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Crestone, Colorado

Located in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, elevation 8,000 feet. .Talk about a hippie haven, you will not find another town like this one. I think the term “far out” describes this place the best. Besides lots of hippies, Crestone has many Spiritual and Healing centers, Environmental activities, Human potential organizations and the annual Crestone Music Festival is held every August. Located nearby is Valley View Hot Springs, another hippie haven of it’s own!

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  • Did a little research on this town, sounds interesting. Looks like a place very friendly to alternative religions and spirituality. They got a zen center, as well as a sage house, and some other strange sects I’m not aware of. I wished my hometown of Lakeview, Oregon had all these spiritual centers, but all they got are Christian churches, several of them fundamentalist. I checked their real estate and it’s much more reasonably priced, something you can’t say of Boulder. I saw a pyramid-shaped house for sale, how cool. I’d never known a place elsewhere where you can find such a house. Plus there are several art galleries. Crestone doesn’t look like it’s an incorporated town either and it looks rural. Looks like a place without so much that snotty and pretentious element you might get with Boulder. I don’t know. The drawback, I’m very certain, because of the altitude, would be the harsh and brutal weather.

  • Crestone, Colorado in most ways is quite appealing. Great views, great water, lots of sunshine, few people, scant police presence, but it’s rapidly losing its appeal. It wasn’t long ago when one could buy a lot in the Baca Grande (adjacent subdivision) for very little, hook up utilities for a reasonable amount, secure approvals from the POA (Property Owners Asso.) with reasonable application fees, etc. That’s all changed now. The POA, the Baca Grande Water & Sanitation Dist, and, to some extent, Saguache County Land Use, have all become very money-driven and in the case of the BGW&S to the point of being predatory. Of all the agencies one has to deal with when relocating to build a home in the Baca they (BGW&S) are the most problematic but they at least provide something for your money. The POA, on the other hand, provides absolutely nothing for the $500 building permit fee required or the $220 annual dues. They say they protect property values by maintaining and enforcing covenants but if you really look around the Baca you’ll see more blight, ramshacled buildings, unsafe structures, etc. than ever before. The POA has become a self-serving, self-absorbed, and, worst of all, has switched from being an advocacy for the membership to a regulatory instrument against it. There is really no functional reason for this agency to exist at all. So, basically, if you’re not planning on building but visitiing or renting, go check out the area.
    Mountains are spectacular, many hiking trails to take advantage of but take lots of insect repellant in the summer time. Some years the mosquitos are unreal. Every year the knats and flies dominate the lower elevations.

  • what up crestone
    hangin in the park sellin some good green to the locals
    too bad its so cold there
    i love some of ya
    you know who you are

  • If any of you go to renfaires around the country, you may be interested
    to know that the ‘headquarters’ for Crystal Stix and the Cameleon are here.

  • I live in denver and afew years back I met some people from crestone during a “teen help seminar” anyway I ended up going to vist them a while later, I’d never been or heard about crestone. The town has alot of really cool people and some weirdos And not weird in a good way.
    The ashraum is absolutely amazing, The veiw, the energy it’s wonderful. I do however amagine that if you didn’t know anyone there it might be pretty boring for a while.

  • Crestone is truely unique in all the world. I live there part time and would compare it to what Nederland used to be in the 70’s, with the added bonus of UFO’s, spiritual centers and bears. The weather is not cold. It used to be, but the San Luis Valley is a real casualty of global warming and has been in drought for three years. The winters are mild and the altitude makes it comfortable to be outside in the winter for hikes, building, cutting wood, soaking in hotsprings. If you are a hippy you will feel very at home here. I am not, and often have to supress massive eye rolling when I go into town and see the trustafarians striving to be strange, and the predictable hippy uniform (or costuming) of the town folk and transient, often unstable folks who drift through town. There is a strong sense of community among the residence there although with so many ideologies floating around there are often clashes which are peacfully dealt with at community meetings or voiced through newspaper editorials. There are some real interesting social experiments going on in town that are the positive outcome of hippy culture. A resturant co-op, organic food store, and outdoor market on weekends, alternative architecture, alternative fuels, and organic farming, not to mention spiritual centers and alternative healers. That reminds me, don’t have an accident or an injury because there is not a traditional health care or medical center. You’ll be fine if you want to get a message or some “rescue remedy” for a broken leg – a not so positive outcome of hippy culture – ignoring the real necesities of survival in favor of idealism.

  • actually there is a clinic in the baca now. why are you so down on the hippies? Ignorance is not a virtue.

  • The person who commented on the $500 building fee and $220 annual dues got it righr , except the dues have been raised to $235. We got 4 lots real cheap because the previous owner got tired of fees, fees, fees

    Did I mention that the county extracts a building permit fee and also requires taxes?
    And the Water San district gets an arm and a leg for services. $70 per year to just look, then $5,000 if you want service plus $900 hook up plus parts and labor

    The locals are among the greediest you will find anywhewre, but don’t chalenge them — you will regret it. They will never let you build.

    I had a lady who wanted to run for POA board but they blackballed her.

    These folks actually spent $1oo,ooo to build a swamp!

    The roads are maintained for the favored few and the one million they raise each year is spent mainly on the priveleged class plus employin g their friends at the golf course, etc.

    It is not a nice place to visit ($75 to $150 for bed & brerakfast, one example of which consisted of raw carrots! really)

    And you sure would not want to live there. 100 mile round trip to buy an aspirin or even 3.2 beer!

  • If you don’t like the politics of Crestone then don’t move there. Every place has them, & at least they’re trying to keep things to a certain standard. Actually, the less people that move there, the more of a sanctuary it will remain 🙂

  • Spyce has an interesting, but warped, view. To make people stay away by being obnoxious is what Hitler tried to to to Jews.

    My view is that it is better to have hundreds of people hapy than just a few.

    The Baca grande was platted with 10,000 lots. The hippies knew that from the gate, but tried to pull the community down.

  • Hey, Im staying in Denver and would really like to come down to Crestone to check it out. I have to go to jail in two weeks for taking off my clothes while in a bar. Not perving, just forgot that it wasnt Kalalau for a second. Any way if anyone reads this maybe you could tell me about any parties in Crestone in the next few weeks or underground tunnels to Mexico??

  • i brung p-nut buttar all the ways frum arkansas………..but cripes..it was SKIPPY—-not organic dang the luck, i thought they mights be apprexciative.

  • I have lived in Crestone, and to call it “hippie” is really not accurate. In fact you would probably get made fun of there for using such a work. If however you are interested in community, and alternative building, as well as a thriving spiritual community, you would probably love Crestone.

  • Blessings: If anyone is interested helping I would like to set up a Spiritual Gathering in Crestone this summer (june 20-21-22). I feel very moved to do this. I was fortunate to have lived in Crestone during the early 1970’s after my return from Vietnam. During my three years in Crestone I was a student and friend to a wonderful spiritual teacher and elder, Glen Ulysses Anderson. Glen (who was in his 70’s at that time)told us he had been sent by the Ascended Host to begin the first stages of preparing Crestone to become a Spiritual Model community at the beginning stages of the Aquarian Age. Some of the predications Glen shared with us during our studies was the Fall of the Berlin wall, the end of communism as a world power, the use of an electronic device that would allow people from all of the world to gather and talked to one another (internet), the down fall of religious insititution through the uncovering of shocking evidence, the war over oil in the middle-east, and the ending of mass slavery by large corporation and probably the most significant that Crestone was to be a spiritual model community. He told us that a 50 miles radius around Crestone was a vortex of energy and that anyone coming into this area would feel almost immediatedly influence their true-nature (current awareness.) For some the enrgy around Crestone would be very difficult for some to handle and for others energy would feel like a mystical experience. He also said many would be guided to this Crestone without even knowing about it but would feel moved to move there. He told us soon many of the major religions would come to Crestone to build santuaries for sharing and interacting with others not of there faith, yet to begin the tearing down of the barriers that keep humanity separated by ‘fear-based dogmas’. Basically people from across beliefs systems would come togather to acknowledge the truth of Universal Consciousness that is a Sacred Bond with all humanity. “…God is not a personage, but a Life force that is within all things Real. To help build a relationship with this ‘force’ Glen taught that spending daily time in silence, could we e begin to unreveal the destorted view we had of ourselves, ourworld and God the Father/Mother of all life. He called this force simply the “Father Within.” Books and teachers are fine..but they can only take you so far… finding your true identify lies within you and know one but you can claim this…but once you do…you begin to see how precious all life is and how wonderful is the Love of God for those that will accept it. The age we are coming to is a chance for those that are ready to accept Love to given a chance to share it without the distorted chaos that has been going on since the last great awakening over 26,000 years ago.

    Glen predicted that was to be a new paradigm of how we interacted in our daily lives.. people with special gifts would come out in masses to open share there wisdom, healiing and new thoughts on how to unite humanity and end the poverty and privation that has existed since the last great cycle of change.

    What I visualize happening in Crestone this summer is to bring people and organizations together to take a heart felt look at why they are here and what they can do to promote peace and harmony around the world…but specifically in Crestone.

    If you feel moved to be of help or want to participate please feel free to e-mail at jlujan99@comcast.net

  • Most of these posts are from the same person – notice the apostrophe ” instead of ‘

  • Crestone Colorado has the worst climate I have experienced.
    Cold 9 months out of the year with temperatures dipping to -40F. Spring time is horrible: wind storms that fill the air with sand and agricultural chemcals from farms in the San Luis Valley.
    Combine the miserable climate with the 8,000 foot elevation and you’ve got a little piece of hell on earth!

  • I go to the crestone charter school and its fucking great shchool , i say fuck the jock and those fucking preppy bitches. We go sking on friday and we just got back from japan and next year is brazil bitc, the mentorship Mentoships from Auto to Zen Bhuddism It prepare you for you you want to do and you can also do other cool shit so fuck you this school is great fuck moffat and saguache assholes

  • This has got to be one of the funniest things I have seen. I can’t believe that people are actually posting things about Crestone….most of which are exactly right on. Crestone is absolutely a strange place. You have to be one that likes the “uniqueness” (if that is what you want to call it), of it. I agree it is a beautiful place to visit, and if you like hiking then you should go there atleast once, but to live there…you have to be half nuts. Although…just like the people who live there and talk shit….if you don’t like it then LEAVE. You all have entirely TOO much time on your hands.

