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Something in my heart

Dear old hippy,
hello my name is kimber and i am 17 years old. A lot of my friends
have left town to join a thing called the renaissance festival. Right
now it is in arizona I really want to join but everyone thinks it is a
bad idea since you live out of a tent and it doesn’t pay well. I also
have considered dropping out of school because i am getting really
antcy to go and join. My dad thinks I should go to college and get a
nice home grow up and raise a family. The only thing is I don’t want
to live a normal life I want to be free to be my self and try somthing
most people don’t get to experience. I still plan on going no matter I
have my parents blessing or not but how can I make them understand, I
don’t want to leave and everyone think I was just trying to escape.
It is something in my heart.


Dear Kimber,
I think the Renaissance Festivals are cool! You really get to leave
the material lifestyle and explore a completely different way of living.
Like a gypsy. This is very close to the hippy lifestyle. You’ll meet some
interesting people and learn about all sorts of alternative things. If your
friends are going, then it’s better since you won’t be on your own. I don’t
think any harm will come to you if you’re smart.

But convincing your parents of this is another story. Just remember
that doing this doesn’t exclude you from going to college and having a
family. If you feel in your heart that this is right, and you don’t go,
then you’ll wish you had done it the rest of your life. Like I had the
chance to do Woodstock and didn’t. How do you think I feel now?

-The Old Hippy

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