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Grants Pass, Oregon

There are still active communes including an artists commune, the largest open air market in S. Oregon, 30% cottage industry for a variety of wares, a good amount of organic farms, great music and meetings of the mind, a lot of eco-consciousness and a liberal attitude (we outwaited the right wingers and loggers).

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35 Responses to Grants Pass, Oregon

  • While passing through Grants Pass we were pulled over and ticketed for possession of marijuana less than an ounce. (I actually had less than 1/8th of an ounce). The fine-$1,000!!! That’s right-one thousand dollars!!! Grants Pass IS beautiful but county laws are ridiculous!

  • My biggest gripe of Grants Pass is the event known as Boatnik, held at Riverside Park during the Memorial Day Weekend. Mostly a teen-oriented event, it seems that all the younger people are trying to dress like hippies just to be trendy and nothing else. That really bothers me, because they acted like they were desperately looking for a shopping mall. I sure didn’t hear a whole lot of talk about peace and love from them, which really frustrates people like me who knew what the movement stood for. They weren’t even particularly friendly, either. The rare old-timers that were there were a different story as they were some of the best and most interesting people I have ever met. Probably after this year’s Boatnik, they’ll probably be looking for better places elsewhere. The only good I got off Boatnik was a “Mr. Baked Potato Head” sticker (basically, Mr. Potato Head smoking on a bong). There are lots of booths that sold tie-dyes and handcrafted items, but from the few vendors that I spoke to, they were a bit on the disappointed side, to say the least. I heard that Boatnik once had much more interesting with authentic hippie types attending. Sounds like I smell “sellout” on this event. How I wished it was the 1960s again. As for the rest of Grants Pass, nice hills outside of town. I met really interesting people without even trying, even at an unlikely place like Texaco. Grants Pass isn’t perfect. Corporate America has its presence felt here too. An ugly Wal-Mart is in town. National fast food joints (McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell) are just as tacky as everywhere else. But at least the downtown still has plenty of nice, small shops, most of them privately owned. Several blocks of nothing but these type of shops. There doesn’t seem to be any head shops in this town, which I’m a bit disappointed with (perhaps I didn’t look hard enough). Plus there’s lots of wilderness and camping outside of town and you don’t have to go far.

  • I used to live in Grants Pass for many many years. I had moved away for about seven years to Kauaii and when I returned I found it to be very different. Different in the way of becoming very trashy. It used to be a cute little town with some class to it but now it is nothing but hicksville.

    Hippys have some class, in my opinion, but the people that live there now are very different in the sense that they are very uncultured and do nothing but hunt and drink beer for pass time excitement.

    I now live in Portland and is much cleaner and has a variety of different and interesting people. I hope in the future Grants Pass does somehow class up a bit, but I have my doubts. I lived there 40 yrs and don’t think it will happen anytime soon.

    If you’re looking for true hippys and peace, come to Portand on the water front and you will see fun people.

    P.S. I totally agree with the writer.



  • Grants Pass Sucks!!! if you want a real town come to Ashland or go up to portland. grants pass is just a bunch of rednecks and industrial buildings!

  • Sure but you know everyone smokes weed anyway

  • Just saying hi. Grew up in Grants Pass.

  • Grants Pass, Oregon : Home of the Cavemen (even though the the Oregon Caves are over 50 miles away). It’s the “Valley of the Missing Link”, to be sure.

    “Beat a path of retreat
    Up those spiral stair cases
    Past the Tree of Smoke
    Past the Angel with Four Faces
    Begging God for Mercy
    Weeping in Unholy Places”

    “Angelina”- Bob Dylan

    Living in the “Gap” is absolutely awful. The keyed subliminal blather is hideous. It is deplorable.

  • I went to junior high and high school in Grants Pass during the 1970’s. Back then a true Oregon Redneck was the type of person who liked mudbogging, big pickups with bigger tires, rodeo, the American Flag, drinking beer at the drive-in, wearing cowboy boots and western clothes, taking a dip of chew, just about everyone had a ring in their levis back pocket from skoal or coppenhagen. Grants Pass has changed, I was just there for Boatnik 2004, all the kids are into the Gothic look, unfriendly, everything is pierced on their bodies now. It’s too bad that a nice little town like GP has turned into a nightmare of Goth looking types. An Oregon Redneck is nothing like a southern redneck that is for sure. I have known both. Maybe someday all of the people who really love Grants Pass will move back and bring some of those old traditions back. So let’s hear it for being a Grants Pass Oregon Redneck, Go Cavemen.

