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Portland, Oregon

Portland is a wonderful place that is very tolerant of hippie-types. Plenty of great people, and home to some great places, such as the nationally famous Saturday Market, a great place to meet people and just chill on the waterfront.

Ive been all around this country and Portland OR is the most beautiful city Ive ever seen….the people r welcoming know matter what u look like…and Hippies r more welcome than most…Saturday market draws some of the most unique people Ive ever met…but it is a great place for families as well…u can get almost any groovy hippy gear u want, as well as art from all over the world…waterfront is were most hippies hang out…ther r drum circles, smoking circles, its the best place to get rave flyers…and the vibe is very laid back. There is majik here…anyone whos been here will agree with me…it is so close to every part of nature here..the ocean, forests, mounts…Oregonians love & live with mother nature & not on her. so come one come all hippies to OR…its the most fullfilling place to end up!

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  • I love Portand. I’ve lived here most of my life, and the six years that i didn’t i lived in Vancouver WA so i was still came here often. I love the Saturday Market and the Waterfront, i wish i could get down there more. So I recomend Portland to all Hippies. It’s the greatest place that I know.

  • We just moved here and we go to the Saturday market quite a bit. The review on the market place is very accurate and is as it says a wonderful place for one and all.

    The waterfront is true also, there are all types that go and is a high tolerance for a types of peoples.

    I thank you again for the review and appreciate the truthfulness of your words, especially since I have made this place my home.

    Yours truly,


  • I live here in the Portland area and everthing you said about the Saturday Market is true. It’s a wonderous place to be and you can’t help but want to stay forever.

    I appreciate the honest review about Portlands Waterfront and hope I never have to leave this area ever.

  • Portland is the most beautiful city anywhere. The rent is cheap, jobs are easy to come by, and this city has a community. Its active and vibrant and alive. People here havn’t forgotten whats important in life, and most the people I meet are in love with the city.

    Hippies aren’t just welcome in Portland, they are Portland. Even people that don’t look like hippies are hippies. They think and act like hippies. U don’t have to smell like a hippie to be one in Portland. Come to Portland, take a bath, and be a part of the best place in the US (way the hell away from those capitalist pigs in Washington).

    BTW, most businesses are small businesses here… which means the city gov’t isn’t in the pocket of some corporation. They actually CARE about their city.

    If you move here, you can join your neighborhood association, and have a voice again. Democracy that works. There’s nothing like it.

  • Dude, Portland rocks! Bud is plentiful and it never snows. The most hippie-centric culture I’ve found. Check it out though bruh, I found this great resource on Portland happenings:


  • im wondering if there are any “hippy towns” to the west or southwest of Portland? Im moving to McMinnville area in the summer- starting a new job. Im moving from a really amazing set of communities in the foothills outside of Boulder, Colorado (nederland, sugarloaf, gold hill, ward, etc) and am wondering if anythng similar exists between portland and the coast?

    please respond via e-mail…

    rob g
    robert.gardner @ colorado.edu

  • I have been thinking about moving to Portland. From what I am told Portland is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. However, I have also been informed that the job market is really bad right now so finding a job is very difficult. I have friends up there and they are thinking of leaving because they can’t find work! According to national statistics unemployment in Portland is the highest in the nation! (national average being 4.6, Portland is at 9.5 with 10 being the highest…that’s bad). What a shame, because I would really like to move there. If anyone knows any different please post and let me know. Peace to all.

  • Dear Greenwolf,
    With regards to your question about the Portland job market, I highly recommend that you reconsider your decision to move here. I came to Portland three years ago (just before the nightmare of 9/11) and these three years have been the worst three years of my career. Jobs are indeed VERY scarce, and more importantly, there’s a lot of well-educated people here competing for the few jobs that are available. This is not one of those cities where you can come in with a chip on your shoulder and expect doors to open up because you have a bachelor’s degree or even an MBA or Ph.D. On top of that, the city had some major budget cutbacks that have really made things difficult for low-income folks and anyone who needs to be on unemployment. Yes, it’s a beautiful city with friendly, open-minded people and cheap rental apartments, but until the economy gets better, this is not where you want to live unless you have a huge nest egg to live on while you look for a job. I am thinking of leaving, and many of my friends have already gone. By all means visit Portland, but don’t plan to stay for the long haul until things turn around.

  • Thank you for your post. I have already recosidered and will not be moving to Portland at this time. However, I would love to visit and will be doing so before the end of the year.

  • Portland is absolutely one of the best American cities for hippies.

    I absolutely agree with the Portland Saturday Market comments. It is an excellent place for hippies to hang out. They’ve got this head shop called Artopia, where they have a lot of great vintage posters, Fillmore ads, bead curtains, window stickers, etc. And they have multiple booths filled with everything from hemp necklaces to tie-dye to sarongs to incense to fine abstract art! 🙂

    Besides the market on Saturday and Sunday, there are many other hippy-friendly areas in Portland west of 82nd Avenue, where east of there begins to get more downscale and filled with auto shops and mobile homes. Hawthorne Avenue is my absolute favorite part of Portland. There, it is very neo-hippy with many great cafes, head shops like Jambo World Crafts and the Third Eye Shoppe, and many great lounges and theaters where you can catch an act or read local poetry, etc.

    Everything between Belmont and Division is gorgeous. 23rd Avenue east of the Willamette is also a pretty area, Pioneer Courthouse Square is a great hang-out area, Laurelhurst Park, heck, Portland is THE tie-dye town, with the Pearl District being the only real exception with its upscale plastic atmosphere.

    It is true it rains most of the year here, but all the same the water enrichs the Earth and the flowers and trees are breathtaking here.

    A few words of advice to those who are interested to move here. The water here does contain some mercury pollution, but don’t fear drinking the water. Just don’t swim in the Willamette is all! 😉

    You’ll love it here! I’m lovin’ it each day! (does happy dance)

  • Hello people of Portland! Could anyone tell me if dread locked folks can find jobs around or near town? About how much would one expect to pay for rent? What’s your overall opinion of the town? Thanx and Much Love!!!

  • I grew up in Portland. Portland used to be hippy-friendly. Now its a weird place to be where you really dont feel welcome at all unless you got an s.u.v. Yall must be from Kansas or Miami or some shit if you think Portland is a cool spot for hippies. My plan is to get as many savages as I possibly can and pull Portland back out of the jaws of the rich before they swallow the motherfucker whole. The natives called the willamette valley the “valley of the sickness” because they would go there to find healing herbs. Now the valley of the sickness is just sick.

  • many people dont know this, even the portland locals, but there is actually a clothing – optional bar in the Downtown party district of Portland. Its called Berbati’s Pan, and its located right next door to the Shanghai Tunnel on S.W. 2nd and Ankeny. The bar is Greek owned they have set up a deal with the other bars and police in the downtown area to give the bar that “nude beach” appeal. So if you go there and you start to feel a little too warm, dont worry, they love naked hippies!!!

