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Humboldt, California

“I Personally Don’t Think You Emphasized how Many Hippies And How Much Ganja There really Is Out in Humboldt, Humboldt Is Like One Of The Main Places. We are the center of the “emerald triangle”… need I say more?”

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  • I forgot to mention the Kinetic Sculpture Race from Arcata to Ferndale in June. Lots of self-propelled works of art that not only have to roll on the streets but float across a section of the Humboldt Bay. I nearly cracked a rib laughing when I was last there.

  • i just moved to humbouldt county, ca, and where i used to live, if you did drugs, everyone just thot u were a loser. here in humbouldt, i drive down the road and see 2 hippies on the side of the road smokin a ganja! i was downtown, a homeless guy passed out from too much drugs, cop came and helped him up, then left. i used to see drug deals in my seventh grade classroom! my teachers would just be like, o dont bring that here. if youre a hippie, come to eureka california, the heart of humbouldt

  • Hi I plan on moving to Humboldt when I graduate highschool. And I was wondering if anyone who lives there or who has lived there previously and maybe even gone to Humboldt state could email and tell me about. I had some questions. its ytlandimoa@yahoo.com Thank You so much..

  • Granted Humboldt has a lax smoking policy. Your review, however, does the area an injustice. Humboldt is more than a haven for smoking “ganja”. Please read up before making such comments.

  • humboldt here i come! i am going to college there, and i am anxious to go home. i have never been there, yet i feel as if i have! love and peace to all………..

  • Hey! just moved to Fortuna and am looking for some people that want to introduce a newbe to the scene! I luv the outdoors,exploring, and jam bands. I’m going to CR and trying to find a job as a massage therapist! write me at luvpeace84@sbcglobal.net

  • Former local DJ & musician Joey Michaels of Albion and beyond has a new website-free music downloads & wild tales- https://home.earthlink.net/~jmparlato_aquari@earthhlink.net Humboldt & Mendocino counties still rule the Northern realm!

  • HERE’S THE CORRECT URL FOR MY WEBSITE-SORRY! https://home.earthlink.net/~jmparlato_aquari/

  • I’ve lived in humboldt a while now, and there is a hell of a lot more to this magical place than “hippies” and drug use. Get out and get active whilst the redwood curtain still stands, and don’t think for a second that you can’t or won’t get busted here! That is just stupid. Cops are cops.

  • humboldt, like any other “hippy haven”, and much of the northwest, is a mixed bag. The county is very much divided between the south and the north, between hicks, hippies, environmentalists (an allied but different breed from the hippy pot-growers) from the back-country speed freaks, and people up there to make money growin’ herb pure and simple.
    A quick history of humboldt: 1. before the hippies = long established cattle rancher families, timber folk and paper mills, fisheries (out of eureka), etc.
    2. The scene in the haight becomes unbearable for the freedom folk and they move ever north into Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino, and Humboldt.
    3. Someone figures out that Afghan varietals grow perfect in the north california sun and the scene begins. People, mostly hippies in the mid 70s start growing crops in rows, plantation (excuse the expression) style.
    4. The region becomes flush with buds and cash, coke heads from the bay area start rippin’ off crops, and hunters start to turn people in. Soon growers begin to booby-trap their gardens, place gaurds nearby, and innocent people, mainly hikers in national forests are killed.
    5. Enter Regan’s war on drugs. CAMP moves in, ganja moves underground and in, under, and on top of the trees, indoors, and in greenhouses. Humboldt gets international fame from High Times, etc. and people flock seeking gold.
    6. Add in the environmental situation. Most of the so-called native residents can no longer make a living off timber, due to lack of adequate reserves, regulations, whatever. most mills have closed down. people are out of work. Salmon fishing, once a huge industry, has slowed significantly due to deforestation, and regulations to keep the salmon populations strong. Now people there before the hippies are up in arms against environmentalist trying to protect old growth forests, etc. It is truly a divided community.

    Nevertheless, because of the decline of industry, almost everyone grows pot, which serves as a social glue of sorts. many also cook meth, and whale gulch, just south of shelter cove, is one of the largest smuggling ports for herion on the west coast.

