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Eureka Springs, Arkansas

A haven for people of all kinds especially the counterculture, artists, gay people and anyone else you can think of. In the heart of the Ozark Mts, it makes it living off of the tourists that come to see the Victorian houses and shop in historical downtown. Not your typical Arkansas community. Fresh air and water. Eureka is known for it “healing springs”. There are 90 or so in the city limits. Pop. aprox. 2000

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22 Responses to Eureka Springs, Arkansas

  • Eureka Springs it my very favorite vacation spot. It has spas, artist colanies and great hippie shopping. I got some great Beatle stuff there and some Lennon glasses and a great flower power dress. The Ozarks veiw is beutiful and there is something very magical in the air up there. The Cresent Hotel is groovy too.

  • Sorry I forgot to score.

  • This town personifies just how commercialized hippydom has become.

  • i left there the magic is gone. the banks are buying up every thing. it is not what it use to be. i wish it was.

  • Eureka is cashing in like every-other once small town in Arkansas. There are housing developments EVERYWHERE now and a Wal-Mart on every decent spot of commercial zoned land they can buy up! What happens to the wildlife who made there homes in these gracious fields? Where are the quail, rabbits, foxes and other creatures? What happens to the birds of prey that hunted there?
    I was born in northwest Arkansas and I am so ashamed of what it is turning in to! One big paved parking lot! Thanks to Wal-Mart, Tyson foods, JB Hunt and the other greedy, money hungry corporations here…they have managed to turn this bit of Gods country into another littered-polluted-higher crime rate, worthless, suburban sprawl !
    Maybe if we’re lucky, the rodents that were kept in check by the birds of prey will take over and chase the influx of greedy, money-hungry, littering, non-Arkansawyer, vermin away.
    On my way to buy mice and rats now….
    Hugs to all who love this state and want to keep it as it should be kept…CLEAN!

  • Angie:

    I too, grew up in Northwest Arkansas. Eureka Springs was only 25 miles from my home. I love it!!!! However, I somewhat agree with you in that it just doesn’t have the same aura. I still call it home and it is easy for me to forget some of the commercialization only becasue I am a realist and understand that progresss will be made. It is still beautiful and still has much comfort to lend. I now live in Colorado and have been in and out of the mountains since my senior year in HS. Arkansas gets plenty of bad wrap so I will continue to support and speak highly of my roots and heritage. I will be damned if I EVER become a Wal-Martian and will in NOW WAY allow them or ANY corp skewer my opinion on the Ozarks. Eureka Springs proper may not be what it once was but I can say that none of the Corps you mentioned has done the most harm to that community. Once, years ago the town got involved with the Blues Fest. HUGE mistake. I was there for the last good one and was also there for the one that will keep me from going back. A RIOT of punk kids on skateboards wielding bottles at cops. So it was the local government and communtiy that has driven it to it’s own demise. Reach beyond the E S proper, there is plenty to love!!!

  • I have only heard peaceful and pleasant thing of this town. I am going threw the hardest thing in my life. My boyfriend of a few years just figured he wanted something new. Well, I have cats and dogs in this(our kids). And we live together. I need yoour help finding somewhere to live. To live with like myself. I do not eat meat!! I love our Mother Earth. I’m so heart broken!! We are just alike. Please help me!

  • Okay…I have checked out a number of reviews on the different towns listed here.. and so many of the posts are negative…. i mean maybe everybody is just getting wrapped up in their own personal ideas of hippy utopia and unfairly placing their anger on these towns….just because the site is deeming them “hippie havens” does not mean they are perfect manifestations of heaven on earth….ALL towns have problems black white yin yang…but come on people think of your favorite shit hole down yonder with the big chemical and nuke plant aroma waifting through the walmart parking lot and give these towns a break

  • Oh and by the way there is NO walmart in eureka ….

  • Dear Hippies Young and Old, Hi!! I have lived in Northwest Arkansas since 1976. I am originally from South Arkansas, East Texas area. My families are all from Arkansas but we have all lived many other places.

    Eureka Springs is a neat place. I love it, but everything, almost, in our country is undergoing changes. I live in Fayetteville(about an hour/1/2 away and I have always loved it here. We are fighting the battle of urbanization etc. Some of the changes are cool and some questionable. But if you talked to some folks from the next to last century I am sure they would think everything was nuts. We have to accept that there will be change and embrace what is good and lovely.

    Fayetteville is home to the University of Arkansas and the Hogs and Tyson, Wal-Mart etc. But, there is good and bad about all these things.
    It sometimes depends on your personal taste. We live in a world that is composed of good/bad. We are here to learn lessons. We could not learn them without these things. Let us not bitch about the world. That is too easy. Let us find love and give love and refrain from finding fault with what we disagree with. I am a Democrat and I don’t like war but I pray for the President that he will be inspired to see things from a different perspective. If you focus on what you don’t like you will get more and more of it.

    There are a lot of young souls on this planet. Old souls must be patient with them. We were there once. And the whole thing about being a Hippie was supposed to be LOVE. So let’s spread that around kido’s.

    Come to Fayetteville. We need more old Hippies to balance things out again. But please come with love and not anger in your hearts. Let us work together to make the world a better place and the universe. This is not all there is. Come to Fayetteville with flowers in your hair. You’re gonna find some gentle people here.

