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Arcata, California

“This is the best place to go if you’re a hippie.. well, besides the Haight-Ashbury. It’s located in Humboldt County, which is pretty well-known for it’s marijuana growing. The community is great, there are always festivals going on about the earth, such as the Mushroom Fair, the Hemp Festival, North Country Fair, everything you can imagine. I love it here! The people are so supportive of you.. they’ve even made a law which states that women can indeed go topless around the plaza in the centre of town. ; )

Arcata is a totally unreal place to check out and LIVE too! The rents are cheap and it seems everyone is way laid back, with Humboldt next door and being amongst the greatest redwoods in the world, how can you go wrong!”

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  • I’m very interested in leaving the monotiny(sp?) of suburbia. If you could please E-mail at Trynaex@aol.com with information on how to contact someone or get more information I be very grateful.

  • I journeyed through Arcata, Cali from SoCal moving up to Portland, Or. Boyfriend has friends in Trinidad, Ca…which is close….and man…talk about a nice break from reality and the sad mainstream of life today. Time doesn’t matter….everyone is nice….my fav place to be!!

  • as soon as i get out of school id like to live for a while in a place like this, its just so sad to have to live with all the angry people in the mainstream

  • There’s great camping at Orick Beach, about 40 minutes north of Arcata along Route 1. You can find drum circles there. The last time I visited, the state park was allowing maximum two weeks free camping. Hopefully it hasn’t changed. The beach is right there and those old-growth redwoods aren’t too far either.


  • I’ve been to many of these so-called hippie places listed here. Arcata is a true hippie town. From the local newspapers, to the music played in the post office, to the multiple co-ops in the town, this community has everything for the peaceful minded. Its very hard to not fall in loce with Arcata, and then to walk away from it. I am in love with this town, as I’m sure others are, aslo.

  • Well, i dunno where to start. Yes Arcata is (was) a nice place to visit.
    Specially Travelling through. Ive seen Arcata atleast once a year for 5 years now. Like water grinding through rocks. Its always changing. Fortunately, the center of town hasn’t been modernized.. and has pretty much stayed the same with a bunch of small family owned stores. There was a great beach to camp at maybe a mile or 2 north.. But over the years… tweekers ‘n such have taken over. In just a few years (and some tears) The beach went from a clean pristine, long streach of beach, to a haven for tweekers, who selfishly throw their trash where ever they think is good, even though theres a dumpster provided. Last time there I picked up over

      30 rusty nails

    and shards of


    just in the area we decided to camp in. Must have been hard to break glass on the sand huh ?!? Ive seen many GIANT peices of redwood driftwood. soaked in gas and light on fire. Sometimes burning all the way, sometimes leaving an ugly burnt stump sticking out of the sand, and sometimes not burning at all leaving a huge blackened peice towering out of the sand. The driftwood used to be all over. This past year, I saw none. But aside from the bad… The city of Arcata has a laundry day, which is free. Also many places will feed you for free. Even hot food. But one of the best things about that city is… if you live there, the town will provide you with a free bike. (Wow wish they did that everywhere) Ofcourse the city is green friendly… but look out since Humboldt has gotten soo much media… Some folks are out to help spread the wealth with great deals… even free kickdowns, and some will try to sell you fresh buds… FRESH isint good.. make sure its dried.. and cured. (crisp to the touch but springs back when squeezed πŸ™‚
    Safe travels.. and learned be your journey.. haha

    Much love to everyone. Always like contacts… currently im in the sespool of northern virginia. hah its not that bad, or atleast i keep telling myself that. If you are Anywhere close to that, infact, if you are anywhere in the country give me an e-mail liltoad420@aol.com
    I love to travel.

  • I live in Arcata and I love it so much. It is the most awesome place to live and I am definitely going to make this my home for at least a little while until I get the urge to move on again. It is one of the most beautiful areas I have ever seen and the people here are also super friendly. And Humboldt State is the best place to go to school!

  • I visited Arcata,Ca in 1998 and even lived there for a few mounths;it is truly a good hippy town,was ;and still is one of my favorite places,as in agreement with one out there;I’m not into the tweeker thing,been there along time back,further south though,I do expect to be out there this summer or early spring,it is a beautiful area,also a few miles north on Pacific coast Hwy;Mckinleyville is worth going to.I Love Humbolt Co.Love you to Girl,you know who you are ;I wished I knew were you were,Peace ,Love ,Happiness always….Me mark

  • I’m heading to arcata the first of march and will be happy to report my finding as soon as i get there. if anyone along the way has a place to stay it would be great to meet up with some heads from this forum.
    peace pipe

  • i would love to be able and get in touch with people in this town. I have always wanted to live in a close knit commune. I would love directions and information on communes in this area. Pleas email me at acidrain@hipplanet.com


  • I’m moving to the Arcata area mid-late summer and I need info about affordable housing– in the trees, preferably a cabin. Roomate possibly. Help? fayweather@yahoo.com

  • Hello I live in Southern Cali. and I love Humboldt sooooo much I promised myself if I ever moved again it would be up there . Well now that I have a family im looking to move up there . I have found some cheap places to live but I CANT SEEM TO FIND ANYWHERE TO LOOK FOR JOBS. Does anyone have any tips. Thanks so much
    Kitty .
    please email me any info

  • Ahh, Arcata in the Winters, Vermont in the Summers. That would be truly paradise!!!

  • Arcatans revolted against hippies, travelers, tweekers, etc. about 5 years ago. Don’t expect to spend time in public spaces without being hassled by poice and residents.

  • I came to arcadia purly by chance and felt like i had come home. i love it. I hope to find a cheap place and come home.

  • hey everyone. i am looking for communal living in arcata and would appreciate any leads, thanks. drmstepr@yahoo.com

  • Reorchestra is hittin the NW this week:

    tue 8/5 Ashland Creek, Ashland, OR (FREE!!)
    wed 8/6 Mt Tabor Theater, Portland, OR
    thu 8/7 Rumours Lounge, Eureka, CA
    fri 8/8 Caspar Inn, Caspar, CA (near mendocino)

    Reorchestra is electric african funk + jazz from
    Berkeley/East Bay Area, California. getcha groove on.



  • What happen to the Hupa Tribe? Are there true ancestors still in Humboldt County?

    Ele d.

  • looking for a place in or around arcata. a two or one bedroom something, hopefully in the sticks. looking for work-i’ve got expirience in metalsmithing and ceramics, but anything would do. my girlfriend has childcare and restaurant exp. living in ZION (utah) and hoping to migrate to the area for the winter. we need any kind of help available.

  • I have done many travels but have yet to visit Arcata. I have a friend that lives there, says its great. The only thing that I question: Many “hippie” places are cool to hippies, but here comes the “Infamous Bi-racial Lesbian”. Even the coolest hippie places have given me grief.. And of course, my white male friends seem to not eer notice it.. How is the cultural mix (practically had crosses burning on my lawnin Phoenix Arizona).

    Rama Starfish

  • i am so thrilled! i am getting accepted to humboldt state. as i am the only vegan and hippie in my school, i am majorly thrilled. i live in smoggy so-cal, so im hoping that this will teach me the real meaning of peace and love. yay!! love for all…..

  • so groovy! wish I was there…no hate…complete freedom…but the cost of getting on a plane to America…

  • Geez, whatta bunch of dreamers!!! Hey, I’ve been living in the northwoods since 1977, and I’ve watched it go from Hippie lovesville to Yuppieland. When I bought my first 20 acres with forest and a creek and arrowheads scattered around and people claiming they saw Bigfoot, land was $600 an acre. Now it’s $4500 to $5000 an acre and climbing fast. Back then you all had to police yourselves, and we did, with guns when necessary. Now the Sheriffs Dept. is everywhere. So are the helicopters, for those of you dreaming of planting a pot crop. Forget it. And, most of the land parcels, which are usually 20 and 40 parcels, now have houses built on them where back in ’77 the land was pretty much empty. I’ve owned a number of those parcels and built 5 houses myself over the years. So you can figure anyway $200,000 to buy a somewhat remote 20 acres with cabin and a spring or creek. The price goes up from there. Hippies? What are hippies? I used to wear beads and bells, but all things pass. There are no hippies in the woods anymore, just a bunch of hardened mountain people who survived the coke and the crank and the copters. And lemme tell ya, dredlocks suck. Mountain people with dreds have little critters crawling around on their scalps. Who wants their own portable mini-ecology? Not me! Work? Nope. No jobs. If you aren’t already a part of the mountain economy, and want to be a part of it, then either go there with an independent income or pray to be born into it in the next life.

  • Yeah, humboldt rules-blah-blah. But Arcada is far removed from the main hippie axis of Southern Humboldt county, hours away! The vortex of Garberville/Redway, home of Reggae on the River and The Mateel Community Center is the true source of Humboldt’s ‘cool’ reputation. The Arcada area is a small island surrounded by the great redneck majority of Eureka, a famously unhip place. Download the Arcada alternative paper (See Google) and read the new reports. Sure are a lot of ripoffs and junkies and a**holes running around! It’s a college town all right, and perhaps one of the hippest, but next to UC Berkeley it’s a blip on the world hip richter scale. It’s the capitol of political correctness (a.k.a. Humor Impairment). If you really want to get something out of the north woods go to Oregon. California is seriously overcrowded, overhyped, overpriced, and more overbearing as time goes on. Attention potheads-Pot is now decriminalized in a lot of states, from Mississippi to Maine. See the norml website. In Alaska you can grow ALL YOU WANT at home! If you really want a feel for Humboldt before actually moving there, buy a ticket to Reggae on the River or the next Hog Farm Pignic. You’ll meet a lot of folks from all over and you’ll get the lowdown on where it’s happening and where you’re just going to waste your time. Jobs? You MUST be kidding! Why do you think they grow so much WEED? By the way, pot is legal for ANYONE to grow at home (for private use) in Mendocino County, just south. In Humboldt it’s NOT without a prescription. If you’re a musician, Arcada has some bars w/live bands. Southern Humboldt and Mendocino are wastelands for working musicians. Those college kids have the bread to burn!

  • Man, Most of you are dreamers, and HUMBOLDT COUNTY does NOT WANT YOU HERE!!! BLah BLah , rich young wanna-be nomads, with daddys checkbook……JOBS? we gotta em and there for us only assholes…Arcata, might be the only place left in Humboldt County that has NO LOVE from The True Humboldt people, because it is filled mostley with outsiders, who THINK they know whats up with Humboldt County, truth is, all of you come up here and try and change the attitude and lifestyle of our county and we move further out to the hills were we know you wimps cant make it. DROP YOUR VISIONS OF EUTOPIA AND LEAVE.

  • wow there are a bunch of hateful people on this site! one question? why did you guys even search this site out if you are appose to the idea of hippies in humboldt which is the feeling you gave off in your wordy comment. If you disagree wioth everyone else then say it nicely don’t put others down to lift yourself up because YOU are the unhappy ones. I’m sorry you feel this way and i hope some day you find happiness.

  • herb tofu yo, i got dreads last week and im gonna move to arcata mannnnnnnyeah, got any change or nugs bro? like being followed around by people that smell like shit? like, my star sign told my rising sign to do yoga and eat various sprouts and do drugs that will make my offspring retarded.
    my favorite part is that i get to drive around an suv daddy bought me, i was worried about pollution so i put some enviromental bumber stickers on it.
    jah love and rastafari for the upper middle class white kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey Luvpeace: Get a grip. OOH! Mean people suck!

  • Arcata sounds like a dream to me….I have been deciding where I want to live and go to college. Arcata is going to be the first place I go!~!I live in Quincy,Il…. This town really sucks… Its all drama queens and haterz!~ I am juss tryin to spread the peace luv and happiness!*~I cant wait to go there! I luv smokin weed. It is the best thing that happened to tha world… If everyone could just get a bong!~lol!~I bet they have some killer ass bud there..Cant wait to come…
    Arcata California watch out!*~ Cuz Diamond Jade is coming to spread tha peace n love!!***~

  • hey does anyone know any south jetty hippies from back in the days one could squat out there? i got kicked off with everyone else in 97 and havent seen noone since what happened to them kids? furd, honeybear, tony and amber, papa smurf, shane, bridge or heiko
    Ive been alive and well in seattle

  • Driving from Wisconsin to Arcata California twice within the last seven months has been an experience like no other. This place is truely wonderful, and for those of you who pick the worst out of it are bogus. Everywhere has its gloomy portions but Arcata’s gloom is overided by the atmosphere of the village. The summer is filled with commotion and festivals while the winter is calm and full of satisfaction. The temperature is always comforting and the herb like no other. The plaza is spectacular i’ve tripped about many nights and soaked up everything i found there.
    For Mr purple, your right, stupid and without understanding of the place are the young people who travel to this place, with daddy’s full pocket book and wild dreams of pot which they barely understand. All adolecense who plan on going to Arcata, respect and understanding of this place is appreciated by the older members of the community, so dont go there if your dumb and young and do not understand how it works.
    Leave this place special and dont corrupt it until you fully respect it for what it Really is.
    At night sleep on the sand at Clam Beach just a few miles north on 101
    Check out Humboldt glassblowers its a good place for discs or pipes
    Don’s Donuts is unbelievable but watch out for the drag queen
    Check out the Co-op it has everything, even if you need a quick snack they’ve got a good granola and trail mix selection
    LIke to shout out to BOB^2, Josh, Steve-O, Gretchen, Little Jordan, if you know any of these people tell them i said hello

  • HEy peoples….
    Yeah I can agree with alot on here about the street urchens is what I would like to refer them to as well as DUPPIES!!!I lived in Arcata for 7 years where I alowed the land to heal me from the inside out. I am still involved with the community there(MATEEL) and with birth activisim, however, when I gave birth to my first child I decided that the rift/raft was too intense for me, cheesy street people persistant, and to me scary as a mom. So I moved home to ORegon where Original HIP people reside, and the land is UNTOUCHED in some parts. I love it. With my second child on the way I was able to find a LAY midwife and start my beautiful family, and I am able to walk with my children without harassment. Also My husband was able to find a awesome job up here. CALIFORNIA is overated, property is too expensive, and it’s unfortunate for me to hear that parents are worried about their kids out there. REST ASSURE YOURSELF they won’t go hungry @ that food bank! which is keeping all of the street kids fed well. Peace out to all my SPIRITUAL MENTORS. Peaceful states of minds to all seekers. Much LOVE and RESPECT>>>>email>>>natbirthing@charter.net

  • i luv humboldt county the best place ever. the people there rock !!!!!!!

  • Arcata, California is heaven on earth.



  • Greetings all! So many mixed messages on this board you’ve almost got me ignoring my gut. But you know, I’m already more than a thousand miles away from home, why stop now? I’m coming to Arcata. Being from a town of few people and many trees up in Maine I’ve been blown away by the cities I’ve seen so far on my way here. Right now I’m in Salt Lake City. What a long strange trip it’s proving to be. I just cant wait to be on the beach in California, notebook in hand, feet in the sand, just soaking up sun and love. What’s with all the hippie and yuppie distinctions? I’ve been taught from a young age that noone needs to be labeled, but if you want to label whatever it is as being a hippie, i dont believe it has anything to do with how they dress or how much money is in their pocket, being a hippie is in thought and action. Anyway, if anyone from the area has any POSITIVE tips for me and my northwest tour (out of a backpack, not daddy’s SUV, shit dad doesnt even have a car) please post them here, or even better, email me at brokentarot@netscape.net
    thanks, much love.
    Reverse the first four letters and EVOLVE.

    – Joe Grey

  • Well, during the summer month, bit dry and empty. Yea, you can still go to the Food Endevor, Co-op, or H and I street around. Oh if you look neat, you can sleep at HSU library or city forest behind HSU football field, and you can take shower at Forbs complex. Hey, what’s happened the “Pete”. Yea the Pete, does anyone know his whereabout?
    When I talked him at Endevor several years ago, He was just back from county Jail and was not look so well.
    Anyway, Arcata is very diverse and want to go back and live again. Actually, I still have a family court case in Humbolt county. That what reason even I live in Bay Area, I still have a address in Eureka.



  • One mo thing. While ago, the house called the “hell house” 10th at I street. You folks remember? Dark, Sammy(mommy the sammy), and the guy from New Orlends used to live there. Yea, there were Punk people played Hippy folks with the Pete and his friends. I think Sammy’s daughter turned 8 years now?


  • my boyfriend and i have been thinking about moving out to arcata. we just had a baby going on 4 months, i’d heard that it’s beatiful out there and the town was real friendly. but from what i’ve read it seems like people have been kinda down on the place. but i can understand where they come from not wanting young big headed posers coming there. if you think it would be a good place to start a little family you should let me know. i really had my heart set on it. much love
    * wookie *

  • Yeah the chronic is good. It all ends there. I moved down from bellingham wash. and was severly dissapointed. The town looks like crap and the majority of the younger crowd is about the herb and not the possiblilties that come with its use. Dont plan on just moving here on a whim either. The landlord are jerks who have no problem finding tenants so they dont really need you(and they will tell you the same). The redwoods are magnificant and so is the ocean. If your moving down here dont move to town. Move to blue lake or even eureka. Live for the moment and good luck on finding that special place.

  • Hi- This is musician/DJ/writer Joey Michaels from Albion and beyond- Living in S. Cali now- check out my new website-free song downloads and wild tales from the past and present- click on! https://home.earthlink.net/~jmparlato_aquari/

  • I’m riding twords norcal u.p. style. travleing alone w/ dog headed for Arcata. need hook up when I get there. pleases some body email me some helpfull suggestions. C.C.R.

  • Okay I am totally laugh my butt off! You people are totally too far gone on pot to understand reality. Arcata is NOT nirvana–don’t know where that stupid rumor came from. You are best to stay where you are or move to tahiti if you want to lounge on your stupid ass and do nothing! Vegans are everywhere — what do you think we all hold hands in the plaza and sing kumaya? Don’t be ridiculous! sounds like most of you are dead heads who don’t realize Jerry Garcia died!

    Arcatans aren’t stupid and hanging out in the woods with lice ain’t gonna win you friends… The reality is that if you slept on the beach you would be cold as hell! Get a grip! This isn’t malibu.

    Geesh you people are lame or just plain naiive. Why don’t you just admit you are looking for a free ride off your parents bucks. And you call that independent? You call that being *free*

    Get a grip and stop being a slave to drugs and a slave to *pipe dreams* you ain’t hip—you just trip–and what you trip on is a bunch of crap that leads to a dead end of unemployment.

    You want to save the world? Hug a tree? Make a difference? Start by trying to better it—not by being a dead beat but by making a contribution. Don’t make others haul your dead weight around!

    You people are freak’in sad—-Hippie never was suposed to mean *freeloader*–what a bunch of lazy freaks!

    Move to Arcata and you will have a rude awakening as you are rousted off to jail–But then, maybe there you could make pretty chalk drawings—oh yeah they give you chalk in jail…
    If you people are the future…we got a lot more to clean up then the environment!


  • hey does anyone know any south jetty hippies from back in the days one could squat out there? i got kicked off with everyone else in 97 and havent seen noone since what happened to them kids? furd, honeybear, tony and amber, papa smurf, shane, bridge or heiko
    Ive been alive and well in seattle

    Most of those dirtbags moved to the King Salmon/Humboldt Hill area, well, at least the few that haven’t died of Hep or OD’d on heroin or crank. Sorry to hear one got away. But that’s OK, won’t last much longer. If the drugs don’t get you Karma will.

  • well, I have some good advice and some bad advice for the people looking to live in Arcata.
    Good advice: If you are looking to raise your kids in an enviornment of redwoods, the beautiful ocean and beaches, Organic grown foods/products, Nice small town type of feeling, then have at it.
    Bad advice: This is also a college town/hippie town/old family town, kind of place. Its nice to come and visit for a while, but if you can’t handle THAT, hitch hikers, people looking to make an extra buck, and a party on every street corner evrey friday, saturday, then maybe you should think twice. There is no Starbucks in town, theres family owned and operated stores since arcata started. Now take this advice very seriously. Me personaly, It’s not that bad.

  • hey hippies,
    whatever you do, never move to alaska, mannnn i came up here and its lame!
    stay in “cali”, the mountains here are shwag bro. the hippie van (suv) wheels froze to the ground, and the reefer smells like monkey shit.

  • Aracta, Ca. …. The place for dank… So many different strains… So little time. I”ll tell you what, after being in B.C. roaming in Washington and in Oregon, first stop in Humbolt was a palace. Besides all of those fuckers
    “the younger crowd” trying to steal your living equipment in the community forest behind HSU it wasn’t so bad. You meet alot of heads,
    smoke on some dynamic local pot, and have a fun time. The festivals are fun in the summer. If you want to stay on the beach, stay at Clam Beach. Food not Bombs is cool if they come. Stop at the food endv.

    Dont pond That pres in the square Knox Caridi Pibb Thijis

  • Hello:

    I live in Arcata. I am interested in some of the comments by people about the ‘real Humboldt’ attitude and/or lifestyle. Can anyone add to that? I find Arcata to be a great place to live, but I woulder if there is more? Thanks in advance for any input.

  • I have a question more than a comment. My boyfriend and I are educators looking to relocate from Kauai. I was getting offers from that area. I would like to be around a like-minded, spirtiual community. The question is…I heard that the winter is so gray there. I was actually thinking Feb-May actually. What do you think? Anyone with a postive vibe would be much appreciated!!!

  • Arcata is nice summer is great one of the most pretty places I have ever seen. Bring your own job if you want one, growing pot and logging are about the only $. Winter can be hard to be homeless lots of rain and cold, summer times easy to be a bum, lots of free food and gurrella camping and tons of hippies. Arcata is a magical place!!!!

  • The weather in Arcata is wonderful The temp is great for getting outside and doing things. If fog bothers you, you will have a problem here.

  • My poetry professor waltzed up to me today and said “ever heard of arcata?…my wife and i lived there for 6 years and everytime I see you I think ‘she belongs in arcata’.” So here I am, searching arcata on google and reading grand things, rude things, funny things–all the while thinking it does indeed sound like a move I want to make (my desire for a move out west has been whispering to my spirit for quite some time…and the redwood trees…hmm…i can think of nothing more lovely). Long story short…December will bring snow to Iowa and me to Arcata. Would anyone in the wide arcata world have need for a room-mate or know where an ridiculous mid-west gal could find herself one? Also…any advice or general entertaining stories would of course be appreciated.
    my thanks to you.

  • My poetry professor waltzed up to me today and said “ever heard of arcata?…my wife and i lived there for 6 years and everytime I see you I think ‘she belongs in arcata’.” So here I am, searching arcata on google and reading grand things, rude things, funny things–all the while thinking it does indeed sound like a move I want to make (my desire for a move out west has been whispering to my spirit for quite some time…and the redwood trees…hmm…i can think of nothing more lovely). Long story short…December will bring snow to Iowa and me to Arcata. Would anyone in the wide arcata world have need for a room-mate or know where an ridiculous mid-west gal could find herself one? Also…any advice or general entertaining stories would of course be appreciated.
    my thanks to you.

  • My wife and I are thinking of moving back to Arcata when we retire. We both graduated in the 1970s. How much has the town changed over the last thirty years? Is it still the friendly, laid back place that we loved?

  • Hey. I am a fellow dreamer just as all of you seem to be. I want to break all the rules in my life, just in my own little personal life. Not the rules of society, but the rules of the society of my self. I need to push forward. I need to breathe independently. I am alive. Art and thought sustain me. If anyone wants to discuss what the hell we’re doing here, and how weird existing seems to be at times, e-mail me.



  • Hi……I have only seen pictures and stories from my best freind who lived in your beautiful city for a year……..I am currently in Albany New York……..I want to move out there but want a job before I go.anybody have any ideas…Im 44y/o…with real estate and sales background….would be happy to send a resume to anyone who may be interested in helping me out!…thanks alot and heres hoping! Ken

  • Sorry-forgot my email
    its kmkcapital@yahoo.com
    thanks again.

  • Hi everyone!

    I lived in Arcata for about 10 years during the 80’s and 90’s, and I miss it so much I had to go back and visit this last spring. Now I’m stuck in Riverside and dreaming of redwoods and escaping from all this traffic.
    But I see that home prices have really gone up in the last few years since I’ve been away, is it still possible to buy a decent home there?


  • im moving there soon and i have no money where can i get a dry place to sleep

  • There is too much hate in this world without all of us trying to kick others down to get up. For all those people who say “get a job”, id rather do what helps my fellow human beings and save this planet than something that “helps the economy”, the US economy is fucked, it is based on a crumbling foundation of oil, deal with it, everything that you work for simply lines the pockets of the CEOs, it may buy you a few nice things but how rich are you really when you dont have love in your heart. Some hippies are lazy but at least they arent destroying the planet, some hippies may be unclean but how clean are you if you produce more pollution and waste than any other people on earth. For all those people looking for paradise, you will never find it anywhere else but right here, no matter what your material surroundings if you cant find love for EVERYONE and happiness in every moment then you will forever be searching. Our planet is dying and our project to turn it into paradise has failed, Gaia is screaming out for your help, if you stop this searching for one second and listen you will hear her cry.