    Ok, geographic divisions, Southern Humboldt/Northern Mendocino is the main growing region. Good luck trying to get in there and make it rich now. The community is incredibly close knit and difficult to break into. CAMP (and COMET, now probably defunct, but the infared planes looking for indoor gardens) is so hot that it is truly a pain in the ass to grow anything beyond subsistance. You’d be better off in SF or Oakland.
    Go up aways, an hour north from Garberville and away from the forested coast areas like notorious Honeydew, and you get back into the hick infested areas of Rio Dell, Scotia, Fortuna, etc. Eureka is a mixed bag, a depressing place. Lots of old school humbodlt residents, fishers, herion addicts, and college kids who couldn’t get into Humboldt State or can’t afford Arcata.
    Arcata was cool in the early 90s but much has changed. Probably kind people still, but trendy as well. Look out for survellance at the Co-op and at the square in the center of town. Mc Kinleyville is swaggish, Trinidad is the shit, but incredibly expensive.
    My suggestion for anyone looking to move to Northern California, try West Sonoma, Mendocino (similar but not as much hype as humboldt), or the area east of Chico (undiscovered hippy haven).

  • Humbolt county is the most open place I’ve seen Ilove the pot and other drugs

  • whatz with all those faketafarians in arcata? cut ya dreads,you are a disgrace

  • San Diego Band Vegitation will be in arcata! june 24th for one show! six rivers brewery…..humboldt is sweet!!!!!!!

  • i have lived in humboldt my whole life, i have also travled aall over the U.S. and i’m proud to say we have the best ganja you wont find any better tasting stuff. But Hippies suck cut those nasty dreads and take a damn shower!!!! And if you come for reggea don’y stay around a few extra months you are not welcome on our streets go home hippies.

  • suck dem nappy humboldt rude boy dreads, humboldt hun.

  • Folks, that what reason many people go to the Humbldt county drug court, see you there.

  • i’m sorry, has anyone just not happened to catch on that to preserve good things they do not need to be posted all over the internet. alas, to those of you complaining about “dirty dread-headed hippies” out-staying their welcome…well, you should only be so lucky to have anyone hang around you too long with your horrible attitude. no, i’m not a visually-expressed hippie, however, much prefer their asthetics to shaven-headed hammerhead-neonazi-skinheads- spreading their ridicuolous word of hate. grow up…please

  • Im looking into gaining some information on the culture and lifestyle in Humboldt County, and I’m also starting to plan a possible vist, just wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions or ideas of where to start, thanks

  • hey can people sleep in the arcata forest. I am travelling that way and any shit is good shit

  • bob dylan would laugh at you.

  • Hippies have taken ideals and manipulated them to be judgemental. It’s a sense of self-importance that is cultivated instead of a culture. College is good only as far as it breeds thought.

  • yo i was chillin in humboldt and just saw an old man on the side of the road, what a trip. BTW FU monsanto and abel… I gave him a ride and he smoked me up and taught me lesson, a true bodhisatva sp.? Abel and Monsanto you should just get a life. We realize the importance of our finite existence we’re just trying to enjoy it without harming others. “Where have all the people gone this morning?”

  • Yes, I agree we should walk outside our homes and see what’s out there and move outside our comfort zone..It seems to me that it is more important to speak patiently to the individuals then to scream at the masses
    Changing conscious is about making conscious decisions…there for..knowing where your food comes from how it is grown and the intentions of the people handling is important. Eating organic is an Action.

  • havn’t been to the “Triangle” since before it was- Medocino once in 87. Plan on visiting again in spring 06- I was a long haired east coast hippie when I was up there in 72-same person next year-just don’t move as well . Can’t wait to see the area-the people were nice then hope they still are-Jordan

  • My sister, Kristin, a single mom, just moved to Arcata. She does not know anyone and does not have furniture. She needs a small table and two chairs. She does not have a car so it would need to be dropped off. I will send you a check if you can help her out. The table and chairs do not need to be in prime condition.


  • Rio dell and fortuna need longer bus hours badly,heres the times deparing from Rio dell going as far as Trinadad ca. Humboldt county wide.
    Im in need of the longer bus, Im going to Humboldt state university and I live in Rio dell ,scotia, few minutes from fortuna,
    Rio dell city hall HTA bus (north times)& south times)

    6:33 AM
    7:27 AM
    8:33 AM
    10:33 AM
    2:33 PM
    4:36 PM
    6:51 PM
    8:05 AM

    10:12 AM
    1:55 PM
    4:13 PM
    6:28 PM

    Bus ends early for all the south and I cant spend eny time in Eureka ,becacsue I have to catch my last bus home 6:32 and man its horible , Rio dell and scotia need late bus for the collage students and it bad for the late time, Well guys I think Trinadad need longer bus too but its ganna take some asking to get it rolling

