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Portland, Oregon

Portland is a wonderful place that is very tolerant of hippie-types. Plenty of great people, and home to some great places, such as the nationally famous Saturday Market, a great place to meet people and just chill on the waterfront.

Ive been all around this country and Portland OR is the most beautiful city Ive ever seen….the people r welcoming know matter what u look like…and Hippies r more welcome than most…Saturday market draws some of the most unique people Ive ever met…but it is a great place for families as well…u can get almost any groovy hippy gear u want, as well as art from all over the world…waterfront is were most hippies hang out…ther r drum circles, smoking circles, its the best place to get rave flyers…and the vibe is very laid back. There is majik here…anyone whos been here will agree with me…it is so close to every part of nature here..the ocean, forests, mounts…Oregonians love & live with mother nature & not on her. so come one come all hippies to OR…its the most fullfilling place to end up!

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