  • Hi. I’m looking to move somewhere to get away from the bulllshit I deal with in Utah. I went to Arcata once and I loved it. I love the Redwoods and I want to live in a place where people are more open and understanding. I thought Arcata could be the place. Can anyone tell me any advice or experiences they’ve had in Arcata? I want to get a small house for rent or something. If anyone could email me with info that would be very helpful. Thanks. caitmccomb@yahoo.com


  • Arcata is heaven on Earth. There is no place like it in the entire world. It is the most mellow, free, inviting place I have ever been to. I lived there for six months in 2004. I am currently living in Utah but am planning to go back to Arcata within the next month. Even though I had almost no money the entire time that I was there, I had no problem getting by. The Endeavor provides a great meal every day (except weekends) to anyone who wants it. They also give out food boxes every week to anyone who is hungry enough to go and get one. On Mon., Wed., and Fri. you can go there to shower and they will even do your laundry for you! The staff is really nice and understanding. Most of them have “been there” themselves. There is a nice little library right in the center of town. Lots of books, computers, etc. The weed is great and easy to come by. Bring your rubbers boys because the pussy (and dick!) is plentiful. Can’t wait to get home!

  • This is good, what other tips can ya give a brother on where to go for eats and sleeps? Also, what’s the possibility on getting a foot in the door on some regular type work and such? I plan on visiting once the rainy season begins to lose some steam. Thanks.

  • Looking for a home for sale in the eureka/arcata/etc area. Need to relocate there as soon as possible. If you know any info about a home for sale that is at a reasonible price please email me at bradlaresa@Charter.net. Thanks!!!

  • I am a republican. I moved to Arcata in 1989. I left 9 months later. The place is a haven for leftist extremists who sponge off of working people in the name of freedom. They demand diversity but choose to live in an all white community. They demand environmental reform but drive oil leaking old buses. They demand freedom but dump the burden on others. Arcata was a magnet for druggies, drifters and the homeless back in the ’80’s. I can’t imagine the stench of the wanna-be hippies loafing around almost 10 years later. Tune in, turn on and get your act together. Better yet stay there so the rest of us don’t have to put up with it.

    -Dee Tee

  • I do not understand why Republicans and hateful people come on this site to criticize and put others down. Arcata is the most wonderful and beautiful place that I have ever been! I am going to college up there next year. Never have I been to a place where the community as a whole cares so much about social and environmental progress. If you care about making a difference in the world, or being around people who are not angry, hateful or superficial– then this would definitely be the place to go!!!! I cannot emphasize how GREAT this little redwood town is…..

  • if you travel 5 minutes out of arcata to the ocean or forest away from the dead beats that smell like tuna’s pussy to mad river or to college cove you can relax and get away from it all. The bud is great here but that is it. Nothing else.

  • Well me myself I have never acctually been there to Arcata but I am going to get the chance this summer to visit Hippieland and I think I will really like it there because Spokane, Wa just sucks ass. I hate it here I need to be amongst my fellow hippies. Well I shall see you all when I get there.

  • Wondering if “oldalum” still has questions about Arcata in the last 30 years? I’ve lived here my whole life and can tell you quite a bit. Looking forward to hearing from you! joha5603@yahoo.com

  • I live in East Tennessee–born and raised here. The problem is that it seems to be the center of the “Bible Belt” and the center of ignorance, hate, fear or suspicion of anything different–even knowledge. People actually go around saying books are stupid and going to college is a waste of time and money. People around here are mean and distrustful toward anyone that has an education other than teaching. During the years 1992-1994, my three sons and I were terrorized and harrassed because my middle son told his classmates that he believed in evolution. This was a public school and it so happens it was on the day the Bible teacher came (Wednesday) and the teacher tried to force my son to read from the Bible when his classmates told her that he believed in evolution. $#%@ hit the fan. My two youngest sons were in the 3rd and 4th grade. The principal took my youngest into his office, shut the door, and interigated him for two hours without a break. He was trying to get him to say that I was abusing him and that I was a devil worshiper. The school children taunted my sons with names like monkey boy and devil worshiper. At the time, in the beginning of all this, I was a Christian. By the end, those two years and all those hateful Christians cured that. It was awlful. We got all sorts of hateful phone calls, preachers, who didn’t even know me, were getting up in church and damning me to hell and asking their congergation to pray against me, and we even received threats from the KKK.
    The thing is, I’m a pagan or newager now. My children and I survived those horrible two years, but we still have a few sore spots from it all. I finally was able to move from that county this passed summer, but I would love to move somewhere far away from Tennessee or any place that is full of right wing conservatives. Dispite all that Christian stuff, this area seems to be the drug capital of America–especially crack and meth–and these druggies are not the happy peaceful lot either. Even in the rural areas, it’s not safe to leave your door unlock at night or in the day time while alone. There are few jobs and druggies want money or something they can trade for drugs. It’s getting unsafe to drive, too, because the druggies hyped up on meth and the like are quick to road rage. Even our pets get stolen and sold to research companies and to collegies for biology labs. They can get five to ten dollars a piece for them.
    Then there is the fact there are very few people around here that I can hold an intelligent conversation with, much less, without Jesus, God, or church being brought up. My sons and I are close–thank goodness or we wouldn’t have anyone to talk to.
    We have been wanting to move to an area that is more liberal, but not full of violence and crime. We like nature and a small town atmosphere. And after this last election when You-know-who got re-elected, we are even more disgusted with area of America. We looked at the map and all the blue areas were either up north (My thin blood and middle-aged bones couldn’t handle that.) or the west coast. We thought we might investigate upper California, hopefully it’s not too hot or too dry and still be nice liberal people. We’re used to a lot of green in the landscape and I don’t think any of us would be too happy in a dry area.
    My middle son just graduated from college with a degree in math. I have a 2 year degree in architectural design and a 4 year degree in psychology.
    So any real information about Humboldt and the surrounding area would be greatly appreciated. I see nothing wrong with smoking pot as long as it’s in moderation. I rarely smoke it myself–don’t like the way it makes me feel, plus the stuff around here sort of sucks. But I really dislike crack and meth. I don’t like how these drugs make people act. My biggest gripe about pot is that it is illegal and I don’t think it’s worth going to jail over.
    My email address is: Bridgettblessed@WMconnect.com
    Peace and love.

  • hi people. I’m waiting on my passport so i can get up to northern california, right now i’m living in toronto canada. i can’t stand the reality here and i’m not looking for some utopia, just a laid back warm place where i can do some experincing. I’m planning on bumming around and living off the tent on my back. From how i here some of the locals in the towns i have read about seem not to like my kind. I’m not looking for some place to panhandle and buy crack. All i wanna do is sleep in my tent peacefully, it would be nice if it could be on a beach, an read, listen to music, play music and write. Anything thing beyond that, such as meeting interesting people and having mind explanding adventures, drugs or not, would just be a plus. So all am asking is sum advise on where i should go to find what i am looking, and a place where i can avoid as much hassle as possible.
    so please anything you can post that could help me out would be great
    or email at revolutionscribe@hotmail.com
    Peace and Love to you all
    many thanks

  • Hi everyone I just moved to Arcata and absolutly love it. You’re five minutes from the ocean and the forest which gives you a great opertunity to relax in different environments. I’m a people watcher and I would say my only real complaint is the definitive lines between the types of people. It is very easy to tell the difference between a college student and a local. I was in town for less than three days when some ignorant fool flashed me a Nazi salute. This is definetly not mainstream public, but there is a strong “hick” mentality in the area. Besides that, there are farmer’s markets in the Spring and mild weather in the fall. My tent has been either set up or drying out since I got here. Lot of luck to travelers. jamesvank@cox.net

  • arcata is a HYPOCRITICAL place,people talk of being progressive and liberal, what a crok, and diversity is a JOKE,time to get real, its just another lily white area living a lie,if your are white,then itz your place,any other colors need not come

  • I’ve lived in this area for a long, long time, and boy, has Arcata changed. I don’t know why this is listed as a “Hippie” hangout, no real hippies live here (They moved down to Garberville, or sold out a long time ago) Crime has gone up, another person was beat up on the Plaza the other day, but at least the stabbings have died down for now. The roads have completely fallen apart, and the “City” council is too busy trying to out do the last city council, and have forgotten that they are the City Council of Arcata, not the Mighty City-State Council of Green Party Rejects. For the people who lived here in the 70’s, it’s completely different. Housing Index has hit 13% (Only 13% of the people who live in Arcata, can afford to BUY a home in Arcata) our fuel prices have gone up, and the town doesn’t have that small, clean, wholesome feeling anymore.

    No, Arcata doesn’t have a Starbucks, which is too bad, because the only places worth getting Coffee from are Starbucks and the Udder Place anymore. I can’t believe that I have to drive to Eureka (Heroin and Meth oh my!) in order to get a coffee that doesn’t taste like crap.

    Maybe I should review the coffee shops and eateries in Arcata…..

    What have you done to my Arcata? Where have you taken it, and why do you hate it so much?

  • I just got done with highschool and I’m 19 years old. I’ve had a really hard time trying to decide what to do with my life but I think I want to be a writer. I had a friend that has hitch hiked all over the country for over a year and when he came back he told me the best place he had visited was Arcata. He told me stories about the gigantic red trees, the beach, and the people there. I don’t know if I dare say “paradise” or “Utopia” after some of the things I’ve already read on here but at the very least a place worth seeing. I would like to travel to Arcata before I go to college and live in the forest and on the beach for a short time. I am not rich at all, it will take me a month or two to get what I need to go on this trip. I’m not a hippy, I’m not a yuppie and I’m not a stoner, just some writer-wanna be kid that has no intention of doing any drugs harder then pot and shrooms a bit and needs something to write about. It sounded fantastic, the way he described it but I don’t want to spend the month or so I might stay there under constant harrassment and scrutiny of the townspeople and the law. I read one posting about how no young, dumb kids should come. About how anyone who doesn’t know the real deal should just steer clear. Well I’m sure I would pass as one of those young dumb dreamers but at least I’m aware of it and at least I want to learn what you mean by proper respect. I don’t want to free load off of society, I just want to write and experience the area. I want to know everything I can about Arcata. What are tweekers? What is the Endeavor? Is it true there is a place that will do your laundry for you on certain days of the week? Are the outsiders that come to the area really as bad as some say or are they still more or less peaceful? Is there any way I can come to this place without facing oppression by the locals? I could probably think of more questions but if anyone can tell me any useful information about this town then that would be a help. I don’t want an easy ride, I hate people that litter, I understand the importance of respect and honor, and I just want to write. And I may be a dreamer but I know I’m not the only one. Thats one of the reasons I want to visit Arcata. I need to meet other people that have an imagination, people that live with their heart. I need to know these people exist and if they do then I’m going to write about them. My email is bigmac202000@yahoo.com if anyone feels like helping me out a little. Thanks for any advice or information you can give me.

  • Hi, i recently decided that instead of going to college i want to travel and soon end up at Arcata, California to live. I plan to save a lot of money this summer, the trouble is i to do this trip alone because my friends arent crazy enough to give up the idea of a secrue life with college and to live life free and exciting, im detremined to live my life this way. so it will be a lonely trip in a way, but well worth it, the problem is..where to live when i get there, does anyone need a roomate? i am free spirtied and fun. i love havin a good time, of course seeing as how far i would go to live life on the edge. im and 18 yr old girl from Ohio, and i need out, im not like these ppl πŸ™‚ i need the sunshine and the best kind of weed πŸ™‚ a true stoner you might call me! but if anyone has any suggestions on what i should be doing to plan for this please email me at lucky13cw@aol.com ( ya i know the adress is lame) or IM me at Corrin13o5!! Thanks a bunch! πŸ™‚ Corrin

  • Hey Pete i just wanted to say that i live in a city that loves there starbucks and their nice cars. WELL I HATE STARBUCKS! im a coffee shop kind of girl i have worked at a small local coffee shop for 2 yrs now and sadly all of our business has been taken away by yet another FREAKIN STARBUCKS! i hate starbucks, they are money hungry bastards, and one day i plan to own my own coffee shop/art gallarie and hopefully pete, you will find the true meaning of having a good cup of coffee if my dreams ever come true πŸ™‚ do us all a favor and stay away from starbucks before they take of the world πŸ™‚ i mean this in the nicest way possible.

  • Hey Corrin I read your posting and it interested me. It sounds alot like my posting which is the one directly under it. If your heading to Arcata on the road and you don’t want to travel alone then I might have an alternative for you. IM me at Irishmac85 on aol. It sounds like we have the same problem and if you want to talk more about it just message me. See yas.

  • what up heading to arcata next tuesday no maoney any suggestions

  • If you don’t have a means of supporting yourself, don’t bother coming to Arcata. All of the street corners are already taken by begging travelers holding cardboard signs and with dogs on strings. The rest of us are trying to live here peacably and make a small-town living, much of which is based on the tourisim trade. Problem is folks, no one wants to come here because our plaza is overrun with stoned, amped up waifs who agressively panhandle and harrass anyone walking by. Unless you have something productive to contribute to this area, please don’t bother.

  • I’m heading up to Arcata for a few days, and I’m wondering if Arcata is the kind of city where a newbie could go up to someone and make a friend, or if it’s got a hostile inviornment. In other words, anything I should know about the social life in Arcata?

    Also, is it safe to sleep outside, or will cops/residents bug you?

    Please IM me at CryingNeedle on AOL.

  • six rivers in Arcata! vegitation june 24th… gona be sweet

  • i lived in arcata from 2000 to 2001 and found it to be wonderful. the scenery and many people there were and still are absolutely amazing. however, the rents are not cheap and you have got to make a living just as anywhere else. still there still is a bit of anarchy left that reminded me of the days gone ( i am 57 now and studied in calif. in the 60’s and 70’s). despite the complaints about the coffee in one of the replies: the coffee at ‘sacred grounds’ is very good. glad to tell you more if you contact me at catshats@web.de

  • I’m not commenting on any specific review, but wow what a handful of different thoughts and feelings. I’ve been once, my sister attends HSU so I was down in early September to visit… I have to say it was incredible. I loved how we could bike to the beach, hike through the beautiful redwoods, chill out in the quad and do a little people watching… My mind and spirit felt free in the warm California sun. The people I met were great, the bud was most excellent and the scene was over all totally awesome and its made me want to come back. I’m a free spirit that definitely wasn’t feeling college for the next year if not more, I’ve wanted to just pack up and go, see the world a little bit and meet some great people that would like to do the same. I’ve decided that beautiful arcata is just the place for me to be. I’ll be at HSU this coming fall and if your feeling new adventure and good times find me… lizzabell86

  • I’m not commenting on any specific review, but wow what a handful of different thoughts and feelings. I’ve been once, my sister attends HSU so I was down in early September to visit… I have to say it was incredible. I loved how we could bike to the beach, hike through the beautiful redwoods, chill out in the quad and do a little people watching… My mind and spirit felt free in the warm California sun. The people I met were great, the bud was most excellent and the scene was over all totally awesome and its made me want to come back. I’m a free spirit that definitely wasn’t feeling college for the next year if not more, I’ve wanted to just pack up and go, see the world a little bit and meet some great people that would like to do the same. I’ve decided that beautiful arcata is just the place for me to be. I’ll be at HSU this coming fall and if your feeling new adventure and good times find me… lizzabell86

  • Within 10 minutes of getting to Arcata square was asked if I had herb and was then handed about an 1/8 of the best trim I ever smoked. (Plenty of little bud bits not just leaf.) So happens I arrived during harvest. A lot of people travel through going to various music festivals like myself. Its a cool little town, but is unfortunately over-run with belligerent street kid spangers. From what I saw the atmosphere was mainy laid back, but there was the occasional sudden episode. I agree with what was previously said, that you shouldn’t stick around this town if you have nothing to contribute to it. As for a place to sleep, hike up above Humboldt State to redwood park, its a nice area of redwood forest with plenty of room to make camp. You’ll find family and many magic mushrooms during season. Just watch out for ranger bob and frisbee golfers. OR catch a ride north to Clam Beach, if you have wheels park east of the hwy on a small road(to avoid a ticket), and hide in the dunes/thicket south of the parking lot(beach has fees). lovin’ U

  • I just got done with highschool and I”m 19 years old. I”ve had a really hard time trying to decide what to do with my life but I think I want to be a writer. I had a friend that has hitch hiked all over the country for over a year and when he came back he told me the best place he had visited was Arcata. He told me stories about the gigantic red trees, the beach, and the people there. I don”t know if I dare say “paradise” or “Utopia” after some of the things I”ve already read on here but at the very least a place worth seeing. I would like to travel to Arcata before I go to college and live in the forest and on the beach for a short time. I am not rich at all, it will take me a month or two to get what I need to go on this trip. I”m not a hippy, I”m not a yuppie and I”m not a stoner, just some writer-wanna be kid that has no intention of doing any drugs harder then pot and shrooms a bit and needs something to write about. It sounded fantastic, the way he described it but I don”t want to spend the month or so I might stay there under constant harrassment and scrutiny of the townspeople and the law. I read one posting about how no young, dumb kids should come. About how anyone who doesn”t know the real deal should just steer clear. Well I”m sure I would pass as one of those young dumb dreamers but at least I”m aware of it and at least I want to learn what you mean by proper respect. I don”t want to free load off of society, I just want to write and experience the area. I want to know everything I can about Arcata. What are tweekers? What is the Endeavor? Is it true there is a place that will do your laundry for you on certain days of the week? Are the outsiders that come to the area really as bad as some say or are they still more or less peaceful? Is there any way I can come to this place without facing oppression by the locals? I could probably think of more questions but if anyone can tell me any useful information about this town then that would be a help. I don”t want an easy ride, I hate people that litter, I understand the importance of respect and honor, and I just want to write. And I may be a dreamer but I know I”m not the only one. Thats one of the reasons I want to visit Arcata. I need to meet other people that have an imagination, people that live with their heart. I need to know these people exist and if they do then I”m going to write about them. My email is bigmac202000@yahoo.com if anyone feels like helping me out a little. Thanks for any advice or information you can give me.

    P.S. Hey Utopiaseeker22 I’d be interested to talk to you if you see this message.


  • I’d suggest you change the beginning review that the rents are cheap in Arcata. Not only are they not cheap, housing is so scarce that renters are going in and bidding-up the price of the rent to find a place to live.

  • Its an awsome place its way sweet if your a hippie! ^_^

  • Whatever Arcata once was, it is mostly controlled by conservatives, as is the university. I commend the straggler leftwingers for hanging on.

    The day after I left Arcata, I read online in the Eye that the police had swept the Plaza and arrested 30 hippy kids on bogus chargers. A week later the Eye had removed the article from their archive. It also said there was a crackdown on people living in buses and such.

    The leaders of this town pretend to be liberal, but it’s a huge sham, merely intended to bring in tourist dollars and students. Every attack by the city on hippy kids has been while students were away during break.

    But, as a student, nevertheless heard of cops abusing students for trivial things like jaywalking or riding a skateboard.

    The writing is on the wall. I was glad to leave Arcata. The only people who still like Arcata are either rightwingers or those politically unconscious potsmokers who hail from suburbia and couldn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone but themselves.

  • When i arrived in homboldt i was living somewhere on the lost coast. In the basement of the house i was in i found a hat that said on it: “Welcome to Humboldt: set your mind back 40 years”
    the timelessness of humboldt is definately its most amazing trait, the relativity of time and the true ridiculousness of it are found in odd spectrums that constantly change everywhere here.

    Arcata is a chill place for chillers. but if your a street clown you best watch yourself these days the bums are rather cracky. but amongst the few bad things there are still more than enough good about this town. dont bother lookin for the chron here, unless you make your own. cause it doesnt stay here long enough to see usually πŸ˜‰ the best about this place is the energy and beauty of the land and its people. It is not easy to find a way to live here and the winter can be harsh with shit loads of rain so if you camp you better know what yur doin. rent is the highest in arcata out of all of humboldt because of the students, but the students bring $ to the community.

    -Overgrow The Government-

  • I’ve never been in Arcata, but I’ll be at HSU fall 05 so I’ll c u guys there


  • Wanting to know if there is any good music in Arcata between May 31, and June 3rd. Will be in town and would love to know if anything might be happening…..

  • I was along time resident of Arcata, and am married to a local who grew up in Arcata for 25 years.
    While some of these posts are accurate, I want to address some things about the “Plaza Hippys”.
    They are not a “hippy” in any sense. Plain and simple, they are teenage street bums. They don’t just beg for change they demand it. While this seems absurd, they are often yelling across the street, or up in your face about getting your money.
    An average example comes anywhere from asking for change, dollars (because they don’t accept change), beer, buy them a beer, give them pot, or purchase it for them.
    While Arcata has a local sect of street personalities, like Rag Tag Pete and the guy that stands down near the 101 on ramp from G Street, who are respectful and actually very nice……….these transient street bums are too aggressive in thier pan handeling.
    So much so that many Arcata residents, new and old, don’t shop on the plaza in the evening hours anymore because they don’t want to be harassed and verbally abused buy these kids / bums for their money.
    Some of these posts state that there are police wipes of the plaza on bogus charges, which may be so, but honestly the true locals don’t care. They hate these transients who invade their town during the summer months when the rain lets up, who piss and throw garbage in their yards, and who disrespect and verbally abuse the local residents, and thus hurt the local business and economy.
    I know this sounds very “Republican” like or “right wing” it addresses a major concern for local Arcata residents and city government with the truth. I am not passing judgement, but personally, as I just got back from a Arcata High School Alumni Event, wouldn’t mind seeing this problem dealt with as it has gotten worse since my wife and I moved 3 years ago.

  • Yeah, I’ve lived in Humboldt County all my life. It’s the most beautiful place to be, that’s for sure.

  • what is the deal with all the brothers in arcata calling themselves “bartholomuew” and talking in a faux-surfer accent? How can there be ten black barts in one little town?

  • grandpa you lost me. arcata is a shithole.

  • arcata R.I.P the old ways here are gone, the city’s have evicted the scum tweekers and they have invaded the quiet town of arcata, the cops have become trigger happy with there zapperz, there is sooooooo much wrong with this town, wanna friendly hippie town? try missoula montana.

  • Arcata…Yes, there are some very cool people who live here who not only have an evolved world-view and a kind heart, but are disciplined about maintaining their beliefs in practice. These people are the heart and soul of the town, and they are a diverse crowd. Yes, the town is mostly, if not all, white, and, I might add, Compton is mostly, if not all, black. Does that mean Arcata is not a diverse town? Of course not, you will see people from different races, but you’re an idiot if you judge the town on this merit alone, you cannot expect it to be a Los Angeles this far north. And yes, there are also some freaky people – a bizarre and racist hick element is alive and well in Arcata. It’s the country, after all. Yes, the nature is amazing, the redwoods and the beaches are heavenly. The land is still the number one attraction in this part of California for all types of people, not just hippies, and one of the main reasons why people stay after visiting or graduating from HSU. The land also has a profoundly transformative spiritual affect on people’s lives, (probably the biggest reason why people come here, to be healed in some way by the land) so much so that they find themselves becoming activists to protect what is left of so much that has been taken without humility, such as my friend Shunka Wakan – God bless them all. Yes, the town also attracts a lot of deadbeats in the summer, kids and weirdos of the wrong sort with no respect or maturity, it’s unfortunate. People are at where they’re at. And yes, the cops have made some bad choices in maintaining order. And yes, the whole situation has detracted from the spirit and image of the community. But you are more likely to find some pretty bright people, young and old, who just want to experience the nature and meet other like-minded people, have experiences, and make friends. In many ways, it’s still 1970 in Humboldt, and everyone wants to feel the spirit of those times. The police mostly just want keep order and preserve the image of their town. Berkeley, as an example, in 1970 was an amazing place, incredible people found themselves there, and the trouble makers came there too, and there was also Governor Reagan invading with the National Guard, etc., in other words, nothing has changed. As far as the bad things that go on, that’s life. It’s a hippie haven with problems because it’s inhabited by humans, but a cool hippie haven nevertheless. If you’re a good person, you’ll find the good people, and there are many here, and if you’re out looking for trouble, you’ll attract it and start it as well, and draw your own karma.
    So if you come to Arcata, come with the understanding that people are the same wherever you go, whether they are “hippies” or not, be open to the nature, hug a redwood, take a nap on the beach, pray for and avoid the ignorant, show respect for the town and the people who live there (because, after all, Arcata exists because of them), figure out your lodging, bring enough money, read your Walt Whitman, and keep a journal of your experiences. My guess is you’ll one day want to come back to Arcata.

  • yup, did the 4:20 thing gotta say no other day like 4:20 in arcada. But if you’re sqautting not a good idea. FEAR RANGER BOB!!!!! and spange is terrible, but the endeavor lives on.any questions or wanna hear asome fucking down stories contact me at myspace under elf. So yup rockon portly snacth… yar!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey people, i just ran across this site for the first time today and it interested me. i live in wisconsin, but i will be attending HSU this fall, 2005. if anyone at all wants to contact me…locals, incoming or already HSU students, etc. about the “scene” or whatever, please email me at young_plant@yahoo.com. thanks.

  • I’m looking for a Andrew Thomas, scawney lil fella with a big idea bout himself. he’s there in Arcata if anyone know’s him tell him to holla back

  • re: Arcata coffee

    Its hard to tell anyone where the good coffee is because everyone has thier own idea of good. But, here goes …

    I love the work done by Muddy Waters in Arcata. They roast their own and while it is a dark roast they stop short of the slightly scorched flavor of Starbucks. The barristas are well trained so its always good. And they are mostly fun people.

    Whenever I visit my alma mater, I always make a stop at Muddy Waters.