  • Well I moved here on a wim took the old road trip, had a friend staying here, came to the town and cried!!! The woman who do not care about hygiene, The scrubby men. The wanna be dreadlocks to get attention, they act like they do not want. The kids running wild. The Co – Op what a joke, Do they really know what a hippy really is??? The together ness, The comfort, the lifestyle, is not here. Oh My God it is a joke a real fucking joke. The is no community loveliness. It is not here. Alot is true what you all say. I have seen more togetherness in bigger brighter cities. This town sucks.

  • well i have been here for about a year now, the people judge you. lie about you start horrible vicious rumors. you are an outsider for about 3 years here, people do not take pride in them selves, baths, hair nasty not brushed. they let their children run around with no shoes, naked, dirty faces. social services need to come take some of these children away, the parents are all hooked on dope and do not pay attention. we have had men attack woman, police wont arrest the man because no where to put the dog. bar owners doing meth and ripping people off. high schoolers out of control with drinking, shrooms, and weed. So call dirty hippies buying and giving the kids alchol, drugs. Meth is a problem here. yards are nasty houses not finished for years. teepee life. there are some good points retreats, zen places, spirtual beings. the mountains are awesome, but you have to deal with the bs all the time, the gossip is way too much. the so called happy hippies who are the most con artist people around the mooch after others to feel sorry. what i get from this town full of lazy dirty nasty people. good place to visit for camping and rock finding or hiking. but to live you have to be poor and stuck like chuck. think about it.

  • sangre de cristo inn very nice and cozy. $80.75 a night. fridge and nice clean rooms views, and good housekeeping daily. check it out.

  • From the comments already posted, sounds like an interesting place to visit, but I might not want to live there. It also sounds like they need an English teacher.

  • There are some good techers in Crestone… The kids get their likings from their parents and bad habits are ignored. Laid back atmosphere.
    Things are set back here about 30 – 40 years. Ass backwards town.
    Good place to visit but not to live. Scencery is nice as far as mountains, people are different. yes what was stated earlier is true, hard town.
    Work is hard to find, grocery stores are about an hour away and civilations. So if you want a break come visit. But to live expect a hard road ahead of you. We all have been through the gossip and crap and yes it does take about 3 years to be accepted. Manners are hard to find in this town. Get waves as driving, but….

  • Yes Bob it is a very bad place to be.

  • well some movie stars have houses here, Richard Gere, Kirk Russell, Shirley McClaine. You have some nice houses out in the Baca area, near the sand dunes. It is dessert like, the foothills of the Sangre De Cristo mountains, nice to look at. dirt roads, hiding for the government, there are police that patrol there. the are drugs there. there is dirtiness there.
    Pleasant if you are blind. Games are played here, people sleeping with each other. The Silver Palace (bar, one and only) The owners try to control the town, The have drugs deals going on, paying people to sleep with them. Danger zone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The town is cute, small, and strange. Very out dated. Laid back to extent. Some kind people, some awful people. Some panhandlers, some helpful. Like every other small town.
    Pothead, drug addicts, and your whores. You have woman who ignore their children, teachers that are cool. Nudist. Users, Liars and cheats.
    what else could you ask for.????????:

  • I’m in the san luis valley and having a terrible time finding a hook up…anyone have suggestions?

  • Well the children that go to the Charter School, are very far behind, They are not taught properly, more laid back then anything. I was very disappointed with the school. The lack of education was terrifying. The parents have to blind or completely stupid not to recognize this. By far Crestone is so out of touch with the real world. Lack of work, Lack of community, there is absolutely not one thing for the children to do there.
    There is plenty to do for adults, this is not a place to raise children. This is more of a healing ground and go on place. As spoken earlier, really think it over to live there, go visit for a few and move on. Hike smoke a joint, trip, and leave. Do not get trapped into the bullshit. You will not succeed here as an adult or child. I feel so bad and pity the people who are there. It is not a beautiful place, if you really want to see Colorado go to Manitou Springs, Garden of the Gods, Aspen, along 70 is absolutely beautiful. Think your vacation over, much better spots to go to.

  • First of all, the “Crestone” community is, of course, including the majority population which live in the Baca, to the South of the actual town. Just to clarify for those who were not sure …

    Think of Crestone like an amplifier of your thoughts. Think of Crestone as a place where your personal issues will be brought to a head, whatever they are. As a result, there are folks who exist in a state which could be described as “raw” or opened without defenses, or simply just freaked out. Also, there are those who have found comfort in knowing themselves, and they do just fine. If you enjoy introspection, it is the right place.

    I do not dispute any of the postings I find here – they are all valid, from a certain point of view. Most poignant for me is that it is a very challenging place to raise children.

    One day I will return to the area, for some period of time, to live or to visit, and that trip will be personal. The community is that which you build, which could be said anywhere, and as with anywhere, one must look before they leap.

  • I was in Crestone this past weekend, and I must have had my head in the sand, because I thought it was a charming quiet town. Granted November is not when the music festival happens, but I loved it. We stayed at the inn and it was lovely, clean, and the inn-keepers were wonderful. As a visitor, I have to say I have raved about it to my friends. No one offered drugs or sex, and I did not smell body odor on anyone.

  • Hippy? Isn’t that word a bit dated? I moved to the Baca about 2 years ago. It is a large area adjoining the small town of Crestone. Maybe this website is tailored only to unemployed, back to the earth types, I don’t know, but if you can afford to live here, it is wonderful. Not much work around here unless you are in the trades.

  • How many spirit based towns are there in the U.S.? Anywhere there is a lot of energy it can swing either way to the positive or negative. Here is a catalyst for social change blooming. Help or don’t. This could be an incredible sustainable community with a little love and urgency. Eventually when globalism disentegrates small communities will be all that matter. Good luck ,all!

  • Well, Folks…Crestone is like any other small community which has been “discovered”
    by the “new age”. The folk singer Greg Brown said it best..”Where people used to live thier lives, Now the restless come and go”
    I lived and worked 5 years there in the ‘early days’ and even then it was a love/hate relationship. I agree with a posting here stating “you will face your own issues”.
    I still have deep love for many fine friends of those days though I was “ejected” for
    political reasons. The area is not as hip as one may think. As Pogo said..”We have met the enemy and it are us” Good Luck, Crestone…take a deep breath.

  • I,m an old Durango hippie looking for some peace and quiet. I thought about moving to Paonia for this reason. I,m not wealthy,and I work hard for what I have. But after reading some of the comments on this web site I do not want to live around angry,foul mouthed,ignorent podunk!!! I,m sure thier are a few nice folks in the area. But no one wants to move to a town were ignorence and violence seem to go hand in hand. It is a shame that a town that sounds as nice as yours can be dirtied by such uncouthed twits.

  • Well well well, what do we have here a failure to communicate. I am the one the only crazy bitch to tell it like it is, Yes so much is true of what you all say. Like Oh My God. It is a dirty town, a strange ville, a smelly town, much chaos. The Baca is out of the way, but they stroll in, they talk, they hide, yes drug use is here. Yes there is no child care, Yes there is things for the adults to do. Yes we have the masked man wondering in, stealing, raping we are a town, corrupt cops, we try to fit in, but we can’t! We hide from the government, we cry, we laugh… There is crazy Amy she will fuck anyone for a drink. Good looking girl, crazy as they come. You have the bar, yes full of METH

  • Ah!!!!! I just discovered this very liberating site. How interesting to read the various opionions. There is something deeply relaxing in reading similar resonance. I loved “dead ends” commentary on the educational scene here. As I still live here, although not for long, I don’t want to hurt too many feelings ; in the school community my voice is already well known. It is sad here in respect to the children. I heavily caution people not to move here if you care about your childrens education.It is pathetic and deeply sad to me what goes on here. The saddest part is it is only a mirror of the families who are part of the community. Those that have chemical dependences and put their addictions before their children, those that are on a spiritual “path” who put their “search” and gurus before their children, and those who are ignorant and who only know their own childhood experience and havent bothered to expand their knowledge and learn about some of the beautiful and successful models for holding the children in the educational world. They are trying to reinvent the wheel here and the children are the guinne pigs. There are the people who are calling a spade a spade but they are the minority and its hard to be heard in a sea of “origional thinkers” and people who are holding the view that Buddah nature lives in all of us. Including insane teachers that are harming the children. It’s too bad as it is peacefull and beautiful here with the potential to have the children grow in freedom away from bigger city media propaganda. Although it seems that the children get their share of daily Disney brainwash perhaps inpart because there is so little to do and the adults get lazy. Hell you can stay in your pagamas all day and nobody would notice. I might like Crestone at 50 when the children are grown. I had a specific purpose when I arrived here, its done and now my partner and I can’t wait to leave as the children are bigger and the consciousness at the school is shockingly low. They use their testing scores, which are averages, to defend their worth but it’s a load of crap. There are some good and decent things going on but the whole picture and overwhelming feeling is that it’s not working. We homeschooled but that is almost more challenging to parents and children because there is so little to do and my children were’nt thriving so they begged to go to the charter school. My 6 year old came home talking about drugs the other day as the teacher is passing out “say no to drugs” propaganda. I personally don’t see Watts, L.A. in Crestone and even though I feel like children could at least have a sense of protection from these things here, protection from their minds I mean, the school itself is bringing these concerns prematurly to them when they don’t have any awareness in the first place . It’s heartbreaking. We would leave today if we could, have to hang in there a few more months.Take a look at the local student who wrote in defence of his/her school on this site. Perhaps it would have made a thoughtful impression if their was any integrity in what was said, if there was any correct spelling and if every other work wasent fuck. That person is a perfect example of the education of the young people here. They do have some great experiences offered to them. Going to Japan with the help of one of the local cults, mentorships and some service projects, usually inspired by having to raise money for a far flung adventure. But really, the school is a disaster, and the smart and or financially able get their children out of here as soon as their big enough to boarding school or wherever else they go. Crestone has it’s obvious purposes for those who come here. There is little distraction and that is a good thing. It is intensely masculine and roots out your issues like nobodies business. If your dream is to build your own home affordably, alternativly, great. If you think you need a guru, ie a mommy or a daddy, to give all your power over to a let control your life, great come on down. If you love this climate, sunny, dry (good for alergies and asthma) cactus ,no bare foot walking we’ve got that going on. If you just feel that you must be here but you just don’t know why ,trust, the worst that could happen is that you might what? die. On some level that probally will happen, it’s not so bad really! Hey Love the one your with- including yourself. That’s my favorite hippy comment to end with.

  • almost sorry I found this site. Lived in Crestone Before the Baca. There was nothing back then. the locals took a while before accepting you, but they were at the very least kind. There was one family and you know who you are, who took me in and treated me as one of their own. The old man has always been someone who I have admired and will never forget. To them I say thanks. I will always remember my stay in Crestone with great fondness.

