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Nederland, Colorado

17 miles west, up the canyon from Boulder. This town has old to young hippies from all over the country. Very awesome music scene for a little mountain town (Leftover Salmon, etc…). “Majical place.” “Very kind in many ways.”

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52 Responses to Nederland, Colorado

  • The town is fine…cool people but man did we get messed with camping! We moved twice in one weekend and both times people harrassed us at night. We were even in national forest off Magnolia and then North of Ned on 72. People were throwing rocks at our tent and even shooting through the woods. It was a bad scene. We finally packed up and left around 2 in the morning. Watch out!

  • amazing nepalese restaurant in nederland with buffet style serving until the afternoon, the best chai i have ever had. inexpensive, great people, and this town has some norweigan guy’s grandfather stored on ice in a tuff shed somewhere…northern exposure atmosphere without the actors. the town does seem to eventually harass if you linger too long. but the waterfalls in nearby mountains almost make up for the acts of insular townfolk.

  • I lived there until early this year, and I loved it. I’ve heard there’s been a regime change. The cops have (reportedly) started cracking down on things like “vagrancy” and hitching. So maybe not as good as it was a year ago (though still probably a lot better than, say, Boulder).

  • I love Ned, it’s so beautiful there. You can see the Continental Divide and breathe in fresh mountain air, good music, and good food. I absolutely fell in love with it when I first moved out here. Which was just last year. The only thing is that I find it hard to get in with your kin. I don’t understand that. We are all here for the mountains and the beauty and for Colorado’s great music scene and the people right?? So why is it that you have seen this person for a year and they have never said a word? Not everyone is like that of course, but there is a core group that is. It’s not a huge town but everyone seems to know everyone. I only feel there may be a little snobiness or something along those lines there. That is my own experience. But I still love the town, and visit often.

  • very pot friendly atmosphere,told there are a plethera of marijuana growers in this area,lots of hi quality bud is avalible,police are on to the plan but are hick types so investigations are few and farbetween,nasty bluegrass music,ick…….and lots of great foods,tons of recreation ,…..dont speed thru or ull get a ticket 4 sure..

  • I visited Nederland this summer and tried to camp near town. The cops showed up busted me and took my dog and my stash. I got flipped off twice while hitchhiking down to Boulder to get my dog back and someone yell’ed f – you hippie! I got back to my camp and some ATV’s had patched out on top of my tent and crushed it and scatterd my stuff. The cops in Nederland will bust you just for having dreads and your thumb out. I headed north to Ward. It was a lot more peacefull and loving man. If you go there don’t go to Nederland, go to Ward. That’s my advice.


  • Nederland ? Hippy Haven ? Do your home work. This is the town that is well known for the Sheriff who drove a hippie out of town in his car, took him to a remote area, shot him and dumped him down a mine shaft. He got away with it for 25 yrs. until a week before he died when he confessed to the murder. It is well documented. This town should not even be on the list! What about the beer soaked local rednecks who strung a logging chain between two pick-ups and took out a hippie camp in the middle of the night?

  • Ned has red flaged the homeland task force meters and they have steped up police nazi force massavely. their is good camping to the north lots of hippies and always kitchens in the summer. Be careful of camping in Magnolia it is haunted their is usally fights and bad energy. Their is still good hippy hang outs to the north at 40.

  • colorado is good land and ignorant people.


  • Ned’s a great town, but don’t be stupid and camp on someone’s land. be sure it’s true national forest before settin’ up. The music scene is amazing, and there’s nothing but *kind* abound. The high prices of land and homes pretty much got rid of the damn rednecks since 2001-2002 and pushed them south into Gilpin County. The only beer-soaked folks I see day to day are hippies enjoying the music scene. This is probably the most wonderful town I’ve ever encountered through many years of travel. peace.