  • I just went to Portland to check it out and found that the people were very nice but it is surely not a hippie area. Mostly alternative kids and skateboarders, who were also very nice. I was hoping for a bit more of a laid back, hippie loving vibe. All around though, a gorgeous place (mountains, trees)

  • I’ve been living in Portland for the last 8 months and there’s more hippies and freaks and bohemian types in this city than you know what to do with. It’s not as dense as the bay area so everything is a bit more spread out but whatever your trip is you can find it here. If your wanting to live in the ‘hip’ area stay in the SE north of Powell and west of ’82nd between powell and burnside. If you live a bohemian lifestyle of any kind you’ll find portland to be a city that’s very easy to get used to.

  • Portland is a very welcoming place, as long as you are not a different color. I lived there for a year, and it’s where all the old south dixie people went after the civil war. They think it’s their promised land. I saw some crazy stuff: people on the bus whistling old insulting mammy type songs, to some guy in a suit trying to get home. This also happened to me more times than I can count. Being mocked in the supermarket, by some rich girl who saw that I was buying sour cream and said something about Mexicans to her mother. I mean, real egregious bulls–t up in Portland. Beware, kids.

  • Portland is possibly the coolest town in the US. The Saturday Market is a groovy place to pick up hippy art and crafts, and theres lots of parks for laughing and lazing. The Third Eye store is also a big hippy magnet. And best of all, Portland is close to almost any geographical feature you can think of: rivers, oceans, forests, mountains, deserts, and more.

  • Whats up there. I was thinking about moving to Portland in about a year. I currently live in Las Vegas, and it is one of the shittiest places I’ve ever lived. I’m out here working as a intern for a appraisal company, and I have about 10 months left, and then I’m fuc#ing gone. I consider myself to be open hearted, very gererous (spelling?), honest, you know, all of the hippy characteristics. How are the women out there, are there a lot, because I love the ladies, they’re not all fake bitches like here in Vegas are they? Is it easy to meet people in bars? Just tell me more about how bad ass Portland is, and I’ll start packing right now, I’m sure you can use another loving, accepting person in your town, even though I heard it is getting pretty crowded. I heard the rain situation is kind of a myth, whats up with that? How is the nug life?
    Where is the best local bars to catch some good Jammin?

  • Hey, I’m in Portland right now. The good things you have heard about it tend to be true, but make sure you have a job lined up before you come here. The job market is really tight and if you wait to come up here to secure a job you might get screwed.

    Nug life? I don’t smoke but it’s good quality here and cheap.

  • portland hates you!

  • alguin habla español

  • I’ve visited portland a few times and love the city. I was most impressed by the people but the city in general seems to be moving at a different beat than any place I’ve been.People are there because they want to be and seem to be very happy. To start an interesting exchange try saying ” hello”. Works for me! I’m planning a move there this summer so I’d thought I’d ask here if they’re like everywhere else and have to pee to get a job. Actually I’m casual so peeing isn’t an issue but the hair thing is a grave inconvenance. I’m a tradesman who works manufacturing. Namaste’

  • I lived of Portland for a couple of years when I was real young, and from what I remember it was a bad ass little city. I also remember Oregon as a whole, cool ass state, very greeeen. How is Portland now? Do the richest people in the city still dress in jeans and tee shirts? I live in Miami, and it seems like people wont give you the time of day unless you dress nice, and drive some overprices peice of sh#t. Give me the scoop all you Portlanders.

  • Very white, bland, and lifeless. No jobs, no good food, no entertainment, an definetly no diversity The hippie vibe is not here, it is the yuppie scene definitely, amd everybody here is wrapped up in themselves. Lots of strip bars and meth, and a severe lack of freedom. Saturday market is alright, but quickly becoming a shell of what it was. This is no utopia, and as hard as it is to beleive even Cali is better.

  • I lived in Portland about 3 years ago, and was raised in the S.F. Bayarea during the 60’s & 70’s. I found Portland to be the closest to what S.F. was like then. It’s a great city and I miss it alot.

  • How can somebody say the bad things about Portland that they did?
    I’ve lived in Portland for my whole life, which hasn’t been very long Im just a kid, but oh well, I think its great. I’ve been to Florida, Cali, Nevada, Utah, Washington, and I think that I couldn’t stand to live anywhere else besides here in Portland. There is so many small hip buisnesses, and people are so welcoming, and kind. Hawthrorn is great, its full of local theaters, which play fabulous movies and I totally adore, there is coffee shops and cafes everywhere, and some nice used clothing stores, though some things can be costly. Other people have posted that it is a racist state, that isn’t true, not if you hang around nice people, the people affect the environment, if you’re hanging out in Portland somewhere you feel comfortable, they will fill confortable about you being there, dont think that everyone is out to get you. Someone also said it was full of yuppies, I will admit, if you are hanging out aroudn the Pearl District, going to art openings, then people are a bit more yuppieish, but simply don’t go there if you don’t want to be around them, Portland has many crowds, hang out in the one you are most comfortable in. But downtown is just fabulous! Its crowded if you drive everywhere, but if you bike or walk, its amazing, so many different unique types of people, hippies, rebels, yuppies, skaters, prudes, beat niks, they are all there, its great. Yes, I will admit, there is a hella lot of Starbucks shops, but, no place is perfect, and Portland is a hippie hang out. The people are laid back, hardly ever in a hurry, and accepting towards different people. I remember when my friends first started dragging me to all the small busness areas (Hawthorn) it was great, everyone is so unique, playing instruments, and everyone has such a strong opinion. PORTLAND IS SO FLIPPIN’ SNAZZY!
    -Meow -^_^-

  • meow, you are very cute and naive. portland is an okay place cause its easy to get out of and there arent too many really cold days but a lot of people here dont understand reality, their reality is reality tv which makes it hard to find intersting people. as far as bohemian i dont really know but a lot of people are good at playing dress up. fuck

  • um, how do you guys know that this website isnt actually run by the government in an attempt to monitor drug activity and potential “terrorism”?

  • I love Portland. I wish I could connect with more people that are like-minded in the area, though.

  • Interesting thread. I’ve lived in P-town for seven years now. I agree with many of the positive and negative things that have been said, but like anything, I think its worth noting that its all relative to where and with whom you are spending your time here.