  • Regarding the bar: First, it is not a bar, but a restaurant. We had a vote and prohibited bars. The owners recently came before the town board and had their license renewed. There were no substantial negative comments even from close neighbors. No doubt there is negative energy from time to time inside, after all, the people there are drinking and they are not specially selected for being cool or friendly; the Silver Palace is not Cheers, but remember, there never was a Cheers. Cheers is a TV show in reruns. Most of the working people here do construction work, a few of them drink. It is unreasonably to have no place at all for them to hang out. Bottom line, the “bar” experience is optional.

  • Yes, Jason, I remember you. Hope you did well in New Mexico. A very interesting page, this is. Crestone itself is rather small old mining town, 76 souls. It was described by one critical visitor as a “bunch of shacks in a grove of cottonwood trees”. Many of the houses in the main part of town are owned by summer people who may only be in a few weeks out of the year. There are a few new homes, some owner built and pretty interesting. The mountains are awesome, but steep and inaccessible. Crestone is where the stores and restaurants are. South of town is a small subdivision, the Baca Grande, with a few hundred houses and a number of small spiritual centers. There is some construction work, some on strawbale houses, and a few other jobs but as said, it is not a rich or prosperous place.

    Generally it is a quiet, peaceful place, but probably not for the ambitious or critical; it’s a work in progress. The weather and bugs can be quite awful but sometimes, as in the current drought, the bugs let up and it can be warm and pleasant even in the winter.

  • I agree with the post about the negative vibe in Crestone. I go to the music festival there every year, and every year I feel that same incredibly eerie negative vibe hanging in the air. Perhaps before all the lost, searching people showed up here it may have been great. I think the type of folks who have descended upon the area are sort of messed up people. They have sucked all the good energy out of that place, if there ever was any to begin with. Happiness is in your own back yard. Be real. Living in “magical” Crestone is not going to fix anyone.

    I once went to one of the town’s websites and read about how indigenous people from “all over the world” used to pilgrammage to Crestone. It gave examples of Mayans, Cherokee, and Iriquois. It made me laugh! First, we are all “indigenous” to somewhere. Having dark skin doesn’t make you more or less indigenous. Second, the thought of some guy from Tonga paddling his canoe across the atlantic and then walking to Crestone is hilarious. Its as if the people of the world don’t have their own sacred places a little more nearby! How arrogant of Crestone! And the comment on that website about Crestone being like the Himalayas! omg! Its not like the Himilayas, its like…..the Rockies.

  • Forgot to add that folks there seem really uptight as well – and trying so hard to be something they are not. Sorry Crestoneys – but it is what I feel when I am there.

  • Gosh, it is sad to see that one person is posting nasty comments while putting down the place where I have lived and called home the past 4 years (I would guess about 10 or so of the negative comments found here are all from the same person).

    I can see that this person did live here once (or maybe still does) and must have been burned real bad by somebody, and that is sad in itself, yet such a thing happens everyday to many people in most places on the planet. I do know a handful of people here who did get screwed and some of them left, and I feel bad for them. I know that many of the hard feelings in this area are connected to POA, which runs the Baca, with several of the locals feeling a different form of government should be developed. But it should be noted the town of Crestone is not a part of the POA or its problems.

    Overall, the most important thing is that Crestone and the Baca is not anything like I’ve been reading here, and it is a shame, because Crestone and the Baca is an excellent, peaceful place, with the overwhelming number of people who live here very positive and kind. This section of this web site is suppose to be for hippies looking for a place to live or just visit, and Crestone is no question one of the more comfortable places for hippies and their families to live or hang out in. It is a shame one or two persons has made it look otherwise, but believe me, most of this garbage talk isn’t close to the truth.

    I know I must be one of those long harried freaky looking hippies that I read negatively about in this comment section. If you see me on the streets of town (and you will if you visit), I have very long hair and a long beard, I know my looks might scare those average, right wing American types who voted for Bush, since I know how such folks think of a person who looks different, but looks are deceiving and there are many men in this town, including non hippies, who looked just like me. Yes, Crestone might have some hippies who are dirty and many who are poor, but it also has other types of hippies, too. There is a wonderful blend of hippies here, young and old, who cause no harm to anybody. This web site is a hippy site, right? Well, the person who wrote that stuff below for sure can’t be a hippie and talk in that way about other hippies, nor talk in such a way about Crestone. Hippies cover a range of different kinds of people, all true hippies know this and are not bothered by this fact, and they would never make such a post at a hippie web site about “dirty hippies” – please! In a nutshell, this site has been spammed by a non hippie or two who hates Crestone and hippies in general. If you are a true hippie and you are reading all this, I know you already get my drift on this, more than likely before you even read what I have to say here. Most hippies can spot a fake a mile away.

    I grew up in NYC – now there is a bad place to live (but a great place to visit). In Colorado, before living here, I also lived in Telluride and Manitou Springs. Telluride was a long time ago – late ‘70s early ‘80s, it had hippies then, mainly poor ones, now days I guess only rich hippies live there. Manitou was far out, a good hippie town with older hippies, but Colorado Springs was too close by. Around the start of the 21st century I wanted to get back to living in a true small, isolated town like Telluride again, but a town that was more real than that place. I got to know several of Crestone’s locals after visiting the cool naturist hot springs down the road from town several times, and started to learn about this place and moved here 4 years ago. This area is different, no question, there really isn’t another town like Crestone in the US. The town’s beautiful mountains are alive and full of positive energy; most of us feel the great vibes coming from them.

    Are there a lot of hippies in this town? Yes! Anybody who would say otherwise is totally blind! But there are a lot of other good, non hippie people living here too. If you don’t like hippies, should you live here? – – NO! Is this an overall good place with some problems, yes.

    Crestone and the Baca are very liberal, more so than most other US towns, period. Hell, Bush only got 11% of the vote here the second time ’round (yet he won Colorado, but only thanks to the farmers out east on the Great Plains)! But you must remember that there are many people out there in the world who hate liberals, and hippies are liberals. So many people hate Crestone simply because of all of these far-out liberal people who live there. Buddhism, Hinduism, and other Eastern religions are the town’s main religions; could this also be why some don’t dig the place? Such an unchristian US town, with many folks from all over the world living here, oh my, how terrible!

    What about Crestone’s weather, is it really as bad as some claim? Depends on what you are used to. It does get very cold here most winter nights and many spring and fall nights, too. But, as the town’s weatherman (amongst other things) I can tell you that it has never once been -40°F (as somebody wrote below) ever in Crestone, it’s never even been officially -30°. Has it gotten colder than -20° some nights? Yes, but in most locations in Colorado that will take place on a few nights in the dead of winter anyway. But okay, it is a bit colder here at night than even most other locations elsewhere in the State, but it does warm up almost every winter day, too; with more sunny summer days than most other US locations – fact!

    I think the most upsetting things I have read here is what has been written about the children of this town and their schooling. You would think from a few of the stories written here about them, that our children are neglected and brain dead, or at least are being taught by brain dead teachers. This is a total lie. My own kids are grown now; they were raised in both Telluride and Manitou Springs. Both of those towns had excellent schools and my children did well in them and grew up fine. Yet after living 4 years here, I wish I had raised my kids in Crestone instead. Two of my grandsons might be moving here this summer, and I think the schools here would be perfect for them, as they will be better off if they do end up here than where they go to school now.

    It should also be pointed out that parents in the Crestone area have two choices where to send their children to school. You would never have known that by reading what is stated in the other comments. One choice is to bus our children 15 miles (on average) down the road to the town of Moffat at the traditional public school located there. From what I understand, it is a fine school. Then there is the local Crestone Charter School. Yes, this school is different; with the World Flag flying out front of it. The kids are taught differently, but once again with this being a hippie site and me knowing hippies as I do, I can assure any hippie parent reading this that they would be pleased with the school’s set up. That isn’t to say the school is a hippy school now, but it is different. I know two of the teachers there from the Baca Bunch, a local hiking group I belong to, and they are fine people. Not only are all the children of Crestone and the Baca learning the lessons of life well, the children here are very happy and seem much happier than your average children found in larger towns. In such larger towns, which I used to live in, I saw plenty of unhappy children; I do not see that here. Are there dirty little kids running around here as noted below? Yes, but they are happy and most little kids get dirty when playing in dirt (that being Mother Earth) all day long, and there is a lot of dirt here (open space) for children to play in and get dirty in! But that is a good thing!

    One last note about our children, there is no way that one comment left below, full of misspelled words and written by “My Name?” (our spammer could not think up a better name than that?), was for real! Give me a break if you think it was, but that was not one of our children from the Charter School who wrote that nonsense!

    In closing, you will not find another location that accepts hippies like Crestone and the Baca does. There are problems here, yes, but all places have some problems and I feel for that non-hippie person who felt she/he had to write out all of those nasty, misleading comments here (my guess is more of this person’s spam will follow, oh well, but I will also write the webmaster of this site to keep a look-out for this, since it isn’t real and such spam makes this site look bad, along with the town).

    Crestone is as kind as any place gets! You fellow hippies might find a warmer place to live, or a place that isn’t so isolated, yes, but you will not find better people than who live here, and the bottom line is that hippies are very much welcome here, and there are many of us hippies who would not want to live any place else!

  • crestone, colorado! what can be said? like any other place it has it’s good and bad, negative and positive stuff to deal with. i guess it all depends on what your looking for?

  • Lots of interesting comments… and thanks for scaring folks away! The slower we grow, the better… Crestone is like many small towns… local politics, gossips, etc are a down side… the up side is that here you can make your own choices… and experience your own natural consequences… you have two schools from which to choose… we have three restaurants now… two small groceries… and the best climate on Earth… really quite mild… The biggest problem are people who come here expecting others to make their choices for them or to take care of them and raise their kids for them…

    When you come here… take a breath… look around… take care of yourself and raise your own kids…

    Make your own choices… and be prepared to live with the consequences – positive and negative….