  • I camped outside of Nederland in National Forest with my man and our dog for several days last summer. We had a great time. We walked around Nederland every day. They have a awesome rock shop, some of the best prices we have seen. We got smiles everywhere we went, no bad energy, no rednecks, no GHOSTS! , just beautiful mountains and beautiful people.

  • Wow! I cannot believe the people that have posted comments to this site. Talk about hasty generalization! First, who likes stinky, smelly bums that ask for change all the time? Second, your fricken everywhere, like a virus you keep spreading. Third, get a life…Half of you are millionares that want to be something your not! Damn trustafarians!

  • RE: Nederland – Go there, but be careful about camping! Just because land is remote and unoccupied does not mean it’s OK to camp there. It may be privately owned or forest service land: posters who have griped about being run off have to understand that (especially during times of heat and drought) the locals are VERY concerned about forest fires! I doubt there are many rednecks left there: they have been replaced by mountain suburbanites. There are park system camping areas nearby. I think there are also legal campng spots near Ward (a town of old but not necessarily friendly hippies.)

  • I just wanted to tell everyone what a wonderful place Nederland, Colo. is to visit. Campsites in Colorado are in large abundance, People that have problems are generally those that do not wish to pay a couple of bucks. They are usually the ones that leave their trash, sort-of marking their territory. I cannot blame the local people that do not care for squatters on their private property. Nederland has a great little lake to fish, neet little downtown, a wonderful italian restaurant…and a museum quality rock shop for all those rock hounds out there…wish you well, shell

  • I lived in Nederlands in the 60s & early 70s. I had the best times of my life there. Now I am trying to get reconnected with any of the STP Family that may read this.

  • Ned’s a great place to camp. The best places are behind the high school. There’s a foot path leading up the mountain, and one doesn’t have to hike too far to get to the good sites. Just be carefull not to camp on someone’s land…unless you have permission!

    W : )

    PS And please don’t litter!!!

  • town is changing, more conservative, aggressive cops

  • Cops don’t like hippies – very expensive place to live, houses are 300 k and up – locals will drive you out if you camp – may get your ass kicked in local bars – nice views – not hippie friendly.

  • Fuck, Colorado in general. Loads of selfish shitty drivers, proud native propaganda. Judgemental hicks..stupid airforce academy dummys..people get married here @19 have bad relationships yadda yadda yadda. I’m moving …anywhere but here.

  • Man, if you are from California, don’t even think about letting it be known when you are in Colorado. They hate us! I wish I had a dollar for every time I got flipped off for having California plates. It would have paid for my gas to get out of there. Folks in Nederland were cool to me though………Peace.

  • Don’t like Colorado? Don’t come! Rednecks, shitty people, stupid people, etc, etc? Stay the fuck out. Rocky Mountain Flats (try Rocky Flats)? You’re too stupid to even know what cause your campaigning for. Post something useful or shut the fuck up.

  • l was a runaway l3 year old when l happened upon the STP family in the mountains….l was enlighted that STP was NOT motor oil….lm 49 now and l still remember my times there….val

  • Nederland is just ok. I have been living here for 2 months now, and have a studio in my basement. Neighbors are cool and don’t care abuot noise. I have lived in CA in SF, and the bay area. I have lived in Breckenridge too. I like ned better than both, more peaceful, but… it could be better. I wish there were more younger people here, im 22 and there are not that many people my age that I have seen. On the grand scale… being that including all places on Earth that a hippie could live, it deserves a 6. The mountains are alright, but you do not get many good views from town. The new sheriff is ex-DEA imported from Arizona, probably specifically to target the areas ongoing pot industry. So this makes things a little unsettling. Travelers be careful, this is still an awesome place to chill for a week(I know a kid that lives up at Magnolia-been 6weeks for him I think now), but i would camp far away from town. Magnolia is alright, kind of boring in my opinion and more of a hotspot for cop activity(i also found a used syringe on the ground, thought that was pretty uncool). Try Indian Peaks wilderness for backcountry, possibly even free camping. if you go toward eldora and the highschool, but pass the two until the road turns to dirt. Follow that all the way about 2-4 miles and hike from your car and set up camp out there. Its one of the best places east of the divide. Awesome hiking to the summits of the divide are there, too. And most people do not go back there often enough for you to worry too much. But do be aware, bears are always there, and mountain lions have been seen up there recently. If you move to ned, just keep to yourself. Don’t cause a ruckus, and really be sure of the people you talk to around town (there are narcs now, one talked to my roomate walking home from work). If you grow, maybe cut off your locks and try to not draw constant attention to yourself(just my thought, though). Its just another mountain town with a large populus of hippies. I am pretty sure that it was founded as a hippie community in the 60s, but modernization took over and its days as a hippie haven are dwindling away into the ongoing nederland wind (highest cause of death here is wind related accidents). that is all i know thus far. maybe this will help some of you?