    The people: It is a liberal haven, of which the hippy haven is a part, but not the whole. People are very politically conscious and active.
    If you are interested in truly connecting to a circle of people looking to better their lives and the world around them, with peace and love in their hearts, you will find a plethora here. Funny enough, most of these people, that I know at least, are from other parts of the country and came here to create this. If this is your mindset too, you will find them. The SE neighborhoods are filled with kind and open people. Hippy hearts without the need to dress or act any particular way.
    You will also find your fair share of plastic types and suits in the uber-urban areas (Pearl District) and outlying suburbs to the west, as well as conservatives, racists and hicks, which seem to make up a fair share of the population once outside of the city. It is hard to get to know some types of people, but that is the only way they will get to know us and our viewpoints. If we truly act with love, then we do so towards all people. The fact that I’ve used the term “hick” demonstrates I’m still working on this part myself.
    The only racial diversity is in N/NE Portland, which is quickly becoming gentrified but still has a vibrant Black community. Other areas have high Asian and Latino (primarily Mexican) populations, but there is the ever-present class barrier which forces them to live in the same areas as the racist hicks. The “hippy” scene is, as it has nearly always been, primarily White.
    There is a lot of diversity in gender/sexual preferance. It is a lesbian and gay haven, where you will find general acceptance but still run into the occasional jerk who is acting from fear and ignorance.

    The economy: No question, its bad, very bad. Since the dot-com crash, it has been very shaky. Local governments are broke, there are very few social welfare programs, and jobs are very hard to come by unless you’ve been around for a while and have intigrated with generous people.

    The environment: Breathtakingly beautiful! Old growth forest, waterfalls, snowy peaks, the Pacific ocean, all within an hour and half drive. But the winter, oh god the winter. Expect eight months of rain and gray skies. My theory is, however, this is what makes the people so nice and conscientious.

    This city and area resonates with love, magic, and community. But it may well require some sacrifices. To me, its worth it.

  • Portland is a magical place where with much beauty where i finally got the spiritual part of my life in place,which really helped my mental growth’


  • Portland is losing its hippy charm. I’ve lived here for 23 years. Housing prices are up, there’s tons of overeducated people applying for the same jobs (and even working minimum wage jobs at Starbucks…….which are on every corner)….. Some of the local hippy joints have been replaced with new, modern places………..
    Californians are coming here in droves…………and not the 420 friendly type of Californians. Even Ashland (which is Hippy Central) is one of the new “hip spots” for Californians……….

  • Oh, and I forgot to mention………people here are not friendly anymore.

  • I am moving to Portland in February from the Northern California Coast. I was wondering what the good organic, conscience places and parks and areas are in Portland. Schools, galleries, resturants. Any advice? Love some heads up. I don’t want to find a place online and find myself in George Bush land. Love to chat. wildflowerbelle@hotmail.com

    love and blessings, sylvia wildflower

  • Hey all. I’m moving to the west coast and would like to find a cool commune to just chill and grow herbs for awhile. Anyone know of any?

  • this town is a wonderful place if you can look past the corruption that the coorpations have caused-any hippy going downtown water front the hippies that you run into will welcome you and treat you right if you aren’t buying pot alot of those bags are short. if you want good bags go to hawthorne that is where you get the real love. there is a couple good reggae nights in town one of them is 3100 ne sandy blvd. the other one is on ne killingsworth. though the coorperate coffee shops offer wi-fi so do some of the local shops, there’s gladstone coffee on 39th and gladstone with free wi-fi, and so does coffee wire on 39th near hawthorne, so check out local shops and don’t give into starbucks and coffee people……


  • Hey, Y’all… Oregon is Awesome! The people, even the corporate types, are really laid back. Even nowadays. Yeah, there’s a major influx from Cali and everywhere, but it’s the cool people that are coming. They’re tired of the establishment that’s killing the rest of the country. Been to L.A. lately? Don’t bother. It’s worse than you remember.
    People are like trying to come ‘home’. Remember, Cali was cool when Oregon was a conservative hinterland. So maybe we should try to welcome these brothers and sisters, and teach ’em how to be hippies again. Just like someone did for us, twenty years ago. By the way…don’t feel alone. Colorado is having the exact same thing.
    Let’s be cool. Let’s keep on creating heaven!

  • So you think Portland would be cool to come to? well, just make sure you stay clear of WaterFront Park, Pioneer Square, and Park Blocks. The first and last are hot for cops the second is a place that nameless, jobless, stuck up, “I call myself a ‘hippie’ but only because I think you guys are cool” hang out at,and there mostly 13-14 year olds that ran away from home for being grounded. Cooller places are Larullherst park, hawthorne blvd, bellmont, most, Coffee shops in SE are chill too. really to get plugged in with cool people just find a place to kick it. a pub, chill bar, coffee shop, numeras parks(other than the ones listed above[matter of fact steer clear of parks in downtown in general) There’s chill glass blowers around, and some good music too. find your fortae and hang.

  • I wouldn’t let the word out so much about how great portland is… im from s. fla. and it used to be laid back here until the last 10 yrs – all of a sudden it was like half of the world was moving here and building up- everywhere! the developers came in and now it’s all concrete bldgs, tons of people and worst of all tons of cars. I hate it here but I must stay until my son finishes high school… I can’t figure out why everyone wanted to move here… (I was born here). Growing up I used to hate it that no one stayed here- all transient visitors who’d always leave and go back up north. Now no one leaves- they stay & tell all of their friends how great it is. It’s like they’ve ruined the place.

  • Help! I am moving to Portland and dont have much money for rent. $400 or less a month. can anyone tell me any apartments or areas? peavanmeurs@yahoo.com

  • I grew up in Ptld.

    Good points are a great metro system, a (not great but ok) university that serves working individuals (PSU) and the nearby natural scenery.

    Why the low score? You’ll find a lot of poseur, flakes and ‘fake’ types in Ptld, probably the influence of SoCal. It’s nothing for someone to say they’ll meet you on say Thursday night at such and such time, for that night to get here and they are nowhere to be found; lots of flakes.

    People aren’t especially friendly either. Not until I moved to the South, North Carolina, did I really find people who I could call ‘friendly’. It was quite an eye opener. Ptld is also a bit insular, it thinks the world is keenly aware of its existence rather than it being the isolated place it is.

    And the overcast weather. God help me, I’ll never, ever forget my happiness living in the South when the Sun actually came out every day and the skies were blue 90% of the time.

    Ptld, nice place to visit or live for a year or two, it beats its chest about livability but a lot of it is hype. That’s about it.

  • I was born in Portland and have lived most of my life here.

    10 to 15 years ago I would agree that Portland was a nice place to live. No one was in a hurry, and one of the biggest complaints from visitors that the city was too laid back: “I can’t believe people drive the &*()%$ speed limit here!!!” or some such as that.

    It’s still an OK place to live, BUT

    There are a LOT of new people moving here every day. Many of those are big city types – particularly Californians – that are always in a huge rush to get anywhere. SE Hawthorne used to be a hippie dream land, and while it is still possible to buy bongs at the store called “Smoking Glass” (for tobacco use only of course), a LOT of the laid back hippie charm the street once had has been replaced by by yuppie stylishness.