    Crestone is an incredible, peaceful place… and we know it… if you’re coming here to be taken care of or to take advantage of us, don’t even come into the valley – she will spit you out like you’re spoilage…

    Come here to feel the love the Earth has for a small community… and watch natural consequences in action…

    Love to all… my door is open as is my heart…

  • Umm. I aint stoned but i think crestone is great, and too diss CCS is just wrong , alot of students have been of great succcess most have left the US to go abroad and learn even more, because karen has taught us that we need to learn constantly and that we need to learn the world and its people and to exept all people and you should exept crestone. crestone by itsself is one word sorry two wordizzle’s ” fucking wierd” wierd can be awesome. Dont diss ccs I am doing great and im succesfull so my words “fuck ya’ all” and by ya’ll i mean those who diss the charter. Miss freel, miss hashbarger, dokson, and that guy from buena vista all suck Karen rocks Amulya rocks Mr bean u rock

  • Hi everyone Peace and happieness to ya.
    My new husband and I are comming to visit your town this comming weekend for haloween. We live outside of Vail now, I have discussed moving for some time, but I never knew were? I have not even seen the town yet, just pictures and great things from my friends. I grew up in a small town in arkansas (180) people, and I have been in Colorado for 7. I want to have a small family, and I want to raise my children in a place un touched by the scandels, money, and arraogance that runs our Valley. I am excited to see your beautiful area, and I WILL keep Crestone a secret. Have a peacefull and joyfull day.
    Amanda M. Kubby

  • My wife and I stopped in Crestone about 4 years ago on our way to go backpacking in the mountains nearby. Never in my entire life have I felt such incredibly NEGATIVE vibes. Their was hatred in the air, and it was everywhere. We formerly knew nothing of this town, we simply stopped for gas, and we were very sorry we did.

    Our first encounter was in the gas station, with a girl with long red hair driving a white VW bus with Grateful Dead stickers. Being that I met my wife at a Grateful Dead show, and we are both major fans of Jerry Garcias music, we often find other fans of Garcias music to be nice, laid back, cool people. This girl was mean. Just flat out mean and hateful would be the best way to describe her. She reminded me of some of the people who unfortunately attended alot of dead shows – the people who “try” really really hard to look like a hippy, and go out of their way to act weird. However, in reality, they have hatred in their hearts and are simply bad people. They are unworthy of trust, and simply do not “get” what being a hippy is truly about. These are the types of people who gave deadheads a bad name, and true hippies a bad name as well.

    I guess it saddened my wife and I to see a town that could have lots of potential being occupied by mean and hateful people who put off vibes of the worst kind. I wish I knew why these people feel the need to be such complete asses. It just doesn’t make sense. There are some people I work with who are right wing Bush supporters with ten times more love and compassion in their hearts than the Crestone citizens we encountered that day, not to mention a million times more intelligence.

    After backpacking for a week in the mountains, which as always leaves us feeling joyful and full of life, we unfortunately had to drive through part of Crestone to leave. We saw the red haired girl sitting in the back yard of a big white house with a bunch of people, with various Grateful Dead symbols on and around the house. We couldn’t help but wonder, could these be some of the complete morons who thought that Jerry Garcia was God? Or were they just the fake deadheads who followed the dead by stealing from others, begging for money when they were healthy and able bodied to get a job, starting riots to get into shows for free, etc…..? It was hard to say. But one thing was for sure, we could feel their cold cruel vibes loud and clear. You people should be ashamed of yourselves, ashamed for being such pathetic people hiding behind a fake identity that you come nowhere even remotely close to representing.

    As with everything in life, there are always exceptions. So for that reason I assume there are some nice good-hearted people in Crestone, but I couldn’t imagine what would keep a decent person there. Maybe years before it was a great place, and it changed for the worse like all good things? Just like the Haight-Ashbury scene, it was a wonderful place in the early to mid 60’s, then all the jerks like those I described above arrived and completely destroyed the scene. It went from being a safe place where one could find wonderful like minded individuals looking for something different, to a very dangerous place full of rip-offs, rapes, and bad people. Bad people just like those outside that big white house on that otherwise beautiful day.

    One cannot help but wonder, if Crestone has a good school, then why do the below postings of Crestone students make them sound dangerously close to being illiterate? It is quite painful to try and decipher their ramblings, and once you do, you find it void of any logical reasoning or rational thought. Parents really should expect more.

  • With so many people and so little water, how are you going to sustain such a large population in a High Desert setting?

  • There is a good portion of underlying tension in Crestone. With such a diverse group of people in the area that is unavoidable.There are also good people there who overcome all of that with love and compassion. Crestone has problems, they are just on a much smaller scale than the rest of the world. You can’t change the way people are, they will only change when they choose to change. Life is an individual decision not a mass brainwashing. Judging people for who and what they are is not the answer. Finding common ground between the extremes is. Crestone has the potential to do things differently than the rest of the world or to become like the rest of the world and allow the petty differences of human nature destroy that potential. Crestone will change in the coming years, like it or not. How well it adapts to the changes will determine an awful lot about the future here. Exclusion is not an option.

  • A mentor and friend told me about your town in December. He was a shaman who founded a group here in Texas and had lived in Colorado for a few years. He had only great things to say. I am anxious to visit and take in the natural and spiritual landscape. He passed away yesterday.



  • i love crestone. ive lived here for almost 10 years. i moved here from boulder when i was 7. i like boulder but its really crouded. i dont see how anyone could have any bad vibes about crestone. everyone there is nice to each other. i think anybody that thinks crestone is a negative place just because they met someone who was mean is negative. u cant judge a place if youv only drivin through it, thats just stupid

  • My gosh, I must add my comments after a fellow local hippie told me about this site and what has been written about my little home town. Actually, there is a lot of true, positive things written here, so it wasn’t as bad as I was told.

    The one thing that did get me is that there are 2 or 3 morons writing negitive stuff about the Crestone Charter School and the kids in this town. My own son goes to that school, and not only is he learning fine and has wonderful teachers, but the Crestone Charter School was rated this year (2007) to be the third best charter school in the entire state of Colorado, this comes from the Colorado board of education. I think that alone tell you that those people below who put down the school and its teachers don’t have a clue.

    I guess is that somebody who lives here, who hates the fact that there are so many hippies living in Crestone and the Baca, just wrote this negitive stuff to keep more hippies from relocating here. But the good thing is that 99% of those who live here, hippies and nonhippies, are all cool and very special people. If you are a hippy, you will love this place, you will not find a better place people wise. Yes the weather could be nicer here, and if you don’t dig living in the middle of nowhere – far from not only big cites but other towns too, well you will not find a better hippy haven than Crestone. We have 2 great schools to choose from for our kids, lots of open space, nudist hot springs nearby, the nicest 14,000 for high mountains that you ever saw, and lots of great people to live around.Yes there are a few folks that don’t fit in this town, but overall, I love it here and it is a great place to raise my son.

  • I visited Crestone for a few days this summer, and I found it to be very interesting. I was traveling by motorcycle and camping in the campground just north of town. There are limited facilities (groceries, etc), but I found Crestone to be a refreshing change from the normal.
    I am returning in a week or so for a week of camping by the neatest little creek. As for politics, drugs, schools (worthless or not), I could not care less. It is a great place to spend some time alone, and that is all I was ever seeking when I went to Crestone.

  • I spent 3 years in Crestone during the late 90’s. I had known about the town for years through a friend that used her talent as a healer within the community. She would come and go from the Valley as many of those that call Crestone their home do. It sounded like a paradise to me, and during a peaceful divorce after 12 years of marriage, decided that Crestone was calling me. I arrived alone after a 3 day drive, drove into town knowing no one, and found Curt’s. I couldn’t have been more welcomed. I assume what were the locals, treated me kindly and without rudeness. I think that all of the negativity in the posted comments must be related to the arrogant and self absorbed people that wander in or show up because they have heard how “spiritual” the community is. They expect to see burning bushs and monks levitating their way through town. Crestone is a unique and priceless place. It is true that the town or the the Valley might eject you if you don’t belong, but that is the same anywhere. It is a difficult place to live only in it’s remoteness to 24/7 services, and that is exactly why people choose to live there. Yes the spirituality load is high and diverse and works very well. People seeking or living in their spiritual and religious journeys have “attitude” too, there is nothing wrong with that. You folks that run on hear-say, or had a negative experience during your 2 day visit, or saw to many long hairs in town, or got yelled at by locals while driving 35 mph through town, really don’t have anything to give to community at all. Give some respect to all of those people that have sweat, bled, supported, organized, protected, and healed. This town has no issues that anyplace else does’t have. Let’s get off our soap boxes people and take alook around. Doesn’t our program begin in our own back yard? My challenges while running a business in Crestone for 3 years never stopped, but I never blamed the people that WERE the town for my difficulties. We don’t all like one another, so what? Like anywhere else, show up with something to give back and watch the energy exchange work. Yeah, selfishness doesn’t work in Crestone or anyplace else.

  • Crestone is not for everyone. If you come here to make your home you will have adjustment problems with the lifestyle, the people, and the weather. But then you would have the same issues no matter where you moved to. The thing you have to understand about Crestone is that it is different then almost any other place in Colorado. This is not a place to come to if you are looking to jump start your career. It’s a place to find your soul, to seek an inner peace and to perhaps touch serenity.
    Crestone is not so much a place as an idea. Your idea. It’s what you yearn for when you’re locked up in a traffic jam on the freeway. It’s the voice in your head that say’s there is more to life then a 5 bedroom house, a hot tub, an X-Box, cable TV, and a BMW.
    There are those in Crestone that find it difficult to adjust to the slower pace of living. To you I would recommend that you move to a place where you can find happiness. It’s pointless to be miserable. The secret to Crestone is not in the getting, it’s in the giving.

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  • Greetings,
    Ahh…Crestonia. The Enlightened community hype is just that. There is no shortage of greed, hate and delusion here. Those that live here know why and I will not talk about that. Hippee Hype… Just because you got long hair and smoke dope, don’t make you a hippy. Actually The true Hippy movement died decades ago and was taken over by Madison Avenue and now the term is pretty much irrelevant. (think alternative lifestyle). There are not a lot of so-called hippies in Crestone because there are not a lot of people here period. I prefer the term…long hairs which really tells you nothing. I’ve found the so-called hippy types here to be as judgmental as anyone else. It’s true that it takes a few years to be accepted here. That being said… if your not meant to be here this place will spit you out… pronto. For the hard-core f**k ups, the local vigilantes will take you to some deserted cull de sac and enlighten your sorry arse. This place is not for everyone…thank Buddha. There is not even a public place to do laundry here. There is little work and wages are generally low. There is very little housing available. Something about this place attracts misfits and the mentally disturbed. There is crime here. The dope if you can find any is generally very low grade. The flies, mosquitoes and no see-ums will carry you away during the spring and summer. There are Wind and dust storms, flash floods and generally dry conditions. This area will have a catastrophic fire some day. There is always the possibility that on any given day you will have to flee for your life and there is really only one way out. Winters can be very cold. Crestone itself is a very small town and which is half made up of summer homes. Most people live in the Baca Grande subdivision which translated means BIG COW. It is somehow appropriate… there is an abundance of greed heads and speculators there.
    People there prefer to call themselves Crestonians because their mail box is there. LOL. The True Gossip Queen is a TOON. I know who you are!
    There is a lot of talk lately here about sustainability. Modern civilization itself is inherently not sustainable and most people in the Crestone area, are in no way prepared for the SH*T STORM that is coming. Wake up and die right!