  • I lived here for 10 years in 80’s-90’s. I will always consider it the end of the rainbow. I have heard it has changed. Alot of my friends are gone now.

  • Did anyone live in Ward in 1972?

  • Just got to Ned. Dont come, its small, you will get 86ed from everybar, and none of us like you. Stay in boulder, hah 😉

    Dead Fam

  • Ned is a little bit hippie, and a little bit hillbilly/redneck.

    Hippies who stick around, and are locals, end up being a little bit hillbilly… and I guess hillbillys become a little hippie too.

    I find it pretty welcoming, and have been here for a year and a half. Ive had problems with the law once, cuz I was a bit to hillbilly about a situation, and not enough hippie. I tend from a darker view of life, as is my experience. I do enjoy many things about hippie philosophy, and have lived a good amount myself. I came here… no I RAN here from boulder (lived there for three months). That place sickend me, and I sought my quite in the mountains.

    Sure theres a good amount of drunkards in this town, at times, I may have been one myself. If you cause a rukus you will end up in trouble. As for hippies camping here…. if you cause a rukus, you will be run out… If you stab locals in the neck with a shovel (done by the fine Drainbow hippies who visited 2008 summer), I’ll be right there with Johnny Law even though I think they are fuckin pigs. The town will chase you out if you cause trouble, fuck with locals, etc.

  • Nederland used to have a few good bar/restaurante hangouts, in my day. Worst case scenariio, stay in a hotel/motel for 2-3 days.

    I don’t know about now, but, Boulder used to be a cool haven; a mixed bag of everyone tolerating each other, and appropriate mind-expanding entheogens flowed freely from your finger-tips, quite litterally, and the riff-raff was easy to spot-out and even easier to avoid.

    And for you all-nighters and graveyard shifters: Denny’s, Perkins and Village Inne are good public places if you need an all-nighter (24hour)(food) venue/cafe – to get some writing done; to illustrate your words on paper all-the-meanwhile coffee refills are only a buck ($1)(Please Tip Generously,) write your book, drink your coffee and eat your chilli-cheese-fries all night long or until you leave and it’s a good public-place to see and be seen. See ya there!

  • fuck all of you hippies i live in paonia and its awsome driving you hippies out of our town even thoughsome of you hippies have good weed but i fuckin hate you guys DOWN WITH ALL THE FUCKING STINKY ASS DREADLOCK FREAK HIPPIES AND HOPE YOU ALL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • this town is spooky local cops on payroll of white powder mob i was ticketed here for no reason ive heard alot of other people have had the same experience i lived here years ago and its much worse now than ever. reson why is money like aspen . lots of grow ops around nobody ever gets busted . this is straight from the hip icall this place nedervoid avoid it like the plague

  • We love Nederland. It is a crazy little town with some of the most amazing views in the country and the Aspen trees are beautiful. Magnolia road is a great place to run and mountain bike. You can wander around the back trails forever. Backcountry pizza rock and so does Katmandu for real Nepali food. You can get homemade ice cream and watch live blue grass musicians for free at the Blue Owl Book Store. The Frozen Dead Guy festival is a hoot!! Go slow in town they ticket if you are over the speed limit. Pretty good yoga studio in town too. I could do with out the wind but it’s not bad on Magnolia road near our little house.

