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Sedona, Arizona

A hippie haven since before the Harmonic Convergence, this little town grew way too big and unfortunately allowed Macdonald’s and other chains to destroy the charm. They say the vortexes are still there, humming in the mountains and sacred secret places.

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15 Responses to Sedona, Arizona

  • I stumbled into Sedona back in the early 80’s. Such a gorgeous place! I remember some kid stealing a poster off the wall in an ice cream parlor, and the t-shirts that said, ‘Sedona My Face’! I’d like to go back, but if it’s like the previous reviewer says…why?

  • I have lived in Sedona off and on for the past 4 years and everytime it is a little different. Despite it’s growth there are a few remanents of peace scattered there. I live at an RV Park (Hawkeye RV Park) located at the north side of what’s called Uptown. People come and go and all are welcome, it is an RV Park so it does cost money to stay, but in comparison to other parks it’s not bad. We have drum circles, hangout by the campfire, swim in the creek, enjoy community meals and just plain be yourself among friends and family. If anyone ever comes through Sedona stop by Hawkeye and look me up…just ask for the guy that makes the drums.

  • Sedona….. yes, the vortex still exists if you stay out of the downtown tourist trap which always seemed to me to be about 50 stores with different names and the same mass produced junk (with a few exceptions). there are a lot of neat shops around the courner off schnebly hill road though and the views are amazing…..the hiking a trip and a half. Go down a little farther to places like Jerome and you’ll find even more wonderment, and kind hearted people.

  • ok…I have visited Sedona several times and although there are some remote places in the area that have some cool people, good hiking and walking, and great energies I don’t know if it is worth going to though since you got to put up with the “psychic goo” that has been created here! I felt like I needed a extensive aura bath just driving through the place! I can’t imagine living here…yuck! Something seriously wrong happened to Sedona. What a magical place this used to be. It is a shame. So if you go, just be prepared…on all levels.

  • I will give you one of my favorite reasons for visiting Sedona. As a golfer, Sedona, in my opinion has one of the prettiest golf courses in all of the United States. Called Oak Creek Canyon. The views of the lush green grass up against those beautiful red mountains, the sound of water running through the creeks and over small waterfalls near the club house almost make it hard to keep your mind on your game. It amazing that you can enjoy all that sceanery and still finish a round in about four hours. Sedona is and will always be my favorite place in the world.

  • hippies suck – the movement is over, it was somewhat cool in the 60’s-70’s. but lets face it – its over! cut your hair and take a fucking bath. but most of all – realize that you can’t just live off everyone else in the world, and unfortunately the “mother” earth is so overpopulated that people can no longer live off it either. put the acid down and read a book if you want to pry open your third eye!

  • charles manson was a hippy

  • Charles manson was a good con artist…who grew his hair just to
    fit into the scene at the time.
    He spent most of his child hood in detentions and then prison.
    Jesus Christ was a Hippy….

  • I came to Sedona in July of 1991 and lived in and near Hawkeye most of my next 13+ years. I made more friends with Hawkeyeans than any other group in the Sedona area. At the time Bob Maddox (spelling?) owned the place. He treated me with respect in spite of my “status”.

    When Kay left, the place felt even more like home.

    I hope my camp, just upstream at TRUTH, survived the December 2004 flood.

    Hello to all of Sedona and especially Hawkeye Park.

    Robert Hedges

  • Hawkeye rv park, is the last vestage of the original Sedona, will be a sad day, when they boot everyone to the wind, and build a timeshare in it’s place. On that day Sedona will be truly dead. Hail to the greenback, and $3.50 an hour to the aliens.

  • hawkeye is now closed. sedona has almost no soul left. be prepared to fight for every inch.. and forget camping or such. It about survival of the sneakyest

  • i forgot to mention.. if you miss hawkeye, & love the people you met there.. there is a hawkeye reunion every year. email me if you want to know the details.
    sedona has an amazing sky.

  • Sedona may be a very beautiful and magical place, but it is no longer a Hippy Haven. I can only imagine what it was like before it was “discovered” by the rich. One probably needs to be a millionaire to be able to afford to live here and fit in. The place is full of rich snobs and weird “new age” types. Many sit cross-legged at the overlooks chanting with crystals below their feet. Each to his own, but not my cup of tea.

    My first visit was when I quickly passed through back in 1995 with my ex-wife. Our first impressions was that it was an expensive arts community. I then stayed at a ritzy time-share condo with my Mother back in 2005, which we mistakenly used as a home base to see the beauty of northern Arizona. Being that we stayed on weekdays in October, this was actually the most pleasant encounters I had with the people. My third trip was with a former girlfriend on a weekend in late March of 2007, which was horrible timing because of all the day trippers from Phoenix and Flagstaff. Our final impressions was that this was an ideal place to live if you are a rich snob. We never saw one hippie.

    As for those vortex hunters, I just have to share this story. On my second trip with my mother, we made an easy hike to Cathedral Rocks. She didn’t feel like walking all the way to the end, so she went back to the car. Upon my return hike, a middle aged man frantically walked up to me as his Asian wife remained silent. He pleaded with me and pointed to Cathedral Rock, “Is that the vortex?” My quick wit took over and I told him, “It’s wherever you find it..”. This only made him more frustrated, because I could sense that his wife was pestering the living daylights out of him to find the vortex. My next response would have been, “Every single one of us has at least one vortex in their own home, whenever you flush the toilet” (“vortex” is also a hydraulic term). Instead I had a heart and politely told him that this one is on the list as one of the vortexes. He was relieved. I then walked back to the car and told my mother the whole story. She then told me that he asked her first and that she told him, “Go ask my son, he can tell you”. Thanks, mom!

    The whole point of vortex hunters is similar to those who are always in search of something that they have no idea at all about. They may search their whole lives and never find it, when it is really right under one’s nose all the time. The way I consider “vortexes” is to consider the first impressions made upon native American tribes. Whe they saw such places of immense beauty, they considered these places as sacred and home to the Gods. There are many, many such places all over the world. They draw you close to them like a magent and provide inner peace. To announce to the rest of the world that you have found the “vortex” is just plain disrespectful and ignorant. I personally felt a strong energy approaching Crestone, but nothing at all like that in Sedona. What works for one is not necessarily going to work for another. Do your own thing. We are all very unique individuals, and too many of us have a pathological need to “belong” to a certain group. These days, searching for true “hippies” is comparable to those searching for the “vortex”. It’s wherever you find it.

    Peace and love…

  • I have been to Sedona nine time. Twice on five day meditation retreats. I have traveled a bit. It’s the most magical place I have visited. I started in 2007-2013. I will go back again , even live there. Yes there is a mixture of rich and poor but that exist everywhere. The vortex energy can bring up your issues so be prepared to face them.
    I have had many friends visit it in the last few years. Many feel the magical energy. Some people can’t deal with the vibration, I find hiking on the mountains amazing. It’s a very small town and it is a tourist destination. It’s best to move there if you have enough money to retire as there is not much in the way of work with many educated people competing for the same jobs. Sedona is a great place to escape and experience a level of bliss/magic for a couple of weeks but that’s about all most people can Handel as it’s a very new age little town . There are some lovely people living there . It is expensive to go visit, so be prepared. You will find love and kindness if you reflect it/live it yourself. I am drawn to visit it often as it’s a piece of heaven to me and many others.

    It has amazing hiking trails. They are not crowded and everyone I came in contact with hiking was friendly.

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