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Manitou Springs, Colorado

Located in the mountains at the foot of Pikes Peak. Lots of hippies live here, mainly older ones along with many artists and other cool folks too. Musicians playing on the street is encouraged by the town and every February Manitou Springs host one true hippie Mari Gars called “Carnivale”. Do stop by and check out this neat town!

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21 Responses to Manitou Springs, Colorado

  • WoW! Manitou is a very beautifully cultured town nestled in the foot hills. It is mostly a slowed paced town, but if your willing to adventure into the woods there are lots of great things to see. My only complaint is not of Manitou but of Colorado Springs (which is VERY close to Manitou). Focus On The Family and a score of military bases reside in CS. But dont let that scare you away… there are many spiritually beautiful folks here and lots of awesome drum circles!!! You just have to soak into the scene and then you will feel right at home!

  • Manitou is more than just a neat, laid back town. There is something spiritual coming from the deep spring water that you can drink free at the fountain in town to the creek washing through the center of town. Manitou has no corporate chains (I know of). There are a few restaurants there (e.g., Adams Mtn Cafe and Organic Earth Cafe). You do have your traditional tourist trap shops, but there are some excellent local craftsmen worked in as well.
    Take an evening stroll up Ruxton, and take a deep breath–saves time rolling your own.
    If there is a down side its that there appears to be the “yuppie” element grabbing up the old houses (and for good reason) on the hills over the town. Still, some of those old houses are great just to walk around.

  • hey you guys, I am really looking for somewhere to run to and milk goats and rap with my fern in the old westfalia and i was wondering if Manitou would be right for me. are there any communes around or even a boarding house kinda place. or a barn were i can park the bus. much love my brothers and sisters i hope to hear back. about manitou or anywere else that i can get to by road. love and peace

  • i’m intending on moving to manitou this august…i’d love to be able to start networking (or in my case manifesting) some job and apartment info…

    my preference is energy work,gems and minerals, aromatherapy and things of that nature…

    working with children is a very real passion but i’ll scrub toilets if necessary to get this ball rolling…

    any info is very much appreciated…


  • This place is so awesome. It has a store called the Poppyseed, people should definately check it out it has everything hippie all over it. The town is awesome, hidden, and awesome, its just cool, I live in Monument which is pretty close too it I visit it alot its awesome.

  • Wow, what a town, cool, quiet, and so beautiful, Yes I want to live here. You have the Garden of the Gods, Oh my, breath taking. Colorado Springs is right down the street. Work there, small town, big break!!!

  • Hey beautiful people. I must say that I have done my share of wandering and Manitou Springs is very high on my places to return. The towns people are so friendly and there is always a welcoming smile coming your way. The spark that comes from this place is amazing. And the natural beauty is breathtaking. There is always a place to hang out whether it is up a trail on Ruxton or at a nearby cafe. The local businesses are hugely community supported when tourists are gone so I recommend keeping them alive. This is a great place… health and wellness abound, artists and musicians lend they’re creative talents. Definately a blessing.

  • Hi everybody,
    I am from Colorado Springs now living in Texas. I have not been in the area for 20 years or so and we are planning a trip in september of this year to come to Manitou Springs because that is one of my favorite places. Would you folks happen to know a great motel, b&b, cabin or any place cozy to hang out, and of course has a decent price tag also?
    Also places to eat, get a massage, or anything fun going on is our thing.
    Email Witchy@wildblue.net

  • I LOVE Manitou!!! it’s such a chill place specially during the summer, you can just walk around to different shops. I live in Monument so its not too far to go and spend a day in Manitou!

  • My boyfriend and I want to move to Manitou Springs, Colorado
    Where should I be looking? WE both hold recyceling to be verey important. I would like to live in a hippie community that does 2. What do you all think??

    this is my e-mail
    (only one “L” in the e-mail addy)

  • I visit Manitou every few months. I’d live there because I love it, but as the last poster commented, you pretty much have to be a square to afford the rent.

