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Paonia, Colorado

This is a Hippie Haven from way back. In fact all of the hippies in Boulder that didn’t become wealthy yuppies (and some that did) are now in Paonia and have been for
quite some time. Paonia is on the western slope of Colorado. It still is an affordable place to live for hippies, unlike Boulder. We even have a person in the next town over, Hotchkiss, who is named Hippy Lereaux (quite an infamous character, a real outlaw).

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34 Responses to Paonia, Colorado

  • I would love to live in Paonia,what does one need to do to live here? Are there financial restrictions, can one make things and sell them there?

  • I live in Paonia and have for most of my life, and I don’t think that you were being fair to the town. Although there are quite a few hippies here, our town is not over run by them.

  • i am a paonia local, and five years ago the hippies were just a few faget pieces of shit. now their like a fucking fungis that is going to fuck over the hole fucking country.

    Fuck you dick sucking pussy

  • Dear Dan Labounty,

    you redneck, indian – envying peice of small dick shit. if you have a problem with people who want to live free you can lick my ass till dawn, but youll probably have to stop then so you can go push some buttons on the cow slaughtering machines. You fucking pussy ass cowboy. Youll never be a coloradan because you never touch colorados dirt, youre always hiding in that ford f150. stay at the rodeo, bitch. Oh and if you want to frilly frog go ahead and drop me a line. We’ll meet up.

  • Yes, paonia does have it’s share off hippies but equally as many normal people. That must have slipped your mind. There is a great high school basketball team and great volleyball team. There are many non hippie events and non hippie people. Hippies and stoners are frowned apon here. Watch what you say about or precious town. People like you have made it the way you say it is. There are many people who work hard here and do alot to keep it a nice town. It isn’t expensive because people would like to keep it nice and not a expensive, hard to live in town. Every one knows each other here, it’s nice.

  • Yes Dan!!!
    I completely agree!!! Dam hippies are making this town pretty shitty. They do spread like nasty fungis, literally. Your just telling it like it is, way to speak the truth! good for you.

  • Oh yeah,
    You can live free. I am liveing free, every one is. Running around naked and with out shoes isn’t free, it’s disgusting! Get over yourself!

  • Dear S. stewart, its only disgusting when the peerson doing it is fat, smelly, or ugly. Like You.

  • Having the right to choose whether or not to wear shoes or clothes IS free, telling people they cant do one or the other is disgusting.

  • Hey Josh!
    You don’t even know me, if you saw me you’d want a peice of this so I would shut it untill you know what you’re talking about!

  • Dear S stewart…

    You didnt say what the s stands for. If its sarah then maybe i do want a piece. if its steve or sean or stu i dont think so. if i “saw you?” man you redkneck coloradans are making less and less sense daily…

  • the problem with clothes and people is that sure, they are good for warmth… but when the weather changes people tend to forget that they dont need them all the time…it definitely shouldnt be illegal to go naked. i mean if clothes are there to serve a functional purpose and we are required to wear them even when its hot out…

  • i take it back… i wouldnt want you even if you are a chik because i hate conceited broads.

  • Holy Jesus, where is the moderator for this forum? I just “Googled” Paonia, stumbled upon this little “chat”, and what do ya know but no one knows how to spell and everyone is mad at each other. Thank you, everyone for the laughs!

  • wow, I just moved to Colorado Springs and can’t believe the lack of places to meet easy going people who aren’t into material things. any suggestions on good places feel free to tell.

  • Paonia is nice, if you like Paonia check out Crestone Co. amazing little town. Nestled up by the Great Sand Dunes…

  • i think s stewart forgot that she was born naked

  • Beautiful dobie area south of Paonia near refuse transfer station – perfect for hippies or squatters. Statistically, the residents of Boulder, CO are the most educated people in the nation, per capita, holding masters degrees and above. From my observation, the majority of the so called “hippies” residing or should one say squatting in the town of Paonia are definitely not bringing Paonia any closer to Boulder’s statistics at all. Therefore my reccomendation to anyone with any formal education whatsoever who wishes to flaunt about in dreadlocks exibiting unsightly female underarm hair or wishes to just act as a tree hugging hypocritical nonconformist is to consider Boulder in lieu of Paonia. SAVE YOURSELF FROM BECOMING ANOTHER TRANSIENT TRYING TO FIT IN. I am aware of very few of these “hippies” who actually OWN any real property in Paonia at all. Please! Have mercy on this once predominantly Christian hard-working family town. Thank you for allowing me to quote a statistic and express my sincere opinion.