  • As for the comments about cracking down in the downtown area, with more to come, I’d have to say its true. I have a sister-in-law who lives in Arcata and she is actively involved in “cleaning up the downtown.”

    She and I argue a great deal about how far is appropriate in a so-called “democractic free society.” My contention is that a democratic society must always allow for minority views and minority lifestyles and that it must always have public spaces where these differences must be respected. Seeing and being around people you might not associate with is simply a part of being in public and not something to be swept away. While certain behaviors can be regulated, you can not properly punish a person for what they are.

    Of course, I am beating my head against the wall. I expect she and her sympathizers will prevail. The downtown business zone is struggling to survive and having the streets lined with menacing panhandlers certainly does not help – particular since women statistically do 80% of all the spending.

    I hope they don’t go overboard. The slackers and the hippies are an important influence in the cultural ecology of the north coast that keeps it a mellow haven and protects it from the slash and burn mentality of the redneck population.

    I wish people would put a lot more energy into making it a place that can work for everyone and a lot less into creating enemies, then trying to eliminate them.

  • I’m reading all of this site with a lot of interest because I am the mom of one of the kids who thought heading to northern california would be nirvana (I guess). She’s been there almost 3 years…we helped support her for the first 2. (Indiana folks here)
    What I think I have now, is a daughter who thinks everything we stand for and have worked for is some right wing conspiracy. Her code is to just smoke or drink a bit and forget your cares…and to me, it’s an excuse for you young folks- not to find yourself and “rediscover” nature-but as another post reiterated-to use your parents (or society’s) money to put off being a productive citizen or student or volunteer. ( And find a town, or area where you can be a deadbeat and surround yourself with others who don’t call you on it.)

    Newsflash….you’d be amazed at how about 90% of the real hippies turned out as adults…..yep-those that are not still burnouts or overdosed, are teachers, ministers, doctors, CEOs, nurses, tradespeople, and politicians…republican and democrat.

    And, the very diversity and “love” you so desperately “believe in”-is a crock when all you do is bash on the way you were raised, and anybody that NOW doesn’t agree with your left wing views of life.
    Most of you are way too young to have any clue about life, relationships,
    the global economy and war (by the way-the United States did not start wars and capitalism-both of these have been around for thousands of years)
    I support fully any young person-my daughter included-that looks hard at our society and sees a whole bunch of things that are wrong with it.
    But unless you are prepared to find your own way and live in this country as a productive person, a friend of others-including your family-
    even as a mom, I say- go find another country to live in then.

    I am not a flag waving right wing extremist…just a midwestern mom of 3 that finds all this really interesting in trying to figure out my kid.

    I’ve been to Arcata…seemed like a nice enough place…but it also seems many of you are there for the wrong reason, and it will not make you happy over the long haul if your reason to go there is to escape, not discover and move on.

    If you are young, take some time to find what you want to do, but be a nice person while you are at it….and think about what you are inside as part of this society.

    Thanks for reading my vent.

  • My son, david, is tree sitting in the Redwoods. We heard from him for the first time in 3 weeks today. If you see him, tell him HI and to call us again sometime soon. He left high school to travel and has been in Arcata for about a month now. He too decided he had enough of people telling him what to do and wanted to travel and see the country. I just hope that he realizes that someday he has to actually grow up. He thinks that “sticking it to the man” is the way to go for now. How interesting that by doing that he is still accepting handouts, food stamps and welfare. How is that being independent? He is accepting things to survive from the same “crappy government” that he wants to rail against. Just because you are 18 doesn’t mean you know it all. If you did, you would graduate from high school and be an adult instead of a bratty kid who wants everything his way!

  • First of all…for all of you ‘know it alls’ on how ‘kind’ Arcata is, it’s ARCATA, not Arcada or Arcadia…get a clue, and, btw, get the hell out of my town…
    I’m sick of you ignorant f’ks spreading the word about how ‘kind’ it is to be a big fat drainbow on my once beautiful plaza. I’m over the puppy (who never seem to become ‘dogs’—kindness means caring for your pets, yo) yanking dirt heads spanging downtown. The endeavor is a nightmare—free showers, food and laundrey for all the lazy patchwork schmucks that wanna freeload on a once wonderful service for those REALLY in need. You have to CONTRIBUTE something to be a part of a community, not suck it dry.

    Mind you, I love Arcata, I’ve lived here for 12 years. Please, I do welcome all of you that wanna come here for school, to raise your kids, get out of suburbia, etc. BUT…if you’re thinking of coming here because you have no money and hear it’s an easy ride, and will say to me: “hey, kind sister, spare a nug?!”…I will do my best to personally drive you out of what used to be my personal haven…thanks for ruining it you lazy, trustfunding, wookies…

    And…please…do not call these gutter punks ‘hippies’—so far from it. I was raised in a grateful dead family in the bay area in a scene where the hippies were true…they contributed to the betterment of all. Far from what we see on our plaza these days.

    For all of you fucks that keep recommending camping in our protected environments—GET A CLUE!!!! It’s hardly ‘green’ to destroy this beautiful landscape with these ‘freaks’ trash and shit, (and I mean human feces), littering what was once pristine. NO, you cannot camp in our community forest—and, ranger bob is not ‘evil’ for preventing you from doing so. Stay out of our marsh—which is a huge preserved area that is being destroyed by drainbows, and should be (and has been in the past) an environment for study for many of the wildlife, biology, watershed, etc…depts. for students. THANKS! So ‘kind’ of you to destroy some of the last vestiges of protected land on the west coast. How ‘conscious’ of you…

    When your broke and spanging on the plaza, PLEASE think twice about breaking in and stealing from our struggling small businesses…sorry that you aquired a heroin addiction on your visit to the redwoods, but these struggling folks don’t deserve to pay for it—esp. since you ruined their source of clientele by driving all the decent folks out of the area…

    get real, what was once a utupia is now sapped dry from greedy folks like yourself, that are looking for a kind place to freeload…that’s a big difference from free-living…so step off…


    someone needs to redefine the term ‘hippie’ so that ‘drainbows’ and ‘wooks’ do NOT ruin what was once a beautiful lifestyle…

  • Drainbow’s suck…what is a drainbow?

    I wrote the other post about my daughter moving to northern california…she is working and living with others, so I don’t think she is a drainbow at this point.

    Don’t know your age…but I was part of the hippie movement…..kind of on the fringe. You sound really pissed off..and rightly so. But I think you don’t have a grip on the reality of the “first” hippie movement. Many of them did the same things you are so angry about now…they claimed to love the environment, yet used protected land-many of them were dirty, spread disease, many, many were into stealing to support drug habits….they had little respect for other people’s space…
    Just wanted to clarify that, because even back then, it was the part that disgusted me about the two-faced hippie movement.
    The most classic example is to re-watch the movie “Woodstock”. Yeah, watch the very end when hundreds of volunteers cleaned up the filth and garbage left by all the hippies.

    Our rights end where the other person’s rights begin..they did then and they do now.
    Good luck in your quest to clean up your area…I am not writing this to criticize your feelings about that…just to clarify that the hippie movement that is once again alive and well in parts of our country is not so very different than the one 30 years back.
    Mom from Indiana

  • could say a lot about arcata…first of all, many of the drainbows aren’t hippies: they dont look like hippies, they dont call themselves hippies, and they dont listen to hippie music. they’re just street kids from all over the country who’ve lived on the streets in other places and come to arcata because a.) there is less crime there than many of the big cities b.) the weather is almost always good to sleep outside c.) the cops are way nicer than they are in big cities (no matter how mean they get in arcata, they’re still nicer than most cops in big cities) d.) there are lots of cheap drugs, and lots of eager customers. and a side note is the endeavor, which for whatever reason puts up with verbal abuse from these kids.
    that doesn’t mean that the hippies aren’t prone to spanging with agression, ripping people off, or

  • anyway, got cut off…
    long story short, arcata is awesome if you’re going there to chill and experience the culture. i was in san fransico and was heading to corvallis, and i stopped in arcata just for the saturday market…watched a brazillian dance performance, met a beautiful woman, and went to a drum circle in the park where woman belly danced and pipes of dank herb circled.
    only in arcata…
    anyway, i say hold a town meeting and make a law against spanging, then post a cop 24 hrs in the square…but there probably isnt money for that is there?
    i probably dont sound like a hippie with that suggestion, but you know what? fuck those kids, when i lived in arcata they just wanted to crash on my floor and eat my food. ive seen them stand in front of a car with a mom and four kids in it and scream at her for almost running them over, when they were standing in the road arguing with each other. i live in what many people call a “ghetto” (just because its mostly black and poor), and believe me, the city people here who are fucking gang members are more respectable than a lot of these hippies and so-called gutter punks. but remember, im only talking about the travelling kids who go to arcata and hope for someone to magically drop a pound of reefer on their heads. all the hippies with homes are fine, and some of the travelers are really sweet too.
    the women there are gorgeous…

  • Most people that I know from Arcata are losers and never get out of there. I think it is really sad. I can’t believe people are actually proud to be from there.

  • Have you noticed people up there are ugly?

  • I found this site wile looking to find some people like me, all I found about this town is that both sides have me convenced that I will never come there, that could be a loss or not, so continue to sit back and bitch about what is wrong, hate the misguided rather then help them learn, and watch your town continue to go down the shithole.
    once people worked togather to stop a war! now you cant even seem to find a way to give what you lerned to the young who went there seeking. maybe they went there looking for drugs or an easy way out. but when they got there that is just what they found! they did not arive and have some of the elders from the hippie days passing on what they have learned works and what they learned did not!
    some say hippies started the drug movment now it has come back to bite you in the ass. it is time to keep what was good and take responcibilty for what was creaited that is not and, come togather like we once did long agaio.
    lost people are just that, lost!

  • Arcata is a great place to live (or visit). I have lived here for a relatively short time (5 years). In that time, the tide has started to turn against the transient parasites that have abused the charity of the townspeople.

    Arcata has a long tradition of support for the needy. Most people are proud of that.For anyone looking for a nice place to live and raise a family, this is one of the best places in the country. It is just becoming a little less cordial to the people who don’t contribute anything and expect others to support them.

  • This is a great community. Unless you are a low life scum bag that begs change instead of getting a job. The towns folk are tired of the flood of “bums by choice”. Usually freindly inhabitants of this little jewel are making drastic changes to get rid of the human waste that flows into town. Hope all you hippy dippies can either contribute to Arcata or go somewhere else. Everything is not FREE and that
    includes the buds!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey people, what’s happned the “Pete”. Before the envevor, was in near the church food distribution day, I used to give my food stamp in exchange, he bought me some cheep beers. Is Pete sitll go to the Food Endevor?


  • Hello. I’m looking for an old friend named Scott Clore. He used to live in San Diego and now I believe he lives in Arcata. He’s approximately 35 years of age, caucausion with dread locks. If anyone knows him, please tell him to contact Gene at 858-385-9455. Thanks

  • I guess you can also email me at radioheadfull@yahoo.com

  • This site really has me thinking twice about Arcata- my boyfriend was living in Arcata for a few months before we met- homeless, but not spanging and bumming off of other people and making his own way- and I came across country from the east coast and stayed with some friends in Bend, OR and am getting ready to hike down to Arcata to meet him and chill there for a little while. I have money, and I don’t bum unless completely necessary, and I WORK (mostly landscaping, daily labor, temp stuff because I travel a lot.)

    Now I am seeing all of this controversy from the two sides of the people in Arcata, and it seems like war. Arcata, which I want to come to because I HAVE always heard about the kind people, liberal environment, and beautiful redwoods, and prime camping conditions is seeming less and less appealing to me.

    Can someone with a real feel for Arcata, not dreamy and bum-friendly or super conservative on the bum- thing and anti-homeless and anti-traveler give me a bit of input? Is there no happy medium in this town?

    You can email me at loojahloo@yahoo.com please.

  • Some of you are right on- the people in Arcata are sick of “travelers”, “transients”, “drainbows?” “hippies” “dread-heads” or whatever you want to call them. The town in unbalanced- too many of these people sucking the life out of the town equals a total lack of diversity. Too many of one kind of plant choke the garden. If you are one of these types, stay away. There is a movement to get rid of you and the people there have decided not to give money to panhandlers (if you don’t like pigeons messing up the sidewalk, don’t feed them). The problem with panhandlers is they take money away from the sick, old, and crazy, who really need the money to survive.

    So, stay away. Go somewhere else. Shoo!

  • I stumbled across this site, looking up info about the church building I built on the South Jetty in 1996 (Nancy Dervin dreamt up the idea and wrangled to get the lumber, and lots of folks helped here and there, but I designed, framed and roofed the thing). As for the people who used to live there, I found a few living in the trailer court at King Salmon a couple of years ago.

    I lived on the South Jetty for a month in 1972, before there was a camp there. I got preached to a lot by the young folks at Lighthouse Ranch then, and lived there a few days to work on my car. Nice folks — I gave my heart to God the next year, on Albion Ridge in Mendocino County.

    My daugher lived in Arcata a few years ago, going to Humboldt State. First Baptist Church there had a really good program going for the college kids, and nearly all my daughter’s friends went into the mission field after graduating. She’s been living in China the past four years, and married a Chinese businessman — a young man who really has his head together, unlike yours truly. My son lived near her in China for a year, before going to Malaysia this summer to work with autistic children. If you haven’t guessed it, I’m a proud papa.

    “Mountain Man” was right about there being virtually no work in Humboldt County. At least that was the case in the mid-90s. I have a BS in Chemistry, and tried twice, unsuccessfully, to get work cleaning poop out of animal cages. What really hurt, was that one of the employers was a friend of mine!

    As for those homeless folks who got kicked off the Jetty in ’97, they were a flea-bitten lot; but they looked after one another and had a real community, and I loved being around them. If anyone comes across Casey & Linda, Nita and her kids & grandkids, Philco, Billy and all the toe-heads, give them my love.

    Shalom shalom from Eugene.

  • Hi, folks, while I was in Humboldt county, I met many bum people, homeless, tweekers from Pelican bay or San quintin with parole status, or peace livin bum people in Arcata. People, look at the endovor(Arcata house) staff, county mental health staff, HSU studnets/staff, or some “I” street manager, HRC, and the “Cross Road” people, and the Detox folks(little bit exteded to Eureka) as well as former Hell house residence in Arcata. We were/are pretty much fucked up bums in Arcata (and Eureka more exact). However, most former tweekers decided work and live in Eureka though, I never ever forget I was in Arcata since 1989 to 2000.

  • HOWDY!! everybody
    I just moved into my HSU dorm yesterday. I am really bored, any down to earth, laid back stoners hit me up I am dying for some fun…….For anybody wondering…Arcata is a most beautiful place inside and out. Everybody is real chill! ~~Andrea B

  • yo.. I don’know how else to get a message out the rest of the kidz out in Humbolt …earlier this year Devin Crobear moved out to arcata from Colorado..this kid goes by lots of namez but my girl heard hes cookin at some organic cafe out there. If anyone can let him know theres alot of peeps looking for him and he needs to WIZE UP! and be a man and come take care of his baby girl who needs him.- apologez to the family for this but we dont know how else to find him.

  • I just moved to Rio dell, and Im going to HSU, this year 2005, Rio dell very boring also, I love the nature down by the river, One Problem is the Longer Bus hours for all of the south bound Fortuna ,rio dell both get bus till 6:35, I wish I could out and smell the lovely some thing to do, man gas here is 3 dollors so the car need to stay at home, can eny body give me some Ideas, I love Rio dell I decided im not leaving for nobody ok, because this town is the best, and Im not letting Humboldt Transit make me leave because it not that bad, just a few longer bus hours extensions well makes us have the longer we need, Burn some Natral Anise it smells so good it smells like Lickorish,peace and be on earth ok

  • hey all you lovely people. I ramdomly came across this webpage while researching “transients” in the Arcata community, and humboldt in general. I’m doing a research project, and potential problem solving plan creation…in regards to the increasing and consistant transient (and by this I mean people who are moving through the humboldt area, i.e. the people who you see around the plaza and at the transit center, NOT homeless families. i realize there is a difference between the two:). I read a few comments on this page and it seemed like there are many perspectives on this issue. I wanted to put this comment out to all you people and see if any of you would be willing to email me your opinions on the issue. It can remain anonomous and I won’t judge…I just want to see all sides. my email address is lgpooch@hotmail.com.
    if anyone is interested, please email me your perspective on this issue.
    thank so much!

  • Ohh my god, while ago, the city manager tried to change a name to “Del Rio” in order to wipe out negative image and its nature.

    How’s is the Wildwood Fesitival? Compare with Arcata’s Hemp Fesitival, Oyster, Farmer’s Market. Ohh, well the wildwood fes is like McKinlyvill’s pony express day right? How the streets improvement? When I was there pot holes everywhere. Yes, I used to live in Rio Del(Tolman Place) for 8 month. I think most people still working at PALCO and Eel River Saw Mill right? Say hi to “Mel”(?) used to dopy biker turned to the HART program’s DUI instructor.

    Peace and love from Alexandria Virginia.

  • i want to check this place out can some1 email akbound420@hotmail.com

  • I have lived in Arcata for 3 yrs and I really like it here. I am a shy girl though and it’s kinda hard for me to meet people. The thing that I don’t like about Humboldt is there is no punk scene at all. I don’t like jam bands or reggae so sometimes I feel so out of place. Of course it is so beautiful though. I mean the ocean and the redwoods! What more could you ask for! I am a bi girl and I’m glad that people are so cool about that stuff here! There is such a diversity of people here, and I like that. I really like the 50s pin up look and it seems there are a lot of those chicks here. Where is the punk though? If anyone knows of some cool punk shows you can Email me at vishiskitten@yahoo.com. It would be cool if a cute girl Emailed me! I just need a good punk show!

  • some chick I was talkin to got all bent about me usin her Email address lol I dunno why I did it hahaha. I wish I could delete a comment here I feel bad.

  • arcata is the shit I love it here so much I would never want to live anywhere else I have lived in cities like NY and SF and I swear this place is the best

  • Humboldt is pretty cool if you can past all the college kid yuppies. There r so many its insane. But, I do love being near the ocean. It’s definately better then most places I have lived before. It’s chic yet hippy I like that. Do I sound like a poser I dont care. Before I moved here I thought it was gonna be totally different then what it is. Like the people would be so nice but I find out that people are cliqish as hell and sometimes downright snobby. The festivals like the 420 fest every year is pretty fun. I really like going to things like that. The economy here in Humboldt is pretty bad though. Itds hard to find s legitamit job and housing is expensive as hell. But I guess everything is expensive in California and it’s only going to get worse. The thing I like the most about here is how people arent afraid to stand up for what they want. Like voting to keep corperate places out and fighting for pot laws and stuff like that. I have yet to go to any colleges here yet but I think I will start that in the spring. HSU seems cool but I might just go to CR. I don’t know yet. All I know is that I want to study history that seems so interesting to me. Humboldt County is like the well kept secret of California. Hopefully in a few yrs this place will not be starting to look like San Francisco. It sucks that its right on The San Andreas Fault. A big Tsunami would really total the place. Hopefully a big earthqukae will not happen for a long time. If I were to comment on somone moving here, I would have to say research it first to find out what you really want in a place. I mean do you like hippies cuz there are tons here. Do you want to go to college because there is that here 2. The redwoods are amazing and the ocean too!

  • I dont know just writing random stuff that supposed to make sense I need a beer I like family guy. Um Humboldt rocks I live in Georgia. sweet home alabama is my favorite song. I am in need of serious help wish I could move to Humboldt. I havent had a girlfriend in like 10 yrs. I need a girl right after my beer. I need to go to college and stop living with my mom. I mean I’m 28 for gods sake! what a loser! anyway life is tto short to be cooped up in this godawful town. I need to get away for a long time. I just got a dog and he rocks named him Bubba lol.

  • september 19th. 2005, Fortuna Rio dell scotia Bus Problems,

    Hippie Redwood transit
    Bus Problems for late route, If you ride the Redwood Transit, and you live In Fortuna ,or Rio dell Scotia ,then theres been problems with late bus, I have been asking for a late bus for the south route and they wont do it, Redwood transit leave Eureka mall around 6:32pm and thats the last route going south to Fortuna and Rio dell , sucks beacuse I want to do more over in Eureka and I wont be able to have all the options, because the last bus is 6:32 pm so I have to go home, Its Unfair,So to all of you guys out there Please keep asking and soon it will happen

  • Hi guys

    I agree Reguarding Redwood Transit.
    They do need late bus Fortuna and Rio dell.
    yes I have had trouble with the whole thing.
    I have asked and they say no and there isent enuff riders.
    Fortuna is the 4th biggest city in Humboldt county and bus is 6:32 for the last one.
    Rio dell is the 5th biggest city.
    Yes good topic you guys this is hippie land and traveling is fun
    Freedon of speech and is there a voice to be heard, I love you guys and dont for get to love me for who I am because gas is too much ,Ill use there gas for with a 50 dollor bus pass unlimited rides not bad
    guys Im going to the beach today seeya later

  • My name is rosie and Im hippeeeee
    Is it ok for me to Travel on Redwood Transit,its dose seem strange enuff,I live in Fortuna, as soon as late bus is available then im ganna stay out very late and have some fun for you Ladybird johnson,dose eny body here know who Ladybird Johnson well I was driving up 2 hours north of trinadad and there was this park called Ladybird johnson state park and o that name was strange I finally found out what ladybird johnson was, President Johnson’s wife Ladybird johnson and she loves birds , I love birds so if its ok for you guys for me to Travel on Redwood Transit then thanks, I go on rides to see the nature ,Redwood transit is like a bus ride into nature.
    Who know when well get Late bus Hours for all the south bound, Rio dell ready ,I agree they are a pritty big pleace,
    dont forget Julia Butterfly she is a real women

  • Hey guys I’m from Pennsylvania and trying to check out the California scene during my Spring break (march 4-11). Arcata sounds like a cool hippy town with with some nice beachs. Can a couple 21 year olds who know how to party spend a week here and have fun. Any other ideas would be cool so if you got some email me @ swifto23@hotmail.com

  • I need a ride out to Arcata i currently live in arizona i want to move out there i heard there are very nice and free spirited people im only 15 but i think its time for me to get away form my parents their really unsupportive of my actions and behaviors i would really like it if someone would help me get out to arcata thanks

  • Hey, I am thinking about traveling out there this winter…HOW’S THE WEATHER? and man is it as good as it sounds?


  • arcata … so much for diversity.


  • frequent fatal accidents (don’t drive fast here!), bad place to raise a family, not a lively place most people don’t stay here long and shouldn’t.

    Are the people here open minded? Sure. Just don’t do anything out of the ordinary. If you have money try Mckinnelyville, Arcata or the outskirts there but avoid living in Eureka.

  • frequent fatal accidents (don’t drive fast here!), bad place to raise a family, not a lively place most people don’t stay here long and shouldn’t.

    Are the people here open minded? Sure. Just don’t do anything out of the ordinary. If you have money try Mckinnelyville, Arcata or the outskirts there but avoid living in Eureka.

  • To all those who want to live here — for how long? A real job? A “seasonal” job? You must ask yourself these questions. Winter weather sucks here — rain and fog. Late summer is the best. For the lady who is asking if black/white couples blend here better than city – no way. Recently took a good friend (black) to Costco in Eureka with his new wife (white ) from England — They almost didn’t let them check out on my card — I can’t believe the racism here —
    Want to hang out on the Arcata plaza — It is true, you can smoke a big fatty on the plaza and the cops seem to turn a blind eye — The three local bars on the plaza on squirming with drunks at night – could be fun — The store owners are fed up with the amount of “homeless” on the plaza. Are you really homeless or just passing by? If you want a real job, could be tough. Some of the highest unemployment around here. Pot industry is going strong — DA is soft on drugs — seems every person I cross is just finishing up their harvest and looking to pay high bucks for clippers — Anything is possible —

    For those of you wh

  • Ive been thinking lately about returning to the north coast area for a while, im pretty much your basic burned-out-on-regular-life person, living in san diego. i was up there for a few months in 97 stayin in eureka (!). and arcata on the weekends and stuff. but a lot of the posts here have turned me off to the idea, cause i guess things sure have changed. the tweakers were already rampant even then though, and i can imagine what its like now. But this place is magical, even if some of the kids up there are ruining (or have already) the vibe. the shitty thing is that ive decided to change my lifestyle to being more of a “traveler” a lot later in life than most ppl (28) and apparently the town has gotten aggro on the street kids, and rightfully so if what they say is true.

    OK now the bright side– (hopefully) As far as new ppl contributing to the community..what do you suggest? ive seen a lot of posts on here saying contribute or dont come, well throw some ideas out there. It’s a shame that street leeches have ruined your area, and i feel for ya, but it would be an even bigger shame to drive you to the point of total bitterness. My main contribution to society is music, hah yeah laugh it up, me and everyone else, right? well yes and no, I’m no genius in music but i do know how to lay down a groove that wont ever die, happy sounds, and not just BS jammin on the sidewalk (no offense to that though cause some of the best jams come in the most unlikely places). anyone ever play the bar scene or whatever else you got goin up there? i’d like to hear from someone about this. drop me an email and tell me whats dealio. would it be better to bring a band with me or try to get one together there? ( psychadelic jam band –of course, what else?) what do the honest travelin kids do to support themselves? im kinda lazy but always manage to work hard enough to stay afloat. can someone survive bein a street musician in humboldt? when i was there it became obvious like my 1st day there that work was scarce and seasonal, ( i came in january LOL!)managed to score a decent part timer in eureka but it didnt last long cause like lots of other ppl, they didnt need me, it was just a lil mom and pop business.

