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Where Is Marijuana Legal?

hey what’s up old hippie,
first I’d like to say thanx for existing. I don’t like to break the law so I don’t smoke pot anymore or any other illegal subtances (actually i’ve never used another illegal substance) . Besides, pot is impossible to find , if you try all you find is crack. and other nasty nasty disgusting stuff. That’s urban life in 1999 no weed to be found anywhere, and abundant crack and alcohol on every corner.

People are violent around here, and is increasingly becoming a police state. If you go out dressed like a hippie, your in big trouble.
Street thugs will harass you, and police will openly violate all you rite in the daylight and in front of hundreds just because of the way you look..

This environment is not very friendly to me and i don’t like it back, so i saved a couple of thousand dollars and am enbarking on a nice long search for a hospitable environment where I can smoke a joint in PEACE.

I was wondering were besides the Netherlands (everyone knows about amsterdam) is Marijuana legal? Oh yeah and were are their friendly people, are there any left in this world?

Young Mr Nobody amongst the masses

There are NO places left where it is legal to smoke, thanks to AmeriKKKa’s
insane Drug War and International laws and condemnations. It is even illegal in Holland, but tolerated there.

That’s the key, where is it tolerated (where you won’t get busted)? The
answer is many places! There are places in Australia, India, Nepal,
Afghanistan, Morocco, etc. In the U.S. I understand California is very laid
back about it, especially SF, and places north (the Emerald Triangle, where
they grow most of America’s best sinsemilla). I’m told Humbolt county is
the phrendliest place to smokers. The cops there look the other way
because without the green economy, the area would be in a bad depression.
So there’s lots of places where smoking is tolerated, sounds like you’re
livin’ in the wrong neck of the woods!

By the way if you can make it to Amsterdam, it will be the high point of your life!

As far as friendly people goes, they seem to be everywhere except big cities. But I’ve always found that the poorest people are usually friendliest cause as Janis sang When you ain’t got nothing, you ain’t got nothing to lose. I guess most hippies qualify.

Of the places I’ve traveled, I’d have to say that the New Zealanders and Balinese are the most friendly people I’ve met. They go way out of their way for strangers.

-The Old Hippy

2002 Update!
Things are changing at last in Europe! Several countries have decriminalized possession and use of cannabis including the UK, Portugal and Belgium. In fact in most of western Europe you’re only likely to get your stash confiscated or a small fine (as long as you don’t have a large quantity). Of course selling cannabis is still very illegal. Just another hypocrisy due to be changed.

2008 Update:
Things are still changing. California’s prop 215 has allowed hundreds of cannabis dispensaries to open around the state, selling marijuana over the counter to medical patients. The dispensary business sells more than one billion $ a year of high quality cannabis.

Spain has become the new haven for Europeans fleeing their own countries harsh drug laws. The socialist gov’t of Zapatero has loosened up laws and enforcement against those who use cannabis.

Meanwhile the Netherland’s conservative gov’t continues to crack down on growers and coffeeshops, sending chills through the cannabis business community there. Coffeeshops can no longer sell marijuana alongside alcohol. So many have started to open up straight restaurants/cafes alongside their coffeeshops, where they can sell alcohol and people can smoke the cannabis they just purchased next door.

The UK lowered the classification of cannabis one category, but now they’re reconsidering thanks to pressure for anti-drug forces. The UK is awash in contaminated cannabis thanks to Dutch drug gangs adding glass beads to pot to increase the weight and make it look resinous. Nobody is sure of the health consequences of such contamination, and the British gov’t is only now thinking about doing something.

Posted by: skip
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18 Responses to Where Is Marijuana Legal?

  • If you are interested in taking an initiative to legalize marijuana where you live, or are already doing so, please contact me.

    be a representative in your corner of the globe.

    Form part of the global movement for marijuana legalization.
    legalize it everywhere.
    Frank Dank
  • I thank you for this information, and i have "high" hope for california fully legalizing marajuana. If the government would open up and just put a taxation fee and regulate the trafficing they would make billions of dollars a year which could be put towards research for cancer and other diseases. I understand that there would still be "illegal maraijuana" due to illegal trafficing but for me, i would pay the extra for convinience instead of the risk of going to an anonymous dealer.     

                                                                Happy Toker

  • I heard it is pretty likely to get legalized in CA this November.

  • dont worry about it man just put down your spoon and smoke to the moon;its legal there all the best long ish life and all that from the grove

  • i am traveling across country in an rv and got pulled over last night in colby kansas.  they called the canine and searched…finding my box of stuff… i thought for sure i was a goner.  amazingly they let me go with my box! everything still there.  they left my stuff and let me go.  i can only assume they thought i was transporting a large amount.  the cop initially asked me about personal use but of course i said no…not knowing the ks law.  is it allowed to have on you if its for personal use in kansas? 

  • watch out frankdank is a scammer !!!!  reply for details !!    1234jimrusso@gmail.com

  • To my knowlage are are no laws against marijuana in Papua New Guinea. It only became illegal in Vanuatu in 2006. But thats a long way to go just to light up or grow. 

  • i live in malaysia..we have the 2nd most harshest drug laws in the world..we gotta stop this..I LOVE POT!!!!

  • It is legal up to 8oz in Peru

  • I have been smoking Pot since I was 11 and have always felt responsable about it the world has a different veiw because Marijuana use is not understould as a way for a Man to cope with this ever changing world in which we live in .And its better for the Devil for those who do Evil top keep it ilegal I am also waiting for the change but for the sake of evil which controls this world it wont happen the best thing is o just break free with God  just ask Him and no one else  Let the world  Suffwer  You will  get your Peace.

  • I run a handicraft brand in India named Indian Addiction. I have been smoking for long time and it does no harm…How to take a initiative to legalize it across India.

  • cannabis is legal everywere believe it or not. there are three laws we have to follow, their called the common laws. so really, as long as you do not harm anyone, scam anyone or steal from anyone, you are not breaking the law, the law stating that cannabis is illegal is a statute not a common law, we do not have to follow statutes because another human being created them and no human has authority over another unless you give them that authority.

    if a police man stops you in the street for suspicion on cannabis he will use sly words and trick you into giving them authority over you. they will say "im arresting you on suspicion of carrying a controlled substance, do you understand" when they say "do you understand" you would probably say yes. little did you know that they have then striped you of your rights as a human being and now have power over you.
    when they say "do you understand" if you say" i take what you are saying into consideration, but i do not stand under you in anyway as i abide by common law" they then have no authority to search you or arrest you. you could literally just walk of and spark up a spliff in front of them, although thats a little cocky. hope this helps
  • holy shit i didnt no that. thanks!!

  • dude its posts like yours and people like you that are making so difficult to get it legalized

  • Hi Frank, Im stuart Petty English male 31 years old. 

    Now living Finland Fro more than 10 years. Pot is Illegal here of course and possession can get you jail time. 
    Ever changing times i want pot legalized here…do you got any strategies???
    much apreciated
  • cambodia is the only nation where its fully legal

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