    If you visit, don’t miss the Matte Factor. It’s a cool little restaurant that’s operated by an interesting and very friendly Christian (I think) cult, where you can get a matte (hot or iced) and a cheese deluxe sandwich that’s not to be missed by any vegetarian.

  • If you are looking to move to Manitou Springs, then you need to bring MONEY!! Housing is VERY expensive right in town and rent is outrageous! We have lived in Colorado Springs since 1992 and have watched the area turn into ‘little California’ after the floods of the mid 90s drove them all into colorado, raising prices on everything. (Our rent went from a reasonable $350 to $1000 on a ONE ROOM BUNGALOW (former hotel room) right down the block from where Manitou Springs starts…we couldnt find another suitable place so we are moving out of state. As far as the hippie environment, Everyone wants to be there and usually are! Yummy place…wish we could stay.

  • I live in Arvada colorado, which is about 1 1/2 hours from Manitou. I recently went out there to stay the night and come back the next evening, just to get away. I had soo much fun seeing all the great places, we visted the Cave of the Winds, the Cliff Dwellings and Even went to the Garden of the Gods, all during the day. We started with going to breakfast at a quant little resturant that overlook the town. It was such an amazing atmosphere. I wish I could have stayed for a lot longer.

  • I live in Manitou and don’t find it expensive at all. I live in a one bedroom apartment above the shops on Canon ave and my rent is $550/month and that includes electric, gas and water. I couldn’t find a deal like that in Memphis when we lived here or Colorado Springs. And from what I’ve seen on for rent signs around down, I didn’t get an unusual deal.

  • Manitou is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. It’s as if everyone their is content with their lives. It’s very touristy at times but its completely worth it…Definitely a place to go to if you need a break from the normal life…

  • Manitou is a really chill place. There is lots to do in the summer or the winter. There is so much culture and atmosphere.

  • In 1972 I moved from my hometown of San Francisco to this cool town. It had the look and feel of the bay area all over it. It was strange because the people around the town in Colorado Springs and the other towns were pretty conservitive yet this little town was Freakville USA. sitting right at the base of Pikes Peak. I spent a year there then got homesick and headed back. I have some great memories of that magical little place in the Rockies.

  • I absolutely love Manitou Springs. It is one of my favorite places in Colorado. It can be a bit pricey so I bought a house about 10 minutes from Manitou on the west side of Colorado Springs (near Old Colorado City). There are lots of great places on the west side. It is a mix of Victorian and early 20th century houses (mine is from 1947). Very eclectic neighborhood with the coolest grocery store in the Springs, Mountain Mama’s. So there are places near Manitou and even in Manitou if get lucky. Lots of cool places west of I-25 between Unitah and Colorado Aves. As a compromise to my partner who works in Denver, we moved to Castle Rock but we miss the west side so much that we plan to move back as soon as we can. He’s planning to move his business just so we can be back there.

  • 2/1/11:were are all the girl hippies around here?

  • Manitou Springs, Colorado
    Posted by runningrock on 2005-01-03 21:34:21@runningrock, you asked about communes? I live here in Manitou and while I am not in the commune I’ve hung out with a lot of the people in it. They have a tea shop right when you come into town and the name of the commune is Mate. They are pretty cool, if your still thinking about moving here. 
  • I am set on moving to Manituo Springs with my seven year old son. My challenge is finding a place to live (a small apartment is perfectly fine), a job ( I work in the service industry), and childcare for my son during the summer months or when I work in the evening. HELP We moved to Colorado a few weeks ago from Pittsburgh and I am finding the suburb of Arvada to be a difficult place to live for many reasons. The green spaces, bike trails, playgrounds, creek have been my retreat, so not all bad. I am super friendly, hard working, fun, creative, and active. My son is as well and flourishes in creative outdoor environments. If I can get any advice on restaurant positions and small apartments for rent I would be very grateful. 

    My e mail address is roxgroove@yahoo.com

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