    Im lookin to go to humboldt this spring, hang out for a while, chill, make my own way, not lookin for a free ride, never will spange unless im absolutely down and out, and just need some words of encouragement, advice and ideas. if things are really going as sour in arcata as some of you say it is, them maybe another head to help turn the tide back to the way it should be would be a good thing

    If anyone has any useful advice for me you can email me at brother_esau77@yahoo.com

  • When mong people settled in Eureka couple decade ago, people in Eureka had violent protests and harrasments against Mong people. ACLU people(Prof Smith, Tom Okazaki and various white folks) intervened and worked with EPD and county sheriffe’s office to reduce violence.

    In 1860’s, several hundred Wiyot People were hatched by local rednecks and Lumber Jacks; Carson(His residence is still over looking the indian island) , connry is son of Kloggen who used own Maple creek ranch (direct decendant is former County DA. Leonard Conry who is friend of John Buffington and 1980’s title of the ranch was trensfered to local lumber company), John Laraby(now his former rach site is called laraby vally), and local entepeter, and law enforcement poeple.
    1990s there were several neo Nazi skin head were formd in Mckinlyville, Fortuna, and Eureka; aka White rose, my girlfriend’s boyfriend was trying to establish KKK in Eureka.

    Humboldt county, this rednecky tradition still continues now a day. Many non-white people are comfortable living in white nieborhood which incolude professor Nathan Smith. His wife Pacila onece told me that thier neibor(Cutten, Eureka) still ignored and harrassed the family(Pro Smith is black and Pacilila is from Pacific Islander).

    Onece stepped out Arcata, somehow, there is harsh world for non-white people out there.
    Peace and love

  • I’ll stick to a safe subject like Music — great music scene going on here — All musicians welcome. True, there is a decrease in places to play (if you want to play for money) but check out Northcoastjournal.com for the club scene — Coop board for listings of musicians wanted — the great music store next to Bagel Shop or the one in Sunnybrae. My guy is playing tonight with Joanne Rand at Red Raddish in Blue Lake — If you don’t like the club scene, you might check out the various faire scenes around town — lots of choices.

  • Hay you guys,
    One good beach to go to is BAker Beach, its a nude beach, if you into nude beaches, I saw a lot of naked men there today, the beach is over Camel beach, I saw about 7 naked men no women ,so its a good beach to go to with your lesbian gay lover trust me if your looking for a great natral time yes the go to BAKER BEACH,

    Baker Beach)))) DIRECTIONS
    From 101 north, ~ 12 mi north of Arcata, take the Westhaven Exit. Turn left under the freeway, and the road will immediately “T”. Go right about a quarter mile until you come to the cliff around the right-hand bend. You can check the surf from one of a couple small pull-outs overlooking and you will see some cars parked there, No there is no Parking lot ,its on the road and you will see a bunch of cars ,YES its further up from camel beach,

    I live In Rio dell and scotia, rite here in beatufull Humboldt county ,

    Dose eny body in here wanna get a Redwood Transit Protest going ,in front of the court house in Eureka ,,, I would love to protest protest if some one wants to help me ,I want late bus Hours too Elliot2698@yahoo.com

  • Hi Crystall you live in Rio dell,scotia wow I go there a lot…..
    And I like Rio dell and scotia ,
    Crystal you said you wanna protest in front of the court house,
    for Redwood Transit, well I would love to protest.

    I have been asking for late bus for Rio dell,But they wont listen yes Im open for a Protest Crystal girl,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Eny body else up to a protest email me at palmtree1111@sbcglobal.net and I rate you Crystall and 10 because I say this is a very Important topic ((((( Peoples rites))))) ,I have heard enuff roomers about Redwood Transit in the Rio dell area

    Crystall you go to the beach a lot !!!!!!!!!!!! wow great place to go

  • hippee sisters and brother here a website to get longer bus hours, go to my website I made its got some good phone numbers,tho I dout it is ganna work ,I feel we should protest jeff and all you others,


  • Who here likes Techno music,

    its toobad people never listened to it,People say it is too loud or its too fast but I have expericed it to be awsome stuff,

    eny body like Techno DJ https://www.digitallyimported.com vocal trance is my favorites ,to my friend in Humboldt county , its awsome ,I live In Arcata and I cant stant it eny more, I wanna move over to Fortuna or Rio dell ,I love it over there

    who likes Techno , techno means love Origially for peace symboll

    crystall and jeff I will help you guys protest,

  • Where is the very best place to hide out off the grid? I mean no cops or anything… thanks from an old, old, old, old hippy who got just WAAAAYYYY too famous!

  • Hey, Im just getting my degree in horticulture science, broke up with boyfriend of five years and am looking for a positive fresh start, Im wondering if arcada is the place that I can find a job and put my roots down. Any advice?

  • Are we crazy? Why would 2 Oregonians want to move to this area? Aren’t we trying to get away from all the Californians and their B.S. here in Bend? I don’t know. After reading the posts on Arcata, the idea of moving to Humboldt sounds slightly insane… but then again, Bend, OR has its share of tweakers, and more than its share of millionaires and other forms of yuppie life. Anyway, we need to get the hell out of here before it comes to head. Where are our best chances of

    1. Staying away from yuppies
    2. Making a mostly legitimate living
    3. Living near the beach
    4. Being around positive people

    What about Mendocino County? Anything cool down there?

  • This is a response to Oregon Robin. Arcata california is a wounderfull place to live i am from there,Born and raised. It is NOTHING like the rest of california. It is another world not like anything you or anyone has ever seen. It is paradise, I promise if you move there you will never want to leave. To Penguin Chutney your full of @#$@. Have you ever been there? Probable not. And you talk about california B.s. the only B.s. i hear is yours. I love Oregon it is alot like Arcata same climate with good peaple. Arcata is in the top twenty most liberal places in the u.s. to live. An excellent place to raise a family. Im sick of Orgonians talking smack about californians. Southern and northern california are totally different . Arcata is full of nothing but good peaple you can be what ever you want to be and we will love you the no matter what. Can you say the same about Oregon Mr. Penguin Chutney.

  • For all the peaple talking smack about Arcata and Humboldt @#$@ you. For all the peaple listening to them dont think for your selves. I was born and raised there its wounderfull. I just read about kkk and skinheads running around humboldt thats bull@#$@. I am a gay male and I always feel safe in Humboldt it is gay and hippie mecca

  • What do you people feel about a Queer Television cable broadcast through Cox Cable System in you Boroughs? Check out the fun filled news about a Gay Television broadcast: https://www.qtelevision.com

  • i love arcata,it treated me well,i was travelin out west from washington through orgeon,when i reached ertweaka i didnt know what to expect.i saw alot of homeless cats doin there meth,but i eventually found out about arcata,the peaple there are definatly unique,i enjoyed redwood park where everyone comes and just chills,id bust out the guitar a cat would be playin mandolin,and another would come out with a banjo,all just out of the blue,and we could play bluegrass for hours.its an amazing part of the world.its much cooler than being called a hippie mecca theres more to it than that.i would check out trinity ,garberville,redway,mendaceno,its a wonderful experience,im in school back home in georgia,but when i finish im goin back

  • I have read most of the comments about arcada and what i see going on there is history repeating itself all over agian.The young and the old are at it again.I remember the hippies in the late 60s being talked about just like the older noe mellower folk of arcada are talking about the young ones coming there now.Drugs have changed but in the 60s acid and pot was equally freaky in its own time and place to the old gaurd.The hippies in the 60s were a pain in the ass to leaving garbag.hanging and lounging around. living off panhandling and generally being a nuisance or have the old gaurd forgotten all that by now? There was no perfect hippie kingdom ever.It was always evolving and changing.The key rock foundation of the hippie dream was to love each other and help each other.to be a family.So the young ones are messing up.Well i bet many of the old guard did plenty of that too.These kids need support, love, and guidance. many are dysfunctional and have come from homes that had little to offer in the way of love and acceptance.Others have come seeking the hippie dream.”Teach your children well”. Peace and Love Larry

  • Larry, do you own the “Larry’s Market”? yea? Owner of the Comstock house and old Arcata Hostel, or you own the Heather Ln apartment complex?

  • No,matter of fact ive never been to arcada but i plan to make the trip this summer and check it out.My point is what i stated,…that in my opinion history is repeating itself.I was around in the late 60s and i saw what a mess things were on the sunset strip and hollywood area.people seem to forget that trashed out part of an era and remember only the good things.How many of the origional hipsters crashed and burned on drugs and insane living is a nightmare in itself.most of the young then were free flowing and out for anything and it was a crazy time.few of the hip ever found utopia.Looks like we are all still trying to find it.Lets stop the war between the young and old and teach our young by example and word and deed.Aint this world a mess? stop the hate and love your brothers and sisiters who are searching for something better but perhaps are a little off the wall at times or just young and dont know the way.History is repeating itself.wake up to that!

  • If you are thinking about moving to Arcata, the first step is to learn how to spell the name of the town.

  • Whats spelling got to do with it? you spell it your way i will spell it mine,.deal? No need to be cruel friend.This world is already too full of that,…peace and love to you and i hope you can try creating something nice and beautiful for negativity sucks.

  • Humboldt county is very pritty, O they wanna build this holmess shetler in Arcata in Ginotoli Rd, Its ganna be a shelter for 300 people , But the debate is inb Humboldt county ct. polotics, and there saying that if build it the people will come, and they dont want the people to come, because the homeless, is getting outta hand

    I dont know what to belive, say yes to bring peace or say no, beacuse you dont want there to be too many homelss

    HUmboldt is pritty place

  • Eny of you guys tired and just wanna sit like a clown , I feel like clown, I feel like painting some paint on my face, in 80 years every thing will be the same ,This is poem,

    Go to school, dont tired and not go to school, I have tryed to fined a good education and its tuff, because I dont know what to study. its very hard. So what should I go to school to study, I know if I waste a nother day, I wont go to schoool,

  • Shut the Homless shelters down, because people abuse them, Humboldt county is a small town, and for there to be this many homeless they all shure abuse it, Ive seen it down there in Ukiah, and you know where all the homless people go from Ukiah, They go to Humboldy county, shame, Build the homless shelter and they will come, Say no to the homless shelter, and living in a tint well if you camping then camp ,but if you plan to live in a tint for few monthes well, then shut the dam shelter down, because it isent helping them, so you that why the debate is that they dont wanna build a homeless shelter, I think they should let you stay at the homless shelter Under one Condtion and that is, you need to find a job ,and find your own place and if your not they kick you out, and a Oficer staff at the shelter need to work indivigual with each person to make sure there doing it, or they cant stay.

    but homless is getting out of controll and a 300 bed shelter is only ganna make things worse, and more and more homless will be here, and they will rase the crime, rob homes and rob banks , this isent so good,
    300 people is a lot, I bet they wont agree to that kinda thing, they should only help humboldt county resident only, with a Humboldt county ID ,and if your from some other county then they wont let you in

  • I don’t buy that. Arcata isn’t a place that accepts only the “acceptable”. Arcata accepts all that accept.


  • Actually, some of homeless folks with car who used to park and living thier cars at clam beach and across from clam beach one point of history, the rest area at Trinidad, mad river beach parking lot and Eureka water front as well as around the Misson and Arcata Marsh. Well, while ago, the house used called “Hell House”(just across from Los Begal or Arcata Harbal store) where bunch of hippies and punk people were enjoying freaky meeting/partying even the rughead Pete came by the house. Nowaday, many people disturbed by the the APD, Shirif, and CHP. Some people still park around the old cremary and recycling center. Yea,

    In 2000, the house called Aracata Christian House, but it seems disappearing form sight.

    Peace from Alexandria

  • “hi,…were looking for paradise,… may we come in too?” “no!…its our paradise!…go away!” “I have spoken!….the great and terrible oz!”

  • hey whats up arcata its me duke im in oregon rite now i was living in arcata and all over if your a local i may know you. arcata has changed alot cuz of the homeless but hey i was homeless a time or two out there and it got really hard to live out there homeless as you might know im a good kid that could of made it if it wasnt for all the drain bows and that tad or taz and those wanna b hippies sturin it all up. at the end i lost my mind so i left humboldt if any old heads on the steets wanna leave me a mess at 503 831 0619 leave name and number plz.

    Duke of RRRRRRRRRRcata

  • I can not believe the mental deterioration evident in virtually every post on this board! Talk about evidence for drugs causing permanent brain damage! Taken together, I doubt if you combined the total brain power represented here you couldn’t scrape up enough IQ to blow up a ballon. If America or any nation more advanced than aboriginal Australia had to rely on the human beings congregating here for survival, I doubt it would last more than a year or two. People! What has happened to you all?! Don’t you know how totally screwed up you are? Haven’t you ever suspected that maybe you are a complete basket-case waiting for life to simply run over you like road-kill? Please! Improve yourself! Get an education. Get a job. Do something for human civilization. Stop dopeing yourself into oblivion.

  • Save the Forest ,I wanna save the woods ,so the birds can sing and the deers have a place too live, its getting better, palco and simpson is almost gon. Did you know the Local Co-op markets only give Paper bags my know why they only give Paper bags is because ,Plastic bags are made from Potrolius Products and you cant recycle,pulp is ganna be made eny ways so its better eny ways,,,,,, but Palco and simpson are greedy rich and Palco is been going down in Scotia , Scotia is a very pritty town tho, They got a kool super market called (((( Hobys Market))
    Its a very beautifull market and you can buy every thing there its in a cute little plaza, they built ,They had a old hobys matket and it burnt down in the 1992 Erth quake ,they Rebuilt the new plaza called hobys , and its got a bunch of other stores, last summer I was sleeping and they started cutting the Rio dell clifs and I did get upsets, because outta all the place they cut its gotta be the cliffs in Rio dell blufs , there cutting them and flying over with a chopper, they stoped it this year, this are kool, Palco has slowed down a lot, but they are still cutting fast some places , The state gives the oks and I think this year they got turned down so there cutting is on hold ,I havent seen eny cutting latly,

  • I love to Travel , its fun

    Traveling to all sorts of places, I traveled to Portland and Seattle, and it was fun, I love In Humboldt county, I went to the Eureka Library and I walked up to the next floor up the stairs and I saw some kool Art works Displays for sale that people did , it was very neet, The Humboldt ART council dose some great things,I went to the library after got back from Seattle I flew up there from outta the Humboldt county airport its neet 3 hours and 50 minutes , I love traveling and art, and eny things thats fun,,,,,Seattle was fun. I went in the Space needle, and went all over I had a great trip in June…………Seattle might not be for all types, its all about the individuals, Seattle rules , they had a gay section of Seattle called Capital Hill District its was speaded out , Seattle is known for the grunge citys, tho they say grunge has died down latly, Back to Humboldt county I am , Im doing very well,,,,,,,,,, Im just sticking around for now ,,,,,,,, Traveling is fun, ,,,,,,,,,

  • Hi howz it. I might be moving back to the humbolt area Big Island Hawaii is to mutch drama e-mail me if u know of a place 2 do work trade or room to rent

  • Yea, many people believe intelligence design over evolution Darwinian science now a day. I think many people on this board have decent education and jobs. I got BA from Hmbodlt State and MA from Sonoma State. I am employed by the Department of Defense(Military District of Washington) just off the beltway.
    People like Rush or conservative ass holes are telling people such as “get job” or “get education”. You people can not comprephend natural science based current education system. So, please read a bible and attend bible study. Then tell them “get a education” and “get a real job”.

  • Humboldt county Transit, Redwood Transit Bus system sucks because they still have lousie time for bus In Scotia and Rio Dell, Trinadad , still no bus for Ferndale , You guys living in Arcata ,Eureka ,Mckennlyville , I am wondering, u folks living in humboldt, IF THEY GOT BUS going to Ferndale ,FERNDALE FERNDALE, Beautifull Ferndale Down town , Redwood Transit dose not go to Ferndale, ferndale gots so much actions and turist shops, Still no Bus to Ferndale , You cant get redwood Transit to Ferndale, a Eldery van gose to Ferndale and other citys, Redwood Transit , Give late Bus only to Eureka Arcata Mckennyville, RIO DELL Need Late Bus because all the buses during the day time Rio dell has a lot of Rider man I mean A lot of RIDERS ship, RIO DELL IS one of the few citys that could use bus till 8.00 or 9:0 Oclock , but I must say it dose take long time to get people use to the new longer bus hour, Redwood Transit Gave Rio dell bus till 6:00 leaving Bayshore mall in Eureka going back to Rio dell 6:30 was the new time they extended and for a while it only had 2 or 3 people riding the bus and it takes some time for people to know its there and people to use it, other wise 5:30 time going to RIO dell is Huge Rider Ship and I telling u Scotia and Rio dell have lots of Riders during the day, pritty full, Rio dell is 30 miles from Eureka , if they get enough riders for 6:30 then they will give us more Hours ,im havent taken the 6:30pm bus for a while, Eureka Mckennyville Trinadad ,fortuna ferndale all you guys could use the the going to Ferndale and from Ferndale if they had one and they dont, Im a hippie, Humboldt is such a beautifull place, Most never herd of Rio dell or Scotia but that good because its ganna be stayed nice , it nice because it dosent have no action , its where 3193 people live

  • give Ferndale some bus I agree , Rio dell is a big city for the frame wise , U people dont for get to take a trip to Rio dell for one hour, eat down town its a lone Wildwood Ave ,

  • Hey!

    I lived in Arcata for 3 years. That place is a disgusting, depressing pit! The locals there are eye-sores. Except for the cool forests, there is nothing there but a black hole of humanity.

  • i want to comment on “Chris” from 2005-12-01 16:29:38. He and his kind are the problem with Humboldt County. Dumb fuckers who want to save things they know nothing about, who are about as useless as corn in shit, and who cant spell to save their own pathetic lives. What happened to intellectual debates about current events? Perhaps because of people like Chris, all the intellectuals left-who would want to be associated with a county full of rejects that couldnt make it in other walks of life.

    First, Harry went to lunch (yes, this is a break that those of us with a job take; its a ritual participation in food, usually away from the work place and using food we bought ourselves) and was leaning on his car while smoking before coming back to work. While enjoying the love of the nicotine, a 15 year old GIRL asks for a smoke. He says no, sorry, and she says “god, you are like the 5th person I have asked!!! Everyone is a bunch of fucking assholes!!” Nice. Real NICE, missy.
    Somewhere downtown at about the same time, Tina and Julie step downstairs for a smoke break. A mere 15 yards away a drunk guy takes the longest piss on record right next to the fire station. As soon as he taps it, shakes it, does whatever it takes to try to avoid piss on the hands, he walks with great determination over to his buddy and shakes his hand. Yeah, it was the same hand he held his cock with.
    As if he didn’t remember (30 seconds later) that we watched him water the telephone pole and surrounding regions, he walks right up to us and asks for a cigarette. We say no, look away while he attempts to ramble on about his lifestyle. It went something like “I am a fucking alcoholic, living on the streets, but it’s cool. It’s just the way I am. Hey, wait, let me tell you a joke.” Linda responds, “dude, we’re trying to have a break from work, so why don’t you just keep on walkin’ buddy.” From him comes an unexpected “ok, cool, don’t kick my ass, ok?” You scared, bro? You just had your cock in the wind and now you’re scared of 3 chicks? Oh, wait, we aren’t just *any* 3 chicks. I might’ve been scared too.
    Don’t you want to move to a place where 15 yr olds bum smokes from strangers and a bum’s cock holder is offered to friends as a greeting? Welcome to paradise.

  • yes abercrombie has got some kool clothes elliot2698, I did get some offline because there isent one at the bayshore mall, there clothes are Libral I agree, 2006 catoluge was a cool catolgue

  • I don’t know much about Arcata, but the people who comment on this message should learn how to SPELL.

  • are you guys supposed to be hippies? because to me you sound like a whole buch of stressed angry meanies. i tried to read these comments beut i just couldnt because they were so mean. i know that i come to this website to get a good feeling and relise that not all the world is mean, but i guess you guys had to try and ruin that too. you dont need to insult other people (like their spelling).

  • Hi everyone! I’m wondering if you can help. I”m looking for a good friend of mine from years ago…her name is Necia Stewart…she’s either 25 or 26 and has a son about 3 years old. If anyone knows her could you let me know? Or let her know i’m looking for her?
    Thanks all!!!

    Tahira Bazile

  • How times have changed….A couple of posts below actually suggest living in Rio Dell. Incredible. When I was in Arcata in the 1970s that was the last place anyone wanted to go to. Quick change red lights, very hostile police and locals were the norm. If you had long hair or drove a VW Bus (I had both) going through that town could be a nightmare.
    About Arcata….My wife and some friends and I went back to Arcata this fall for our 30th reunion. It is still a magical place with some surprising contrasts. Arcata now has money. At the same time, it has a whole lot of people who have chosen to live on the streets. It used to be called “little Berkeley”. That name is even more fitting today.

  • I sure miss Arcata. I think about it every day. Shout out to Sparkle. I’m coming back in a couple of years, and then on to the mountains, maybe around Lewiston. Got to get out there to the kind, and folks more to my liking. I’m stuck In Indiana, and can’t cope here forever.

  • hello
    Iam here in humboldt county and if you like hemp you shoould come check out my site lots of hemp twine and hempy goods

  • you are a total idiot. You don’t know the first thing about humboldt county and arcata.

  • Rio dell and fortuna need longer bus hours badly,heres the times deparing from Rio dell going as far as Trinadad ca. Humboldt county wide.
    Im in need of the longer bus, Im going to Humboldt state university and I live in Rio dell ,scotia, few minutes from fortuna,
    Rio dell city hall HTA bus (north times)& south times)

    6:33 AM
    7:27 AM
    8:33 AM
    10:33 AM
    2:33 PM
    4:36 PM
    6:51 PM
    8:05 AM

    10:12 AM
    1:55 PM
    4:13 PM
    6:28 PM

    Bus ends early for all the south and I cant spend eny time in Eureka ,becacsue I have to catch my last bus home 6:32 and man its horible , Rio dell and scotia need late bus for the collage students and it bad for the late time, Well guys I think Trinadad need longer bus too but its ganna take some asking to get it rolling

  • am hoping to visit san francisco hopefully in end of feb 2006
    any ideas on places a dead head should visit
    ie good bars clubs or good bed and breakfast?
    any help very much appreciated
    peace love and light

  • The Local Co-op Only gives paper bags.

    Can eny one guess why????

    they dont give Plastic bags is because its got potrolim products, Yes plastic bags come fomr potroliam products, its bad for the invorment,yes its made from pulp, pulp is always prodused, Im not for tree cutters and logging, its not an easy subject,paper bags are natral, Co-op is Natral , they have to use natral poducts.2 co-ops in humboldt Eureka and Arcata, natral food

    Paul van dyk

  • tea and coffee is natral.

    eny body here injoy Tea or coffee-

    I seem to injoy tea coffee and bagels and to sit in a coffee house , and maybee read a book or a news paper and it can be very natral ways to chear my self up, tea is very good for the health,they say green tea has antioxidents and is very good for you, such as grean tea, one great tea is a brand know as stach preimum teas, ginger is good along with green tea , coffee is good for the guava souls,they can make they inside feel good.

  • wild berrys market in arcata.

    eny body like to cool well wild berrys has a website and its got great cooking ideas,I made some apple tuna saled from there web site, eny body here like to cook, visit this website

    https://www.northcoastlean.org Recipes, all natral Recipes ideas
    https://www.wildberries.com all natral market
    Take better care of you eating health & eat natral

  • Pad Thai

    (adapted from Eating Well Magazine)

    1/3-1/2 lb. dried rice noodles

    2 tsp. peanut oil

    3 cloves garlic, minced

    1 large egg, lightly beaten

    Β½ lb small shrimp, peeled and deveined (I’ve also used cooked shrimp and added it last)

    2 cups mung bean sprouts

    Β½ c sliced green onions

    3 Tbsp. rice vinegar

    2 Β½ Tbsp. fish sauce

    2 Tbsp. sugar

    1 tsp. Chinese chile paste with garlic

    2 Tbsp. chopped dry-roasted peanuts

    In a large bowl, soak rice noodles in warm water to cover until they are limp and white, about 20 minutes.
    In a wok or large deep skillet, heat oil over high heat until very hot. Add the garlic and stir-fry until golden, about 10 seconds. Add the egg and cook, stirring, until scrambled, about 30 seconds. Add shrimp and stir-fry until they curl and turn pink, about 2 minutes (If using cooked shrimp, add with the noodles).
    Drain the noodles and add to the wok, tossing with tongs until they soften and curl, about 1 minute. Add bean sprouts, green onions, vinegar, fish sauce, sugar and chile paste; toss until the shrimp are fully cooked (or heated through) and noodles are heated through, 1-2 minutes. Sprinkle with peanuts and serve immediately.
    Makes 4 generous servings. (I’ll have to provide the nutritional information next week, as my software isn’t working.)