    Because so many of these people who are moving here are coming from very expensive cities in California, the cost of housing has gone through the roof. For those from a big, expensive city (Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc.) Portland will seem like it is very affordable. However, when comparing wages paid to cost of living, most of the indexes I have seen show only San Francisco as a more expensive city.

    Beauty? Sure, it’s nice here. You could see Mt. Hood towering over the city from a number of places, but now they’ve built skyscrapers in the way of all execpt one or two places. Used to be you could see Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt. Jefferson, and even all the way north to Mt. Rainier, by Seattle. That only happens very occasionally – maybe several days a year – now because of the amount of air pollution from all the added cars on the road.

    Unfortunately, this is only going to get worse. They expect the city to grow by another 1 million or so during the next 15 years.

    I’m glad there are still those who move here and like it, as seen on this thread, but I only wish that you could have seen the city like I knew it back when it still had a small town feel and before much of the beauty was obstructed by the new buildings downtown.

    – glen
    My user name is glennl
    and my internet provider is
    easy street dot com

  • Hey, When on Hawthorne Blvd. Check out the Master Peace at 3623 SE Hawthorne Blvd. This shop specializes in HEMP, Organic Cotton, Bamboo and Soy clothing and goods for women, men, kids and the home.

  • Akiane started sketching portraits at age four. At age 8 she painted Jesus. With more then 75 paintings completed, now 12 year old Akiane has two published books, has been inducted into the Children’s Hall of Fame, and has been on many national television shows. Yet Akiane has remained innocently unaffected.
    See a collection of her paintings and books in a touring art exhibit Saturday March 24th through Easter Sunday April 8th at the Tiffany Center Ballroom 1410 SW Morrison, (PG&E stop on the max).
    Exhibit is open 9am to 9pm. Admission is $5 per person or $20 per family. https://www.byakiane.com or 208- 286-1754.
    Don’t let anyone you love miss this experience.

  • Hello Brothers and Sisters! I am from Upstate NY, have been traveling with Rat Dog, which brought me to Portland. I am completely out of BUD, and I really need to score!! Not a cop! Just a Hippy. Can anyone help out?

  • i live in hillsboro and i go into portland every weekend. saturday market is baddass. there’s a cool internet cafe type place called Backapace. it’s on 5th and Couch, and you can see the Hung Far Low building from it’s window. it has way cool art, and (for 6 bucks an hour, or 3 bucks with a membership) you can play pretty much any online game you want. don’t bring your own food, cause they serve food and drinks there, the grilled caprese is great. also, it’s right next to an arcade. anyways, have fun!

  • Salvia divinorum. Where is this precious herb sold? I had a friend who bought some for me once. I don’t want the incense form; I want PURE salvia.


  • i love portland! I always thought that i was born to late, but in portland, i feel just right in time. i love the city. i love the saturday market (just was there last weekend). i felt so at home, so right. finally people that share the same way of life!

  • I am too much of a hippie to live in Utah. My boyfriend & I are moving to Oregon within the week and are looking for some hippie roommates. Please Help!

  • u can purchase pure salvia at incence magic at sat market

  • Me and my roomate have been wanting to move to portland for years. We r just a couple of hippies trying to find a spot in portland to chill. if anyone has any recommendations where to live, work, and meet some laid back people, drop me a line at spenc5564@yahoo.com. Or on myspace, URL: myspace.com/pandaman515

  • I’ve lived in Portland all of my life (30 years) – Why would I like to move out?

    rents are skyrocketing
    jobs are scarce
    jobs pay very little
    the weather is crap
    many of the people are very opinionated about what other people should be doing
    in some ways, things are more difficult here than they should be: finding a place to live, getting work, commuting.
    more californians are moving in, and the city’s taking a bad turn – pearl district, traffic congestion, rent increases, city-like feeling, becoming more plastic-y-hip instead of grungy-hip. Portland is kind of seen as a hipster’s dreamworld, and people come here and think that they’ve become something or that they’ve reached the plateau, and suddenly they have it, and they are made in the shade, when really they’ve just moved to a different place than they were before. They think that being here makes them hip. cool, “it”. Portland has shifted from a comfortable place to be to ‘the place to be’, and with that comes a lot of ego and pomp and self-centered-ness. The city becomes a charicature of its former self, and the characters don’t realize that they are the ones making it that way.

    the down home comfort has turned into a stew of insular self-importance and it is now mostly the home of ego-centric image-focused wannabe-something’s.

    This is a bad light to put portland in, but there is some truth to it all.

    And a thought about the attitudes of most of the people who are here now:

    It is very rare in portland to find someone who believes in themselves wholeheartedly. The vast majority of people here need an external thing to base their value of themselves upon. Some do so in a negative way, some in a positive way, but ultimately they’re all trying to show that they’re of value, rather than just knowing it.

    There is a lot of judgment for the purpose of self-validation done here. Everyone’s trying to muscle some self-value from their surroundings when really there is no use for the approach in the first place. Everyone’s trying to show that they’re something, most of them by trying to show something else in a bad light and thereby elevating themselves.

    It’s a blindness, and an insular smugness with no real meaning or worth. It’s a disease and it makes the city a land of potholes as you travel around,

    ka-thump, that guy thinks anyone who doesn’t wear his kinds of clothes is an idiot,
    ka-thump, this woman here scorns anyone who doesn’t have money,
    ka-thump, this person is looking down upon anyone who drives an SUV,
    ka-thump, this guy thinks that he has the right to judge who is cool and who isn’t and that his idea of who he likes and doesn’t like is some kind of holy grail of worth.

    Everyone’s got a reason that they’re the arbiters of worth, and all it makes is a city full of potholes. It didn’t used to be this way, but everyone who’s moved in has done so because they want to be ‘it’. From down home comfort to hipster negativity.

    People just aren’t friendly in portland, no matter how ‘livable’ the city is supposed to be. It’s not a comfortable place if you just want to abide with no concerns about what other people do with their lives. Everyone’s got an opinion and they think that it should apply absolutely. Everyone’s too smart to abide, too ‘it’ to just be.

    It wasn’t this way before, it’s fallen victim to being a hipster’s destination.

  • wats up portlanders, this is the month of the big 420 if any one wants to know of a spot to get shmoked out or to shmoke go to the 420 tree by the zoo,if u dont know where it is on 420 hundreds ofpeople get on the max throughout the day at pionere square and make ther journey trhere and there high journey home. perfect place to blaze because they got a kfc close by for dank munchies, and no problems with the fatpigs, and by the way all the fuckers down below that say portland is gay fuck u guys and stop complainig get the fuck out and stopshmoking all our preciuse herb .

