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Ocean City, Maryland

You don’t need a car. You can ride the bus all day, on & off, for a dollar, and during the summer it runs all nite long. Everything you need is in walkin distance. There is a great boardwalk where you can buy all sorts of things, play games, ride rides, get piercings, hair wraps, & henna tattos. It is very diverse, all sorts of stores, and they have good sales. Lots of hemp & beach bum clothing. It’s easy to find a job. You legally have to get a permit now, but there are people playing their guitars at nite along the boardwalk. The cops go in spurts about how they treat people. I’ve never had a problem, & I’ve only seen them warn others about the
permit. It is definitly somewhere to check out. There is only one campground, but I think that’s where I’ll be this summer.

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