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Send some love to the world!

Dear Old Hippy,

I just don’t understand all of the haters today… racists, gangs, it is insane. How can anyone say i hate everyone? It’s not possible. I find an infinite love for everything. There is good in every person. You just have to believe it and find it. My faith in humanity wears everyone around me down. They tell me i’m stupid, but i still believe. Someday everyone will see, and the violence, and destruction, and politics, and everything that is killing nature will be resolved. Until then, all i can do is stand up for what is right, kick back, put a daisy in my hair and smile as i send some love to the world. im sending some your way. what do you think of the haters? Is a trip across america in a van still a good idea? (i have to see so much).

And finally… have you got the meaning of life??
Just checking

In my many years as a hippy I have met a number of beautiful people such as you. People who always send out a positive vibe. People who hug strangers and make them feel at home. People who look at you eye to eye and all you see is love. This is a very powerful thing. I’ve seen how it moves people. Don’t underestimate what your love can do! It is the force that heals. It can transform the violence and hatred inside people.

Unfortunately there never seem to be enough people like you! The truth, however, is that we can ALL be like this! What it takes is letting go of the ego, the fears, the expectations, and letting the LIGHT fill you inside. Then you must communicate this love to all those you meet. When you meet someone, look them in the eye. Hold their gaze. Let yourself fill with love and send this through your eyes to the other person. IT WORKS!

Just be aware how powerful this is. I once did this to my friend’s ex-wife and she hounded me for months with phone calls, letters and poems (about me). I only did it because I’d returned from Kauai, Hawaii where I’d been living on Secret Beach for two weeks. I guess I was as naturally high as I’d ever been. Anyway this woman to whom I was not attracted, wouldn’t take no for an answer. I learned then I had to use the love “force” judiciously.

Those who hate are lacking love in their lives. Love is the cure for them. When hippies get together (usually in a circle) and send love out to the universe, it is much appreciated and well used. The first step for those who hate (and fear) is find a way to love oneself. To forgive oneself for what one has done and thought. Then from self-forgiveness comes self-love. You certainly can’t love others if you have no respect for yourself. Those who hate usually hate themselves and their own situation. Everyone creates his own reality. It can be changed at will.

Now about taking a van across country. Of course! Why not? I just took a trip like that last year from Maine to San Diego! It’s something everyone should do at least once in their lives if not a dozen times. A van is the best way to go too. You have room for stuff and can usually sleep inside if necessary. You also have room for extra riders!

OK, so you wanna know the meaning of life. Well I can tell you, you won’t find it reading THIS webpage!

-The Old Hippy

Posted by: skip
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