  • lived in portland for over 21 years…15 years ago, this was a great place. since the droves of rich population came, housing costs have skyrocketed, traffic congestion is slowly getting solved, and the whole vibe has changed. there is not much diversity here, but the city is very tolerant of alternative lifestyles-about the one thing i can appreciate of this city. superficiality has overtaken the people, and honestly, i think those who can’t see the superficiality are most likely taken over by it.

  • I am an oregon/Portland native and I really love it here, but I have ot agree with a lot of reviews that I read. The Californians are taking over our city. Condos everywhere, Rent is going up everywhere, cars everywhere and if you want to buy a house under 300,000,? Well good luck.
    Hipsters and snobby yuppies have taken over Hawthorne and Belmont. Don’t even get me started on the Pearl District. Years ago this town was amzing. You could walk downtown and meet all kinds of people. Hippies, Gutter Punks, Ravers and straight up Weirdos. Now….its all yuppies and hipsters. I love it here too much to move, but I hope we can start taking our city back. Everyone wants to be something here because its such a small town. There are still many cool places to visit and lots of things to do and cool people to meet, but its changing every damn day.
    I say move somewhere else because in another couple years its going to be twice as bad!

  • i dont care what anyone says, portland is my one true love. I love the people and feel more at home at the saturday market than my own bedroom. If your a hippie and want to chill out with friendly people…come on over. Don’t listen to “random portlander”. Portland Oregon is where it’s at!

  • Portland sucks ass. If your from the south/are not passive aggresive than this is the place for you. It caters to the week/passive/mentally disabled/fat/insecure and weak.

    I cannot wait to get the fuck out of this fuckin hell hole full of fuckin wierdos.

    Fuck Portland.

    I am headed to Ashevill were people are still polite and considerate of others.

  • Man, I totally agree with Spencer’s post, tis town has changed SOOO much from the quant, cool, wierd and friendly place I moved to 20 years ago to some f’ed up amalgamation of SoCal (ughhh) and “let’s leave a couple trees here so people will still think its nice” SC developers have flocked here and are tearing down all the history and beautiful turn of the (last) century architecture and putting up hideous 25 story towers blotting out what little sun we get. Plus the threat of violence as escalated from none to whre I wont be on the street downtown alone at night. Please stop So Calers please go home and take your snotty attitude with you. This used to a place people came to escape the crap in thier city and wanted to a part of it to a place people come to change it to be like where they came from. Sorry to rag on SC people, but c’mon, ya’ll just suck and are fucking up my little paradise badly- Oh yeah, there are NO, absolutely NO jobs, a studio apt will run you at least 700 bucks a month, if you can find one, and if you do luck into a job, you will get min. wage, even if you have 20 years experience. sorry to black out your rose colored shades , but thats the facts man.

  • Random Portlander, reading your post was a relief for me, in an odd way. I totally agree, and it’s interesting to read the same thoughts that I’ve had about Portland from someone who has lived here as long as I’ve been alive.

    I moved to Portland a year ago, after hearing great things about it for years. I plan on moving back to Tucson in a few months, and can not wait. I have found Portland to be extremely unfriendly, for all the same reasons you mentioned. I grew up in New York City, and Portland feels just like it, only less interesting. Just today, I smiled at someone on the street, and she looked at me like I was a cockroach. Pretty much the reception I was used to in New York, and what I’ve come to expect here as well.

    I have a Master’s degree, and am working at a “Master’s-level” job that I could have worked at without any college degree in Tucson (probably because there are a surplus of people with higher level degrees here). I shouldn’t complain though – at least I have a job, which is quite a feat here if you don’t have a college degree. The pay is laughably low, while the cost of living is rather high.

    Granted, Portland does have it’s upsides – I love the excellent public transportation here, and the focus on sustainability (although often, even that seems awfully fake and appearance-oriented rather than genuine). But frankly, I can’t wait to return to the kind, chill place that I lived for the last 8 years and work at improving those aspects of it there – and get a few smiles out of people at the same time. :O)

    I get the impression that Portland used to be a whole lot kinder & more liveable, and it’s reputation just hasn’t caught up with it yet.

  • I’ve moved all around America my whole childhood and Portland has to be my favorite place I have lived, but it depends on what you like and what you consider good people. I lived in Kentucky for a while and people might say they’re friendly, but personally I think the people in Kentucky were loud mouth hillbillies that want to get involved in everyone’s lives. In Portland you can just chill and no one will bother you or try to start fights. There are a lot of entertainers downtown its a lot of fun. The one bad thing about the Portland area is the price of housing. It’s hard to find a decent place to live for under $800 a month.

    If you want to relax and have a good time without people trying to get involved in your personal life go to Portland.

    If you like strangers acting like they’re your best friend go down south.

  • So i’m getting alot of mixed messages… is portland a laid back city or what??
    i’m really wanting to intern there this spring, and i’m hoping if i like it enough, maybe more there!
    is this a good decision or bad??

  • I just moved to Portland. Where can I score some kind buds without gtting ripped off?

  • All you goovers – Mt Tabor Theater on Sunday nights is drum circle time. Bring your bangers and let’s get it on.
    Anyway, P-town is getting crowded, like the effing planet.
    Puddletown is the best city of its size in Amerika. I don’t like carz and their evil pollution. If you gotta drive, please give a hippie drummer-in-need a ride to the drum circle.
    The Northwest and the northwest coast of Cali are good hippie zones
    in general. And as far as my herbal experiences with the Portland police are concerned – they have been very cool. Thank Christ for
    liberals and hempy freaks who luv them.
    Remember to report in when you move here, so the citizen’s committee can check u out!!

  • I’ve lived in Portland since i was 4 years old, I’m 19 now. Portland has changed a lot as I’ve grown, the shitty run down warehouses of NW are now ritzy upscale apartments called the pearl district. lots of old diners and stuff have gone under and newer hipper cafes (lots of vegan/vegetarian) have opened up, which is cool. I think that back in the 90’s Portland had a cooler vibe cause the happening locals at the time didn’t know how cool they were (well maybe) but now a lot of people are pretentious when they come to the city, walk around with ironic facial hair, ride their fixed gears down to Stumptown and beam everyone that’s not outfitted in black designer skinny jeans. but that is definitely not everyone in the city, there are a lot of real genuine people to meet.

    and finding a job right now is impossible, ive been unemployed since june 08.

  • Look, I really just like Portland because overall there is like-minded people here & is ahead then any other city in America… That’s why I also like Eugene…. no matter where you go there will always be a down side to it, who cares to what degree that is. I’m homeless & staying in trans housing right downtown. I really just want a consistent job & my own place, I’m tired of being homeless. If anyone is willing to be a room mate of mine, know of any job openings.. let me know …


  • I lived there years ago and had a blast…until the rainy season started. If you’re prone to respiratory problems, the wet weather will kill you.