  • i’ve never been to this town, but i live in loveland and have been considering camping in Paonia. It seems like a lot of angry people have posted here. Look I just want to get stoned and enjoy every day of my life. I work hard so I can play on the weekend. I just want to pitch a tent and be around people that can relax. I don’t want to traffic pot or get anyone high against their will, but anyone is more then welcome to take a drag with me. any suggestions on where I can camp in Paonia. Where can I hear some chill music and enjoy these beaautiful mountains. Peace to all and God bless…

  • You guys are really funny. All mad at each other and swearing about how preppy one side is or hippish(hey I made up a word!) the other is. Get a grip, your being more bitchy than a gaggle of high school girls.

  • I live in Paonia and I personally think that the hippies are a huge part of the community. Isnt this a hippy website why isnt anyone chill. Everyone is soo hostile and stiff, lets all smoke a bowl and suck on some shrooms and I ll pull out the bong and well all become friends. So please chill out I think that we can all get along and stop dissin on everyone, If you dont like hippies then dont live in paonia or come to hippyland unless your gin to be nice.

  • Hey everyone you guys should respond to me and we can see how many people on here accualaly are from Paonia.

  • Peonia is a shitbox.

  • Like most forums…more rudeness, little information, a great deal of bigotry (from both sides I might add). Though an unwillingness to accept change is understandable…….Boulder, though still alright, is being eaten by money, Paonia goes from a sleepy family town to something more of a fusion of left/ right cultures(some may say something derogatory here as well)……one thing that doesn’t change……embracing hate as a response for those who are not like you by Christians and “hippies” that say they don’t believe in hate.

  • ive lived here all of my life. to me paonia is a shithole. if you like to keep your personal life to yourself dont move here because everyone will know everything about you., paonia is so dramatic. and i like the hippies because they smoke me the fuck out. have fun party hard. PEACE OUT!!!!

  • I grew up near Paonia and its a great place full of diversity. You get your small town living with open minded people. The main income is working at the coal mines. Its true that everyone know’s your business but if you stay out of trouble you should be fine. the people have small town attidudes but are very welcoming. i think there is a place for everyone in paonia. hippy’s, rednecks, and whoever else wants to be a part. its a great place to have a family.

  • victor colorado is the place to live if you want authentic older hippies,,,
    cheap rent,,,nice layed back atmosphere,,,you can be poor in cash there but rich in spirit!!!!

  • Man, reading all these hate comments is so frustrating. You’re giving this town a bad rep. Why not find a way to release your anger in another way, instead of hurting others to make yourself feel better?

  • im from illinois lookin to move to a place in colorado where i can meet like minded easy going people and also find employment, resonably priced housing, pet friendly areas, good music, and other huggers
    any information is greatly appreciated

  • Hi guys
    Paonia hosts the annual Dream Time Festival which is a hippy festival in every way possible. (www.dreamthefuture.org) I’m not from Paonia but the impression I got from it was that it is just so SMALL, it’s not near any big cities or anything, we were there one night before the festival and there was nothing to do
    It’s beautiful but it’s isolated…Redstone is a lot prettier though and it’s only an hour away.

  • Paonia is the place old hippies and rednecks come to grow old and die. And subarus.

    But if you want to come and chill for a little while, great place. Just don’t bring an 80’s subaru. We have enough.

  • Peace

  • A bunch of wannabe hippies. Fashion is fashion so all the hippy chicks are hippycrites. If you want real people try Hotchkiss or Crawford. Most in Paonia are a little too pat

  • "Mercy, there seems to be a lot of seeming frustration going on…a lot of misconception of what is truly going on.  I can’t understand all the condemnation of just living life the way you want to, without judgement. As long as we continue to judge one another, to live a life in our inability to accept individual expression, the world will be a world of critics. To bring an attitude of a "so- called" civiiized society to the country and think it should act or perform in the same manner, is to bring a pretty false expectation.  I guess I’d have to say, "if you don’t like Paonia, go to where you came from."  I’ve never been there, but what I see and perceive, it’s got the energy, the vibration of a community I would want to be a part of.  A community that cares for the land it lives on, and wants to protect.  Not everyone can see the beauty if it’s right in front of them."  crcjr11   

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