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What’s the Difference Between Cannabis & Industrial Hemp?

Im currently growing 3 female industrial hemp plants. the seed is from a wild plant in an old hemp farming area. it definitely is not low potency, the resin gland are many and the calyxes are fattening nicely. I believe that the only difference between hemp and cannabis is care for the plant and growing conditions. ie. separating males, […] Continue reading

young hippies unite

Imagine peace. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. We are the next generation and we should take responsibility for leading the world into a better society. by: Jake Svendsen Continue reading


Remember, don’t trust anyone over 60! The hippy culture is still alive and growing thanks to the internet.  Here are some of our own pages and links to help you discover more about the hippy movement, the hippy lifestyle, and some of the people and events that made hippie history. For Great Hippy Music, check […] Continue reading