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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia area (i.e. suburbs, n.j., d.e.) has quite a sizeable hippie population, but as it is a massive area, you won’t usually see too many at one time. during the summer, we all come out of the cracks to enjoy drum circles at the art museum, although they were invaded last summer by stupid nitrous kids and got busted all the time by the cops. also, in the end of august the philadelphia folk festival takes place about an hour outside the city, and man is it beautiful. so many beautiful, wonderfully friendly people, crafts, food vendors, incredible music like dar williams, the wrigley sister, and tempest. you can go swimming in a creek a short walk from the campground! also a nice paved trail to walk down. it’s a family feeling since only about 5 or 6,000 go every year. definitely worth going to!!!!

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