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Sharon Tandy – Five Day Rain

South African Sharon Tandy had already paid her dues with Fleur De Lys that included future King Crimson bassist Gordon Haskell. Five Day Rain’s first drizzle started with In Crowd keyboardist Graham Maitland who originated from Scots Of St. James, headed by ex Vikings Allen Gorrie. Graham’s initial plan was to form a keyboard Prog band front lined by the sultry Sharon after watching her exhilarating live performances. Around 1966 Scots Of St. James evolved into Hopscotch and put out’ two singles “Look At The Lights” and “Long Black Veil” resulting in a name change to Forever More.

Graham then formed Iron Prophet comprising ex Rabble / Trak / Child Rick Sharpe and ex Skull bassist Clive Sheperd & Dick Hawks that evolved into Five Day Rain. The recordings included guitarist John Holbrook, drummer Kim Hayworth and the harmonies of America (“Horse With No Name”). In addition to feature on the album was musicians Brian Carroll and Demon Lyon Shaw from the group Factory who had previously challenged the charts with “Try A Little Sunshine”, Fairport’s “Mr Lacey” and Family’s “Second Generation Woman”. The Five Day Rain project was a superb slab of Prog way past any Vinegar Joe / Dada fusion, hitting dead center straight from the opening “Marie’s A Woman” with Sharon’s crystal vox permeating the searing lead guitar and surging Hammond. Graham would also wade through a soulful version of Dylan’s “Too Much of Nothing”, not included on the album. Tender harmonies sweep through the dramatic “Leave It at That” until the seasons break through on the dimensional piano centered “Don’t Be Misled”.

Holebrooke attacks splendidly on “Rough Cut Marmalade”, a master battle between Hammond and guitar, plus ravishing breaks on “Sea Song” and “Fallout”. Five Day Rain were truly beautiful people stamped emphatically on Sharon’s awesome “Goodyear”, the vox phased “Reason Why”and dynamic “Fall Out”. Sharpe, Shepherd & Maitland then formed the short-lived Studd Pump which disintegrated leaving Sharpe to join Streak. Graham joined Glencoe alongside ex Living Daylights Stewart Francis, ex Forever More Mick Travis and Greatest Show / Fuzzy Duck veteran Norman Watt Roy.

Added: August 2nd 2009
Reviewer: shiloh noone | See all reviews by shiloh noone
Category: Music
Location: South Africa
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