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Writing On The Wall

Writing On The Wall, a thunderous Scottish powerhouse released their debut Power Of The Picts in 1969 on Middle Earth Records. This rough and ready group all former members of The Jury consisted of gravel vox Linnie Paterson, lead axe Willy Finlayson, bassist Jake Scott, drummer Jimmy Hush and the core of the warriors, hammond tornado Bill Scott.These cats exploded onto the scene with the axe slashing single “Child On A Crossing” / “Lucifer’s Corpus” which scorched the earth for their ensuing Power Of The Picts. This was one mighty album thundering with the opener “It Came On A Sunday” (check out harmonies) and the sledgehammer “Lady Bird”. Incredible guitar breaks shatter “Mrs Cooper’s Pie” while the band let it all hang out on” Aries” the mystery number.

You have to hear Willy’s guitar tone and the Arthur Brown vox of Linnie Paterson to appreciate this group. Play it loud and proud and you will understand why they called these highlander’s Scotland The Brave. Prog entries like the Holst opening “Shadow Of Man” with tenements of the Nice or the South African Hawk, shudder with reverb through their soulful riffs that fill the entirety of this Gothic master.

In the same energy as Alamo, Kathargo or live Badger the rolling retro hammond and savage guitar is wonderfully infectious, heaps ahead of groups like Rare Earth or Pacific Gas & Electric. Willy Finlayson left in 1969 being replaced by ex Embers / Three’s A Crowd Robert Smith. In 1973 Writing On The Wall followed up with two singles “Man Of Renown” and the folk rocking “Buffalo” and then broke up. Linnie Paterson joined Beggars Opera while Willy the fierce axeman featured with Meal Ticket, Bees Make Honey and sessions with Manfred Mann’s 1980 Chance.

Added: March 2nd 2008
Reviewer: Shiloh Noone | See all reviews by Shiloh Noone
Category: Music
Location: South Africa
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