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Ashland, Oregon

20 minutes over the northern Calif. border. Ashland is a college town with lots of shopping, parks, theater, art and of course outdoor activites. Camping, fishing, winter skiing, water skiing. Lots of free places to parking lot camp or in the great outdoors. Tons of Hippies, young and old.

The hill and valley environs of Ashland Oregon speaks to the hippie mind with an eastern slope of lush greens created by flowing water contrast by rolling oak cover hills to the West. Under the cover of a celestial sky. Like a garden in the sun, Ashland has long born the fruit of many artists and seekers. Give time to Ashland and you will experience a living museum of the movement that predates that of the Haight.

Ashland is hands down the most magical, incredible and delicious country in oregon (just my humble opinion of course!). lithia park is a trippers delight, filled with duck ponds, a human sized rat wheels to play on, trees of every family and a gazillion and a half hiking trails for you and your pals to discover! on any given day you will see little billows of smoke arise and big, wandering eyes enthralled in all natures majesty. i cant say enough about this wonderful place filled with beauty, spirit and the best vibe you can possibly imagine! if you do take a road trip on over, you must check out evo’s downtown. its hip beyond belief, not that every place in ashland is not, but it is a hippie lovers delight! peace to you all, and i hope your paths will someday lead you to this breath of fresh air!

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