  • dude, nederland is freakin’ amazing! i don’t live “in the town”… but i live close enough to walk… i went to school their, and even tho there are alot of jugemental, annoying people that like to complain… doesn’t mean it’s strictly a nederland thing… there are people like that everywhere you go… i don’t know why people think it’s a bad place… iv’e had alot of good times there, and the peiople who go there and talk shit about it, shouldn’t be there… to all you ned-haters…. “go back to wherever the hell you came from and stay there!”

  • I cannot believe some of the hateful posts here by so-called hippies. Hippiecrits maybe.
    Nederland is a stunningly beautiful place cool of equally beautiful people, but it is still a township and of course they have laws like any town. As you should traveling anywhere, open your heart, let your guard down and talk to the folks that call Ned home. You’ll be embraced, but it may take a visit or two and I can say w/ confidence that this is a very unique and groovy little mountain town only 30 minutes north or Boulder and about an hour from Denver. Enjoy – hike in the Spring or Summer, snowshoe in the Winter and take a dip in Boulder Creek. – Peace!

  • at least in 1969/1970 – that’s what they used to call me on the hill…I am searching for long lost friends/family from those days – and I hear there are some of these people in those mountains – so I’m just trying to contact who I can…I hear that “Lucky” is out there somewhere still…I was hoping to find a place I could post a message that with a little luck someone would see – so if you all know of the best options out there – please advise – otherwise, I am leaving this message in hopes that someone will spot this…tx a bunch – by the was I was a 20 yr old chick who rolled into Boulder in 1969. if that helps – tx a bunch and be well

  • Ned was fine place back in the sixties. until what we called the cowboys went gunning for us.  came through tipi village and swamp camp and party camp in the national forest with guns – bullet holes in out tipis.  finally made a stand when the deputy sheriff shot and killed Deputy Dawg just because of who and what he was.  got away for it for almost 20 years.  before that, the folks who lived up in the camps were GOOD people, very peaceful people – a little rowdy at times but not dangerous and warm and loving. that’s when it was good.

  • Nederland has a great organic food co-op, called Mountain food co-op or something.  I kind of forget, but its right on the main drag.  I definitely enjoyed Nederland more than Boulder.  I felt like boulder was like any other town.  It was probably way cool back in the 60s and 70s but now its way commercialized and seems to have lots of sheeple.  We camped at a great free campsite near nederland for a little over a week.  It was pretty sweet.  It was a few miles out of town but I don’t really remember the directions there.  Ask the locals, I’m sure they could help ya. 

  • mouse  whitch lucky are you looking for?  a stp lucky i knew from n. mexico well i know his son i was there when he was born   let’s see if you see this we’ll talk more if you do. 

  • Im looking for a Native American named Jim Quebak,or James Little Bear,..This was 31 years ago,so hed be around 50 years of age.He had long dark hair and big dark eyebrows,very handsome,and used to fly up Boulder canyon on a red motorcycle.He lived in a green a.frame on the right,as you turn left into the town of Ned.It was a plant shop for some years.This was back in 1979,1980.At the time i lived in a teepee between Nederland and Boulder.It was very nice hitchiking up the canyon in those days.Met lots of cool people.We both worked at a furniture factory in Boulder,Colorado,called Contemporary Comfort.Does anyone know Jim or the address of that green aframe?He also had some roomates.One of them was named Woody.Thanks for any help.Peace on earth. 

  • In the early 70’s my buddy (boss man) an I had a Fina gas station in Nederland. Had one hell of a time there.Great memories.
     Fast EDDIE

  • We went to Nederland area campgrounds to check out the communes in the 60s by the time we got there most people had already left, but a few stayed behind in the camps We stayed one night and some drunk rednecks were wandering around below us shooting everywhere,some of the guys at the camp went down to the rednecks jeep and dismantled it and called the sheriff on a radio they had.