    Peace and Love, Luckylily

  • I live in Rogers man. I’m only 16 but i’ve seen enough to know things are changing. can’t spell very good so don’t let it bother you. buildings are going up every were in Arkansas man. I hope we can just sit around in the grass in some distant feild next to a stream an just chill man. stop worring about every thing and just live, and love man. lets live free like people used too. I see trash every where now. if you see it, pick it up and throw it away man. I do. whatever you do to help really counts man, don’t forget that.
    Remember this to, PEACE IS THE WAY, START TODAY
    over come your anger and every thing will be alright.

  • hey, all you hippies out there, old, young, mabye not even born yet.
    this message might still be around by the time your old enogh to read.
    peace is the way, start today. I sayed that before but it never hurts to say again. keep every thing groovy. live life with meaning. I’m not telling you what to do. cause lord knows i don’t like to be told what to do. I just got some good advice. many of you already live the life i’m speaking of. keep it up. they call the state i live in the “Natural State”. But, the naturalness is wearing away. werever you live keep it as clean as you can. I know we can’t get every thing all at once, but we’ll get there.
    remenber, but don’t get tired of it, peace is the way
    if nature didn’t go threw millions of years of creation by Mother Earth, your house, that some hide in, wouldn’t have any thing to stand on.
    That last part goes out to all the pissed off punks.

  • Everyone that complains that things are not what they used to, need to enjoy life as it is. Very simple; stop or change what you can, accept what you can’t. Yes, Eureka does cater to tourist but their ideals, love and fun attract that.
    Eureka is very beautiful built into a magical cliff by a preserved healing spring. Historical,tons of music, FREE festivals and activities for kids, NO large commercial chains directly in town, wonderful weather, mom and pop food that is local organic. Bars, tattoo shops, coffee and you must visit the hidden Oasis food is the best and off beaten track new Juice bar. Artist & folk everywhere without the stuck up air that they know life better then you. Genuine kindness. I could go on and on. There are wonderful things everywhere. We have not moved there yet we are going to travel with our two babies first but Eureka is high on our list. JUDGE NOT and Keep love in your heart. Love – Marymamas

  • eh, i’m not really sure if eureka can be considered HIPPY it’s like, cheesy gypsy shit everywhere. i personally think eureka is tacky.

    however, they had a rainbow gathering in Fallsville which is like thirty minutes past Ponca. it was just like woods and shit out there, im from harrison and i had never even heard of Fallsville, but yeah like all the sherifs hated the hippies there it was really sad, like i had a good time there but…..damn, those hippies are dirty. there was like this group named “Montana Mud” there that was known for their meth laced coffee called, whatelse than “Montana Mud” like, wow, hippies..are u really all dirty grimy tweakers? sick fuckers.

  • I love being a hippy there is nothing better I’m 41 and me and my wife live free It’s great you should try it sometime

  • Wow, I feel really sad for all you haters out there! Dont tread on other peoples memories, traditions, etc..
    Eureka Springs is my home! Im not there now (wish I was, family still is).
    I have to focus everyday on my plan to go home or I don’t think I’d make it another day.
    Eureka has changed since I first moved there 20 years ago. Change is growth. The town survives on the tourists! They make it possible to be a painter, a potter, a carpenter, a writter or whatever your heart desires! The locals I remember, that raised me have mostly gone. Isn’t it our job now to keep the community as it was? They have expanded thier Arts community. Kids arent busted by the pd in bassin park- for nothing! Building a new HS!?! Look at the Lane house now! It’s a great place- ” Where the misfits, fit”
    I miss you Rick!, Love for Hope. Where are you Aaron!
    Forever, Annie, Aaron Bliss and Jack

  • I live in little rock and heard there was a couple of communes in eurika. Is that rue and how do you email and get to know them? Anyone who knows me down here in LR keeps telling me I am in the wrong city because of my uh..well I never thought of myself as a hippie but maybe I am.

  • I am thinking about moving to eureka springs myself. I live in Little Rock. You know one thing I gotta do is get down to how things really are. There’s no such thing as eutopia, but you know there is better. You don’t want to live here in Little Rock. At least you don’t want to be an attractive woman and live here because you get the jackals comeing out of the woodwork. I am looking for a community though and have heard there’s one there. Is there?


  • I notice that very few of you Arkansas people spell correctly? Hippies are not people without education, usually.

  • i have visited Eureka Springs twice, and for some reason my mind keeps revisiting it. i grew up in the piney woods of east texas and grew up around a wonderful group of hippies. while many people have judged me harshly for being from east texas (thinking i’m a hick) little do they know i was brought up to think globally, act locally, and farm organically. my mother taught me to meditate spiritually at an early age, and my father passed on his knoweldge of drawing and art.
    i can’t say what it is exactly, but Eureka Springs really touched on my soul, and i never saw hippies anywhere…i just felt it was a beautiful place, nestled in a beautiful atomosphere of pines and hillsides.
    i think my problem would be work, however. my husband is a geologist and i am a stay at home mom to 2 small chidren. what are employment opportunities like there?
    i certainly do not mind living minimally. i grew up that way.
    right now i am in dallas and it’s tough not having that connection to the outdoors for my children. i want that more than ever for them, as they are still young. i would like to live somehwere with a lot of trees, and a pollution level that isn’t "orange" 6 days a week.
    i am trying to look into this further.
    a good connection to a group of people there would be very helpful.

  •  I just visited Eureka Springs all the way from Northern California. I absolutely loved it. The shops are great as well as the art. I’m a vegan, and found a resteraunt located in ES called The Garden Bistro. It was all garden fresh food and the waitresses were very friendly. Anybody who would enjoy spending a relaxed day going to small shop and loves art, I recommend Eureka Springs. I can’t wait to go back!

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