  • Crestone… Uhh, what?!

    Sounds like one more place populated by college kids that has turned to shit. Many have good educations, but lack the life skills to be truly successful. The success is perceived and on par for such a small populace. They are “enlightened” and don’t need for anyone, except for their own, to guide and mentor. The end result: Become a member of a religious, self-sustaining, commune-like town. You are accepted if you use the word “blessings” alot.

  • I spent some time in 2000 and found the area to be spectacular, though it takes awhile to learn about everything. Really, after reading alot of the foregoing reviews, I suspect its the ole “dont tell anyone we are here”, mentality.

    I had a great time there, and highly recommend it.


  • Please keep this up. If you hate Crestone please keep posting. I love it. The more people who hate this place the better. Stay away please leave us alone.

  • The negativity you feel when in Crestone comes from within you and is not a result of anyone or anything but yourself. You feel that way because of something inside you, based on a collective of experiences you’ve had throughout your life. I’ve been to Crestone many times including to help tend the land for the construction of my parents home several years ago and the stars, the crisp smelling air, it practically forces peace of mind. Leave the politics to the people who live there. Go on a walk by yourself. Crestone is here for those who are open to receive it. I’m glad to see it ruffles so many feathers however, as that’s a good sign you doing the right things. I’ll see you soon.

  • There are indeed some there that are trying to live an alternative life.they live in the spiritual centers.Most however are self professed healers,therapists with credentials from themselves or the back of an organic cereal box.Everyone does massage,and a host of other “healing”.The graduates of the schools(charter and Moffat) are quite sad.They are either addicted to weed,booze,meth or coke.They are mostly sons or daughters of a trustfunder,they are in my opinion void of any ethical behavior.The typical trustie moves there with inherited money and then lives an alternative live,paying the bills and building a house with the inherited money,all the while dissing the system that gave it to them.If the money came from a father and they”re female they become misogynistic,and then that influences they”offspring.If married make sure,its strong.Have kids?DO NOT GO

  • I think many of the people who posted here, have yet to live here.

    I’ve lived in Crestone for 6 months now, and can say it is the most unique place in all of the US Ive ever lived, and Ive traveled all over the country.

    Crestone is within the San Luis Valley, a very special valley because it is absolutely massive, unique in its size on this planet, one of the few valleys in the world that is ever so slowly expanding. We are also right near the continental divide. The valley used to be a massive lake and ocean creature fossils can sometimes be found in the desert.

    This is a town that seems to bring out the extremes in people, in the land, and in people’s spirit. When I first moved here from Memphis, I suffered from elevation sickness for weeks. The people here are not alike, just about each and every one of us are individuals and characters, each with some amazing story of how we wound up here.

    alternative energy is something that makes me very proud of crestone, as i have never seen a place where it seems that half the houses here are running off solar power or wind.

    Crestone is not the place to come for a young single guy. The male to female ratio is like 8 to 1, and there is a small community here of young people and young adults, but the majority of us are married couples and retirees.

    The most wonderful thing about this town are the spiritual centers. They range across almost every religion you can think of. Many spiritual centers have arrived here and built incredible shrines and temples. The most impressive in my mind, are the hindi, buddhist, and japanese spiritual centers with gardens, greenhouses, performance areas, art spaces, and worship spaces.

  • I think many of the people who posted here, have yet to live here.

    I’ve lived in Crestone for 6 months now, and can say it is the most unique place in all of the US Ive ever lived, and Ive traveled all over the country.

    Crestone is within the San Luis Valley, a very special valley because it is absolutely massive, unique in its size on this planet, one of the few valleys in the world that is ever so slowly expanding. We are also right near the continental divide. The valley used to be a massive lake and ocean creature fossils can sometimes be found in the desert.

    This is a town that seems to bring out the extremes in people, in the land, and in people’s spirit. When I first moved here from Memphis, I suffered from elevation sickness for weeks. The people here are not alike, just about each and every one of us are individuals and characters, each with some amazing story of how we wound up here.

    one person had said they saw many hard drugs here, but this puzzles me as Ive never seen anything of the kind. In fact, I have a good friend here, who is here precisely because he is a recovering addict and knows that he cannot make a score.

    alternative energy is something that makes me very proud of crestone, as i have never seen a place where it seems that half the houses here are running off solar power or wind.

    Crestone is not the place to come for a young single guy. The male to female ratio is like 8 to 1, and there is a small community here of young people and young adults, but the majority of us are married couples and retirees.

    The most wonderful thing about this town are the spiritual centers. They range across almost every religion you can think of. Many spiritual centers have arrived here and built incredible shrines and temples. The most impressive in my mind, are the hindi, buddhist, and japanese spiritual centers with gardens, greenhouses, performance areas, art spaces, and worship spaces.

  • I moved here to Crestone a few months ago. First off, I gotta say, the comments that make Crestone sound like hell on earth are definitely not accurate. There are problems here, but compared to the problems elsewhere, like in big cities, this is paradise!

    If you’re a hippie or into real spirituality, this is a great place to live or visit. (I suggest visit first, of course. I didn’t, but I’m a little crazy!) It’s unique in that it’s a small town, yet also liberal. Most people don’t lock their doors! It’s a nexus of spiritual groups, but even if you don’t belong to one, just living here will challenge you spiritually. Part of it is the ruralness, the lack of modern conveniences, and how little things go wrong once in awhile, like pipes freezing in the winter or the car getting stuck in the mud (2-wheel drives probably should have studded tires in winter). If you need to live in a bubble, this is definitely not the place, but if you want life to confront you so that you grow, I don’t know a better one.

    The mountains and natural beauty also have a spiritual effect, and I’m finding it healing for both body and soul. They say this place is a powerful vortex, and I believe it. I always wanted to get out of the city, but I also didn’t want to be around the conservative, closed-mindedness associated with rural areas where I’d be judged because I might look different or have a different religion. It was a quandry until I found out about Crestone!

    I haven’t met too many people yet, but it’s been a bit of a culture shock. People wave to you as you drive by, and many were very welcoming when I first arrived. It’s a very good vibe.

    On the other hand, I think I might also be facing the non-yet-accepted thing mentioned below, but definitely not from everybody. This place is small, but there’s still diversity. Some have the rural xenophobia and the survivor’s hard heart, but others are genuinely nice people. Compared to a city, I’d say this place has more love. More weirdness too, but I’m probably weird too.

    What I mean by weird, I guess, is that people are human beings here, not the cookie-cutter, have a proper response to every situation, live in a bubble, white-washed, hide your shadow side, get away with showing only your tidy facade kind of person. People are more themselves–showing the good, the bad, and the ugly… as well as the beautiful.

    This fact hasn’t always made social interactions comfortable, but again, I didn’t come here to live in a bubble. I’ll take real over fake any day.

    I’ve always been a spiritual person and just never found too many people who really got me. A lot of spiritual people tend to be a bit neurotic (God knows I have my share), but I heard that Crestone is unique because although it attracts spiritual people, the neurotic or pie-in-the-sky types just can’t handle it here. What’s left is the real deal.

    Another thing about the people I’ve noticed is that a lot are not your average ambitious, materialistic, “normal” person. Living in the city all my life until now, I kinda forgot that there was another way to live, though at the same time, that’s exactly the path I’ve pursued. (I’m too young to be a hippie, but let’s just say sometimes I really miss not being around in the 60’s.) The kids here might not go on to be Ph.Ds (or maybe some will, who knows?) and I haven’t seen anyone in a suit and tie on the fast track to success. This all still feels a little weird to me, but really, this is why I came. Yeah, there might be lazy bums here, but on the other hand, maybe some of them are really doing the drop out/tune in/turn on thing without even knowing it. Imagine that.

    I don’t know anything about the politics, but I guess some people don’t like the POA. I can’t really comment, but I can say that if you’re into living off the grid, this is a nexus for that too. One of the two grocery stores is all organic; I love it.

    I don’t know anything about drugs here either, so I can’t comment on that either. Probably it’s around, but if you’re not into it, that’s cool too, just like anywhere.

    I’m pretty sure the comments about violence are way off. From what I’ve heard and seen, crime is pretty rare.

    The part about the lack of money and jobs is probably quite true.

    I think Crestone has evolved since this page was put up. It had a heyday with a lot of tourism, but I’ve heard that’s fallen off. Maybe some of the problems described below were because of the chaos caused by the growing pains of that time?

    On the other hand, a lot of modern conveniences have finally arrived, like a fairly decent cell phone signal and fairly fast high-speed Internet, so it’s not quite as backward as some comments below would lead you to believe.

    I came here with the vision of Crestone as the “Shangri-la of the Rockies”. (I’ve always been idealistic.) It’s not quite what I expected, but I’m very happy I came. Like they say: “You don’t always get what you want, but sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need!”

  • I recently learned of Crestone and to say that I am intrigued is a gross understatement. In lieu, of my curiosity and my affinity for things liken to the elucidated Crestonian culture I am looking to live there for two or three months this summer and I was wondering if anyone on this message board might have a spare room for a fair price (I can also do chores and such) available June to mid August? If interested contact me and I can tell you a bit more about myself. my email address is orangemountain49@gmail.com.

  • Just have to say hello to everyone. Hippys and non Hippys. 🙂 I lived in Crestone for 5yrs and I can understand the distress that everyone is feeling.
    When I was living there, I was still sleeping, spiritually, when one day, I woke up. I knew what I wanted. Its hard to explain. (The truth will set you free.) Without malise and regret I look at others. I was placed on this earth as a soul that is different then others. There are times on my path in life that I let people walk awhile with me and I with them, but I choose my own reactions and my own reasons for them, as do they. All I’m trying to say sometimes people have bad days. All though I was not a student at a school, I turned into one in the natural beauty and peacfulness. To be able to sit and feel my own feelings. I truely have so much love for everyone that were my teachers and friends. For I learn about myself through other people. I have found I must look within myself and find who I am first before I can help others. May the universal energy guide you to the path that is best for you.

