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Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a very hippie friendly communnity with a couple small communes in james island and king street downtown offers the kindest of nugs and greatest of brothas and sistahs. It is the coolest, most layed back town, with the nicest people. Downtown Charleston has stores such as Loose Lucy’s, Exchange Factor Five, Black Mineral Market and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. Within the college, College Lodge (dorm) was featured in “High Times Magazine” as one of the most drug affiliated dorms in the U.S.

The Market in downtown Charleston, S.C. is an absolutely groovy place to be when it comes to hippies. Downtown Charleston also includes other great stores such as Granny’s Goodies and the Exchange Factor. there are lots of good music stores in the area such as Manifest Disks and Tapes and for used Cd’s the Exchange Factor is the place to be. the best restraunts in the area are Papillion (kinda expensive and upscale italian, but the best pizza buffet for lunch – whole wheat pizza cooked in a stone oven), Andoleni’s Pizza (cheap good thin crust pizza), Moose Mountain (my favorite coffee shop), and my mom’s cooking (will fatten any skinny hippie up). there is lots of live music at night until two, when all the bars close down. grab a free times from the Exchange Factor or anywhere Downtown, they usually have all the listings. also, just walking around downtown is great itself. there are lots of great art galleries to stick your head into.

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