  • i hate that when peopel reminese about grants pass the think only of rednecks, and then bash on the new culture that is taking over. grants pass isnt a good place to hangout because of this, all the adults hate you if youre not a cowboy, and all the kids hate you if youre not trying sooo hard to be “gothic”.
    not to mention all of the meth addicts that youll run into.
    all around, i woudl recomend spending the half-hour and going to ashland, and hanging out with some cool people, playing hacky sack, and meeting cool college kids.

  • My first experience on the west coast (I’m from Michigan) was a half hour from Grants Pass in a hippy commune in Selma in 1974. That was for a year. In 1986 I returned west to live and work in Ashland. I helped revive and speak monthly (1st Sunday) for the UU Fellowship meeting in the Art Museum on G St. So I’ve come to like Grants Pass and see it changing.

    Everybody finds the identity, dignity, and pleasures they can, according to the culture they know. Sure, GP (Grants Pass) has rednecks and goths – it’s what they’ve got. What’s needed is more hippies. They were in abundance in the 70’s and still live around but don’t have the critical mass and institutions to help present this option. The Blue Pine closed. The music changed. Pot got so persecuted it got to be high priced, driving peaceful types to the messed-up meth culture (which by comparison was affordable). Regrettable. The cavemen group can act like a bunch of bullies. The politicals represent only their narrow types, to the detriment of the more colorful.

    But… Grants Pass is changing. It is such a pretty town – nestled in a ring of small mountains, with the lovely Rogue River flowing through, with a classy old town area still standing, and with artists galore – that real estate values are climbing and decent folk are finding each other. I can like rednecks and goths. They’re doing life as best they know how. What Grants Pass needs is music, art, parties, nature-lovers, and hippies.

    Hey, hippies, consider: What started out young, flamboyant, outspoken, and innovative (style, politics, drugs, philosophy) has persisted since the 60’s, growing into a world-wide culture. Every generation has those who choose the looks, values, and identity of the so-called 60’s. We’re not, as they try to tell us, “beyond the 60’s.” They’d like us to be so they can revert to “make war, not love.” The reality is that in Europe, Russia, Canada, and here (probably many other places) there is a sort of international nation of those who love each other, peace, love, art, music, sweet excess sometimes, and all the beauty of the hippy culture.

    Grants Pass may be just another ugly American town, as some of you see it, but it has had, still has, and could develop a far more colorful and satisfying culture. We make it happen by being there, letting each other know we’re not alone. Let the rednecks and goths do their thing if they like; just do yours as well. They don’t own you. We don’t all look like hippies, but we’re there and looking for more of our kind. Some of those rednecks may be more hippy than you know.

  • I grew up in Grants Pass during the 70’s, Takilma is not far from Grants Pass about ten miles SE of Cave Junction. I spent about five years in this wonderful hippy community of creative artist and minds. Michael Garnier, aka: Medical Michael has built an unique “Out And About Treesort” on Page Creek Road at the base of Page Mountain, people from all over the world visit his wonderful creations in the trees! The pristine Illinois River flows through Takilma and its cool refreshing waters are an excellent way to cool off during the summer season, just be prepared should you visit this truly remarkable Hippy Culture Community to see nude bather’s enjoying their freedom in the waters of this beautiful river. Peace Love Free Food For Everyone…

  • looking for a hook-up in oregon,I am vegan,very spiritual,love animals,and music,can party with the best, and love festivals and 420. part native and portugal,iso place to rest,and plan,am a healer,and love people. email me at tsugeah@yahoo.com

  • hey the name is Trevor, and this may seem a little off, but i am moving up to Oregon, somewhat near Grants Pass. And my question is, are there any weed festivals in or around Grants Pass? And if so when and where, because i would love to take place. please email me, supermonkey567@hotmail.com, i would truly appreciate it.


  • Hey!

    I visited Grants Pass in 2003 and it seemed pretty run-down in the downtown area. But, I went back in 2005, and things there seemed much improved. The downtown was really nice and upgraded, and it seemed someone was trying to make things nicer there.

    Does anybody know if there are any cool places to run there?

  • Hey, never been there before but i,m planning on going there. I hope it is as good as everyone is saying.