  • My chat subect , Post a Subject ,

    Humboldt county Needs longer bus for Foruna,Trinidad,Scotia ,Rio dell, Bus is terrible for Humboldt county, Bus is only late times for Eureka & Arcata ,its Bad ,the people in Rio dell and fortuna are hanging in the dark,Collage county ,Humboldt state University ,& Collage Of the Redwoods

    Hippy Arcata rule Guys
    Hippy Humboldt Rules

  • Hippie Peace u guys.
    Postive and kindness, Dear hippie Help each other, Earthy type people

  • All my dear Hippys,
    Do some thing good for the Earth PLant a tree,Rite helpfull positve gerfeety on the wall like perhaps ,in a bathroom take a marker and rite postive things on the wall like maybee rite ((( If u cant say some thing nice then done say eny thing at )))) or another thing u can rite is ((( Help a person))) or (((( rite a poem on the wall))) ok ,Stars Burger resraunt in Arcata has it in the bathroom on the walls and its all positive note ,plant a tree do postive this

    Bye hippys
    ((( Hippys earthy type people ))) Love marks and No nagative talk.paint

  • hello Humboldt, where are the people gone, its gon quiet for 8 monthes in here, well the new college year began for HSU, and CR, How many people from fortuna comutes Green transit route, I was reading not long ago Riding bikes is good if it get to cold out side take the bus, take your bike on the bus that way u get good exercise. if it gets to cold ride the bus, help save the bad polutions, I know know I like going to the beach and who dosent, if its to cold il ride my bike for 12 minutes u can get far in 12 minutes. lazy some can get, eny body ride the bus, well I moved to Rio dell because they have cheper rent, it only 15 minutes away. Im teaching people who live in humboldt county to ride the bus and ride bikes, to the good faiths, not to bug people, Im only trying to get more people to ride the bus, im sure more people could help get later bus, il tell u this , rio dell scotia are quiet.( dont know if people come and read what I write. Hippy heaven is great chat place to post college bord notes. keep writing hippies, the note down below, write about what ever u want, this is a place where the hippies can be at, dose humboldt have hippies eny more, is the hippies still close by because I kinda thot they all moved away, people arent the same as they use to be, Santa cruz as well

  • how much is rent in humbolt? say could an 19 year old girl make it there. even if she is a “little slow” sometimes?

  • econmy is bad. every thing is going outta busissness. Old navy closed. every thing in Old town eureka closed , The tiptop club closed. quiznos subs Closed on broadway. bolloon tracks is taking for ever to clean up to put a new shopping center in. Fortuna was ganna get walmart & they are doing a study to find out the impact but it been 9 monthes and I havent herd the study yet. very bad econmy. Humboldt has so many homelss, fortuna is getting icky. Fortuna is terible. fortuna need change. because the city is lagging behind scedulle. go rite ahead and staybehind but dont for get dont plan for the feature. I say lets build it because the city need the tax more revanue for Sidewalks, Transit funding,, Fortuna had a city council 2005 and asked all the people what they wanted & the people said… More shopping intertainment more restraunts, closer shopping. thats what the wanted & the citys council dosent listen to the people. more jobs & more economy will come. we are the leader in Green house. green house beautyness. fire fortuna city council, u voted them into office & they dont listen to noby.. the new shopping center will look good. more stuff to do. sounds good, look the shopping center isent even there yet, and fortuna has got the most thugs. fortuna dosent look good now.all the private buissneses closed. down town needs new lap poles , flowers a feature. driving all the way to eureka to go shopping is long ways. if u build what people need. then thats fine.I dont know what hippys think about this new plan

  • Things to know about Humboldt County: 1. The job market sucks! And what jobs there are, don’t pay nearly enough to live on. 2. Housing has become very expensive over the past few years, especially if you want to buy. 3. There are very bad problems with homelessness, poverty and meth. 4. Even though Arcata is a hippy town, it has become a town for rich hippies and trustafarian kids. 5. The scenery and the redwoods are absolutely beautiful! 6-a. If you want to be a grower it’s one of the best places to be. It’s probably the second largest income source, after timber, in Humboldt Co. 6-b. If you like to smoke, it’s one of the best places to be! Besides, you’ll need to smoke if you live there, to take your mind off the fact that you can’t find a job and can’t afford a place to live!