  • I have lived in Portland now 23 years. Its got its ups & downs. But I just opened a business in SE on Division. “The Modern Hippie”( 4912 se division). Its not “as cool” as Hawthorne, but its groovey in its own rite. I plan on having a community organic garden in the back of the store yard/ w/ patio area & also a horseshoe pit & little kids area ( coming in the spring) . It will just be an extention of my store ….and also of community involvement. I want to represent Portland as being a community that is helping to recycle/ renew/ do possitive things to the ground/ help people that need a little help/ give to the food banks/ & just be loving to all that cross my path. I think if we all just do a little we can make a difference…if only to 1 person. Its all about love anyway. Thats what I believe to be a hippie is all about.

  • I used to really respect hippies but now, especially moving back to Portland, I have come to not only disrespect hippes but also to loathe them. It’s a shame because no one should be judged as a group it’s just that hippies have become self-righteous preaching morons who think they can force BS down people’s throats. Obama has quickly become as much of a dictator as George W. Bush; this “carbon footprint” crap is just as annoying as Christians trying to push religion down your throat; Biofuel is a sick joke because to make it in quantity people are using corn which is the worst crop to grow because it needs a lot of water, a lot of pesticide and a lot of land; the push for “green energy” yet the hate and ignorance about nuclear, wind mills on the Columbia River Gorge, electricity from damns, etc. etc.

    So to retaliate I just bought an SUV; I eat Beluga Caviar at least onece per month; I drive my Ferrari much more; I bought 3 fur lined jackets (chinchilla because it takes a few per jacket); I now only wear leather shoes; I eat more red meat and drink more milk; I buy heads of lettuce to only chop them up or hit them with baseball bats; I have subscribed to a couple of useless newspapers and throw them away; I collect all my recycable things so my friend can burn it in his fireplace; I turn Rush Limbaugh up load with my windows rolled down in my car; I honk at bicycle riders and flip them off; I yell at people waiting at them Max to get a life; I honk and flip people off in crosswalks; I blog about how much Portland sucks because it does; and a few other things strictly to amuse myself.

    Humans are not that important and we don’t have that much impact on the earth so get over yourselves. You are not going to save Planet Earth. It doesn’t give a crap about you. As humans we are like lice on Planet Earth. Annoying but not a big deal. One valcano eruption causes more damage to the earth than over a decade of driving for the entire world. Get over yourselves. Smoke your pot and shut up.

  • Ello there~
    I was born and live in Oregon. I have traveled it broadly. Except South Eastern Oregon, haven’t really desired to go thata way yet. It is truley a B~E~A~utiful place to be. I have been to Hawaii~California~Washington~Wash D.C. (ahhhh scary place)~Nevada. Another way, I just feel that no one should be typing themselves as hippy or yuppie or all the sub catigories people have for one another. Really it is about your spirit. What type of energy do you give off. There are killers, meanies, and judgemental people everywhere. Even on these comments there is energy of negative type. Portland is expensive to live compared to other places but this is happening everywhere. More people, more demand. Simply put the population is growing beyond the means of the Earth. People are living beyond their years of life. People live on medications that create there lifes to be extended, whether they are living happily or not. Portland has alot to offer for broad minds. I wouldn’t want to live there but I will always go to it. If you like city life that’s where to live. If not find a nice little town and go there, when you want to do pretty much anything you can think of go to portland.

  • will be there soon,been on a bit of a bad stretch of “road”,but still hanging -in.coming to Portland,and that is where I will live the last chapter of this part of my forever. My wife passed on last november,and i have been drifting ever since,but,Portland will be my last stop.
    All the love to you all-hope there will be a place for a brother,but either way,Love&Peace.

  • Hi everyone, this is a really eye-opening thread.

    My wife and I are new to Portland, and we can definitely see what you are all talking about when it comes to this city — good and bad — and I want you to know that we both try hard to fit in with the good parts. We moved here to escape the Deep South and my bizarre republican family. We’ve lived all over the place — Chicago, DC, LA, and most recently, Tampa. For those of you who have never lived anywhere but Portland, the rumors are true: the rest of the country is really starting to suffer the fallout of the “Greatest Generation’s” post-war push to conformist, soulless, suburban “lifestyle.” By that I mean isolation, ennui, depression, and addiction to “stuff.” When every town in the midwest has a Wal-Mart, an Applebees, a thousand McHouses and a cavernous mall filled with crap, is there any wonder that eventually people will try to find an alternative?

    People who visit Portland — strangers like me — are astounded by this place. I’m amazed when locals say it used to be BETTER than it is now. I feel like an alien — people are friendly, warm, oddly physically fit (go live in the South for a while and you’ll see what I mean about that), politically active and astute, and they have zero tolerance for bad coffee. I feel luckier, healthier, and more emotionally and spiritually fulfilled every day that I live here.

    I want you to know that even though I’m new here, I really appreciate everything the prior residents of this city did to make it what it is, and I’ll do my part to keep it friendly, green, and pleasant for everybody else.

    And I have zero tolerance for hipster cynicism. Take that mean BS back to Brooklyn, skinny-jeans.

  • I don’t know about the rest of you but PORTLAND ROCKS.

    Random Portlander, please move because we don’t need your attitude here.
    People in Portland don’t need to prove anything to anyone.
    We already have the best of everything.

  • Lived here for a decade. The faults listed are somewhat valid but seemingly from a perspective that takes what makes this city beautiful for granted. Every coin has two sides and it’s important to show both I understand. But we live here for a reason, and if we hated it so much we would leave to somewhere else. I personally haven’t seen as much of the horrible social scene as Random Portlander and in fact have found myself surrounded by friends from every stripe of any scene. Case in point, I’m more of a rocker type than a hippie but I adore this city so much I had to chime in, and I don’t feel self-conscious for doing it.

    I love Portland. I’m going to die here, hopefully in 50 or 60 years.

  • I have been livin in Portland for about 5 years now and absolutely love it! The Random Portlander, who said, “rents are skyrocketing”, might be right when you live in the Pearl District or the NW alphabet district, but there are way cooler, chiller, up and coming hippy communities to live in. Like the east side on Alberta st or Mississippi, not to mention waay better restaurants are located over there. I have been living right downtown for about 3 years and am planning to move over there for the calming atmosphere and the food. Dont get me wrong, the Pearl district and downtown do have good qualities, but the east side is where its at if your lookin for hippyness.

  • Hippies please do not come to Oregon. Above all watch out for the hippies in Southern Oregon, they are very dangerous. Hippies are not cool and they are wannabe Indians and rip off other peoples culture because they have none of there own.
    Yes, Portland is nice. but we have more than our share of dirty filthy hippies!

  • jfc can’t we at least try and be literate?

  • Before I start blabbing, forgive me if the HTML isn’t right; I’m new at this!