  • Hello, my family and I just moved to Grants Pass Oregon over the Christmas 2006 holiday…and I just LOOOOOVE it!!! It’s a great place to raise our 3 yr old daughter. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly, plus there are so many outdoor activities in which to partake. I truly recommend it for young active families!

  • Wow, I thought hippies were supposed to be peace-loving, tolerant, and open-minded. Instead this comment board shows just the opposite. Who cares if your neighbor is a redneck who voted for Bush? Who cares if your neighbor is a goth with piercings? No one cares that YOU are a hippy. There is nothing wrong with drinking beer, hunting, or mud bogging. Just like there is nothing wrong with sharing organic food, relaxing in the park, or wearing Birkenstocks. Whatever makes you happy, just please drop the pretentious attitude and get down off the high horse. There is no room for that in town.

  • I was so shocked at this town Grants Pass, Oregon. It is a Bunch of Hillbillys,and what a Culture Shock!!!!!!!!! I pray I will be able to get out of this God forsaken town soon. People do not use their brains here or they don’t have any common sense…

  • I liked the bridges but not much else.
    A regular sheriffs town with political corrruption and a thick shellac coat of paranoia.

  • I don’t know maybe you should all be focusing more on yourselves than on the little goth thing because its not going on anymore. I currently attend Grants Pass High School and i don’t see as much going on as u people bitch about and if your gonna be a 5 year old about getting caught with weed then stop smoking i mean i have nothing against it my brother is a stoner but he doesn’t cry when he is caught.

    I think it’s a great town, and just because you do mud bogging or that crap does not mean you are an ignorant redneck it just means we use what is around us to entertain ouselves instead of sitting on the couch all day and smoking weed (again nothing against it) but it keeps us busy and out if trouble and who are you people to judge us because of that?

  • okay Grants pass seriously suck so bad all the cops are corrupt and all there is to do is get drunk and stoned there is absolutely no work to be found . this town is a place were all people can do is get high and die smoke weed forever but get the FUCK out of grants pass. please as soon as you can!

  • As a native Grants Passian, born and raised, and a lover of all things new age, environmental, and socially progressive, I have to say that Grants Pass is a great place for this. You just need to find the hippie community that exists, because it is there. Sure, the moderate majority of people are trashy redneck types who want to build more box stores, but the city itself wonderful, the natural beauty of the area is second to none, and yes, the hippie culture does abound. There are now two new age bookstores, the fair trade goods store, and numerous art galleries. Hang around these places, go to First Friday Art Nights, and to the Saturday Market, to Gooseberries Natural Foods Market, to Sunshine Natural Foods, to the Herb Store, and you will find your kind.

  • We just moved close to grants pass, there are people that are more hard core rock fans but honestly you arnt going to give them a chance they are still good people, to each his own. Who are we to judge? Its beautiful here with lots to do outdoors. And its not hard to get a medical so smoking shouldn’t be a prob. We got a ticket in lane county for half a joint and my bf and I got a 1000 dollar ticket EACH but if you get ur med you’ll never have a prob! Ppl here for the most part keep to themselves and are easy going, just open you mind and hearts! Meth is everywhere we have traveled a lot and know, hopefully they’ll see the light…and hopefully more hippies will see the beauty of this place!

  • From someone who lives here… its not too bad of a place. theres just not alot to do [if you dont know the right people]
    were made up of stoners, skaters, and old people lol.
    Check out first friday [its pretty cool]

  • ive lived in grants pass for a while and havent found any type of weed gatherings/celebrations of mass people…e mail me at smred1420@msn.com

  • Oregon was a wonderful place…..until all these california c*cksuckers overpopulated our city…now it’s a bunch of gangbangin 12 year olds and a bunch of people who have their head up their asses. I hope they stop moving here….because i dont wanna be driven out of my hometown.