  • I have to say that it is really sad for me to see people making such harsh judgments and gross generalizations about the crestone community. Granted the town has changed quite a bit since I moved away and when I visit now I only recognize about 2/3 of the people I see around town, the community of crestone is very special to me and has contributed greatly to all that I am today! What hurts me the most are the slanderous comments on the young people coming out of the local school systems. Let me start by proudly stating that I am a product of this school system! I graduated from the charter school and attended moffat prior to the charter school. I am happy to say that last month I finished my master’s degree and look forward to beginning a career soon. Perhaps this is not the path that all my fellow crestonians (younger or older) chose but I know for a fact that they are all doing quite well in their own right. While there are always moments of resistance and inactivity all of us find our way eventually. Crestone is no different than anywhere else. I would guess that percentage-wise, the amount of ‘lost’ young adults is comparable to any other middle-american town. If there is one thing that has always disappointed me about crestone, it is the inability of the older people (35+ year olds) in the community to embrace and build bridges with the community’s youth. And for those of you judging without having spent much time in the community and getting to know the younger members of the community, perhaps you should just stay away if they bug you that much because your judgments aren’t going to help them in any way. Keep in mind that you get from life what you put into it so I strongly suggest an attitude adjustment, and you should be able to get along ok no matter what town you’re in despite the scary youth that inhabit the streets.

  • My friend and I visited Crestone back in early August. We are both ex-hippies from the seventies, but I still retain much of my hippie values today. Both of us now have good professional jobs, just to give you our background. I personally have never been motivated to strike it rich, just to be able to afford good things in life such as travel and music.

    Her husband could not make the trip with us, and he asked that we check out the place for it’s representaion of all religions in one small town. My friend and I both thanked him later for the suggestion.

    As we turned down the long road leading to the base of the mountain, I felt this uncontrollable urge to take dozens of pictures. Something was drawing me to this place like a magent. Others may call it a vortex, but I suddenly felt a strange energy myself. This has only happened a few times in all of my years of travels. So yes, this place is indeed magical. There may be a bit prettier scenery elsewhere in Colorado, but not with this kind of energy.

    We stopped at the bulletin board to get some information, and the very nice man who keeps it updated suggested that we have lunch at the Harvest Restaurant, which is across the street from the only inn. I thank that gentleman to this day. My friend and I were truly amazed. It was a very nice and clean health food restaurant that was reasonably priced and had lots of colorful characters. Goodness gracious, my friend and I both felt like we went back in time to our hippy days! The vibe that I got was that this was definitely a place to chill out, since it is out in the middle of nowhere. My friend then told me that Colorado was full of old hippy towns, so I got to work researching them on the internet three months later and found this beautiful website.

    My own personal views of Crestone from just spending a couple of hours there – I will come back to visit, but I could never move there. When I am on vacation, I usually see as much of an area as possible in as little time as possible. Crestone was finally a place where I could actually picture myself just chilling out for a few days. I am also wise enough to know better than to overstay my welcome.

    Oh yes, I read all of the postings and I actually enjoyed watching the kids play in the dirt. If this scares away the uptight right wingers, then great, because those types would not feel comfortable in a wonderful place like this.


  • I was checking for any in Crestone that knew James Pratt
    Jim passed on Sunday afternoon Jan. 25, 09
    He had a brain tumor surgery 2 weeks ago
    Ken Little

  • LoL! Crestone is fine now that Lisa moved away.
    She was definitely a crazy bitch and is the one who posted all the silly bad things about the Silver Crest and The Charter School.
    What happened is she got kicked out of the bar for punching some girl. The girl told her son, after he had been hitting on her, that he needed to take a shower because he smelled awful. This infuriated the drama queen, obviously enough to smear the whole time on every site she could find!
    She even mentions people by name, that’s very low and shows you what type of person she is/was and why she might be motivated to hang out the dirty laundry for everyone to see.

  • Just returned from another week long trip to Crestone camping. I read these reviews and cannot help but wonder about some of them. For instance, one wrote that he and his wife knew nothing of the town and had just “stopped for gas” and noticed all of these negative vibes. WHAT????? How can one just “stop for gas” in Crestone? Where on God’s earth would you have been going to “stop for gas” in Crestone? The town is on the way to nowhere – and it is not possible to just “stop for gas” in Crestone. What a bizarre statement.
    I found – as last time – the people who run the little store, the people I spoke with in the town . . . everyone I met this trip to be very honest and likable. It is a nice place and there is SOMETHING there . . . alongside the creek in the campground . . . in the quiet and in the solitude that matters. Just my two cents worth.

  • Hmmmm…Crestone in a nutshell.

    It’s not a place for the faint of heart. Or the easily bored. Or those used to balmy weather. I’m a relative newcomer: been here for four years. It’s been quite a journey.

    On the downside: yes, there are some weirdos and obnoxious people here. (I met many of them while working at the POA, which soured me considerably on certain members of the local population.) This is true everywhere, of course, but the thing about this place is that, in spite of one’s best efforts to avoid these people, one inevitably ends up bumping into them at the post office or the bank. Yuk.

    Another downside is the rumor mill, (although I’ve heard that Saguache is worse). It’s like being in high school: if you say or do anything even remotely “interesting” (such as “I heard that you can get sex or any drug you want at the Silver Crest”), you can rest assured that it WILL be distorted and spread around town faster than the speed of thought. So I’ve learned to keep my mouth carefully shut, except with my closest friends.

    A third downside is the remoteness. If you like being able to run to the store and just pick up a couple of things to tie you over, then Crestone isn’t for you. The nearest Safeway is 50 miles away, and the prices at Curt’s (while it’s understandable, given the number of miles that food has to travel to get here) are exorbitant.

    The spiritual tourists can be a bit annoying. I’ve had to hit the brakes pretty hard a few times to keep from running over “followers” wandering in the road. They’re worse than the deer.

    And yeah, the bugs can be brutal. So can the dogs. And the Internet service.

    On the upside: this is quite possibly one of the most gorgeous places on the planet. All I have to do is walk out the door, and the mountains are right there. The sunsets defy description. In the fall, you can hear elk bugling at night, and it’s common to see not only deer and elk, but coyotes, bobcats, antelope, an occasional mountain lion, and–yes–bears. It’s an outdoorsperson’s dream.

    Another upside: no traffic. You can ride your bicycle around without feeling like you’re taking your life in your hands. A corollary to this is first-rate, pollution-free air (except in the spring when the wind is up.)

    A third upside: the good people here–and I would say that they make up about 90% of the population–are REALLY good. You have to be made of some pretty exceptional stuff to survive here.

    Finally, if you’re gay, the strongest response you’ll get here is a great big yawn. Which is really nice.


  • Stay the hell away from Crestone you filthy hippies!

  • Change is here and upon us Crestone! Awake and adapt to what lies ahead. Remember that exclusion is not an option…..not from this awakening forward. Listen with your hearts and know the path that lies before us….all of us….no exclusions….none!

  • crestone is alright, its just a small town by the mountains in a valley. There is stuff to do, and the people are nice, not alot of work, but makes up for that in other aspects. Just like other rural areas people are people and have “people” issues. If you don’t fall victim to “running your mouth” you probably wont, and will have more time to enjoy life? I saw alot of cheap land w/ no building codes, which has potential. water is good low TDS out of tap. Schools are small, but good teachers, and it has a grant to build a new school next year. You do need to be self sufficiant, but if you aren’t there are free food (soup kitchens) and a free box, rents are pretty reasonable 300 to 500 a month. Lots of Peace And Quiet! Barely any crime, “i haven’t heard of any”. If you got a Subaru you’ll fit in “everybody has at least one”. Good luck and don’t be discouraged by other negative suggestions or complaints.

  • Having lived here now for 13 years I find these postings nothing more than one person’s projection on this ‘”situation” from their own filtered personal perspectives. If you really get what is going on here then you know what I am saying when I say that this place is not only found in ancient Tibetan prophecies about future spiritual centers but was also sacred to the indigenous peoples and I mean Indians not us, who considered this place to be a holy place and came here to do vision quests each in their own tradition with an agreement that the different tribes would not fight here but would camp and hunt peacefully. I can take you right to an ancient Hopi cave that was used for vision quests. This cave is known to this day by the Hopis. This is not a place to raise kids unless you want to invest a lot in their education in terms of homeschooling or whatever you might think about the charter school. All the kids have here is peace and quiet and the ability to run around freely without fear of danger like one would in a city. That doesn’t mean that shit doesn’t happen. The kids do too many drugs unfortunately. In various households pot is considered a medicine or even a nutrient and it is not addictive so I don’t count that as a drug. Alcohol is a drug. Tobacco is a drug and they are both addictiveand legal. What kind of shit is that? Legal shit and very destructive not only to health but also socially. Speed in any form is evil to me. Real hippies don’t do speed. Meth or coke.Heroin too. No damn good. This is just a very small town that isn’t good for anything but the peace and quiet, the views, and the fact that unbeknownst to most of the people here that some of the most profound spiritual teachings found on this planet are being taught here by truly qualified Masters of the Yogic arts such is found at Yeshe Khorlo and the teachings of the most profound of all yogas, that of the Maha-Ati or Dzogchen traditions of the Ancient Tibetan wisdom of the Nyingmapa or Old Translation School. These teachings are passed on in an unbroken lineage of Master to student and vice versa and that way are preserved in their purity. This place is one of those places in the land of the red faced man(not the indians) but the whites who are really pink red faced people. That was named in the prophecy which came from Padmasambhava considered by many to be the second Buddha. Buddha prophesied himself that he would be born in 12 years and would teach the more esoteric teachings of the Vajrayana and the Dzogchen which the traditional buddha, Shakyamuni did not teach in public. He appeared spontaneously(one of the four ways of birth into samsara) as an 8 year old boy sitting in the middle of a huge lotus on Lake Dhanakosha in the land of Orgyen or Uddiyana near what is now the Swat valley in Pakistan. In any case he left Tibet for about 3000 years and lived in India where he practiced esoteric conduct with his consorts and alone at the eight great charnel grounds in India which were considered to be favorite places for yogis to practice.( it is at this point where I will have left most of you who read this.The fact of a man living over three thousand years born spontaneously as an eight year old boy on a lotus in a lake and then growing up and living three thousand years sounds totally impossible. So does dying on the cross and coming back to life again. He was invited back to Tibet by King Trisong Deutsen to help him deal with some unpleasant demons who were interfering with his building of the first monastery and college in Tibet to teach Buddhism. So Padmasambhava came to Tibetin about 700 AD, controlled the negative forces and put them under oath to help protect the Dharma from then on and went ahead and built the monastery. He stayed in Tibet and taught for about two hundred years and then left for his “Pureland” which is on an island on a copper colored mountain to the southwest populated with cannibal demons that he went there to tame. Otherwise he said they would come to Earth and eat us. So being an immortal with a Rainbow Body of the Great Transference he is still around and comes to his disciples at sunrise every morning where you can behold his Radiance and receive his blessings.
    So that is what this place is really all about and the fact that it sounds so far out yet is believed by thousands it gives you a feeling of what this place is really all about. It is too harsh a climate; too far from “civilization”. Full of people like me who believe things that surely convince you that I am out of my mind which is exactly what I want you to think. Go away! Those of you that don’t get it, go away! This place is full of crazy people who believe crazy things and are mostly out of their poor hypoxic, insane minds. This is the only place I have ever lived where there are more Buddhists than Baptists. Also, I heard that the people in the valley believe we are into strange black magic rituals in which beastly sexual acts take place and babies are burned and eaten. Now that is really crazy. Mostly these are people who are disgusted with society as it is and are trying at least to do something about it. So far they are not having much luck. I am an old hippy. I was at the Haight-asbury and Woodstock. I lived with the Hog Farm in New
    Mexico. I had a commune for 10 years that was a band too. Back then we thought that acid would change the world and we were right. Those first flashes are now the norm. Health food and alternative healing came from the hippies; The courage to pursue the inner and outer recesses of the Mind came with the hippies and acid. Not all of it was positive. You could not control the drug. You had to let it control you until it wore off. The problem was that you could get stuck in a feedback loop in your mind that was permanent. It did however as in my case make me thirst for the knowledge of what you could experience on acid with none of the dangers. Voila! Dzogchen. The practice of Todgyal in Dzogchen lets one see the Truth without any of the dangers of drugs and totally under one’s control at all times. This yoga is now starting to be taught more widely as it has an appeal for western minds because it is so fast. My Rinpoche(master teacher) said that practicing Todgyal was like beaming up to the Starship Enterprize. “Why walk when you can travel at the speed of Light ” , said Rinpoche. The catch here is that you have to devote many years of practice to get this yoga unless the teacher is authentic and if so he will be able to see into your mind and know whether or not you are ready for these teachings or not. If you are not he will give you a Rx for you to do to get ready for the transmission. Not a drug but a practice or set of practices that prepare you for the Leap into Absolute Reality. Really! I thought it was all horse shit until I did it. It works. It really works. That doesn’t mean I consider my”self” enlightened, but at least my Teacher has set me upon the right Path. I have had enough experience with this yoga to know that it works as promised if you do the practices correctly.
    So that is what Crestone is for. Retreat. That’s all. Nothing else makes sense. You can’t really drop out here and grow your own food without a trust fund. This is not a good place to find work or to pursue material goals although the realtors seem to be doing alright. Mostly now the big city yuppie quasi-spiritual types are coming here and building 5000 sq. ft. “retreat huts”. Right. Crestone is for crazies. All others need not apply. This place will drive you crazy no matter how much money you have if you do not have your head on straight. If you cannot face your own mind day in and out without the distractions of entertainment all the time then you have no place here. I personally wish all you spiritual materialists would just leave and let us real practitioners live here without your meddlesome big city trips. Go away! If you don’t like it, GO AWAY! and leave us real hippies alone.

