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The true meaning of Hippy

Dear Old Hippy,
First of all , i would like to point out that it is rad the way you help out the younger generation, and care about us.
But what i am confused about , is who i really am. I am told that i am a hippy , and i’m ‘all for’ the peace, love, happiness and freedom beliefs and i understand them fully. But, i still do not know the true meaning of a hippy. It seems that everyone has their own version. I understand that the world needs changing but i do not know who i am and what i can do about it. please help and be kind enough to answer my questions.
What is a hippy?
And am i one?
Also, everyone says that the governments should be abolished. I can see why, but wouldn’t this encourage more violence because there would be no one there to stop them?. And that is the last thing i want – violence and trouble.

Please be kind enough to reply.
peace, love and happiness.
From a 17 year old english guy called, Dave

Dear Dave,
Fear begets violence. Fear is perpetrated by governments and other institutions (churches are another good example) that try to control your mind. Free your mind and Free your fears. Then YOU will be in control. Then you won’t need others telling you what to think and do. I recommend you read the Way of the Hippy to find out what a hippy is.

– The Old Hippy

Posted by: skip
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3 Responses to The true meaning of Hippy

  • dave, i have recently been wondering about the same things, thank you fro asking this because i feel that there is so much labeling the the modern culture that if any of the normal people saw the raw essence of a true hippy they couldnt put a lable on it, i hate it when people lable me and say im a hippy when they dont know what a hippy is, so who are they to lable me, but i barely know what a hippy is so who am i to disagree, thank you adn sorry for the ramble

  • peace very old hippie

  • The first thing I thought of was a car-ful of friends rushing from their philosophy finals as early as possible and being on the road to Woodstock ,laughing and excited all the way. We were stopped about 15 minutes away from the exit . Police were turning people around, and it was jammed in every which way. Of course, that is when we made lifelong friends. Yeah. It’s the Loving, the Empathy, the Honesty and the Humility; all human Values that make you a true hippie. THe other thought: True Faith in oneself to follow your own mind and heart.

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