  • hey all, im 16, live in grants pass. i really really love this place because its where i grew up but the system here blows. theyre a bunch of crooked assholes trying to keep you in their circle/pockets. also i have a hard time finding cool people to hang out with. i read a lot of the comments and i didnt know being a “hippy” was some sort of way you dressed/acted/eat. i thought being a hippy was the way you looked at life and repulsing materialism etc etc. (could go on for dayzz)
    anyways, i love the surroundings and town and most of the people here that arent tweekers/junkies. im a stoner who hates stuck up people, tweekers, egotistical douchebags, and shallow annoying girls.
    but ya…town is boring as hell, old people with no appreciation for life and cops need to stop suppresing youth here tho. reason why so much people do drugs here in because theres nothing to do.
    just some comments about GP, lookout for a FTP or/and a Killuminati tag near you ;D


  • I submitted an opinion about four years ago and now I’ve decided to update. I had said that Grants Pass was a trashy town, well, it’s now worse. The homeless roam around and beg on every corner, they even beg and sleep in the post office until finally they had to shut it down at night because of someone being attacked.
    The town is going broke for sure, more and more buildings are empty and there is nothing to do there for the youth. So, they stand out on the sidewalks and gather eventually getting into trouble. I hear more sirens at night in that small town then I do here in Porltand Oregon.
    So, like I said before, Portland Oregon is so much better for hippies and others than Grant Pass. Happier people because of their free spirits and openness of the city.

  • I just had a short visit to Grants Pass. I love the energy there. Would someone tell me what the people of Grants Pass are like? Everyone I bumped into seemed nice but what I want to know is if the people who live in Grants Pass are open-minded?

  • Grants Pass is a strange amalgam of primates (rednecks), rude and obnoxious transplants (californians), the driving dead (octogenarian road hazards) and tweakers. The meth scourge is astronomical here, unemployment is among the highest in the state (and Oregon is 2nd highest in the nation), gangs are present, and the traffic is horrendous. Californians are completely destroying the pristine natural qualities once enjoyed by Oregonians, something Governor Tom McCall had forseen.

  • I would just like to say a little about Grants Pass, OR.  For some, the people are nice, and smiling.  The air is clean and warm. The people are either to old to drive, or half backwards and hillbillish. But most of all, they way some people can really screw with you, when all you wanna do is work for yourself and your family, and then before you know it, your sitting alone trying to figure out what you did to get in trouble, when it wasn’t you that did anything.  So here’s Gooseberries, the store is famous for rude and crude favoritism thanks to the Store Manager and her Assistant.  They will give you a job, just to use you, and when they feel like getting rid of you, they just fire you. No reason, just "Oh I don’t like you anymore, your fired".  They dont pay employees overtime (which if you look up the labor laws for Oregon it is HIGHLY illegal to NOT pay overtime in the state of Oregon (so right there is a good enoght reason to contact the right authorities and report their ass’s) Their deli is disgusting, the employees dont wash their hands before making food or better yet when someone is sick the manager will tell you not to go home, but to STAY all day and cough in peoples faces and touch their food with ‘sneezed on hands’ ( I would know since I have worked their long ago).  The Store Manager will also give you a choice if you and another employee are going to get fired (for God know’s why), the choice, "One of the two of you will be fired, so you two can decide which one stays, and which on goes" word for fucking word! Is that not cruel!!! Isn’t that going against some kind of Law that binds us employees to have rights while being employed.  So if your reading this and are a shopper at Gooseberries, stop going there, and drive the extra time to Ashland COOP, its worth the time and your service is pleasant.  Make sure you spread the word people, there are so many CROOKED employers out there that are just for power and money, and not for the people that work for them! 

  • Grants Pass and Oregon in general use to be 10 years behind the rest of the world, hate to say that they are now 15 years behind.
    Where else can you get terrible customer service? Nowhere
    but Oregon.
    The school employees are so secure in their jobs,even if they harmed a child it would not cost them their well paying job.
    Call in sick 80% of the time and you will have a successful dental practice.Then tell all your church friends that the reason why you retired was because of employee theft not because of your drug/alcohol issues!
    Ask for property taxes to be raised for vital services that might lead to layoffs,but make sure you build that expensive police/fire station and give the guy out getting drunk at a bonfire that crashes and dies a " hero farewell "with the taxpayers footing the bill.
    I wondered for a long time why these and many other things occur around Oregon. I felt like an alien, was it me? Then I started listening to people talk and came to the conclusion that there are just alot of stupid people here!

  • Excuse me people but if it wasn’t for Californians coming here, there would be less jobs and a worse economy.  They buy houses that pay property taxes.  They buy in our local stores. They have money and that’s good for GP.  We have a new Home Depot which employs people because of this. 

    This area is so beautiful!  maybe we all need to focus on the natural beauty and the kind people that do live here.
    Just sayin!

  • Grants Pass is the greatest town a homeless person could ask for..a big mission that feeds and houses us..and another soup kitchen that feeds us right down town..So pleased i found G.P…

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