  • Boulder and Nederland is in a spiritual vortex.In the early 80s my friends and i lived for 6 months in teepees between Boulder and Nederland,until one night there were hundred mile an hour winds and they blew over..I had some very  mystical experiences in those mountains.If anyone knows where Jim Quebak,Native American,around 50 years old,and lived in Ned. ain early 80s,late seventies,please write to me at Bhaktirasa108@hotmail.com.His ancestors want me to try to find him.  

  • If it wasn’t for the 100 mile an hour winds, this place would be perfect!

  • cOLORADO IN GENERAL IS A POO HOLE. yOU HAVE A TON OF DELUSIONAL IDEALISTIC HIPPIES, TONS OF GAS WELLS POLLUTING THE WATER SUPPLY, ANNOYING RICH ASS COLLEGE KIDS, DISHONEST MONEY LAUNDERING AND DRUG SELLING LOCALS (FUCK YER SKI SLOPES N DISPENSARYS those are shams), LEFT WING DOUCHE BAGS THAT Want to make a law for everything. It is like a sith lord came through the Boulder Nederland area and everything he touched turned corrupt. He touched a lot. People from CO are so arrogant to be from there. Screw your back woods ways and your laws that say a 16 year old can date her own teacher.

  • @Ramona–Jim still lives in Colorado. You have his last name wrong.( Sorry, I don’t know you-not to mention I haven’t heard from  Jim in decades, so I’m not going to give his real name ). As for his being a native American: it’s possible, but i grew up with him in NJ and he never mentioned it or the Native American name mentioned on this site. One side of his family is Mexican, unless he was pulling my leg from the time we were 10 years old. I remember the house, I stayed there for two periods of about 3 or 4 weeks each when I lived in Ned. Jim used to drive his bike right through the front door and park it in the kitchen. Everyone I met down on the flat knew the house i was talking about if i mentioned the motorcycle reflectors inthe front window.   A great guy, someone I never forget. I wonder how he is.

  • To Ramona: PS I also worked at Contempory Comfort. That’s actually how I found this website-searching for references to C.C.
    I worked there with Jim, but at a earlier time than you are thinking of. When Jim Lived in Ned. and worked at C. C. was the second period he worked there. In- between He had traveled in Europe and then returned to NJ for a year. We had a lot of fun on that job. Both Jim and I had carte-blanche to work as much OT as we wanted. It was a classic hippee-sweat shop, but they treated both Jim and myself very well, even in that first period. And of course when he returned he really did well there.

  • I have been to nederland twice & I love that town people were friendly… Had a good time there went to camp dick also.. I like your little town love colorado & the mountains….

  • ned is a greatplace. however we that live here find visitors a pest. this is were we live and drainbows and other visitors do not respect our home we work,raise famillies,and live permanentily here. it is not a play ground,it is not a panahandling spot for people who will not work. we do love our bud and our fellow townsfolk and getting through the years togeather. Leave us alone. when we stop getting invaded by drainbows, Nosopa hippicrits, and rude self-involved front rangers with more money than brains. if you do come be quite keep a low profile buy a local a drink or pack a bowl togeather be respectfull and act like you belong there and not a day tripper. when this doesnot happen we will become and do those awfull things to you, your group, and your camps that people have posted. and quit labeling us as hippi or redneck hippies are hated in ned so the redneckcomes out. even the biggest most loving earth mamas i have seen distain and disgusted at the sight of new no good streetkids and hippies or jackasses from the frontrange. please stay in boulder or pearl street. and the guy that was talking about going to ward. you must not know ward to well. ned looks like a church town compared to ward and their mine shafts stay hungry. 