    RandomPortlander, you are right–everyone is entitled to her/his own opinion.

    I am of the opinion that what you give, you get. If you have an attitude of non-conformity, you’ll meet non-conformists. If you spend a lot of energy spreading anger around, you’ll meet angry people. If you look at everyone around you as someone being deserving of compassion and loving-kindness, you’ll view the world in more of an “us” way, rather than a “them” way.

    Conan O’Brien said something on his last show that I thought was really poignant; I imagine that some people think that C.O. isn’t capable of saying anything worth commenting on, let alone ruminating about, but really, ALL of us have something of value to contribute. Anyway, if any of you were paying attention, there was a lot of drama about his departure of The Tonight Show, and during his closing monologue he said:

    All I ask of you is one thing: please don’t be cynical. I hate cynicism- it’s my least favorite quality and it doesn’t lead anywhere. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.

    I guess that’s where I’m at these days. It’s really easy to develop a cynical attitude about life when things aren’t going the way one wishes they would, but it doesn’t make the situation better. If anything, it makes things worse. Let’s embrace impermanence, and allow things to happen without grasping, and complaining, and hurting one another. If it’s possible to make positive changes, and I believe it is, let our actions speak for themselves.


  • Hey guys, I live in Portland and I am 16 years old. I love the hippie culture and consider myself mainly hippie. For I know not what else fits me.
    Looking for new Hippie friends any age is okay, but mainly within 5 years is ideal. 420 friendly and I love the Saturday Market.
    Email me at Heuer.Alex@gmail.com

  • I live in Boise, ID and someone was telling me that there is a hippie festival that goes on every year, (I think I July), he told me he has been going year after year for along time. Can anyone tell me where it is?

  • I moved to Portland from the deep South and couldn’t have had a greater culture shock. Portland was a laid-back, big small-town, behind in all the fads, and mostly white. That was thirty years ago.

    Since then the city’s middled out quite a bit. It’s a small big-city now, not so laid-back as a rule, but nobody’ll hurry you unless you’re in their way. Of course, nobody’s behind the fashion curve anymore, with our global economy. And while Californians are still the favorite prejudice, the color palette has changed. A few years ago, SE Foster got a write-up in the NY Times as the most diverse place on the planet; you’re able to find pocket communities of perhaps a thousand cultures within ten blocks of that street.
    The city’s still beautiful, of course, but tourism has caught up with a lot of that and made it all seem kitschy somehow, like Native American roadside stands in the SW, or the ‘mystery’ of New Orleans, or the music scene in Tenn. Still, a double rainbow sunset/sunrise with the famous Oregon ‘liquid sunshine’ is a wonder to behold, and not a totally uncommon experience. And global warming is only predicted to temper the climate here, not change it much.
    The art scene has a small focus, though globally connected, and it really is amazing how many national science, culture and art stories come out of Oregon, once you tune into them.
    The politics here are schizophrenic; there isn’t a great rainbow of opinion. Politics here tends to clump around a handful of differing views, all with equal weight, resulting in a fairly incompatible mishmash of laws. Still, there’s no sales tax, which just about nobody here wants.
    Real estate prices are coming back down, since the crash, not good for existing home owners, but the costs really were ridiculous for a while. Wages are suffering, like everywhere else in the US, but it’s still possible to survive here on a dime, a whistle and a prayer, if you have to. There’s a state health insurance program that’s pretty good, for instance, especially for kids.
    Portland is often called the most European of North American cities, though, personally, I would give Montreal higher marks, there.
    The rain affects people’s psychology here, I think; everyone keeps to themselves a lot. No one’s unfriendly, but sometimes it seems that way because people here live in their own worlds mostly.
    Still very trippy here, though. There’s nowhere I’d rather live.

  • i absaloutly agree i live here and am loving it more and more every day i never want to leave portland for any reason and keep on what it is your doing put portland at the top of the list for the U.S.

  • move to portland if you want to move someplace different from the rest of the U.S. on the surface. it is livable, it is not usually boring, it is actually an extraordinarily safe and placid big city. but you better fucking believe that the people are rude, cynical, and boring. palahniuk, who’s from around here, once said that portland has the most disturbed people…he was not goofing around. if you move to portland, expect to meet for every nice person you encounter about five yuppie sociopaths and five in-your-face hipster scumbags. a certain kind of person feels very at home in portland, the kind that likes to sit in front of their glass house throwing rocks at random passerby while the world goes by. i would not recommend moving here if youre thin skinned or want to make a lot of real friends very quickly. im surprised sometimes when people complain about the homeless…honestly, by and large ive found that most of the homeless people here have better manners than most of the non-homeless. i dont think its just me that thinks this.

  • move to portland if you want to move someplace different from the rest of the U.S. on the surface. it is livable, it is not usually boring, it is actually an extraordinarily safe and placid big city. but you better fucking believe that the people are rude, cynical, and boring. palahniuk, who’s from around here, once said that portland has the most disturbed people…he was not goofing around. if you move to portland, expect to meet for every nice person you encounter about five yuppie sociopaths and five in-your-face hipster scumbags. a certain kind of uninteresting person feels very at home in portland, the kind that likes to sit in front of their glass house throwing rocks at random passerby while the world goes by. i would not recommend moving here if youre thin skinned or want to make a lot of real friends very quickly. im surprised sometimes when people complain about the homeless…honestly, by and large ive found that most of the homeless people here have better manners than most of the non-homeless. i dont think its just me that thinks this.

    it is true that it is a very livable city, it is true that culturally, there is some good stuff going on every now and then. wow…you can do things here…yeeha wheeew. its true that the public transportation is better than most other places in the US. the street design is better organized than other cities, no urban sprawl. but the mood is strong, a lot of desperately sad people one cant help but feel sorry for and a lot of milquetoast sociopaths who dont give a shit about your existence but sure are opinionated about your shoes, about how youre walking too fast, et cetera. you cant live here and avoid it. it has honestly made me yearn to move somewhere else, which sucks because by and large its a pretty cool place. maybe the mood will pass, i dont think portland was always this way, i guess ill wait it out

  • Portland has good and bad.  Just some background about me first, however, so you can get a feel from where I’m coming from.  I’m a native to Vancouver, which is across the river…  It’s basically a moderate-sized suburban town which is 100% boring…  The fun, however, is in it’s location (right in between the best of both worlds- rural and urban) but I won’t get into that…  I’m not too exciting myself.  I like flashy colors, dress up jewelery, colored hair, 80’s looking makeup, etc. when I go out, but on an average day, I’m just your average community college student in their PJ’s:)  I’m a pescetarian and appreciate organic food sources, vegan dishes and a cornacopea of different international cuisines.  I’m fairly liberal, but I don’t over-do it.  I would consider myself a member of the Pansexual Peace Party, if they would only take themselves more seriously.  LOL.  I’ve got some more conservative elements ot my lifestyle as well- I’m Christian and always enjoyed country life, once owning a horse and currently working in a community garden and having 3 chickens in the backyard of our apartment!

