes from Viroqua, has grown into a multi-million dollar international company! 


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