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Flasket Brinner: Fläsket Brinner (1971)

Here’s a totally unknown, killer Swedish band that few have ever heard of: Fläsket Brinner. They had released two albums, this self-entitled offering on Silence Records, and a second album simply entitled Fläsket in 1972 on Polydor. But the review is for their debut.

What’s unusual of this album is it’s recorded live, which is not typical for a debut, but believe me, the band had put on a killer show that night. This is some really killer jamming progressive jazz rock that just doesn’t let up! The opening cut, “Gånglåten” might not reveal that, it sounds like a repetitive Bo Hansson piece without the organ. It’s not bad, but it seems like the odd piece.

The next one is a 14 minute piece called “Tysta Finskan” and here’s what shows the best qualities of the band: killer jamming with lots of of great guitar from Bengt Dahlen and organ work from Sten Bergman (who also played flute, this guy also played for Bo Hansson), with some squeaky saxes provided by Gunnar Bergsten (who also played for Bo Hansson). You’ll also hear the band playing an excerpt from Bo Hansson’s Lord of the Rings as well. Those two songs are side one.

Side two contains six shorter pieces, but that doesn’t mean the music isn’t of any less quality. This just as killer as “Tysta Finskan”. “Bosses Låt” was a song written by Bo Hansson, and he even guests here! So unsurprisingly, this sounds like something Bo Hansson would do on his albums, except with more power and energy. “Räva” is basically guitarist Bengt Dahlen’s time to shine, and it sounds a lot like something Frank Zappa could have done when he was in a jamming mood. I can’t say there’s any weak spot to be found on side two.

The only real complaint I have of this album is it still hasn’t seen the light of day as a CD reissue, so you’ll have to find the original LP, which isn’t easy to come by, but if you can get a hold of a copy, it’s really well worth it. So if you want some intense, jamming progressive jazz rock, get this album without hesitation.
– Erik Dahlbäck: drums
– Per Bruun: bass
– Sten Bergman: organ, flute
– Bengt Dahlen: guitar
– Gunnar Bergsten: sax

– Bo Hansson: organ
– Owe Gustavsson: contrabass

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