  • HI I Have read most all of the comments on Crestone. I will be arriving to camp in the Great Sand dunes again this year with some friends and will be visiting crestone while i am near. I have a good feeling i will enjoy Crestone and the people who live there. Peace love and hope to meet many great people!

  • I live in a say, a "bigger city".  I visited Crestone a few years back and I absolutely loved it.  The people were so nice, thoughtful, generous, and yes, different.  That is what I loved so much.  The people were "different".  They actually are caring, and nice.  Some took time out of their busy schedules to teach me things I was interested in learning (bead work).  Unlike in the bigger cities where people just care about themselves.  The people in Crestone care about others as well.  Now, I am a Holistic Health Practioner, a Master Herbalist, and an Aromatherapist.  I was thinking about relocating to Crestone to practice.  But, I do still think about the people and my experience there.  You never forget the people who are nice to you.  🙂

  • I lived in Crestone several years ago as a child and early teen. A few years ago I returned for a relatively brief visit; I was there to catch up with the place, if you will.

    The town is kind of a trap, in a way. It tends to at first be very appealing to young people seeking to find themselves (myself included), young "alternative lifestyle" couples – really, it appeals to young people in general.
     Why? It is aesthetically beautiful, remote and to an extent lawless. The place sort of evokes something within that really makes you feel like you’re in a wild, untamed and totally epic (the visual scale is literally quite vast) land. I can see the Himalaya similarities people are drawing; Crestone is almost passable as something technologically undeveloped and remote, like that are of Asia. 
    So…. why did I call it a trap? Well, Crestone is kind of misleading. Your first hours, days, or even weeks in the area definitely give an impression of peacefulness, ‘spirituality’ and general down to earth friendliness. But none of that is true. 
    The truth is, most the population you will see (we’ll get to that later) can be put into one of three categories: 
    1. Young wannabe hippies. I do not personally claim to be any flavor of hippie, however it isn’t difficult to figure out a very sizable portion of the younger people in Crestone are, for lack of a better blanket term, runaways (and many of them are recipients of a trust fund, or otherwise wealthy to some extent). They think they’re thoroughly unique, special and in many cases, misunderstood. In other words, they are people striving extremely hard to be something they simply are not.
    2. Young natives. Honestly, the person saying most of them are pot heads wasn’t very far off the mark. I wouldn’t say they’re poorly educated; the two schools are actually decent and well funded, often organizing trips to foreign countries. But there is a certain…. ignorance they seem to have about the world at large. Realize, we are talking about a population of MAYBE 1000 people, a fraction of which live there year ’round and a smaller percentage still who are actually seen in public on a regular basis. I believe a huge portion of the native youth have suffered from a basic lack of interaction with the ‘real world’, if you will. They ALL smoke LOTS of weed and generally it seems their lives are going nowhere, in spite of a decent education. There’s just a kind of stagnation in their way of interacting with people and operating from day to day. It’s hard to explain. The ones who did something… don’t live in Crestone anymore, so they’re irrelevant. This group readily mixes with group 1 and like group 1, they largely fancy themselves absurdly unique and spiritually gifted, only with a much less reaching ‘hippie style code’.
    3. These are the people who never, uh, grew up? I feel that’s an unnecessarily harsh and even kind of inaccurate description, but I don’t know how else to put it. They’re anywhere from their late 30s to mid 60s…. the ‘classic hippie’, I guess. Though it is again clear that not all of them were always hippies (think older more refined versions of group 1). They frequently hold a somewhat pretentious disposition when deal with the previous two groups; they’re most likely the authors of the "GO AWAY! WE ARE THE FEW, THE PROUD & ENLIGHTENED! WE DON’T WANT TO CORRUPT CRESTONE WITH MORE MENTALLY WEAK MINDS! GO AWAY!" esque comments. Most have a severe sense of entitlement to the town of Crestone itself, and I personally met a few who blatantly claimed to basically be enlightened demigods and goddesses, or at least you’d think so with the attitude. I’m most definitely no kind of spiritual guru, but I’m personally of the opinion that people claiming to be highly developed in this facet are actually…. very ignorant to what being spiritually aware actually entails. Just my personal view here, but I’d think someone of that nature wouldn’t be half as arrogant and self righteous as most of these people are.
    A lot of them are single, which struck me odd because usually people getting to that age are married or have a partner or whatever. Amongst the women of this group there is a recognizable but not encompassing sentiment that males are the inferior sex, though this belief is only publicly displayed by a few.
    Those are the three major groups you’ll see, and they make up perhaps 30% of the total population.
    The rest of the people living in Crestone are almost never seen in the actual town, for they are almost entirely a group of wealthy individuals who either chill there seasonally or are there with the intent of expanding their wealth through housing and temple development. Anyways, you probably won’t see them.
    The culture these three primary groups have created is, as I said earlier, at first quite charming and unique. But after some time, you’ll come to realize the gossip is ridiculous. I am not joking when I say conversations get so diluted through this network of gossip that lives have been ruined. It really is worse than elementary school at times. So bad in fact that the town will actually go through phases in which large pieces of the population will actively cease to interact with one another for weeks or even months at a time, and the already exceedingly small town will actually seem mostly uninhabited because of it. Yeah… really weird.
    Also, strangely enough, there is a noticeable disparity of male to female population. The guys outnumber the girls. Not like by a huge amount, but it is noticeable if you look. This, along with the young, relatively sexually free locals creates this strange dynamic in which the guys are often at odds with each other and a significant number of the girls really take advantage of it…. be it by just really sleeping around or by trying to use their sex to manipulate social situations. Yeah, again…. really weird.
    Anyways, this all meshes together to create what ends up being a really bizarre social system in which there is always comically absurd amounts of drama, wide spread drug use (though mostly nothing serious) and lots of narcissistic personalities. It just wears on you in a major way. 
    And the place itself is very pretty, the small population insures that you can’t avoid eventually being swept up in it all, whether you genuinely try to avoid it or not. The only other alternative, sadly, is to leave. 🙁
    But yeah, my review.
  • Moved here 18 months ago and agree with the last comment that the place is lawless or at the very least is a place where individuals who make their own laws to justify what they do or want to do. Crestone has a nasty way of making people think they need to change everything in their lives and consider nobody else but themselves in the process. To me that is not the way of enlightenment, it is not the way of true Holy Spirit, it is an excuse to do whatever one wants to do to anyone. It is self centeredness that pretends to come from a place of happiness and peace, but instead comes from a much darker place that looks to posses, consume and destroy. Crestone is not always the Holy Mecca it pretends to be. The teachers and healers here c an chew you up and spit you out in a heartbeat, they know your every weakness and know how to use it against you if they so desire, especially if you have something they want. Seems to me Crestone is a place of huge egos, that feed off the chaos of those who are not well grounded but seeking some kind of truth, any kind of truth, spewed forth by teachers and healers who see themselves as Gods and Goddesses (above any law that preaches decency and honesty). Like your ego they know what you want to hear and will feed it to you, then feed on you….telling you anything that sounds easy, but not putting forth the effort and hard work it takes to get where real truth, happiness and peace reside.  The truth is never easy or comfortable because it challenges you to think for yourself…unlike those among us who want to do the thinking for you. If you do move here be aware of the vampires, vultures and wolves looking to feed on the weak and confused.  