  • Thank you Ben Blishem.its so great to hear from you..i joined facebook a few
    years ago to try to find Jim.under my name Ramona.sanchez.1238..please friend
    rekwest me if you like.We have a lot in common.we both think Jim is awesome and
    sos that  green a frame in Nederland and working at c.c…Polo was our boss
    and at breaktimes a lot of us would pull out joints to pass around the circle
    gathered on the woodpiles.the music they played while we were working was really
    awesome rock and roll,in 1979, and I worked there twice I was hired back by
    Polo after going back to san diego…Mark Rogers and Mike worked there as well
    and we all lived in tipis off magnolia with Mikes family..it was really fun,way
    better than going to college…Jim maybe is trying to find me so I was going to
    try to take aroadtrip end of summer to Ned. to look for Jim and I appreciate all
    the help and advice for visiting Ned..it would be hard for jim and I to find
    each other since we both dont know each others last names..ive been to the
    aframe in Ned twice when Jim was there and since that time ..I live in Oceanside
    by the beach and i miss Colorado and Jim all the time…he is my husband in my
    heart since i was 19…i have two awesome sons that were born and raised in the
    iskcon hare krishna movement .i joined the devotees when i was 24 .my exhusband
    is the secretary for the president of iskcon for los angeles and the l.a. center
    has a nice website l.a.live.us where people can hear classes on ancient
    philosophy and history from India..also,There is a nice reataurant on 14th and
    cherry st. in Denver..Govindas buffet 
    ..wow.its great to hear the
    truth that some dude lied to meyears ago about Jim being the son of a Zuni
    medicine chief in New Mexico,with an apachee motherand that Native American men
    share their wives ansd saying he was Jims cousin and blah blah
    blah. to take advantageof me long time ago lol {he was known in Venice
    Beach for telling tall tales} and now you telling me the truth about Jim being
    halfmexican.i grew up in mexico.in Guadalajara when i was young.i love latinos
    and honesty.it is one of the pillars of religion ….Thanks so
    much.Namaste..wolakota/.peace. I do love going to bike rallies and powwows.feel
    like i was indian in my last life.i have been told that i was and that my name
    was running deer and i felt like my name became ananda(spiritual bliss) after
    being around Jim and the Boulder Nederland scene.My Guru named me bhakti rasa
    devi dasi when i asked him to name me ananda.My name means the servant of pure
    loving relationship with the Lord…i was one the cashier for four years
    inGovindas Buffet in Los Angeles and a teacher in my sons skool/gurukula in L.A.
    and ive been twice to the holy places in India where ancient culture is a way of
    life.was awesome time as well..now i recently moved by the ocean in
    Oceanside andi love it tho its kind of lonely,when im not
    working so im like. wheres JIm???

  • Thank you Benblishem.My last name is sanchez and I recently moved to
    Oceanside,Ca. close to the beach and plan to take a road trip to look for Jim
    late summer in case hes wanting to see me again…Jim doesn’t know my last name
    either so please help him to find me if he wants to.He most likely does want to
    see me again cuz we saw each other by some miracle through the bars of jail in
    Kingman Arizona in 2002 end of may..he said .with his head in his hands I
    haven’t seen her in 20 years and I love her so much..then we lost each other

  • Looking to retire to the laid back town of Nederland in two years.. Is EVERYTHING we are looking for….beauty, mountains,nice smooth state of mind. Would like to know about houses to rent.. Presently live in Sw Florida. Owne presently .. Have owned all 31 yes of marriage. Now looking to rent after retirement….. Would like info and real estate .town looks awesome…

  • I lived in Nederland (and Ward) in the early ’70s. I lived in a small school bus in the Pioneer Inn parking lot for a while, then moved in with the STP family next door (now a pottery shop?). Little Brother, Charlie Black Beard, Stella, Stan (Apache), and a bunch of others! Then, I moved up to ward with Richie Convertito, in Muriel’s house across from the General Store. Good times! I stopped in to Nederland about 9 years ago and stayed for two days. The Pioneer Inn has barely changed, but the town sure has!

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