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Woodstock, New York

Not the actual location of the famous festival (that is Bethel, N.Y.), and a bit of a tourist trap, but yes, lots of hippies live here.

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12 Responses to Woodstock, New York

  • couldn`t you have some info about the festival?? that sucked big time…..

  • I visited that field in Bethel this summer.

    I pissed on it.

    He he!

  • The Village of Woodstock N.Y. has been an arts colony for over 100 years. Several arts organizatons are still showing and teaching arts. It is music haven with many old rockers living in the area. There are free community dinners on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Local cable tv acess shows. Free mail boxes at Family a social service agency. Lots of wied people. Sunday peace protest in the Square. Full moon drum circle, Up the mountain every month. Many street people who “camp out” year around. Some vending opportunities with lots of summer tourists. Library has free internet access.
    Nearby towns pretty cool too. See New Paultz. Go to Cronogram.com for day to day events.

  • I love going to Woodstock in 69;that’s how I got my nickname. It was a long time ago, but it still ranks #1 as far as adventures go, and I still keep the tradition of peace and love. Later, Woodstock

  • Great town and vibes. Try Sayville Long island too for some fun!

  • I went up for a visit and moved in New Years 2005-Best move of my life. I have no intentions of ever leaving now. If you want to be who you are and live with people just like you-come to Woodstock NY it still rocks and stop by and do a bowl with The Wiz Peace!

  • Looking for contact information about Woodstock commune or others near New York….looking to join, please contact with information asap…. Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you : contact rth595@yahoo.com

  • ah, woodstock. similar to arcata in that when you go hang out there its just a quaint little town in the middle of the woods, and you might expect it to be conservative and the people to be “hicks” (i consider this to be a classist term, but i dont know what else to say). but then you start to meet people, and they’re big-time hippies. the thing about woodstock is that there is no college, so most of the hippies are acid heads, drop outs, freaks, or artists (none of which are bad things, it just makes for a very interesting mix). but, this is an east coast hippie town, which means its a lot easier to relax and kind of do your own thing, as opposed to arcata or eugene, where you have wanna be hippsters and spangers up your ass.
    drum circle every full moon in the magic meadow should be enough to put this place on the map.
    the other day i was there and i went into a gas station at like one in the morning. the cashier looked like any other “back-woods-rural-town-joe,” but he was listening to peter paul and marys version of blowing in the wind and said “peace” as i left with my motor oil and potato chips.
    thats how you know your in woodstock, and it feels good…

  • Hey dominic,
    I don’t know the last time you were in Woodstock BUUUUUT,
    It’s become so commercial and you can’t sit in the park without seeing 10 Hummers go buy trailed by a few BMW’s and Mercedes. And the music your hearing from that store is to give you the feeling of peace but look what you paid? Sorry,going into to a silver store in woodstock and seeing some corperate husbands wife in a tiedyed skirt trying to sell you a simple silver braclet for $175.00 is sick.
    If I where you I’d check out the village and you’ll see what I mean…
    I’ve lived in the area for my whole life and went to Bethel in 1969..The fat cats continue to take over.just with different hats……..

  • hey steve,
    gotta admitt, i only go to woodstock for the full moon circle, so i guess my vision of woodstock is kinda skewed…im never there during the day, and i never shop there…

  • My man,,,,,,,,,
    Back in the day I was living on the outskirts of the meadow in a tee-pee
    with two of my brothers. Walkin’ Sticks and Red. When one day some tight ass decided to steal the canvas while we were tripin’ through the village green, we decided to seek other means of shelter. We scoured the tree line and searched through the woods only to find a rock shelter that had most likely been built by hunting and gathering indians many years befor our time. I am certin that if you look hard enough you might discover what we did in 1988/1989. We fixed it up made it as wheather proof as could be, bucked up heaps of cordwood stocked it by the door and settled in for what at the time we thought would be a bearable winter. Only to find out midway through the first month of 1989 we bit off more than could be chewed. We paid our respects to our dear friend
    Eileen who was the owner of the Millstream Motel down on Tannerybrook,
    where she invited we three weary hippies in to wheather out the winter.
    It was a great time, we created a great family,,,,Eileen, Karen Bella who lived across the way , Angel and his old ambulance, Ed Bommer and his merry-go -round horse collection, he actually lived more towars Bearsville
    but it was great to go to his infamous apple cider pressing parties. So many happenin’ folks and so few memories ( go figure …) All in all it was a great year and a 1/2 livin’ off the fat of the land. Then the hob knobs came in and ruined it for us all………Folks from the city with big wallets and shiny cars. I had a 1972 Triumph Bonneville motorcycle that used to run rampid through the hills and streets of Woodstock, or Eileens old 1969 Bronco when the wheather would’nt permit the old scoot.
    I paid a recent visit to my old haunt this spring to witness the wildflowers arrive in the mountains and was let down by the fakeness, the posers, and the loss of a few old friends. The millstream is under new ownership and looks better than ever, but just didnt have the vibe I once recalled. I guess as we all grow in years places and people do as well. If you run into any of the folks mentioned above,,,,tell em’ Crystal Feather thinks of them often.


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