  • Arcata chat room hello im a hippie ,I lived ina tree with Julia butterfly, was a true women ,for humboldt fresh water , dont for get her. eny ever know she made the Luna candy bar no joke ,Julia Butter fly was a tree sitter in humboldt county ca. Julia butter thot for what she belived in so Fight for what patrick said in the article down below

    I live in Humboldt county awomse hippie articles I was reading
    PTARICK is rite

    she names the tree LUNA ,Luna got CUTT DOWN for lumber

  • All my dear Hippys,
    Do some thing good for the Earth PLant a tree,Rite helpfull positve gerfeety on the wall like perhaps ,in a bathroom take a marker and rite postive things on the wall like maybee rite ((( If u cant say some thing nice then done say eny thing at )))) or another thing u can rite is ((( Help a person))) or (((( rite a poem on the wall))) ok ,Stars Burger resraunt in Arcata has it in the bathroom on the walls and its all positive note ,plant a tree do postive this

    Bye hippys
    ((( Hippys earthy type people ))) Love marks and No nagative talk.paint

  • Palco’s swimming pool is for members only, very stricked rules if they let u swim, swimming is alowed but very very stricked rules, Swimming Laps 1 hour and u have to leave, Swimming Hour isent Alowed for non members, Palco dosent care, a spit pool of fucking blood. That pool should be taken care of because the stooped greedy town , and there fucking lumber, Save the forest Birds come first. U are not alllowed to be at there recreation swimming and weight lifting center, Im sad, palco makes me cry. because they dont share the pool. after averthing they put us throught, I want to swim there , But non members are not allowed inless u swimm laps, But weight room is off limits if your not a memeber,

    Save the Forest ,I wanna save the woods ,so the birds can sing and the deers have a place too live, its getting better, palco and simpson is almost gon. Did you know the Local Co-op markets only give Paper bags my know why they only give Paper bags is because ,Plastic bags are made from Potrolius Products and you cant recycle,pulp is ganna be made eny ways so its better eny ways,,,,,, but Palco and simpson are greedy rich and Palco is been going down in Scotia , Scotia is a very pritty town tho, They got a kool super market called (((( Hobys Market))
    Its a very beautifull market and you can buy every thing there its in a cute little plaza, they built ,They had a old hobys matket and it burnt down in the 1992 Erth quake ,they Rebuilt the new plaza called hobys , and its got a bunch of other stores, last summer I was sleeping and they started cutting the Rio dell clifs and I did get upsets, because outta all the place they cut its gotta be the cliffs in Rio dell blufs , there cutting them and flying over with a chopper, they stoped it this year, this are kool, Palco has slowed down a lot, but they are still cutting fast some places , The state gives the oks and I think this year they got turned down so there cutting is on hold ,I havent seen eny cutting latly,

  • i’m on a travelling journey from newfoundland, canada. I hitched a ride with a friend from ontario and we drove to LA. I’m heading up to northern cali next week. I’ve have no idea how long i’ll be here….any suggestions of places to go?? I’m looking to chill with amazing beautiful people and to be apart of nature. I’m also looking for some side work….farming??…i wanna stay in cali as long as i can.

  • Rio dell and fortuna need longer bus hours badly,heres the times deparing from Rio dell going as far as Trinadad ca. Humboldt county wide.
    Im in need of the longer bus, Im going to Humboldt state university and I live in Rio dell ,scotia, few minutes from fortuna,
    Rio dell city hall HTA bus (north times)& south times)

    6:33 AM
    7:27 AM
    8:33 AM
    10:33 AM
    2:33 PM
    4:36 PM
    6:51 PM
    8:05 AM

    10:12 AM
    1:55 PM
    4:13 PM
    6:28 PM

    Bus ends early for all the south and I cant spend eny time in Eureka ,becacsue I have to catch my last bus home 6:32 and man its horible , Rio dell and scotia need late bus for the collage students and it bad for the late time, Well guys I think Trinadad need longer bus too but its ganna take some asking to get it rolling

  • Arcata is a great place to live or visit. A quite large portion of the people here can read and write and spell. Please don’t draw any hasty conclusions based on the things that are posted here.

  • totally agreed.
    When I stayed there I was surprised by the amount of utter disregard for the fact that I had heard about the place from the internet.
    map not equal to territory and all I guess.

    POBOX 1755
    HORNBROOK,CA 96044

  • I grew up in Rio Dell. i lived there for the first 18 of my 27 year old life. i now live in Oklahoma. im celerating April 20th. i think UpinHeeuh did an excelt job describing Arcada and its Co-Existers.

  • does anyone from Arcata know how to spell, this is absolutely fucking embarrassing. No wonder we get a bad name, because we obviously don’t educate ourselves in simple human communication. Save your river and trees and birds and smoke all that Humboltd Bud, but for God sake learn to write and spell so you can teach your children so they have a half a chance.

  • hippies in arcata are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yo, chris..it might help if you knew how to write and spell..I think HSU is in arcata, you might get the help there. Not to sound like an ass, but you make no sense at all. Saving the forest is a great idea, but so is an education. How do you think you can save the forest if you cant even write a sentence using correct spelling and grammer. Peace

    Dr. Gabe Pike

  • I just wanted to add my 2 cents to the discussion of Arcata.

    I just moved from Arcata to New York after 6 years of living in Humboldt. I left because I grew up and wanted to make something of my life rather than scrapping the bottom of the barrel, eeking my way through life, trying to make a fortune growing pot. I agree the surrounding areas of the general Arcata area are beautiful, and I love living among the redwoods. The bad thing about Humboldt is the economy, that and the fact that all the southerners are moving up there and bringing all their cold hard cash to buy up the real estate, making the current selling prices astronomical….Even if you have a professional/healthcare background with experience, the salaries are very low, and rental prices are growing higher and higher every year.
    Being a lifelong Californian, I know that Eureka has always been a travel through city, which means ALOT of riff-raff floats in throughout the summer time….it tapers off when the rain starts in strong, but anyone whose lived in Arcata, Eureka and the outlying areas know Humboldt has a huge homeless issue. Did I mention drugs…yeah hard ones. I thought it was just about the pot…I thought it would be really mellow, and earth loving hippies, and it’s not that people aren’t that way, but I’ve met so many drug addicts, crack, speed, heroin, young people, old people, alcoholics….it’s all there, in abundance. I worked at the co-op and the amount of theft by these peace loving hippies, is absolutely appalling. The Co-op though, is the best and biggest of all the co-op’s I’ve visited even if it is run by schmucks. The Co-op in Bellingham, Wa. takes a very close second as it is cleaner, and there organic produce department is gorgeous and always looks so taking care of and loved.

    I love Humboldt though, don’t get me wrong. Mostly because of the beaches, and the forests, the headwaters, and of course the Trinities Alps just a couple hours away. This is the supreme backbacking spot in California, and I miss it enough to come back home for one more summer…and I wish seeing all the VW’s….they’re missing on the East Coast and it makes me sad :O(

  • thursday aug. 17th 2006

    I have noticed a lot of people around Humboldt havent been so happy at all this beautifull sunny summer, I wonder if the humboldt county people like the sun, I mean u have to know it almost always foggy but for some reason all of the 2006 summer its been sunny and very worm and its not normal weather for the area, every where people are very down this summer, I think people would breather have the fog back due to such a worm summer and I agree, its been hard being around unhappy people, I have been unhappy and for some reason am so sick and tired of life ,I guess I need to slow down, I know u viewers out there ,I cant speek for some one else, and I will understand , putting my self into a state of trance is just too hard for me, I should medatate ,sarry if I miss spell, I cant wait till normal soft sweet fog comes back, Finding my self some happyness, shopping wont make eny body happy, tho I do like to shop to make my self happy ,but lately I havent injoyed shopping because I dont have Friends , making freind can be very hard, Eny body here know.

  • Greetings w/ LOVE, Peace & Rasspect . Here/ NOW in good ol’ Ourcata. I mon 1st. came to arcata on aug. 13, 1975. A hippie hippie hippie ona a trippy trippy trippy. Want to know the real deal ? Then listen up cuz i mon am about to hip ya& iffin I mon can’t hip ya ,den I mon knows a cat who knows a cat who WILL hip ya. (DIG?) ALL the comments /opinions expressed here (…on yhis “information highway “)(-so called .)are peoples personal perspectives…. SOME ARE more or less ,accurate to what it is, what it was, & what it will be when they get here/back here.AS the saying goes, dem dat know dont say &them that say dont KNOW.I mon gots ta catch some zzzzz’s. SO all is well . I mon will gret to the point next time (hopefully) either way hang in dare, DOnt’t give up the fight -never give up the fight ( like Brother Bob sang to us ,so sweetly.) peace out Bro. T. of A. p.s. soon come!

  • I plan on moving to Arcata … lm not a hippie, not a punker, not a dead head or anything like that ( dont like to put lables on myself). wanting to know where l could get a job. Bouncing, Construction, Line Cook, anything to get paid would be great… also any under the table job (legal please) would be good. Thank you for you time.

    I can be reached at CoreyE814@peoplepc.com…. thanks agian

  • This is my first time to hipplanet.com/hip, and thought I’d have a look at one of the best spots in the world for *me* – Arcata.

    While I am a 40 something, a green party member, social worker, had a ponytail half my life, smoke 1-2 times a year, and am married to a wonderful artist, I can only conclude from all these posts that hippies are mostly a very angry, hateful, drugged up group. Huh?

    All humans have their weak and unproud moments, but there is a river of hate in these posts that I have not experienced on a regular basis in the greater Arcata area. My experience has been just the opposite: Genuine, caring, interesting people working to get along, grow spritually, and have a nice relaxed time.

    I don’t know if I ever considered myself a hippie, but do tend to be in line with some of the (stereotypical) ideals of hippies – not largely presented in these angry Arcata posts.

    Most of what is posted here has bits of truth to it, at least one day or another. I swear I felt more hate scrolling through these posts than I did in the 2 years my wife and I lived in Arcata. These posts are almost a hate capsule of everything that went wrong in an otherwise very open, warm, progressive community.

    I choose Arcata because:

    Arcata works for us because as a community and environment it allows us to be who we are and supports us moving towards our potential. Many, though not all, communities can do this for most people. It’s up to each of us to find a place/space that feels right and nurtures us towards being our optimum selves. I’m not talking about the place with the best buds or parties. Just the opposite (for me) really. Arcata may or may not be “heaven” for you. Like many decent communities, it depends how *you* choose to participate/contribute in them, if you choose to be open to what they offer.

    Arcata turned out to be mecca for us, so we’re getting ready to return, whether we can afford the cost of living or not. We all can, and must, make our personal mecca’s happen. Find a place that brings that out for you, and if/when you do, don’t be a rush to leave.

    Happy Journeys – We’ll all get there πŸ™‚

    ps and don’t let a few green meanies scare you off!

  • I support victory in Iraq on the side of American troops. How accepting and loving are you now? I am coming up to visit my daughter who is a loving beautiful independent minded individual.

  • Ma, I just read the whole thing. I don’t really like yuppies and noticed them right off here in SLO; have had to live here for 5 years. SLO is going down the tubes fast, and I live right across from where they’re building many new box stores. Development like crazy, but still not very many good jobs here, either. (People are going to have to create more Hippie meccas.) Raised by working-class hippies in southern Cali; probably wouldn’t mind being around tweakers. Tweakers are a huge phenomenon, everywhere. 20 years ago, my sister, brother and all best friends were on speed in San pedro. Luckily, where I’m from, the “recovery” movement is a kind of transition that a lot people go through. It does sound like there are some serious problems in your neck of the woods, but if you are a young person, they may not phase you as much. I always tell everyone that the people are way nicer in Northern CA, It’s kind of cool that way.just traveling up North a little (to Big Sur and Santa Cruz) the people make an attempt to be accepting and tolerant in a way that you don’t find down south. prob because of the way I look, naw, I don’t know, I look like a hippie but was a punk in early 80’s then moved to a commune in VA. Am used to being around many kinds of people, feel comfortable around working-class; but still don’t really fit in. Aargh, have really given up on ever finding a place, and have a boot in down on the docks in Pedro, where half the force are women. I will live in Pedro and make some money, settle in Redwoods later. I hope it’s still there.

  • My Son Clay Dumas Frequented the Endeavor and Humbolt county with his girlfriend Caron and son Cole and two dogs Molly and Backer. My son had to give his dogs away prior to leaving Arcata. To someone named Andrew from Colorado. My son was killed tragically July 22,06 in Sacramento,Ca just prior to getting on the bus. If you Know Clay or Know Andrew who might Have Molly and Backer we would like to hear fom you@ claysmyangel@yahoo.com. Thanks God bless Amy
    I will be posting this in the Endeavor as well.

  • Im Glad to find this web site Ithink it will be fun

  • Humboldt county Polotics are stooped, it takes them a long time to pass a law, the humboldt county polotics make silly funny laws, Like trying to make Eureka like south Arcata SILLY, the bolloon tracks oposition is really not that big of Eureka can not become like south arcata and strickt building codes, To get rid of the Lumber mills like santa cruz did is to bring more shopping centers, thats the only other way to bring other jobs to our area, I suport getting rid of all our lumber mill Like santa cruz did, remeber Santa cruz had the same thing, Humboldt is run by clowns, people r more Unhappy, big fat silly polotics an most of them are fat by the way and maybee gay eating there sub sandwich at lunch from subway

  • The love of my life,Clay Dumas,always came back to Humbolt.Unfotunatly we got stuck without our car and had to give the two of our best friends away,Molly andBacker, our dogs. i raised them both and i am looking for them.Clay Passed away July 2006 and i am back home in Illinois and i really want to know if anyone knows where my dogs are. they were a big part of our live and anyone who knew us knew that. we were always out there for the past 6 years off and on. we were well known.I have friends out there i still talk to but know one has seen my dogs. the people i gave them to were living in a tent in the red wood park. his name was Andrew and i dont remember her name. she was from Fortuna. if anyone who is reading this knows anything about Molly and Backer please e-mail me.shawcaron@yahoo.com.They are one of the only things i have left of Clay and i would do anything to get them back. i will be making a trip out there by next summer please contact me if you know anything. please ask around.i will be there instantly if anyone can find them. thank you. caron

  • i just put in a comment about my dogs and i put one e-mail address on there. i wanted to post another one at caron@hipplanet.com. please inform me of any iformation if anyone knows any information about my dogs and i will get into contact with you. please andrew or anyone that knows me please e-mail me.

  • well im so excited that i just read that. im planning on going up to arcata in feb to check out hsu and even if im not going to go to college up there thats were i want to move its just amazing. ive never got to go there but my sister lives in Eureka so she sent me so many amazing pic. i cant wait for my trip in febuary. i live in this shit hole town in utah. i love to smoke and that article was pretty cool.

  • Previous message regarding Clay Dumas and Dogs Molly and Backer had wrong email address. Address is claysmyangel1982@yahoo.com. If anyone knows Eco please have her call.Or Nuatis and River who may have the dogs inSanfransisco on Hate street. 302-735-9618 Thanks Amy

  • i am from arcada and it seems the yuppies are trying to take ove, they are talking about closing down the Endeavor, the only place in town that reaches out to the community supplying food, showers and everyday needed iteams to those not so blessed, plus it gives a place for the younger one to hang out, instead of being in the streets, they think it will lower the number of homeless and hippies, but really i th9nk it will make it worse because with out the food they supply more people will be in the streets begging for money or robbing, more hippies and homeless will smell from no showers, i know i been there, and more children will be making gangs because they wont have a safe place to go and will feel the need for a connection that is going to be taken away, i love humboldt, aracda but please if u can help dont let them take our resorces!!!

  • Arcata is a rich tapestry of experience and you wil find what you seek. The things i love include:mountains and beaches, rivers, hiking,acess to orgain locally grown food.Art, a small community(compared to a metropolis such as San Fransico) feel, family centered gatherings that focus on the talents and gifts of local artists and musicians.Schools that offer a diffrent approach to education(many charter schools).Compassionate use-215. What is a challenge for me:low pay/wages-high cost of living expenses, difficult of find decent housing.the rain and fog(the longer i live here-almost 10 yrs)the more comfortable i become,but i can never shake the feeling i should have more sun on my back & stomach.mold,ants,and more mold.the Eureka PD.I feel torn about the plaza(nice with the farmer’s markets-but what’s up with the police cameras?),the homeless situation(if I were not so lucky or had different life circumstances that could be me),resturants(although some stand out:Larrapins,Moonstone,Ritz,Tomo,Wildflowers…-we lack any that have the winning combination of consistent excellent food and service),HSU(lots of students add to the housing problems but educated people usually create a different community-lots of $ & time to invest in projects)and transportation(could use a little more funding,the eratic bus schedules make it not that easy).I think we have alot of the same problems as a lot of small American towns.Mostly, if you want to visit Arcata there is some beautiful sights.To live here takes a certain kind of person.What I see as home has been described as the moldy armpit of the united states.

  • I am from Arcata also. Things are, indeed, changing here. The people of Arcata have decided that it is time to reclaim the city.

    Arcata no longer welcomes parasites. The Endeavor is either going to be moved or closed. If you are looking for an easy way to live off of other people, try someplace else.

  • Dear Hippys,is the ( Nigro College fund) bad or good,seem bad to me. its seems one type only. Nigro College fund dose seem racist because , its rong to use that word negro. the other part that is bad is only a Negro can apply for that fund. equality for all is the way not to be gender sex collor of the skin. its like having a ( Honkie college fund ) thats rong. Arcata Eureka. u wanna go to school. dont u wanna get a equality loan so u can go to school at HSU or CR ,thos are college. let teach our fellow about his rong. this all came up when I herd the tv ad about the (Nigro College fund) I just sat there and disagreed about that. ( can I uply for the negro college fund even know im white. or is it for one race only. Going to school is your feature. I wanna go to school humboldt state university. with being know as a race. collerless Im green . I wouldent mind to be green

  • Greetings,
    I’m tired of dumb people. While I do consider myself generally tolerant of others different than me, I do find myself becoming a bit less tolerant in middle age… such as:

    People who do not spell check their posts on this site should not post! – Now that posters are prompted with Red underlines for misspelled words – please fix your mistakes before submitting!

    Posters who do not fix their spelling make Arcata look like a place for really stupid people, even though the mis-spellers are often quite enlightened!

    People who leave their *beloved* dogs with virtual strangers for months on end and then expose all readers to their emotional strife when they can not find them! If you care, and must leave your dogs, then develop a system to stay in contact with the caretakers – DUH!

    Non-mentally ill hungry people please be advised: You will be expected to work your whole lives to provide for yourselves.

    These days, US homeless people are routinely *FAT*, stop your whining! Poor in the state usually means having enough to eat, having transportation, a roof, and some medical access.

    A middle aged hippie, trying not to be a DumbAss

  • Humboldt County sucks. Gas and real estate are crazy expensive. Homeless people are everywhere. The “Best Kept Secret” is actualy a dirty little secret. This place is horrible. People here are extremely rude. If you are black or asian you treated like trash, contrary to the popular notion that people are open minded here. Restaurants are unclean. The hippie leadership of Arcata blocks development from comming in and keeps homeless from comming out.
    Weather? How about rain and more rain combined with fog and more fog. Even Seattle has nicer summers. The Beach and surfing? It is too cold to go into the water. Even if you didn’t die of hypothermia, the rocks will kill you. Crime? There is a high percentage of theft and child molesters here. Compare it to big cities. Per capita this place is the ghetto. This is your “progressive” paradise. Enjoy.

  • Dear hippys, has eny one herd of the united negro college fund. I was wondering, what people think about that. the mid west schools are having this rule that only lets white go to school blacks arent allowed. collor school and wite school only . is it rite or rong. negro fund found. its seem rong and it seem Racist only. eny body going to school HSU. I was hearing about it on the news to day about schools only letting white go to school. maybee it should be legal sence theres the negro fund. there both rong. hippys vote on scale from 1 to 10 ,I vote it a 1 terible.

  • woodlander I agree with u. This place isent it. its not place to live off other people and beg. on the street like street rat. those people who came up north from down south. think its a ticket to shelter. its there for people willing to try. those who arent ganna try. that means dont bed, and make arcata look grose. because as far as im conserned. the city is ganna be take back. Whats the differnce between Homeless a hippys?.. No one want to see a homless be homeless. but its getting outta hand, so those willing to try. should get the shelter first. if u arent will to try then maybee u have a nother problem. If u cant get help or arent will to try. TRY. TRY like I said. u will live in the shelter and find a job. and show your trying. or if u cant u might have disabled problem witch enables u from working. they have check for homeless people, but Homless shelter should help the homeless find place on top of u trying. more. if u agree with me,Im a hippy and want to help. but not hate, hippys like to spread the word.

  • My heart is out to u caron shaw , I hope u find your dogs. Its touched me. to hear u lost them. I started to feel the pain u are goign throught. I almost wanted to cry because, No one should loose there dogs. I know dogs can be big part of the family. giving up a dog must be like giving up your kids. Im crying because it did make me sad, I hope and pray for u. caron shaw and hope she finds her dogs

  • so i have my heart set on moving to the humboldt area… and am planning on going to college of the redwoods. i am a gay male and very radical hippie, moving from the SF bay area. i know that the economy is bad up there.. but is there anywhere for a college kid to work? starbucks? anything?
    i am also looking for a room to rent, how much are rooms going for right now?
    if anyone could email me with some info or suggestions thatd be nice..

  • my current locale is Monterey, Ca
    I’ve been here for 19yrs…
    I’m a pharmacy tech at the local hospital
    and i feel like i want to move to Arcata

    Here im kind of the “odd ball”
    i dont own a car
    im not really all that much into money
    im single
    i rent a loft
    i ride bicycles
    i like to go hiking
    my core values are Buddhist

    my parents were hippies
    I was in the Army 87-91′
    i grew up in a “hippy RV” in Ventura when my parents divoreced at 12yo

    i’ve lived on my own since 16yo
    im self sufficient
    I’ve only been thru Arcata driving home from Bike School in Ashland
    my drive thru was only a day long
    as at the time…my wife didnt really like Arcata too much
    however…i wanted to move

    from what i know of Mad River Hospital…
    its 80 beds, is what i tend to every shift here in Monterey
    I’ve been a pharmacy tech here for over 12yrs
    and feel that i’d like to move to a smaller town…

    I wonder if Arcata is calling me




  • I grew up in Arcata and I have seen it head down the road of great, groovy places to an over priced, double stuffer, only cares about the college and the city kids money kind of place. Please don’t move here if you are going to drive too fast, trash the place or squat on the street. And for all you city kids, go back to LA and take that attitude with you

  • Hello, I live in Humboldt county.

    eny body have problems with ( section 8 housing) its a mess, I think it reforming baddly. Ive been on waiting list 3 years. hassling. My freind joe lives in Rio dell has it & he said it was a ever living nitemare on elmstreet and my freind joe is disables and all they put him throught. disables people should get section 8 atomaticlly. & all those poor hippys with out a place to live, Homeless situation. section 8 housing in every county and california need major changes and help. Congress need to change the complication making it easier to get it once u sign, homeless should get atomaticlly………. I was wondering dose eny body else have that same problem im having ? …… my freind Joe cant read so he cant ever work for his disabillity. Tranfering section 8 housing to a nother county is hard joe said to me…………………….Hippys tell me what u think ,write a review, live in preace hippy but dont live homeless with out Food. if they fix section 8 housing that will say by law no body should go homeless. its in pratical….. I never seen the news ever talk about section 8 our no contiversial about the subject

  • u are looking for your dog, I hope u find it.
    Can I ask u a question? Why did u leave your dogs behind?.
    Giving your dogs up then trying to find them is like finding a needle in a haystack,, I dont think u will find your dogs, im not ganna give u bad luck because I want u to find your dogs. finding them wont be easy. give your dogs up u have to look at the chance of never seeing them again. hard tuff choices……… but I hope u find them……. dont ever ever give your dog up to some one u cant find. Im ganna cry…. why ?????

  • Arcata is cool. Actually Humboldt gets about 60 days of sunshine a year.
    It rains a lot. Some areas at the northern end of the county get over 90 inches of rainfall per year. Jobs in Humboldt are scarce. It seems there are only the transplanted city folks, the retired and those on welfare. Yes there are a few jobs, but someone else had them for years before you arrived.
    I’ve talked to people who still live there and they say that the real estate is relatively outrageous ( considering local incomes).The world is full of beautiful places.Go somewhere make some big bucks and move to one of them… young..

  • I can see no reason to go killing wildlife because people cannot learn how to live with them. Hiking in mountain lion territory is quite safe when the correct precaustions are taken. Those that encounter an attack are just a result of genetic selection weeding out the ignorant.

    So, you kill two lions who you have no idea were involved in the attacks.

    What is wrong with you people!

  • TO TryingnottobeaDumbas
    Regarding the Dogs, your comments were rude, this posting looking for my sons dogs is because he is dead, Did you ever think the typos were because the person typing it was in a hurry and upset? The dogs were placed in the care of someone because they were standed, My son was robbed ,hit in the head and died due to a head injury substained by the trauma . He loved Humboldt county and had alot of freinds there and anyone that knew him loved him.

  • I lived in Arcata for years. While I was there I had my home broken into by a homeless man, had a homeless man threaten to ass-fuck me on the plaza, had a homeless woman piss on my car, and last but not least had a homeless man steal my wallet and assume my identity. It’s a shit hole. Enjoy moving there you fucking hippie freaks!

  • Stupid hippies think they’re so cool and down to earth. We have a term for the washed out druggies that reside on the Arcata plaza, trustafarians, hippycrits, or just plain junkies. Most of the hippies you see on the plaza or at the co-op are just making hippies look bad.