  • I have lived in Humboldt County over the years, now on the East Coast, and hey, I really miss it. But it’s changed that is for sure. And it’s hard to meet people out there, and no jobs is right, and unless your going hunting for mushrooms, well, do something creative, loaded with yuppies with money, if you can figure something out, hemp products, make jewlry, something. The buildings have neen boarded up on the Eureka waterfront for years, and what are they going to do with those boarded up houses, and in FT. BRAGG, in Mendocino County. The cops are bad there, and it has been getting worse over the years. But the mountains, if your a hermit, great, lots og great food, but double taxes. Be Creful whereever you go, and find a gathering somewhere, coming up in the spring, good luck. I still miss Humboldt County.

  • Trimmer? Need $? Show up in front of Sacred Grounds in Arcata every Tuesday and Thursday in May at 4:20pm. Wait for white van w/”ShelterTree logo. Food, sleeping bags and $ for those willing.

  • Anyone interested in spending the summer in the “green” mountains east of Arcata? Willow Creek, on 95, 30 miles east of Arcata. Meet the red VW by the Bigfoot Statue any morning between 10 and 2 in the middle of town. Have 200 acres of campground area and lots of earthy people and good bud. Bring sleeping gear and spend the summer with us.

  • New commune started in Willow Creek, California area, east of Arcata.
    Meet at the Bigfoot statue in the middle of town, Tues. and Thurs. between 10am and 2pm. White van with Lifetree logo will be there.
    Bring sleeping bag. Food and showers provided. 420 friendly. Spend the summer in the mountains with like minded people. 190 plus acres of love and energy.

  • Hi, I’m looking to visit and possibly move to the Humboldt area. My son has a medical issue where medical canibus has proven very helpful. I’m wondering what I need to do to purchase medical grade Canibus. Any help or any sellers response are greatly appreciated. I can be contacted at circuitsam@hotmail.com

  • Looking for HOME. Where’s a hippy to go and what’s a hippy to do???? Just like the rest of the hippies I just want peace love and flow. But it sounds like there are no jobs in Humblodt….besides growing, and I don’t have much of a green thumb, I do have land however. I was wanting to move there but fear its too way out in the middle of nowhere. I do crystal, intuituve healing and personal channeling. Do peopel pay for this there or is everyone just a natural at it like me?????? What happened to starting a new economy and a new system. Too bad hippies for the most part are happy doing nothing. Nothing new gets going, except a new crop. Whats a good place to settle for a business minded, somewhat motivated hippy?????? Where’s a good place for kids? I have three………. WANT TO MAKE A MOVE where the trees are big and the people open………

  • i’ve lived in alot of places and just graduated high school a semester early. i’ve been stuck in iowa for the last 2 years. my family is giving me a bunch of money for a graduation present and a train ticket to send me off into the world. i don’t really have much of a plan and i don’t want to go somewhere where the mentality is subjective to screw me over. southern california is too expensive to go back to and most of my friends are in college. i don’t know what is better, northern california or southern oregon to be a ‘drifter’ i guess i should say. i’m making alot of sacrifices to be happy, and my chance of escape from the midwestern culture has come and i’m going to take it. can anyone help me out on a place that is supportive? my friend is from crescent city and recently moved there from iowa and i was going to be his roommate in eureka, but he bailed on me (don’t ask why) but i’m not giving up… how much of a challenge is it to a, find a job, b, a place to crash (even if temporary) and c, meet people with peaceful and supportive outlooks? i was looking at arcata, but after reading reviews here it seems to have a negative vibe from the people who actually live there.

  • We all have to start working together the drill is now a real warning, i mean really how long did we think Mother Earth was gonna wait before she decided the children needed a time out.

  • We’re moving to Humbolt Co. area in June ’09. Can anyone tell me more about the area? Entertainment, Shopping, Dining, ect? Having difficulty finding a nice place to live as well. If someone could suggest some property rental companies I would be most grateful.