  • I was raised in Crestone, moved away for college and worked many different jobs in the big city for over ten years. Now I’m back and running a small business and raising my son. This town is not just filled with gurus and hippies. There are a number of ambitious, young, travelled, solid and cool people ready to work hard to make this town better and create opportunities for others to enjoy the beauty.  Don’t expect crestone or anywhere else to make you happy, but its a great place to work on a "project" of some sort. Bring something to offer us and bring your own girlfriend if you move here. (So the mountain men can fight over her) 🙂

  • I have been here 15  years and this place is soo Beautiful when it comes to Nature. Because it is a small town anyone can be whatever they want. We have a Fire Chief who not only put a Emergency District together..he also has no funding. He is the highest paid in the community and spends his days cutting down trees with his crew calling it mitigation(funded by a gov.grant) greed.
    There is a guy in town who sells ormus who has people buffaloed that he sees visions ..as he goes after anyone who comes to town with money..drugs are everywhere and most brains are fried.
    Egos are huge…the drinking water has chemicals and the mountains are awesome.

  • I just reserved a few days stay in Crestone for the Festival. When I started
    reading the first few comments I thought WHAT THE HELL DID I GET MYSELF INTO?
    Thankfully I scrolled down. I cannot wait to visit Crestone. I never heard of it
    and to be honest I was only going there to see Tab Benoit. After doing some
    research and booking my stay I was getting very excited. I found it ironic that
    there will be a Buddhist convention of sorts because I have been practicing
    Buddhism for 10 years. Maybe there was another reason besides Tab that I was led
    to Crestone. I don’t know. I am from Chicago so going to a small town in the
    mountains to get some chill time and see the best musician in the world is going
    to be great. I don’t understand the negativity of some people. Perhaps it is
    just their vision of Crestone, perhaps they had a bad experience. They should be
    happy they don’t live where I do. Gangs, shootings, drugs, robberies, the list
    goes on. I am so happy there is a place for me to go to get rejuvenated. I can
    see me spending every August in Crestone. I already love it and haven’t even
    been there. Well thats just my humble opinion. Peace and Love from Chicago.

  • I bought a lot in Crestone (the Baca) for camping and to build a cabin because it is some of the cheapest land in Colorado and close to the mountains. Big Mistake. I pay the same tax on an undeveloped acre of land as for an acre with a $300K mansion on it in the same subdivision. I complained to the tax assessor and they said the law is written so that unimproved land is taxed at a MUCH higher rate than ‘improved’ land. So that people who cannot afford to build mansions will subsidize those who can. That is called political corruption. So beware buying raw land here if you do not expect to promptly build on it.

    That said, I still like Crestone. People issues are the same everywhere, so negative comments about the people are irrelevant. The people aside, the place either reaches out to you, or it doesn’t. And I found the people friendly enough. Just be aware that some (not all) of the organized ‘spirituality’ and ‘spiritual guides’ of various ilks is a con, but the spirituality of the place itself is indescribable, subtle and real. That some people have cashed in on it is predictable but in no way diminishes it. There really is something very special about the place. Really.

  • Spyderhead:  It is most certainly possible to ‘just stop for gas’ in Crestone, or was. When we had gas people did it all the time once they got all the way to Moffat and realized there was no gas for many miles north and south. Taking a 17 mile detour is a lot better than hoping to make it 60 miles! The folks in the store were indeed wonderful, and probably some of the people you met. But there are for sure a large number of people who put on a good act til you get to know them too well, businesses included.  Don’t be overly optimistic, most people are nice to visitors on vacation, that’s the source of most of our income. Trust me, I live here.

  • We lived in Baca probably 30 years ago and it was so beautiful.  I never heard any of the bad comments posted on here but my family and I were not "social butterflies" in the community.  We just enjoyed the animals and the mountains.  We did find nice people, hippie or otherwise that were willing to help out a neighbor when needed.  We were back last year to stay a week and found the weather more hot than when we were there.  Probably there is some kind of climate changes going on.  Anyway, we still liked it, glad to see another store in Crestone and will probably visit again someday.
  • I have been going to Crestone for 22 years. From the first visit I have found it very relaxing and have always felt at peace there. In general it is a place of tolerance and in Crestone proper I have never met an unfriendly person. While the Baca development has some very nice people, overall that seems to be where the most strife comes from. The POA seems to constantly be in a state of turmoil. I have never been involved with any of the spiritual communities and all of them seem to preach tolerance and enlightenment something we all could use more of. On my first visit I have to admit although I found it a peaceful place I did have to open my mind and allow myself to relax and enjoy the different people in the community and try not to be judgmental. The area is harsh but beautiful and I find myself drawn back over and over again. The family has owned property in Crestone since the early 40s and I believe every generation has felt the same, it is a place we want to continue to bring our children and pass it on so future generations can experience the relaxation and peace their ancestors have enjoyed so much.        

  • Horrible. Dry, dusty, and just when the rain finally comes to knock the dust and pollen out if the air, some dumbass–paid by the city or county– comes and rakes the roads, making it so that even the slowest vehicle spews up dust. Worse, everyone has a dog yet none of them actually TRAIN their dogs so it’s endless barking at nothing. And several residents “walk” their dogs by making the dog run behind their vehicle. What joy. This leads to dogs feeling the entire valley is their territory so when they get loose, they are aggressive towards people like me who are in their own yards! So nasty dogs running at large and more dust. And as the final insult they have the stables that are subsidized and smell like urine and shit because no one is taking good care of them. My rental house, which is overpriced, is downwind of the stench of the stables. As if this isn’t bad enough, I work from home and was promised that the Internet worked well and was stable. LIE. It sucks. Crashes constantly and yet when I call they say no one else complained. That way they don’t have to refund any money. Oh and then there is the garbage collection service. Waste Management will tell you it’s 23 bucks a month. LIE. It’s 45 bucks a month. I have lived a lot of places but this is by far the worst. If you want dust, dogs running at large, and people too stoned to actually make sense, then you should come here.

  • I am in search of someone.

    Here first name is Amy and she is referred to as MotherGodLove on different forums. She has a website firstcontactgroundcrewteam.com .

    I was hoping a kind soul may be able to give me a last name, contact number, address – anyway so I could mail her something.

    She used to be a manager at Mcdonald’s at one point.

    Thank you

  • Is there a non profit in Crestone that would like my Baca Lot as a donation?

  • You can pretty much learn everything you need to know about Crestone by reading the world renowned book…….”Horton Hears a Who!” By Dr. Seuss.

    That said:
    Its a great place to visit, but living there? Oh boy are you going to be in for a shock! If you get caught up in the mystery of the place, it will rob you blind….literally. Crestone is a beautiful tempting mistress and its citizens her jealous suitors, no one and nothing is safe if you choose to pursue her and live here. Trust no one at first, make everyone earn your trust. Like the real world, there is both good and evil here, make sure you understand that this place is not paradise. A physically beautiful place no doubt, but hardly paradise. Get your dreams down out of the the clouds and your head out of your ass if you want to move here, or this place will eat you alive.

  • @CP10– Yup. The lady you speak of is INDEED here (though I haven’t seen her in a bit). Check out Grandpaw Peter Koyote on facebook to find her. 🙂

    @LOT– If you happen to see this– YES! There are non-profits EVERYWHERE. Depending on location, tap fees, etc., the perfect non-profit may be out there. I work with a couple of different ones. Find me on facebook if you need more assistance 🙂 Carrie Allen.

  • Crestone. A place Where the good intentioned, the down trodden and the wolf in sheep’s clothing go.
    Business owners and employment: Some of the local businesses are run by legit up front folks, who follow employment laws. Other businesses seem to pray on the hard work of new folks until they squeeze them for all they have. One restaurant doesn’t even pay its employees, they get the tips they make that day for pay, another restaurant recently closed down because of the health hazards it posed to the public.
    Community services are zero. Law enforcement is 45 minutes away at best and most locals claim to believe in vigilante style justice, yet convicted felons, meth heads, thieves and flat out liars are just short of getting away with murder. Not to mention, most of the law breakers and ill-intentioned have trust funds or rich families who fund these people. Do not be fooled, they own businesses, property, and other people dependent on their monetary contribution to the local economy. The economic situation is so poor the community at large doesn’t seem to care if you mean others harm… as long as you bring the money.
    One of the main local therapist for mental health doesn’t believe in boundaries and offers room and board to the few criminals the community does want gone. These include alcoholics, drug addicts, wife beaters, and the worst, dealers who sell to the very small youth population.
    If you care about the community you live in and are usually involved with economic and political happenings stay away from this place unless you have money to buy the right people.
    If you plan on moving here to keep to yourself or bring your own job, this is the place to retreat to. The animals and mountains and nature are unlike any ever experienced. The views are breath taking and there are good people here if you don’t mind turning over a few rocks.
    That being said there is one youth program worth mentioning. CCC. It is the only safe youth space supported by this community. Offering work, education opportunities, a safe place to go and activities to offer our youth some hope and connection. Neighbors helping neighbors is another good program but it is dwindling down and doesn’t seem to have the same support from the community it once had, it is a shame. It did/does what social services programs do in cities but through the help of neighbors. It really helped with the community connection. Sadly the funds just aren’t there to offer the services it once was able.
    Don’t invest yourself anywhere until completely doing your homework. That goes for buying land, renting from someone, getting a job, enrolling in Moffat or the Charter school, attending local events, eating out, shopping, making a new friend, or exposing your kindness. Some of the kindest folks I met happened to be the first, they also happened to have heartless intentions, beware of the first friendlies you meet. You have been fairly warned. Get a contract for everything, these spiritual folks with the guru smiles who don’t offer contracts are NOT to be trusted. I am referring to rentals, property agreements, employment agreements and the like, do what you would do if you were in a city, protect yourself, it is cut throat out here and the naive DO get taken advantage of, don’t assume because its a kind hippy that it will be smooth sailing.
    That being said, the locals worth knowing are just as reserved as I advise you to be. They are wary of newcomers because they have seen all types. It is a great place to hide out or work your scheme and the established locals with good intentions aren’t quick to be your friend. If they are, you can bet they are looking to see what you can give them.
    It is like living in high school. You see the same 300 people. And the mean ones take center stage. If you keep to yourself, focus on you or your family and have your own job or income this is a fantastic place to live.
    But rest assured even if you don’t tangle with the local vampires, this place has a way of pulling out your secrets. It is great for self growth work if you are a responsible person and the intrinsic rewards found here are unlike any other.

    The good folks who do live here, are worth finding when you do, some of the truest friends you will find. Just don’t expect to find community coming here, it is something you will have to build, from scratch after you weed out the selfish.
    This may sound like a negative review but it really isn’t, it’s honest. I wish you the best of luck coming here. I love this place and would love to see it filled with others who take responsibility too.

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