  • how far away is HSU from CR in arcata

  • Yeah, I live in humboldt and I love it here. I do wish that there were more blue collar jobs for people here. It is tough to raise a family here with the housing costs and food. However, I is like no other place I have been as far as equality goes. The people seem to pride themselves on it here. Grant it that there are always people living here that are not like that, but as a whole, you are more likely to run into cool people. Things are pretty tight here, but there is something for everyone too. I would say that if you are planning to move here, than you should also inrich the community with a business that will not hurt the envirnment and give people a REAL living wage. It is not easy but if you truely want to be here, you can if you are a fun creative individual.


    First… I now know where the arcata city council is getting their bullshit from. At least 2 of them that is. True nuf… Please dont come to arcata if you can not support yourself. This is not a hippy haven. My fair city has become a contentious, hateful, predijuice, unfriendly city.

    Police will beat you down, city staff have hust made it impossible to get a vendors lic. in the city. The only agency actually doing things to help people get their shit together is being harrassed into non existance… AND BLAMED FOR THE FREAKS ON THE PLAZA… GET THIS THE 5 EMPLOYEES OF THE SERVICE CENTER ARE BEING BLAMED FOR “NOT BEING ABLE TO CONTROL THE BEHAVIOR OF THE FREAKS ON THE PLAZA” and for you ignorant asses who think that the center was some F@#$% hippy haven, let me tell you that you have no idea what the center actually did. Many home bound sick folk, diabetics, seniors, disabled people, mothers with new babies, and families that have hit hard times will loose the most functional resource they had. Hunger will be a way of life for close to a quarter of Arcata’s children.

    I personally feel that Alex “stuck up capatilist snob” stillman” and Michael “paranoid jackass” machi should be impeached from the Arcata City Council. .

    I think HSU students should protest Rolland Richmond. last week he sealed the hunger fate of 210 HSU students who depend on the food pantry in arcata to eat. Richmond wrote a letter to the city council telling them to close the center because it was a bad idea from the beginning. Homeless and hungry people could go elsewhere. FUCK you Rolland. Your students should protest… The funnyist thing he blamed poor enrolment and professor layoffs on the homeless service center and food pantry for the poor in Arcata! nevermind that the entire CSU is in economic crisis!!!! Yeah man hungry poor residents are the reasons your enrolment is down… It coundnt have anything to do with the fact that 4 year students cant get the classes they need to graduate so they are transferring out of the CSU system so they can get their degrees!

    Gee do I sound pissed? yeah man I am sick of the rich and the elitist blaming the poor for the loss in sheckels to line their pockets. Maybe it is your immoral business pratices you stillman sycophants and machi paranoids. IMPEACH STILLMAN AND MACHI, FIRE THE SLICK SNAKE OF A CITY MANAGER.

    I am also sick of people behaving like shit heads and the center getting blamed for YOUR bullshit.


  • I HATE HUMBOLDT COUNTY. I came here from the midwest looking for the chill hippy coast town that everyone seems to rave about, but honestly the whole area is POVERTY, HOMELESS PEOPLE, DRUGS, THEFT, RAPE, totally worthless. I wish I had NEVER moved here. I have only been here for 4 months but already I have been witness to an explosion, had my car broken into by a tweaking homless person, and had my roommates car stolen, recovered and then attempted to be stolen again WHILE 4 of us were sitting next to it. STAY OUT OF HUMBOLDT COUNTY, it is a dump.

  • The rent is cheap? hahahahahahahaha! Yeah right! I love Arcata, I lived there for 4 years but I had to leave because it is extremely expensive to live and there are no job oppurtunities. The redwood forest and being near the ocean is so awesome, words just can’t explain my love for Humboldt but you have to pay a high price for that kind of beauty.

  • I was just wondering if any one knows don cameron that used to work at the redwood state park about 30 years ago.

  • i totally agree with redwoodtree’s comments about humbolt co. everyone thinks its this nice hippie haven and it was when i was growing up in weaverville in trinity county.but for now it has evolved into a shit hole where everything is too costly to live there the town and city goverment does only care about what hsu thinks .HSU complained that the plazoids ‘homless people at the plaza’ detoured peoples parents from wanting their kids to attend school there .so instaed of trying to help people come up and make something for their selves they just tried to drive them out. by harassment and other means of detourment.it sucks when you have to see a security gaurd now at Ray’s shopping center in valley west when u go to buy grocerie’s- rent is waaaay expensive like redwoodtree had said.redwoodtree is exactly correct on all the things he or she said.i live no in arizona and wouldnt recomend anyone to move to arcata or anywhere in humbolt county. thanks redwoodtree for your detailed comment and for telling the truth instead of the b.s. alot of others say about it on here . rob starling willcox az. originally from trinity county “weaverville”

  • I am looking for my brother Robert McCrea, he is 45 years old around 6ft tall, large build, reddish brown hair, was long last I saw him (ten years ago) he has one son Conner who is 14 years old. I miss him and would love to talk to him if anyone knows how I could find him would you please pass on my email at freyemail@yahoo.com, Thank you.

    Marie McCrea Frey

  • How come when I was in Humboldt County the only “hippies” I saw were homeless looking teenagers starting trouble with locals? I wish these people wouldn’t consider themselves hippies, the anger and hate I see eminating from these wannabes is not what hippies are about. If you’re one of these runaway kids please don’t call yourself a “hippie”, it ruins the caring, kind, and peace loving image of true hippies from decades long gone.

  • I spent several days in Arcata and my head is still reeling! What a beautiful setting~~redwoods, ferns, summer flowers, palm trees, Victorian houses, and a cool college. Go Jacks! But….I had a couple of experiences that were just plain WEIRD!! The 1st day there (I stayed at the Hotel Arcata) I took a stroll around the plaza before breakfast and couldn’t believe some of the people hanging out there. One girl/woman was barefooted, her feet were caked with dirt, her clothes were rags, and she seemed off in another zone–now, I didn’t say she was stoned, because if she had been sampling the local Humboldt Hooch, as my pals call it, she would have been more motivated to seek a better lifestyle.
    She was actually pretty, but obviously she has some kind of mental disorder and NO!!! SHE’S NOT HIGH! Raising my window in the middle of the night proved to be quite a show….I kept seeing homeless people digging around in the scrubs for a place to sleep. With no screens on the windows, and no air conditioning, I felt creepy knowing those folks were just out there. I called the front desk and told them and they went out to the alley and said, “All right–you can’t be sleeping here!” Well, I was shocked when I saw about 5 people emerge from under the vines and ground cover! The 2 I saw hiding in the bushes didn’t even come out. I called the front desk and told them 2 more were there after I thanked them for roundin’ up the others that I didn’t even see! The cops were called and they were actually nice to the bush people about leaving. No police brutality here.
    The other weird deal was at the redwood forest in town. I was by myself since my “party” was enrolling at the college. I had several cameras and had just stepped into the path when an “on the verge of looking homeless” man stepped out from behind one of the trees. He asked, ” Are you a photographer?” I replied that I was just a tourist taking pictures and I sort of backtracked out of the path since he made me feel uneasy. Then he said, ” I was born in these trees!” And I replied,
    “Oh my!” and I casually ambled out of the forest…then he said, “I’m not shy!” Well, I kept on ambling because I sure as hell didn’t want him to show me how NOT SHY he was. Creepy!!! So, I guess he is one of the reasons folks who visit Arcata say the town is overrun with weirdos.
    Now, here’s the coolest thing that happened to me there….my party went for a casual stroll around the plaza and stopped into one of the nicer places for a wine tasting. The wine was all gone so we went into a bar sort of connected to a restaurant and ordered drinks. The bartender was very nice, attractive, friendly, etc…Two local guys were there and we were having a fun time just talking about Arcata’s style. Then we found out about “215” which is a legal permit to grow Humboldt Hooch for medicinal purposes (tee-hee!). There was even a beer tap with HEMP ALE and a famous green leaf on it. The bartender gave us samples–not bad! Curious is my middle name, so I asked how easy it would be to acquire some of this…this…just what the doctor ordered “stuff”! My gal pal with a loud mouth to boot says, “We just wanna know where we can get a joint!” I was floored by her honesty….Now, gentle reader, what do you think happened next? The local dudes told us NOT to go to the plaza with such a request or we would be bombarded with offers from the folks with dirt caked feet and Bob Marley hair. Before we stopped laughing, we noticed before us on the bar….a little package that wasn’t there before. Was it—IT?
    Let’s just say we left a generous tip. Why go to Amsterdam? Go to Arcata! Here’s more good stuff about the place: great locally roasted coffees, beautiful, unique flora and wildlife (We saw a FOX within the city limits!) Nice folks at the Hotel Arcata, friendly folks at the college, the Redwood Bowl (WOW!), Wildberries Grocery Store, the local farmers’ market — best plums I’ve ever eaten! and there’s more….the burger place –can’t remember its name–had great food and their vanilla malt was perfect–then, there’s the pizza place near the burger place and it’s absolutely delicious too! Friendly folks at all these eateries! Oh, and I almost forgot (hmmm…side effects?) the local hemp shop was quite fun!
    So, all of you folks who are worried that Arcata is weirded out–let’s just say–it is–just like every dang place in this world. I believe it’s a unique little niche and I’m glad I was there!

  • I am going to be in Arcata for a few days after a music tour and I don’t know where to stay. Are there communes or hostiles that welcome visitor’s??

  • Hey guys, I found your sight searching the internet and I am actually going to be moving to California in January for a couple of months. I was wondering if you new of any jobs in the area that I would be able to get?

  • jonathan..please call home. we all miss you and want to know that you are safe and healthy.
    love, mom

  • I have searched and searched on the internet to find out dates and details for the Mushroom Fair, and the Help Festival. Can any one help me with this?
    If so, please email me at jodi@jodigardner.com

    Thank you


  • I grew up in Arcata in the mid 50’s and left in ’67 for Las Vegas, Nv. I missed the marijuana farms era. . .oh well. Had a lot of fun at the HSU faculty Salmon Bakes as a kid. I have not been back since about ’71 when I saw streakers running naked around the old statue of Mc K. There was a coffee house called the Lemon Tree just off the Plaza. If there are any readers who went to the College Elementary School, hello. I still see Dr Collins, MD from Sunny Brae once a year. I’d rate growing up in Arcata a five star event. Glad to see there are a few liberals out there. When I grew up the logging industry ruled and the heavens rained soot from their cone shaped burners. . . ah nostalgia.

  • I moved to Fields Landing (3 miles south of Eureka) 4 years ago to get away from the hot weather, overdevelopement and gentrification of Sonoma County. I currently work with the homeless population here and can verify that it is as bad here as anywhere I have ever seen. Hard drug use, alcoholism and mental illness are the chief causes here and there isn’t a lot of support to treat them. What I find remarkable about Humboldt County is the political paralysis that infects every issue here. The last mayoral election in Eureka was decide by a margin of about 160 votes, divided between the winner, a pro-development candidate, and the loser, a progressive supporter of social services and the enviornment( the incumbent).These two opposing views of Eurekas future have placed the town (and the county) in a time capsule where nothing gets done. The Eureka Inn, a showcase inn once, has sat vacant for 3 or 4 years waiting for a buyer to renovate and reopen it. The Balloon Track, a parcel of several acres of waterfront property formerly owned by Pacific Railroad and now owned by Security National who want to put in a retail,residential village, complete with Home Depot and perhaps other big box store,essentially paving over highly polluted ground,has sat fallow for 5 years,tied up in litigation from those who want it to be properly cleaned up and would prefer the land to be used to build an enviornmental The waterfront is a contrast of beautiful marinas and village focusing on small shop merchants and an enviornmental studies center designed to attract enviornmentalists from all over the world to research and study global warming, energy alternatives,etc. Reggae On The River and the Kinetic Sculpture Race, both very popular events in the county are each involved in internal ownership battles over who has the right to produce the festivals.
    The neighborhoods of Eureka have some of the most beautiful examples of Victorian architecture you’ll find anywhere,but they’re often side by side run down houses with neglected yards inhabited by drug dealers or borderline homeless.The waterfront is a contradiction of beautiful marinas and parks next to parcel after parcel of abandoned mills, railroad cars(rail service was terminated several years ago; now the battle is to either spend tens of millions to restore the service or develop bike trails along the rail corridor),abandoned factories and houses.
    I could go on with more examples,but I hope you see my point. The future of this area is a real mystery to me.One thing I would love some information about is the possibility of Humboldt County being geographically located on energy vortex lines that give it what I can only describe as “bad karma”. I’m not necessarily a believer in that phenomena, but I’ve heard that said about the area and my personal experience here supports that possibility. It’s such a beautiful area, full of natural wonders ,a thriving arts community and two attractive colleges, and yet somehow there seems to be a shadow over everything. Does anyone reading this have any info or thoughts about this? I’d love to hear them.

  • You know what? I have been reading some of your reviews; peoples of nativity and not. All you you mother fuckers do is bitch bitch bitch. You have one of the best locations on the west coast for outdoor growing, not to mention the world,the circulation of genetics is outstanding, and your Ca pot laws are becoming more and more liberal. Take it on the chin. Shut the fuck up. If you “old grateful dead based families from the bay area” dont like it, move to Florida they have crippy. Times change. I know its crime ridden, and I am not trying to be totally inconsiderate. But its everywhere, not just your area and you California natives know it. So do all of us a favor, smoke some trainwreck, preferably indoor, and turn off your computer because no matter where you go there you are.

  • There is a HUGE shortage of affordable housing here in Humboldt county… and Arcata is one of the more expensive towns in this county to live in. Most of the apartment complexes are own by SLUMLORDS like “Steve Strombeck”, who takes advantage of naive college kids, may who are renting their first apartment, he violate fire codes, the building is in disrepair, and he will look for ANY excuse to kick someone out and rent to someone who will pay more.

    so, NO Arcata is NOT “affordable”.

    then on to the “homeless” problem.

    one thing folks there is a HUGE difference between a “hippy” and a “parasite”….. uncleanliness, and dreadlocks does NOT make a “hippy”

    “hippies” are creative, insightful people who care about their community and make an effort to get involved. some might even get mistaken for a “yuppie”, why? because they cut their hair, have a job, and bathe regularly.

    the dirty people hanging out down by the plaza are NOT “hippies” they are parasites. most of them are addicted to everything BUT marijuana.

    thats the funny thing about humboldt county. You come here expecting to find a bunch of peace loving, community oriented “stoners” . and you find gangs of vagrants, mostly “tweakers” and pill junkies, if not, raging alcoholics.

    But it’s all in how you look at it, you will find what you seek and MORE here in humboldt.

  • Hello to my wonderful neighbors in the south.
    I’m writing to you from the gorgeous state of Oregon. I’m currently finishing up my senior year at the University of Portland to achieve my B.A. in social work. I’ve been trying to decide where to go to get my MSW, with advanced standing, and so have been looking at UW and Berkeley and many others that I can find from the NASW website that might be a “fit” for my personality. I noticed on the website the HSU has a MSW program and accepts advanced standing students. So…I thought I would check out this website to get a feel for what it might be like to live in Arcata, CA. I have to say that I have read a majority of the postings, and I’m not quite sure what to say or make of what I find here.
    I’ve been through your town once (1994 drive through), and was taken back by all the gorgeous old Victorian homes. Your town was so cute and quaint not to mention the splendor of the natural environment. Your town has always stuck out in mind. I guess I must have heard too many “old hippie” stories as well that led me to believe that your town was sort of like a really small Eugene, Oregon; progressive yet down-home.
    I’m looking for a place to go to grad school that is less worried about consumerism and more concerned about our global and local community. I’m looking for a place where everybody cares about ALL the people of the community like it was a part of their family or clan. I’m looking for a place where everyone remembers that we are all connected, and that addressing all issues with compassion and empathy can only strengthen the community. I’m looking for a place that is aware that we are at peak oil and peak water. I’m looking for a place that wants to look toward the future with the mindset of sustainability. So…should I come down to visit and check out HSU to see for myself, or does anyone here have any affiliation with HSU to give me some sort of direction regarding that which I seek?

    All comments based on love and kindness are welcomed and appreciated. Peace xox

  • My brother lives in Arcata and I live in Phuket, Thailand. He has invited me to come to Arcata several times but I feel more at home in Thailand because I had a sex-change operation (male to female). Now that I have read several comments about Arcata I absolutely DO NOT want to go there! I thank all of you ranters for being honest! Yes ranting does have a positive value (sometimes). I’m now an aging 54 y.o. hippie sex-change and I’m happy. Some of my friends say its the all acid I dropped years ago. I don’t know…I’m not sure. BTW…except for coffee, I don’t do drugs anymore.

  • Hey Sistergoldenhair: Judging from your posting I definitely see you as a kindred spirit. I myself am in my last year of classes in an ethnic studies program in San Diego, CA, but I’m still stuck here at least two more years after that to get my PhD. Although I live in Ocean Beach – San Diego’s hippiest neighborhood – it’s a daily psychic struggle getting by in this city’s overall “me-first” and pro-war environment. When I finally get out, the places I’m planning to look for teaching work (in descending order of preference) are San Luis Obispo, CA (to be close to family), Santa Cruz, CA, Portland, OR and Arcata. If you end up in Arcata I would be very interested in your opinion about it. I’ve only passed through it once but I instantly fell in love with it and the surrounding area. I used to regularly visit good folks in Albion (a tiny forest community south of Mendocino, CA) and Arcata totally reminded me of that vibe. And two 60’s-generation friends of mine had considered either Arcata or the Methow valley (WA) for the only two places they want to retire, so that of course really piqued my interest more. Best wishes to you, and hope things work out.

  • hello my name i s justin/awkyrainbowchild i recsently have realized how much of a shit place im which is missori,the peaople are stukup,assinide and have know understanding for my doings so from what i read here arcata seems pretty neat so i am coming up there a couple days from christmas and would really need sumone to email me any jobs legal or elegal lol im a very easy goin guy i love people and the mother earth so anyonethat fits these staNDARDS PLEAAAAAAAAAAASE email me at drum4u_13@yahoo.com peaace have a beautifl day

  • I am a girl who is looking for an alternative lifestyle and a learning experience.I feel lost and alone living deep within sin city suburbia(las vegas)i would not necessarily label myself a hippy,but i do believe in finding unity in diversity,peace,love in the purest form,and above all the freedom to be who you are no matter what that entails.ive been searching all over online for a place to visit for just a few days to learn more about the hippy lifestyle and have a little fun,Im not a druggy nore am i a squatter just curious and hoping to find out that true hippys still exist,so is arcata the place for me?any one who has input please feel free,and if you know of any other places that would be more fitting for a person like myself please help me out,
    Thanks all
    p.s. does anyone know anything about upcoming festivals?

  • I am a girl living in the heart of sin city suburbia(las vegas)I would not necessarily label myself a hippy,out of the fear of foresaking their name.
    However i do believe in peace,love,spirituality,finding unity in diversity,and the freedom to be who you are no matter what that entails.ive been searching all over online for a place to visit just for a few days.i am not a druggy nore am i squatter.im just looking for a learning experience,and am hoping to find a place where true hippys still exist,and have a little fun along the way.every place ive been interested in so far has gotten generaly bad reviews,and i thought arcata was the place for me, however after reading the previuos reviews im left once again scratrching my head.youll have to forgive me for bableing but i just cant seem to get the information i need.im looking for nice people some education into there lifestyle and maybe a few fun festivals : ) somewhere in california would be ideal.what i DONT WANT is to end up in a drug filled half abondoned small town surrounded by homeless people,squatters,and theives.sadley half the reviews i just read described arcata to be just that,but ive also found that there are many that beg to differ,who find arcata to be a fun and beautiful place.so is arcata the place for me or not?! anyone who knows of a ligit spot that i can find what im looking for please respond much appreciated πŸ™‚

  • I have just moved to Humbolt Co. from the New England area, Vermont to be exact and after reading all the post good and bad here’s my humbolt 2 cents. First of all, I have lived in the four corners of this country and can say with conviction that there are homeless and “tweakers” everywhere. In Vermont which a lot of people might think is chill there is a HUGE pill problem, punk college kids who destroy anything in their path and on the flip side insane feminists and people who are so far up their own ass they could kiss their own spleen. Now I was homeless when I got here and hung out at the plaza mostly to find herb and although yes there are some parasites there I found most of the homeless people to be interesting and kind. Hippy is a very subjective word, I mean there are a lot of people who call themselves priests right, some are good people and some are child molesters. ( for the record I am not religious) So my point is that there is good and bad in all types. How many times does that have to be said in society before people stop ridicules generalizations. My experience here has been so positive that I am blown away. Here are some observations and comparisons to the east coast. Here people do seem to accept you even if you are different and I am, not so in New England. Here it is fairly easy to talk to and pick up a women. Here freedom of expression still exists i.e. people dress and act differently. In New England you are a threat here you are a friend. People laugh here not so in New England everyone is miserable. Here it is easy to make new friends, not so in a lot of this country. Here, minus Eureka, the police are kinda cool, everywhere else they are fucking assholes. So thats my opinion take it with a grain but before you condemn Humbolt as dirty hippy tweakerville, move to the east coast to see some real dysfunction…I love it here…Johnny G “hippy at heart” Peace and stop the illegal war…

  • I’ve wanted to attend Humboldt State since I was in 7th grade and now I’m a senior and I’ve already been accepted and so far it’s still my number one choice. Of course, I am afraid of what I’ll find. I’ve read a lot about the homeless problem and the influx of rude SoCal kids into the region and it has set me back a bit but I would like to know what other people from the region think. I don’t know if I’d consider myself a hippie but I love peace, nature, and friendly people. I have smoked pot but I don’t do it regularly and I don’t plan on making it an everyday thing. I just want a beautiful friendly place to get a good education. I’ve considered UC Santa Cruz, Southern Oregon, and Evergreen, all notorious “hippie” schools but none have quite struck me as much as Humboldt has. I know ultimately it is my own decision, but some feedback would still be nice. Should I pass on this place or should I keep my eyes set on it?

  • i love going to the 420 fest every year!!!
    you get the good vibes from everyone and everything.
    friendly people are everyone to be found.

  • Bro ,
    Arcata just isnt what it used to be. I remember hangin with Ferd and Papa Smurf on the beach just spikin and trippin. Now theres a bunch of eichmans up there beating us up and stealin our headies. Its just not rightous anymore. Im havin a way better time here in Oregon man, its so crunchy here in Brookings.

  • Bro,
    The boldt is sooo last century. Im kickin it here in ashland with my bro’s, just puffin the rod. Jammin with the sound doctors and ripping headies. Peace Love and Crunch.

    The headiest Cook aka Goldenrod

  • Kindred earth spirits

    I have to tell you , life is so wonderful now that I have transferred my energy from the cruel silouette of arcata california. I used to thrive there in all my beauty until the dark cloud darkened my spirits. I am now nestled in the beautiful paradise called Bakersfield where my spirit soars.I invite all my brothers and sisters to join me here in paradise

  • Arcata is the best bro. I work for the best company in the world, pacific lumber. Spend all day in the groovy redwoods. Its so peaceful out there. Nothing like kickin back on the plaza after a hard days work with some buds brews and burgers.

    Peace and love

    The Deucer

  • I just moved to Humboldt area from NE so I love it but I see it seems in decline,please tell me more about Brookings are there less tweaks and geeks or what? I just want to exist somewhere “cool” for “Amerika” Arcata is great compared to Vermont but still seems lacking. Is there any good live music would it be easy to start a jam band? Seems like more street thugs than hippies in Arcata…Johnny G

  • One Luv BIgga Ups to dem jah Luv …Arcata Town NAty Town Brah.

    I seen me bredren Tweedles down the hydro corner told me to wear me sunglass inside me room. Big Ups ta dem Tweedles Brah.

    Me seen Jah Fabio de other day , bug ups him cant beleeve it not buttah man! Dem rokness bigga ups one luv brah

    Me luv bein da caucasian dread brah me poppa give up dem greenback and fill me trust account brah.

    One luv to dem Arcata girls wit dem hairy armpits brah me luv dem stubble.

  • Humboldt has changed, hippie are long gone back in the 60s & 70s, what makes u a hippie. so your homeless. or u want to be considered a gipsy because u live in your car & you travel. u are just like every one else in today time. Eureka isent doing so well. people dont have a good sence of humor like they once did. people are every where u go. I live in Rio dell, I bet u in this time in day there are so many better places in the usa then humboldt , a good place to live would be asheville NC because it simular but trying thing new & moving on. wouldent hurt. u cant make your dreams come true in humboldt
    county.if u stay here I hope u find a good job. a list of good places to move to.

    north carlina
    south carlina

    there are so many dreams in your life. dont throw them away. martin luther king said he had a dream of a vision. dream that would be come true.

  • yo, rangeoflight

    my advice to you is to check out the evergreen state college in olympia, washington.
    arcata is w-h-a-c-k

    just my opinion

  • In Arcata I keep hearing that the hips that live in in the woods in Redwood Park are having problems with the police, that they want to kick them out because there are remants of old campsites and garbage or something. I talked to a few people who said that the hips are cleaning it up now, but why have they been letting it happen this long if they truly are “hippies”? I think that they should hold some sort of thing to raise money for a cheap piece of land, that you could grow crops and put like a bathroom and shower stalls and sinks, and maybe aparking lot if you wanted. They could sell handmade crafts and artwork and other stuff, and maybe get people to donate or discount supplies or something. Maybe get a lot of people from all around to help, it would help the townspeople as well as the hippies, and you can make the land free to the public so that no one owns it, like with a trust deed or something. I am sure there are plenty of nice people that would like to help for the cause. And maybe people can help the other people with like peer counseling or spiritual advisory and healing so that everyone can be a functioning member of their society, that way everybody wins.