    Anyway, on with Portland:


    The food is great.  The foodcarts are amazing if you don’t mind risking food poisioning.  If you love art, there’s art galleries in almost every corner in downtown and PSU is a pretty artsie school, although I believe their major focus is science and architecture.  If you have some money to spare, there’s ALWAYS things to do…  Some even are FREE:)  I can’t really speak for the quality of the bars/clubs or quantity compared to other cities, but there are a LOT of them.  Also, the city is becoming more and more bike friendly (except for some random assholes) and the transit can pretty much get you anywhere if you are saavy enough (more about that later).  Also, there’s really something for everyone when it comes to shops- even the country folk!  There’s a charming store called the Portland Outdoor store that sells LOTS of horse tack:)  There’s also a cornecopea of over-priced attire for all subcultures and styles!  And some random good deals/steals as well.

    THE BAD:
    Some of the people have serious stick-up-the-ass syndrome.  They all think they are SO cool and SO unique, when really they are not all that different.  It gets rather annoying, but I’ve never had any people who were flat-out RUDE.  The Pearl District disgusts me.  It’s basically a bunch of rich snods in fancy houses/apartments that drive around in their convertables ignoring the stench of the thousands of homeless.  Even more disgusting is MLK Boulevard…  It’s basically the slum where Portland shoves all of their minorities.  Ride the 6, and you will see what I mean.  ALL black/hispanics and maybe some Asians and white people.  They are NOT racially diverse, unless you count racially diverse as putting all minorities in the most crime-filled, disgusting, run-down area of town.  And all the black kids go to Lincoln High where they learn to be thugs and gang members or prostitutes.  At least where I live, we are all mixed together.  And speaking of prostitution: sex trafficking and child prostitution is a big issue in Portland.  Why?  Because A. All the perverts (you will notice about a strip club on every corner when you go there) and B. Their laws about runaways.  They do NOTHING when a child runs away from home!!  They allow them to live on the streets and be homeless and get involved in all sorts of trouble- oftentimes ending up in a ditch.  It’s terrible.  Also, there’s lots of crime/shootings there.  And to top it all off, their transit system is private but considers the goverment their customer (not the riders), because it’s SO big that it would cost $11/trip in order to maintain it!  So the government pays a lot of money to keep it running and keep the fares as low as they are.  The result?  The busses and transit centers are run down.  Most busses don’t have air conditioning, and a lot of times the ticket validators don’t work!

    Amazing place to visit, maybe go to college there…  But I would never live there.

  • Sadly, after reading every thread on this page previous to this post most of what I’ve read was negativity toward outsiders specifically Californians. The bigger picture us down the road a piece in the emerald city have long known for a long time is it’s a problem of over population. Remember 1970? The progressives were concerned about it then, now many so called liberals would rather hate people from the south and blame them for all their unhappiness and woes in life instead of wrapping your minds around the real problem, overpopulation. Do me a favor, stay in Portland and don’t move to Eugene and lets all stop taking ourselves way to seriously 🙂 

    PS Portland and Eugene are both wonderful places! It’s like anything else you will attract what you are especially if you don’t live in some kind of general fear that we are all bombarded with daily.

    Peace an laughter!

  • I stumbled across this page randomly, and figured Id share my impression. I’m not from Portland, never been there, I’m on the east coast. The impression I’m left with about Portland based on this thread is that Portlanders are a bit fixated on what Portland is, what groups/cliques define the city and it’s character, and what outsiders think of the city. It seems like a place where everyone’s welcome, but people tend to self-segregate. Dunno, Im honestly hope this doesn’t sound snarky, but Portland sounds like the city equivalent of a family’s middle child.

  • I plan on moving to Oregon at some point. It is my dream and fully intend to live there. Just so ya know I am an evil Californian…don don dooooooooon lol!

    Im an artist, mother, wife and good person regardless of where I come from. So I really dont get what all the angry hate towards Californians. WHat is is thats so disturbing about us?  What makes us the apparent target and cause of the destruction of so many Oregonians lives? How do we have that power over your life when we dont know you and are not even remotely close to you. I think there is alot of cop outs complaining and unable to accept responsibility for their own F’ups. All you Cali haters are probably Christians, thou shall not judge and love thy neighbor are the two most ignored commandments by so called "Christians". How’d you like that generalization on an entire group  of people?

    Now what exactly is the problem with us horrible Cali people? The disgusting judgmental behavior of some of you so called adults is repulsive. OMG your gonna steal my work wa wa wa, OMG yor gonna steal my wife wa wa wa. I find it to be truly ignorant and somewhat lazy to blame someone else, someone you dont know and probably never will know, for your own lack of work ethic. Maybe if you did a better job and had a descent work ethic, your employment situation would be more stable, then you wouldnt have to worry about someone coming in and taking your job, How about you take your life into your own hands and accept responsibility for it instead of blaming people you dont know. WOW what a novel idea.

    I will be moving to Oregon, so watch out Im coming for your job and your property oh and Im gonna take yer dog too lol!

  • So, for all of the Oregonians who don’t know what it’s like to grow up in a place where minimum wage is $8.00 an hour, and rent w/out utilities is $650/month, the cost of living in California is not sustainable. I’m sorry, (actually I’m not sorry, lol), that, being a young, female lone ranger and all, I don’t want to live in my car anymore. You know, one can’t help where he/she was born, and as a matter of fact, I have met some Oregon "natives" up here whom I truly believe are judgmental assholes, and who deserve less than I do to be in such a beautiful state. I’ve never had such a cynical view on people and the world until I moved up here. I’ve met some cool people, but there are far less people who drive like idiots/assholes, and who are rude, unhappy, and fakely hippie in general, than in San Jose, that’s for sure. Most people there go about their day and don’t chase people down because they are on the phone while driving and whatnot. Out of the about 10 people I’ve met, I’ve already met fake hippies with iPhones and dreadlocks, a sociopath, and literally, a psychopath. Hello, the hippie generation is over. No one is protesting, no one’s free. It’s too late for that, everyone is literally forced to be a part of the world wide web and be watched for the rest of their lives. You can’t have your "third eye" and be happy shaving your legs every day and seeing nothing wrong with the act, or the razor, or why you’re doing it. There’s a destiny for the world, people, and acknowledge how it regresses every day. Lack of vitamin D is also a huge problem here. In CA, I was happy, I had my sun and milk. Now, I’m deficient in vitamin D, and am depressed as fuck. Move to Colorado if you’re looking for a beautiful state to live in, or North Carolina or something.

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