  • My luck with the ladies has been pretty good. I lay my success to being an artiest and a swimmer. I remember so well my love call of the old days, “It’s OK to take off your cloths baby, I’m an artiest!” It always worked. In the old days I would go to the river and hang with dozens of beautiful young naked woman all sitting around making music and bending in the most wonderful and outrageous yoga positions. The sound of laughter, river noise and a worm sandy beach. I would relax in the river, swirling in eddies, on some massive drug indulgence under the shade of huge rocks. The shrooms enabled me to see the aura of God and as such I met a lady. Her need gave me an insight into the beginning of all human love. As I swam in the river she sit on a worm smooth rock and watch me. I noticed that wherever she sat she always left a wet spot. “She who marks the rocks with love is a truly a woman.” I then realized that many of the ladies were leaving wet spots on the rocks as they watched me. I soon learned that if I wanted a sure thing all I had to do was find the wettest rock. I am sure this is a throw back to the day of the cave man and the courting ritual of true love in the cave world. She and the shroom had truly taken me to the stone age and as far as I am concerned I was top dog! Of course, as soon as the ladies figure out what was going on they all started pouring water on the rocks just to fake me out. So the moral of this story is this, “In Humboldt County the women are smart.

  • I lived in Willow Creek, Hayfork, Ruth, Cecilville and in most of the mountians in that area in the 70’s. We had Sherriff’s deputies (possies) riding around on horse back in the mountians looking for the patches and us growers. It was as bad then is it is now. Well, other than the black choppers and FLIR vision. There were no jobs to speak of unless you grew up there and were a local. I am very home sick. It is truly gods country.

  • you call yourselves hippies well i think you guys just thought that life would be easy natural…..if say something sucks it is going to suck…..you dont need money you need to find places and grow your own food and stay out of the city let city disapear..that is the only way to go back the big dream…a natural world..if you really want something make sure that something is what what you really want you can be provided with food and everything you need if you just believe in yourself and your surroundings…let the universe take care of you..but in order for the universe to take care of you..you must learn to take care of the universe…..
    and watch you words for your words our your vibrations of life what you put out into the world is what you put into the world…..so stop fussing and start creating stop worrying about what is going to happen and create your future and if you say it is hard to do that when you have seen things well it is hard but just because your tired of something does not mean you give in or give up…it means you keep going foward and not backwards and find a positive out of everything and learn from everything and now when it is your place to talk and when it is not your place to talk..

    peace love and hippy hugs
    with love and gratitude as the key to faith which is the key to the mysteries that are within you…you dont always have to leave to find your self….

  • Humboldt County herb must be a lot more potent now than back in the day when I smoked it, because I could still spell after a couple of doobies. Damn, you dopes are the biggest bunch of non-spelling pot-heads online. Put the bong down and pick up a dictionary once in a while, will ‘ya, or learn how to type with more than just your thumbs. Y’all make dope smokers look rilly stoopud.

  • So is Humboldt still the place you are all making it out to be?

  • I stayed in Eureka for a while in 1989
    I loved the small town Victorian style homes.
    I party once at the Eagle and Schooners near the peer.
    Wish I could of stayed there but I was down on my luck,,didn’t know anyone and couldn’t find work there.
    Would of liked to of had a pot farm up there or worked at one.
    They should legalize it,not criticizer it.

  • well i just recently moved from humboldt i loved it so much all the great buds you can smoke. Also the jobs are hard to find but they are there. The people are fantastic i met some of my best friends there. Definitly find yourself a group gathering cause thats where your gonna have the most fun.

  • I just moved to missouri of all places!!! I lived in Humboldt for 6 years. Huge huge change! I miss humboldt! Had to leave.. no jobs.. only dead ends for us. Had a baby and had to make a change. Missouri is not the place for us… should have stayed poor in Humboldt!

  • My names Tiffany , and im goin to be coming to arcata on may 17 and i would love to meet people who are already out there , please email me wolfpack_cheerleader2009@yahoo.com or look me up on facebook Tiffany Adam , it says i went to cornell high .

    ill be lookin forward to hearing from some people 🙂
    Peace and Love ,

  • Hello.. I want to get out of the Bay Area and move up North..Anyone willing to help me out? Thanks dario

  • Im wanting to move with my too boy.from ky to ca. Im wanting to go as far as humboldt co any suggestions

  • I have no review-looking for a change,spouse died ,my granddaughter wants to
    move there ,her girlfriend lives there.I want to hear positive truths! If you
    have them,let me know,I hear good things from the girls but this woman wants the
    truth,warts and all.I hve income,I can survive,but will I be happy?I love the
    sunshine,not a TON of rain,and laid back non-nosey folks,coffe
    shops,movies,parks,too much? let me know plz,thanks in advance

  • Hey I’m graduating high school soon and planning on moving up to Arcata from the bay. Is it easy to work as a trimmer and grow a few plants? Also how are the girls up there? Hit me at zehnderandrew@icloud.com. Would love any comments or suggestions! Peace. 

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