  • we just moved here from nyc (or oregon, or minnesota) and are looking for a place to live and somewhere to work in the arcata/ eureka area… a room for rent would be ideal. my boyfriend is a published author (The Interstate Generation) and we are currently collaborating on a second novel that takes place in northern california. my phone number is 541-441-6124, and my name is katie. thanks!

  • when a homeless person begs for money & give them 5 doller & 3 monthes later hes still homeless begging for some money. for now on a homeless person begging for some thing with a doller sign dont do it. buy them a sandwitch or give them your left overs or thell use the money & buy drugs. homeless are a burdon to public. in order to get a free mean from The Arcata Endeavor u have to be part of the program. showing that u are getting better. if it takes living in a tint and having a clean pair of clothes for the job do what u have to do. if u cant servive humboldt then u better go to the big city because they offer more services to homeless, trust me , humboldt is no place to be homeless ask alis she will tell u. The Arcata Endeavor willl be closing & if u dont like it go find the city mayer give them a poop sandwitch.

  • Hey bro’s…anyway. Da tropics gon’ sout, man, and ay no go!! Luking 4 chance t live da lighf N of 13 degrees lat. Live in “Pulgarcito” now…any hermanitos(as) in G’bville area?


  • On Vacation The July. Headed to northern cali. Any cool places to go or ideas? ambeauch.indiana.edu . Feel free to email me. Thanks kind folks

  • LOST AGAIN! I am looking where to post a request for help – locating new “Digs” for my progeny. He is attending Humboldt and needs a House to rent.

    Can anyone give me some aid on my search?

    Graci and Peace.

    Old Yippie

  • I visited Arcata and I can’t understand something. There were several young, physically strong individuals in early 20’s bumming for money. Is the job market that bad or do they not want to work and just get handouts?? I am sure they could work at McDonalds or somewhere else and make minimum wage instead of just hanging out asking for money from others who worked for what they have. Another thing – again the same people asking for money were smoking weed. How do they afford the weed? Are they able to scrape up enough from others to buy the weed?? Help me out here, I am curious to what these people are thinking.

  • I’M trying to move to this town in the next couple of weeks. My girlfriend and I are also trying to find jobs there. We have pretty nice resumes’ and would like to stay in Arcata, We’d be glad to show them just contact me. If not we will carry on but if any one know where to get a good job please let me know. My email is jmyrick04@gmail.com thanks

  • worst place on earth

    humboldt county is the worst place on earth. especially arcata and eureka and mckinleyville. i was born in arcata and my whole family lives there and they cant understand why i hate it there and i cant understand them wanting to live in this shit hole. let me sum up the good and bad parts.

    the good: 1)lots of good weed. 2)alot of sexually active semi-attractive liberal white girls

    the bad: 1)THE FOG. it lasts all day every day the sun NEVER comes out. can you imagine the most grey depressing place on earth then times it by 10 and you have arcata. it drags me down so hard. seriously the fucking worst thing ever. cant even describe how shitty it is in words. i just spent a whole summer here and it was like being in a refridgerator, super humid, and super cold all summer. terrible. 2)ABSOLUTELY NO JOBS. you wonder why everyone grows weed it is because they have to because there is absolutely no fucking jobs whatsoever. the cities are littered with hundreds if not thousands of tweekers and homeless folks. seeing that shit everywhere i go is fucking terrible. 3)mosquitoes everywhere. seriously i have never seen so many fucking mosquitoes. i fucking hate them. 4)BIGGEST FUCKING ASSHOLE COPS EVER. the “groovyness” here is such bullshit. on one side you have hippies and vagrants and they are fighting a constant ‘behind the scenes’ war with these asshole cops every day on the plaza all day. the cops say they are doing their job but what they are really doing is sucking off the dicks of the plaza businesses so they can protect their shitty job by protecting corporations. just like all cops exept assholes x100. i wish they would all just fucking die prick cops eventually you will get what you deserve i hope you fucking die. 5) THE FOG. 6)THE FOG. 7)THE ECONOMY. 8-100)THE FOG. I CANT OVERSTATE ENOUGH HOW SHITTY THIS FOG IS. YOU WANT TO LIVE YOUR WHOLE FUCKING LIFE IN THIS FOG ALL THE TIME, YOU ARE A DUMB SHIT. THIS IS NOT LIFE. IN LIFE THERE IS A THING CALLED THE SUN. 101)the schools. these schools are terrible and full of idiot hicks, who clash hugely with the rastas, and then a whole shitload of wanna be gangsters who are the biggest pussies ever. it is a fucking nightmare. 102)the housing and town is just falling apart, dilapedated shacks with mold growing all over them. ugliest thing ever. living in one of these houses makes me want to die.

    sure there are some nice people in arcata but isnt there everywhere?

    now i wonder WHY anyone would ever want to live in this shithole. i can only think of one or two reasons. but there is so many better places out there. i really feel sorry for alot of people in arcata who have grown up they are just stuck there forever and they dont realize that things can be so much better. their lives could be so much better. alot of people i grew up with there have commited suicide. it is so fucking sad….

    well you got to move the fuck out of there it is what i did but dont expect other places in california to be nice because they are fucked up too. cali is fucked up. the worst people ever live there. the people who say move to (inland) oregon, or to nevada as i have, is what i agree with.

    i wanted to share my opinion after spending the summer in arcata. its hugely negative i know. but that is how it is there

  • Posted by WildWood on 2004-08-23 22:20:05
    My Score:

    you should be used to that type of smell sitting by the bay.
    thanks for the laugh lol

  • I have never been to the beautiful place called Arcata or Humbolt for that matter. I’ve spent an hour or so reading all of your posts. My family of four wife, 2 year, & 6 month old and a human-like dingo dog are planning on coming to the area sometime between 08-09. I’d like to say we’re green folks that have enough bread to support ourselves. We have no intention of staying for more than a week, but would love to stay and take in the beauty of the natural environment, & yes I do like the “good green”. When I was finishing college for environmental restoration and preservation I learned a sad lesson that places like this offten get devoured by folks that flock there. We do not stay in hotels, we do not freeload, we are very self sufficient (Solar powered micro Hydroinjected RV) i know it might sound weird. We are a part of group of folks spreading free alternative energy.
    Any who with that being said this is just a pit stop of pure beauty for us are there places to camp for fee, or for free (not really familiar with the area).
    Basicly we just wanna see y’all and smell the redwoods humbolt style.
    Any info would help, we are very grateful people.
    We don’t wanna be robbed duh! We don’t want our children to get f#@*ed by some social reject who thinks they are colorfull or “not shy”.
    We just want to enjoy your town, taste and surroundings.
    Peace y’all

  • Wow, I tuned into this forum in the hopes of stumbling across some information about a band that used to play in the Arcata/Eureka area (called Commotion, by the way, if anyone knows if they ever made an album, and where one might get it) and am sad to see a picture of Arcata that is nearly the post-apocalyptic nightmare to what was once for me, almost paradise.

    I lived there for 5 years in the 80’s, apparently before the local government lost, or surrendered, control of the town to the criminal element. That’s really a shame because physically, it’s a beautiful place. I’ve lived and worked with the environment in the west as far south as Mexico and as far north as Canada, and lots of places in between, and Humboldt County was truly amazing for it’s uniqueness and natural diversity. HSU was a great place to go to school and the community was, for the most part, conservative, traditional, and pretty laid back and fun. I always thought it was a place I would love to move back to some day, if the right job opened up. I don’t think that is still the case though.

  • hey all family in Arcata
    my brother and i are thinking about going to Cali and we both have never been we don’t know anybody and are unaware of the situation out their so hit me back with some knowledge
    loving u all

  • First of all there is NO law allowing woman to be topless.
    Secondly..lets be sure to seperate hippy from bum. A lot of runaway teenage bums begging for change around here. I can’t WAIT to leave.

  • Holy cow, Groovy Bush. Bakersfield is NOT paradise. Looking at your post date, I must assume you hadn’t yet lived through a Bako summer. This is the most Republican town in the state, and the air quality is rancid. I have lived here my whole life, and I would rather live in Arcata without any legs than stay in Bakersfield unless I have to. Which… I do, but that’s irrelevant. My true dream is to live in Berkeley. Clean air, free minds, green trees and green living.


  • People might want to check out my website

  • humboldt is bullshit, it’s all hype, the so called hippies poison the earth by growing with diesel generators. it’s overcrowded and there is nothing to do. there are way too much of a drug problem and the people just pretend there are no problems and act like they are so open minded and kind. i came looking for this sense of community but all that was happening was i got harassed by people everywhere i went, mainly homeless junkies vagrants. i’ve never been subject to so many self righteous inane assholes who have nothing better to do but harass you over stupid things as simple as the type of apple you are choosing to buy. humboldt sucks plain and simple, maybe it was something great once but all i hear that from is the people who are too fried and think that if they pretend their problems aren’t there then they don’t exist. don’t get sucked in by the hype, they just want your money, lying, thieving disgusting, etc. they say they’re open minded but there are only asshole college kids, loose skanks, tweekers, unscrupulous pot farmers, and locals who hate everyone who isn’t local when they have no right to claim being local for many reasons.
    there are less people yet the child abuse and spousal abuse rates are higher, go figure.
    and nothing to do other than camping or other outdoorsy crap that you can do anywhere in america in better locations free of pot farmers that will shoot at you or from swarms of vagrants harassing you, knocking on your car window asking for change.
    the people from socal are just like anyone else who gets suckered into coming to live there, they pretend they have some sense of community but they are just backstabbing thieves. the pot isn’t even that great, partying sucks. there is way too many drugs way too accessible and too many drug pushers that will pull it out right in front of fathers holding their children. it’s disgusting. stay home and save your money, don’t move to humboldt, don’t trust the so called hippies who are really just pot growing hillbillies. fuck you all. humboldt state is a piece of shit university and doesn’t offer a real education or prepare you for life outside of shitty rainy crumboldt.

  • hi my names daniel and my band is equaleyes. check us out if your a hippie. we fall under the jam/electronic/grass catagory
    we will b passin through your area this summer.

  • Would anybody know a Victoria J Blodgett? I am trying to locate her.

  • Hey…My name is Katie and my roommate, Melissa and I are going out to, hopefully Arcata, California…to stay for a few months this summer. We wont know anyone when we get there and we are looking to just relax and have a good summer…any info on where we can stay would help alot…just email me at Khastings004@yahoo.com

  • Hello Fellow Hippies!

    I’m from the very conservative, very uptight southern Calif., thanks to our DA, Bonnie Dumanis. But It’s all good! πŸ™‚ Orandge County is just a half hour drive. Dana Point has got some great Medical M.J. Stores!

    So muy question is this: Where are the great Hemp festivals in California??? – I want to go! πŸ™‚

  • in south florida we have no hippies we all work for a living no matter what the pay..if you wanna live.you all need to get a life

  • What kind of people live where you come from?

    Your outlook controls. Consider the polarities.

    Answer: People are friendly and nice.

    Reply: Yes, people are like that here in Arcata.

    Answer: Rude and selfish:

    Reply: Yes, you will find those types here.

  • I have traveled~lived in my 78 VW Bus for years. I’m heading for Arcata and expect to arrive on 4/20. I have hung around Arcata many times, but for a so-called hippie haven, there is nowhere to van camp.
    Clam Beach only lets you stay 2 nites, and I usually end up in Valley West parked on the street. Not exactly a good camping experience.
    I spent the winter at the Slabs near Salton Sea. I am lookin’ forward to nice cool Humboldt. One thing I like about Arcata is the abundance of pretty barefoot goddesses. Earthy and friendly. A VW Bus with dead stickers attracts the ladies better than a PHD and a Mercedes. My kind of town. Any suggestions on a good cheap~free~barter camp spot appreciated. Looking for a earthy girl to hang around with too… I’m 36. and going to allot of west coast festivals this summer. ~Peace~

  • well my brother is going to humbolt and im down to go there to its absolutely amazing!

  • johnny g , i think your comments and opinion on arcata was the most accurate. Obviously u have truely explored arcata and its surrounding areas to the fullest. I was born and raised in NW OhighO. I am 24yrs old and when i was about 14 i started traveling, and ive been from east coast to west coast and about as far north and south as you can go. I have been to alot of big cities and small towns and in my opinion, Arcata CA is a beautiful place ,filled with beautiful people. Like others have stated- there are “idiots and bums and tweakers” all over the world. If someone finds a place where there aren’t any – please let me know ! But compared to most of the US. Arcata is a very laid back, non-judgmental, good spirited place. I was just accepted to HSU and im in the process of moving there right now. I came back to the east coast for just about 2 months (for THE DEAD only). And the time ive spent here has just reinforced my feelings on Arcata. I LOVE IT ! I miss it soooo much and cant wait to go back home !

  • i live in north dakota but i need to get away from up here its so boring and i really wana go to arcata for college one of my friends goes there n said its soo awesome.. tho im not sure i’d fit in. im not really a hippy tho im really laid back, have dread locks, down to earth and a free spirit, but im actually conservative and religous. and im pro-war wen its nesacary. i dont smoke pot tho i use to, and i have no problem with ppl that do. do u think i’d fit in ok? i heard the people there are very wecomin and nice

  • Hello,

    I am french, living in America for about 2 years now, first in LA and now in the Bay Area. I’ve become an hippy and i wanted to check Arcata, i’m thinking about going there by the end of June.
    I don’t have money or a job, i’m backpacking, i’ve been sleeping on the street moslty. I wanted to know if Arcata is worth it and if there’s festivals coming up, i also looking for a job anything to get some money in my pocket and keep going and maybe if you live there we can meet up, i don’t know anyone up there, that’d be nice.


  • A couple of months ago I decided to drive from the jungle of LA to Northern Cali. As I got past San Fran and took the senic 101 I landed in a few cute towns that line the coast.

    One of my favorite places is Arcata. The first thing I noriced was the time warp. I mean I thought I was back in the 70’s. The people were so cool to me even though I was a outsider. I’m not a pot head but i like to smoke from time to time and that was easy to do here. The climate was just up my alley with the cool pacific on one side and the thick forest on the other side.

    Here’s my plea. If there’s anyone looking for someone to do any kind of work from cleaning toilets to picking up horse crap I will do it just to live here. So please if you are an employer looking for help please contact me. I can do anything….. kinda a jack of all trades and a master of all but really it’s about the getting out of the jungle of LA.

    I’m not a city slicker, and I don’t like rap music or hip hop crap. More into Michael Hedges or Alex de grassi type of music so I think I would blend in just rght.

    E-mail me: beaconsierraicom@yahoo.com
    Mike P.

  • right on to the one named “KNOX” !!
    you ain’t seen scum fucks , and tweakers, til ya spent 5 yrs in the haight ashbury, like i have . I only got mugged once, and that day, I did deserve it. There is an element of honor among street people that
    all you babied yuppie wine drinkers will never understand. and to the guy who was afraid of people sleepin in the alley…near his sweet ass hotel room, …go home to mommy, the world exists with or without pussies like thee, I got my sights set on some sweet ass bud, and grateful dead music, and arcata is the place to get it, so I hope I don’t see ya there

  • Arcata is the ultimate hippie vibe–more so than any other California town. The farmer’s market is off the hook. But what about Laytonville? To me, despite its miniscule size, it out-hippiez all other California towns because of its proximity to the Earthdance / hogfarm locale. Also, Bolinas is way hippy, as are parts of Berkeley and Santa Cruz / Felton & Boulder Creek, of course. Fairfax is my ultimate favorite hippy town—it rules!!! The organic Good Earth grocery store is unreal. Blue Lake next to Arcata qualifies as well, but its really tiny. Not sure why there are not subcategories for these very important hippy towns. Santa Monica and Venice in LA as well as the all important Topanga Canyon have sizable hippy contingencies, but are not as well differentiated as they might be in NorCal…its more of a yoga / raw foodist hipster scene, which is fine by me. Grass Valley and Nevada city sister cities in the gold country have their moments too…viva hippy towns!

  • Hey,

    If you ever find your way inland to Weaverville,,check our JOhnny’s Pizza. You can’t miss the sign with the peace sign and huge letters. He has a rock n roll theme and sells the best pizza around.

    Takeit easy…

  • Lived there in the early 80’s when I went to Humboldt. God, what a sh!thole that town is. Full of wannabe hippie throwback posers, unwashed and smelly, no real means of support, but just this long, drawn out, parasitic existence. Went through there recently…nothing’s changed, just the faces.

    Hell, I’m too young for this thing and I’m in my 40’s now. I lived in the Haight as a little kid from ’67 – 69 and saw this sh!t the first time around…no progress, nor forward momentum, just stoned ennui.

    Weather sucks ten months of the year and the locals hate the students and hangers on…you’ll get robbed, ripped off, and otherwise maltreated. Why bring that on yourself. Everything you own will smell like mildew (or patchouli, which kind of smells the same when you get right down to it).

    My most vivid memories are the jesus freaks that dressed in army blankets and bed sheets, taking turns washing their sheets at the laundromat (they preferred Biz over all other detergents, don’t know why), and the time we woke up to discover that someone had spray painted the word “FOOL” on every STOP sign in town.

    I guess nobody listened.

  • Please help..Im a older hippy 48 born 1960 looking to find a new home where I can grow and get away from the rat race, and come back to the simple ways again.are there any comunes { spelling not my strong point}lol out there any more like the old days????Im in mich ready to give it all up and find happnes again,I do yoga on a daily basis,and I have meany talents to offer a family,Im drama free,and desepertaly need help finding where my new home could be. somewhere warm,Please can anyone lead me home??Im not homeless just fed up with the insane rat race

  • Seem very drawn to Humbolt but never even been there and live in England. Any ideas? Sick of the UK and dream of a fresh start with young family in tow


  • Would any of you humboldt folks care to give me an update on the area, looks like the last posts were in 2008, is the town still in great decline, I’m kinda hoping it is, as I would like to grab a small pice of land to build a house on for cheap, I read somewhere someone mentioned “Street Thugs” lol is there really gang wannabees in hippy central? They have to be really retarded ones if thats where they choose to be. But ya thanks in advance, Talk about anything you wish on current Eureka/Arcata living…

  • I’ve been living in Arcata and attending HSU for a little over a year now and I have mixed feelings about it. It’s great if you want a small local community vibe (things like small festivals on the plaza, farmers markets, locally produced goods). I personally don’t smoke pot, and there sure is a lot of it. I’m 420 friendly but I’ve been getting sick of hearing about pot all the time and having all the people around me smoking constantly. Yes, there is a homeless problem but for the most part they don’t bother you too much; some of them are quite nice even. People here are pretty friendly but can also be wrapped up in their own little worlds a lot. The college is really good and the teachers are super helpful and get to know their students. One of the biggest problems (and benefits for that matter) for me is that it’s in the smack dab of nowhere. It’s at least a three hour drive to get to a city that’s even somewhat substantial in size (Redding). The redwoods and beaches are gorgeous and if you’re living for a pretty place that rains a lot then this is definately a good place to look into. It’s cool for college but I’m planning on moving to Portland after I graduate.

  • Its been interesting reading all the comments about Arcada. Forgive me if I’m a little lost in discribing life there. My friend Jerry and I left Chicago, in September of 1972 ,went to Anaheim to live with some friends,overstayed our welcome but were directed to hang out with the brother of one of our friends, in Arcada. We then lived in Arcada from October 1972 to May 1973. It was hippie territory back then and there were basically two types of people. Those with long hair and those with short hair. To many people at the time ,this was the defining signature that displayed your politics and ideology. There was no aids, (just vd). We saw the latest movies ‘Harold and Maude’ and the ‘Ledgend of Cable Houge’. Back then VietNam was still going on. Loved the newer bands, like ‘Led Zepplin’. Played pool, hung out and then we had to move out because our host was drafted. We enjoyed out time in Arcada. It was the only time in my life when I could drive to a nearby hill, and have complete silence.
    Unfortunately our host who was drafted lost his life in Viet Nam. My partner and I had high draft numbers so we didnt have to go. Life looked diferent at age 20 back then. Now I’m actually retired and all three of our kids are out of the house, but its funny how certain memories stay with you a lifetime.

  • I am thinking of moving to Arcata, CA soon. Does anyone know any chefs looking for a good cook, and a home to crash and work, cook, clean for awhile? Presence, peace, and love.


  • For all of you looking for a place to go that is peaceful and all that stuff check out Chico,Ca! Its N.Cal baby..fun collage town plenty of music to satisfy everyone and lotsa outdoor activites…just check it out..i did and lived there for 8 yrs.!

  • Hi!
    I am 22 and just moved to Arcata, California in early August (2010) from Chicago. I lived in Kirksville, Missouri (very country!) for a year when I went to Truman State University in 2006 but ended up moving back to Chicago to get my Associates degree at College of Dupage near Chicago. Anyways- if you are worried about anything in transitioning from a suburban life in the Midwest to Humboldt County in Nor Cal I am your girl to talk to! I am so in love with this place. I smile everyday as I walk to school or work because it simply is unlike any other place I have ever been! It felt like home when I visited the campus in April (2010) and I just couldn’t stop soaking it all in. This place has such great beauty-  unparalleled fresh air, the majestic ocean, beautiful coastal mountains, tons of local art, good vibes, sweet small-town people, Christ like yogi love, free-spirits, magnificent Redwoods, amazing people watching, lots of options for live music, and organic fresh produce. I very much think that Humboldt county is what you make of it- some bad always comes with the good, you just have to learn to let the icky stuff roll off, and internalize the positive aspects.  I have two jobs (a restaurant and jewelry store- both on the Arcata plaza) and attend Humboldt State University full time. Somehow I make it all work- because I want it to and have a positive attitude about it.  As long as you have common sense (lock your car doors and don’t leave valuable stuff out in the open in your car, duh!) and don’t waste your life walking around smelling like herb and drunk off your ass all the time why would it be so hard to find a job, friends, and decent place to live? Any place is what you make of it- just like life.
    Just my two cents since some people seem so intent on trashing Arcata. The rain around here feels magical and mysterious and is part of what makes the Redwoods grow big and strong! πŸ™‚ But I guess all of the negative talk is so that we can keep this place a wonderful secret to those who decide they have enough courage to take on the wonderful adventure of living here- I remember feeling worried because of all of the negativity  people had to say on blogs and such like this with horrible "statistics" on violence and crime. Maybe because i don’t really hang around with the crowds that drink and smoke the day away. I rarely go out to get drunk in town- only for shows or something fun like Halloween, and don’t really smoke (shocking! I know!). I would rather spend my free time hiking in the gorgeous forests, exploring the beach bluffs, or bicycling by the bay. Get out! Explore around here- Humboldt has SO much to offer if you are willing to open your heart to this wondrous place.
    Top three in Arcata:
    -Humboldt Bay
    -Redwood Community Forest
    -HSU campus

    Wishing you grace, peace, and love! πŸ™‚

  • IN NEED OF YOU~!**!@hellooo. me and my girlfriend are looking to go to college and live in humboldt, but we worry we will not be able to find jobs and reasonable priced housing near humboldt school. dose any one have any helpfull info on this?????? we are very outgoing and hard working.. PLEASE EMAIL ME. THEAVRIPPA210@AOL.COM

  • for everyone who was thinking about coming to arcata but is scared of these other reviews… just come see it for yourself. most of the people saying bad things about arcata just came and had a bad time. yes, there are homeless people here, but it’s not like san fran or anything. these are people who are homeless by choice because it’s fun as hell to be homeless in arcata. it’s a safe town, you don’t feel sketchy here. there is quite a bit of live music, and it’s not half abandoned by any means. it’s small, yes, but it has quite a community and people really love it here. it’s a college town so there’s always kids and always stuff going on. it’s mostly local businesses, which is super rad. so don’t judge the whole town based off of a few kids’ experiences.. i mean it sounds like they just showed up, probably hitching, and found the kids on the street those couple days to be not what they were hoping to find. you have to realize that not everyone in this town is out on the street, you have to meet them in other ways. there are real hippies here, they just might not be the dreadheads with the backpacks scrounging for change on the plaza. it seems like it’s cool to put down arcata these days for some reason, all these kids see that everyone knows about arcata now and move to ashland and missoula and brookings and mendo… and then they act like arcata isn’t a hippie town or isn’t cool anymore or something. but don’t listen to them, arcata is rad!

  • I’m looking for my brother, Dan McGinty. I’ve been looking so long, and he’s up there. Please help. I really miss him bad. Thanks, Norm. https://www.myspace.com/normspad

  • Part of why I choose to retire in Arcata was recommendation from this very website. I was looking for a more liberal place to live that had outdoor recreation. I have been here for five years now. While I spent over a year of that time traveling the coast from Oregon to Arcata and then on down to S. Humboldt just to make sure, I did eventually take up residence here. But it continues to be a serious chore to make the transition. I wish I’d known then what I do now.

    While Arcata was indeed at one time very generous with strangers, community patience for hippies has worn thin since many ‘travelers’ come here just to trim pot or scam off the students and locals. In addition, there’s increasing crime and neighborhood deterioration associated with housing used for grows. These people use up local services without any intention of becoming a contributing part of the community. Locals are done with people who in one way or another are ‘just passing through’ and taking more than they give.

    In addition to armed robbery and home invasion associated with grows, there’s a constant drib drab of petty vandalism and vehicle break-ins. If you’re here for any amount of time, you can pretty much count on something getting stolen and/or vandalized. Don’t even think about parking your car on the street. You need your inner-city street smarts. I wish someone had told me that. It looks so beautiful and charming at first. It suckers you into thinking it’s safe.

    It’s not.

    Also, there’s a lot of burnouts and otherwise mentally disturbed folks. You get treated rudely by one of these as a normal part of your day to day life.

    Housing in Arcata is way-over priced too because of the students and grows.

    So if you’re coming here just to chill for a while, keep a super low profile and do us locals a favor by encouraging anyone else in the hippie tribe to do so too. For example, the community forest is out for camping any more. The city now has not one, but two park rangers whose only job is to harsh things for people just hanging out.

    All in all, Arcata, while still being pretty liberal politically, is pretty well played out as far as being any sort of haven for travelers. There’s just been too many tweakers, head cases and scrounging street kids thrown in to the mix for even as liberal of a place as this to still be patient with it.

    One reason there’s such conflicting messages about Arcata is that Arcata only recently became politically liberal when the university students were given the right to vote where they lived most of the year (here). So while there’s plenty of artists and activists and just generally kind and open individuals, there’s still a large root stock of insular ranchers, farmers, loggers and fishermen who have values that might fly in the face of typical hippie ideals. In addition, they feel a sense of entitlement since they’ve been here longer than the ‘fucking hippies’. This type of person might grow pot because they’re greedy or desperate for money, but will beat the shit out of anyone in their own family they catch using it.

    I’ve been told, for no particular reason, too many times by these types to go back where I came from, get a job, etc.

    So yes, there really is something special about Arcata. But I can’t re-enforce enough that it’s a very mixed bag. If you’re really a hippy, you’re going to need pretty strong character in order to put up with the crap and not let yourself get run out of town.

    I guess I’d put it this way: Come if you have a serious purpose and the funds for being here (and I don’t mean drugs or pot) or have the funds for conventional motels or camping. Come if you’re resolved to make the commitment to ride out the crap and want to make this your home. Otherwise, the punks that disguise themselves as hippies have played Arcata so much that now the locals and cops will hassle you more than it’s worth it for you to be here.

    Again, I don’t want to discourage folks sincerely looking for a place to settle long-term and become part of the community.

    Tourists who have the means to support themselves while they come to check us out for some arts, fun and outdoor recreation (that doesn’t mean living in your car) will be welcomed too.

    But this isn’t a place anymore that’s a cheap stop along the way of whatever alternative lifestyle you’re pursuing. Too many have come before and used it up. Now you have to pay – either with money or with putting up with serious discouragement from johnny law and the locals.

    Having said that, the scenery is spectacular, there’s crazy amounts of music and other arts, there’s liberal politics and a pretty hip university. If you don’t mind an extended rainy season and have enough ducats, it still can be cool.

  • I’m headed to Arcata Wednesday from Medford, Oregon, and lookin for free campin in the Arcata area, can you guys help me out?

  • Wanted: Big titted hippi chick to clean the bong and take care of business.

  • dude i live in Arcata….rent is not cheap, if u want cheap rent go to eureka!!

  • Amerika is deh poo-poo.

    There really is NOTHING affordable and awesome here anymore. And if there was, no one in their right mind would say a peep online about it as it’d be flooded with wankers looking for The Next Arcata, Doodles!

    I love Arcata for the trees.

    That is all.

  • Well i have read alot of different things about this area and i still want to pick up my things (what little of them i have ) and take the long trip west ! 30 years ago I was born and raised in northest Ohio ( i love to make peace , love, and aslo have a green thumb) and have been wanting to relocate and find a great place to get to off the grid .I pay it forward any chance i get so anyone with some usefull information on what spots are the best to live a little free would be greatly appreciated ! please get intouch stevebondoni@yahoo.com

  • I am Looking for A man Called James Patrick Crouch he was born on the 10/14/1955 and goes by the name of PAT. if any one knows my dad . and where he is pleas email me , jonsonsounds@hotmail.co.uk

  • First of all, no one is allowed to go topless. Second of all, the rents are exorbitant. Who wrote this tripe?? Getting a permit to do business or build is next to impossible. Finding a home is next to impossible.

  • I’m headed to Cali. from Oklahoma and have heard a bit about Arcata.
    I have a family of 3 little girls and a wife and we are looking for a good place to settle. Any know ABOUT THE JOB SITUATION OUT THERE. Or maybe any coops around there i need a place to stay long enough to get a job and deposit on a place? email me at ing.shroom@yahoo.com.
    Peace and Love brothers and sisters.And remember you CAN do ANYTHING.

  • your right
    the cata is taking a little slide
    20 yeas ago it wuz still cool
    but afta driving around the downtown and readin bout the op grow rips
    thats just not cricket
    hipps dont rip each other off .period
    share and respect ,nam
    and prosper.

    this was a very cool place back in the day …..the 7o’s
    very cool
    bring back the vitality
    hippies with class
    no begging allowed

    peace out

  • Just got back from a job interview in Eureka and I am seriously considering moving there. The Ocean, Magnificant Redwoods, The Eureka Boardwalk, The Arcata Plaza, the Parks for the Kids, Beautiful Bays to Kayak in, Short Plane Ride to San Fran, Temperate Climate, Humbolt State…. There are many more reasons, but I am happy for the people who post negative views of Arcata because I want it to stay small.

  • i am fro m nevada and now here in missouri and it is awful. i miss the west and am trying to get to arcata but don’t know anyone there.if anybody can help me out from advice to jobs/living arrangements please email me buff_elliott@hotmail.com i am willing to do any work, and have a buddy who got a "job" clipping/trimming so if you need help with that it’d be a dream job to me

  • i live in wisconsin . and i want to find my way out to arcata . but i have to car or job for money . and i have no one out in arcata , and im not sure what to do about money and a place to stay . email me with any suggestings . wolfpack_cheerleader2009@yahoo.com

  • I did encounter one guy that was totally sweet as can be, and very cool. His name was Rob…and he drove a van with lots of bumper stickers on it. Tell him Erin from Maine says hello, and thank you. He can reach me at ladylarken@hotmail.com     "thanks" 

  • I am from Maine, and when I lived in Arcata last Winter, I was really let down by all the rain and fog in the Winter months. One thing, I think was cool there is that the community graciously puts out boxes on there lawns that say " free box."…. and they fill it with all the crap they dont want. I thought that was nice…because on the East coast they dont do that and even our thrift stores here can be pricey at times. I thought the job choices in Arcata was slim pickins, and the bums were prevalent. It can be kind of a hassle to live there if you dont have a car, because of all the rain. It is definately a fun place if you are young and in college and have the money to "fuck off." I found it to be expensive there. The highlight for me was the magical Redwood Forest … and the Marsh was pretty too with all the birds. I think I sensed some hostility or lack of welcomeness from some of the locals, I think they are defensive to visitors because of the so called bum transients that took advantage of there kindness in the day and sucked them dry. I understand completely, however, I thought the Endevour homless shelter place sucked. They were giving away moldy vegetables and the dryest old bread you can imagine. That was all they would give the homeless to eat. The people can be cold here, its hit or miss. Guess it depends if they are coming down from there high or feeling great from all the smoking they do there. Either way, they dont welcome outsiders….thats apparent. I did like the cool bar called Jumbalaya….it has some cool live Reggae bands…its right near the center Plaza. There choices of restaurants kind of suck, and are slim pickings…as it really is not a very big town. They do have a nice local Health Clinic that will treat you even if you dont have insurance. Watch out for the Humboldt Hack when you arrive. πŸ™‚ And, make sure you check out the Forest and Moonstone beach. Beautiful. take care, Erin ladylarken@hotmail.com 

  • I lived in Arcata for a short time and I am from Maine. I absolutely fell in love with it. I hiked the Redwood Forest trails behind HSU like every day, and I loved shopping at WildBerries, and I loved the music and interesting souls floating through the plaza, as well as the liberal acceptance of smoking the peaceful herb. I hope to return at some point, as I love the community and freedom there to be who you want to be as an individual. I do think you all get alot of rain there in the Winter, but the community makes up for that. I hope the people there can continue to reach out and help the needy, and make a positive difference in the lives of those that find there way there. Thanks, Erin      ladylarken@hotmail.com

  • Hey I’m looking to move out West more than likely to this area or somewhere in Northern California I’m taking a train from Kentucky. I have lived in a small town my whole life and haven’t done any traveling by myself. If anyone can help me out with anything..such as free campsites, communes, places to chill, places to buy fun enhancers, and who we could talk to about renting a place anything!! Helpful traveling pointers. Add me on Facebook.


    and if not, email me. ashleyminix@hotmail.com

    peace and love

  • Hey guys, I’m so envy that you all had been in California. It’s a pity that I had never been there. Maybe someday.

    regards from Lithuania:))

  • This post is for Taunia who posted the following:

    Arcata, California
    Posted by Taunia on 2009-02-08 19:28:12 Would anybody know a Victoria J Blodgett? I am trying to locate her.

    My cousin was Victoria Joan Blodgett, recently of Riverside, CA – could this be the woman you were trying to locate?

  • arcata is a shit-hole of white trash slime. if think this place is cool you are an idiot.

  •  I leave the mountain and go to arcata and eureka from time to time. i have to say it is very unfriendly to outsiders. the town seems to be using the hype of the humboldt life to promote comsumerism. 
     despite the green factor, there are alot of unique youth to interact with. it can be an exciting place if your with the right people. there are some great classes to get involved in like yoga or a rock climbing membership for example. I always enjoyed taking a sauna at cafe mocha and having some coffee afterwards! I also attending several farmers markets. i just recently stopped farming full time.
     I love the weather, maybe because i was born in humboldt. it really is a beautiful place. you just gotta learn how to filter out the bull shit :). if you can get around the tight asses and find some chill people who are motivated to travel around, its a grand adventure. I dont agree with going completely homless if your able to support yourself. if your just doing it because the hype than your causing a problem. its much better to find a place you can call home and travel around humboldt in your free time. you dont need to have much money but you’ll have to let go off the more expensive way of humboldt.

  •  theres not that many girls in arcata and all the hot ones have boyfriends 

  • the restaurants here really suck i cant find a place thats worth going back to thats affordable

  • Miss MoMo
    In response to your post of 3/16/2011. Yes!!! It is Victoria Joan Blodgett that I am looking for. Could you please tell me how I could contact you. Are you from Norco, California?

  • Taunia,

    Please email me at mo13mail-vicky@yahoo.com and I can give you what information I have.

    Arcata, California
    Posted by Taunia on 2011-06-13 21:35:50 Miss MoMo
    In response to your post of 3/16/2011. Yes!!! It is Victoria Joan Blodgett that I am looking for. Could you please tell me how I could contact you. Are you from Norco, California?

  • hey out there im 25 and a great handyman and very hippie my girlfriend works full time and is way cool, were are currently looking for a cool place to live from anywhere from 100 to 700 dollars and could trade work too please email me at amestaylor25@yahoo.com thankx taylor and sandra

  • I am from Vancouver, BC, and will be travelling through Arcata (hitch-hiking) Aug. 7-9, 2011. I am looking for a place to stay (couch, backyard, etc.), as well as some guidance as to where to go for amazing food, music, nature, spirituality, etc. If anyone can help with either a place to stay, or provide some guidance to the local hot spots, I would greatly appreciate it!!!

  • Hi my name is Trish. I really want to relocate to Northern California and work as a clipper. I’m a very down to earth person. If you need someone or can help me out email me at waring@oswego.edu.

  • Me and my close friend Alyssa and nate are looking to relocate to a place like this one. We are coming from missouri with only $700 but are willing to trade work for room and board. We can no longer further ourselves in the place we live now(St. Louis). we feel an overwhelming pressure to go west and be with those like us. If someone could pleas get in contact with me as soon as possible. we are looking to leave in two weeks or begining of November. Contact- jim9076@att.net and 636-288-3258 if no answer call 636-493 1770. my name is jimmy thank you

  • AlPal, I am considering moving to Arcata and would like to hang out with you.


  • Ello beautiful people! I suppose i’m just looking for some advice now that i’ve found such an awesome site. I just moved from seattle down to san francisco, and have unfortunately discovered the city life is not a place for me. Many people would "label" me as the hippie type as i’m very free spirited and just wants to enjoy this magical ride! I’m very into the hippie gatherings/festivals. I checked out Santa cruz today and love the laid back vibe, but still have some time to check out arcata and wherever else people suggest with the similar culture i have in mind. I may be looking too hard, but am deeply in need to find similar souls of my kind! I’d love to hear some feedback from the experts & experienced ones! πŸ™‚

  • hey i am from nj and am planing to move to arcata with a friend i honestly know nothing about the area also nowere to go ied like a plwce to to crash until i get a job and can stand on my own 2feet we are leaving on the 5th and we just need someone to show us around if interested contact me at rafen40k@gmail.com  thankyou   (^-^)

  • A young girl I know just got back from Arcata.  She was totally taken in by the older pseudo hippy men who convinced her to stop going to school.  There are a shit load of men around around 30 who pose as hippy wizards, but they are really just trying to suck the young girls in.  This girl was told she would be taken care of with the utmost respect and love, blah blah blah, but she was asked to mail drugs (you’ll never get caught doing that) and trim weed.  Read about Christine – a young girl from Wisconsin who just disappeared there several years ago.  Her stuff was left at Green Life restaurant.  She was found naked and disoriented on account of some Peruvian cleansing ceremony.  Then she disappeared.  Beware of this place. 

  • I just moved to Arcata, going to HSU, EMP major. Someone tell me what there is to do here beside hike and smoke pot. So far I’ve pretty much only been to campus and Safeway. I like to cook more than go out to restaurants. I’m looking for activities that are free or cheap. If you can’t think of anything to do then just find me a new friend to hike and smoke pot with. Peace.

  • I have seen the evolution of Arcata and Humboldt County since the late 60s.  I have also lived nearly 2 of those decades in places like the SF Bay Area, Texas, Chicago, DC, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, etc.  I get out and travel regularly.  I keep coming back.  Sure some of the homegrown hippie events like the Greater Arcata to Ferndale Kinetic Sculpture Race created by icons like Stan Bennett and Hobart Brown have become commercialized. Some of the traditions like streaking through crowded streets at the end of the Kinetic Sculpture Drag Races in Ferndale on Mother’s Day have also been abandoned, but we are all still here, living together and loving life.  On the other hand, we have some of the most stunning nude beaches in the world at the ocean and on the river, where a single young woman can feel completely at ease reading, knitting, juggling or firedancing. 

    Arcata and Humboldt county are about community and caring for one another.  It does not matter if you have been here for 5 generations or 5 days, if you bring it and share it you will receive it . . . whatever your IT is.  Love, passion, peace, honor, anger, frustration, dissatisfaction.  Angry, frustrated, and dissatisfied people tend to move on.  Loving, passionate, peaceful people find their home. 

    Don’t confuse the transient population with the community.  A 30 something grower has a different agenda than a thirty something organic farmer who sells her produce 6 days per week at a farmer’s market, local stores, and nationally at Whole Foods.  There are plenty of sustainable paths here, pot growing is not one of them.  Don’t confuse pot growing and hippie.  Sure, there are some people who are trying to do legitimate medical marijuana grows, then there are folks trying to get rich quick.  The get rich quick crowd are simply criminals.  Any time you get mixed up in a criminal enterprise, bad things can happen.  As a local, we often know who is doing what, and commercial pot growers don’t stay in the community long.  The trend since the trend started in the 60s and 70s is one or two years to figure out what the heck is going on.  Three to five years of productive harvest, then use the proceeds to fund the conversion to a legitimate life.  Be honest with yourself and recongnize that drug cultures have negative elements.  If you choose and experimental drug path . . . own the consequences.  Old growers are paranoid folks.  Old hippies are just as young at heart and happy as they were when they were in their 20s.

    A bit about the weather.  There are pockets of beautiful sunshine even on days when the town is blanketed in fog.  Locals know where.  Invite one to the river or the beach on a foggy day, and you will too.  There are great ways to spend the day outside even when it is raining.  Locals know how . . . invite them to dinner, share a tastey bottle of wine, an enjoyable conversation, and continue the conversation into the next rainy day.  Invite them out and their ideas of how to spend the day may bring a whole new perspective. 

    Breweries, organic farms, nursing, college, education, artist community,  etc . . . that is where you will find hippies.  As a community we get together once per week to have open galleries and live music .  Up to 10 or 15 small bands will play street corners, inside stores, and at galleries where works by local artists is on display.  It is all free, and builds strong community around arts and music that bring people together and support local artists . . . bring your art!  Bring your music! 

    Things to do:  Wow, the list is only limited by imagination.  This area is Mecca for cycling, running, hiking, surfing, white water kayaking, horse back riding, brewing, organic farming, bee keeping, knitting, we have a Fire Arts center for ceramics and glass which could evolve into bronze casting, etc.  We have Blacksmiths and Leather Workers, coders and technologists.  We are a community of doers, not full of folks who are looking to sit back and watch the world go by without pitching in and helping create it. 

    Good productive land is still cheap by relative standards.  What is your dream?  How would you use it?  Who would you invite over for dinner?

    I live on a farm, work in town, play on the weekends, love life, and still have the time to spend quality time with friends, family and loved ones daily.  You could too . . . wherever you choose to live . . . it is just easier here.

  • Hello there,
    My names Lauren, im 22 and currently reside in South OC. Im sick of the bullshit, traffic, pollution and stuck up botox bitches that plague Orange County. Ready to get away to somewhere new.  I will be driving up to Humboldt with my boyfriend April 12th to check out HSU campus. Want to check out the place before we move up to Humboldt in July. We are hoping to stay up there through 420! (April 12-20) If anyone could put me in contact with someone that we could help trim and possibly find a place to stay or a place we could camp. We are down to earth, no bullshit, chill people just looking to meet some new people.

    Please contact me at holasoylauren@aol.com

    Peace, Love and Smoke

  • I lived in Arcata for 6 years as a student and spent most of the time
    walking around in the woods and the ocean I really felt happy. there are
    many great hiking trails and beaches in Arcata and a short drive along
    the coast I tried returning twice as a homeless person and found it very
    difficult they have strict anti homeless policies and only a few can
    last low key smart and lucky you might have to make runs to eureka for
    services they give camping violations for just lying down and then
    threat a trespassing violation if you remain in town they also stop all
    homeless services several months out of the year to get the drifters out
    of town and the town is so small its really hard to hide and if you are
    not a typical student you begin to stand out in the small town in a few
    months I was shocked by the attitude of some of the people that borders
    on militant their is a real backlash from years of cultural conflict. I
    love the positive youth culture and the many friendly people far out
    way the negative finding work can be difficult but their is eureka just 5
    miles south 30,000 pop if your persistant you will win out if your
    homeless the weather is a killer Im from the central coast so all that
    rain and cold good luck think positive.

  • Looking to take my motorhome to a hippie commune or village. I know its a ways up but I’m down….I need to go where I can bring my kids and where I work build expand…..

  • Wow, women can go topless around a plaze? Gee, in conservative backwater Austin Texas women are allowed topless any place in public. And hippie*, right? Come on.

  • I am looking to take a road trip to Humboldt County in August, to check
    out this place I have been pictuing in my mind for a long time. I’m
    going to do the road trip on the cheap as I don’t have much money. I
    would love to find some cool locals who are community and local food
    oriented, who are chill and would enjoy hanging out with me and showing
    me around. I enjoy good wine, local brews, hemp culture, 420 activities,
    but not a stoner, I have a degree in architecture and love learning,
    running, exercising, participating in community events, making great
    art, ect. I am a very fun person. I will be camping out most of the road
    trip but would be greatful if anybody could offer a warm couch and
    shower. I can return the favor if you have anything you need built, I am
    an accomplished carpenter and designer and can do amazing things with
    wood. If you are anything like ‘Humboldt Native’ we will get along very well. I am 27, but very mature and down to earth and sort of an old soul. Please email me if you can help me get where I am going in life. my address is: oceantreesunsea@yahoo.com. Hope you can help and want to hang and have a good time swappin’ stories!



  • Pretty simple if you are implant here what gives you the right to bitch, about pot smokers, homeless, panhandlers, college students, etc.  You moved to the golden triangle, home of the Redwoods, and home of the best pot in the US.  Did you think that you would move to Humboldt and not run into pot smokers, and the people who want to smoke it, and do you think you are the only person who has the right to see the redwoods.  People come here for many reasons, from all walks of life, and people see and explore, and live different ways, and people have different resources available to them.  The main bitch i have is people basically coming here with scissors around there necks thinking they are going to get a job trimming or expect it.  I have lived here my whole life 33 yrs, and you implants that are bitching are the ones causing us locals the problems, not the homeless.  Just because you buy a house here does not give you entitlement, so get over yourself.  If you come to humboldt, trinity or mendo, you are going to be overly exposed to pot smoke!

  • Looking for a 420 friendly room for rent or 1 bedroom apartment for me and my boyfriend for the next year. We will be full time student at HSU and CR.

    If anyone cool has a friend looking for a roommate please tell them to email me at holasoylauren@aol.com

  • My son Paul A. Allen 20 years old hiking California, loves places like Arcata. He was last said to be headed to Eureka California. Has a cell phone,but it’s been turned off now for two weeks today. His dad has gotten real sick the last few days and he’s needing to talk to his son and we need to try and get him home due to his dad needing surgery. Paul is about 5’6" from Ellijay Georgia, brown hair, getting a long beard now, blue eyes, has three tatoos a pirate, puzzle pieces and a skull with swooping things coming down his ribs. Has a dark blue back pack and may be traveling with one other guy. He started out walking the ap and had a trail name of Lucky. Please keep a look out for someone with this description, if you have seen him and knows where he was headed please call 706-889-3618 this is his sisters no. we are in georgia. Thanks so much and enjoy life, but don’t forget about the ones that love you, keep in touch so they know you are still loving life. Cindy a very worried mom.
  • Hello there! We are the three amigas and are heading your way, in a month from Homer Alaska… We are coming to your great town pooor and happy. i lived there a couple years ago but had to go back to arizoina for my family, and didnt get the full arcata winter!! we are  looking for a place to rent for the winter, i do have a small Awesome dog/ alien… shes her own species. And a amazing med sized dog that just wants her stick. We are three friendly clean super coool ladies.

    if you have or know of a place for us ladies please email me at lizmorphis@ymail.com

  • Does anyone know of a Madeleine (Maddy) Baker. I’m trying to locate her and get in contact with her. She would have just recently come to the area.

  • Farmers market is going on in many parts of Humboldt and run by the people such as Arcata,Eureka,Fortuna , even Rio Dell, I go to the one in Fortuna and I enjoy, taste the local apples in the fall known as the King Range apples, chop and microwave a apple for 3 minutes and mush it up and add cinnamon.yum

  • Hotel professional and 4 Decades, a Stoner, looking to relocate to Arcata.
    Any advice, would be Kind.

  • Um rent is NOT cheap here.

  • I’m about to turn 19, from the southern Boston area and I’m thinking about relocating to Arcata. If there’s anyone that can give me advice, help, or anything else is greatly appreciate it. 

    You can send me an email at stuka2710@gmail.com
    Much love, Will
  • Larry- 15 years old coming here to party? no, no

  •  I am a devout nudist and have been most of my life. where in humbolt county can i be a nudist hippie without being harrased by local fuzz?

  • My husband nbd I are seriously considering a big move to CA from FL  and
    are looking for a commune or hostel or some type of economical way to life life
    until we can get settled. Somewhere in Humboldt around EUREKA I work in customer
    service and He is a an ASE  certified Mechanic, Looking for a peacefull
    community where I can learn more about herbs and sustainability and make some
    new friends. We are thinking of moving in late March. Does anyone know of a
    hostel or commune or something where we can stay for a while?

  • in 1 month i will be selling every possession i own flying to arcata and just winging it no plan no money no place to stay and i couldn’t be more excited

  • I am looking for a drive out to arcata… I live in new york state. I would also work or clip for food and a place to stay, I would like to meet some people like me. If you can help with either a ride, a place to stay in exchange for work, or just any suggestions, please e-mail me at zakiahbonnerwith@hotmail.com

  • I think Arcata basically sucks. The thing about topless women is a half truth. Women are allowed to go bare breasted on the Plaza only, during an event called All Species Day Parade. It’s a rather brief period of bohemian debauchery allowed (but closely monitored) by Arcata Police. Also, the bum rate is exceedingly high in both Arcata and Eureka. Arcata “homeless” people tend to be much more aggressive as pan handlers than in Eureka. The odor of pot waifs through the air in many places. Aside from the university, Arcata has little to offer. The jobless rate in the county is also quite high.

  • greetings!

    i’m an artist and educator from berkeley and i’ve been in arcata for a few months staying with friends. to save on rent, i’m looking for a work-trade in Arcata for a private room or studio of my own. i can help with childcare, cleaning, and odd jobs around the house. this would be short term from now (October) to mid-December (winter break).

    i come with a super cute manx cat who is well socialized to other cats and dogs. we’re a clean and tidy unit! if interested or know of someome else please email me : punkdub@gmail.com


  • I am looking for a place to move and have at least 2 dogs that are great, I have 2k, work skills and a car… looking to live inexpensively and off the land in some fashion. I am currently located in WA state, anyone with info on moving to this area in this kind of way please email me at luxloanlion@gmail.com

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