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Hippy Activism

What really distinguishes this generation. . . is its determination to act, its joy in action, the assurance of being able to change things by one’s own efforts. Hannah Arendt (1972)The popular stereotype of hippies describes them as lazy, unmotivated, even apathetic. At times we can be this way, especially when stoned. But if you […] Continue reading

Where do I start?

Dear Old Hippy, Ever since I was small, I have felt extremely attached to life. I was a really big tomboy so I am not one to get all mushy like some girls but does no one else get emotional when they are given their factory processed meat on a styrofoam plate? Does no one […] Continue reading

Marx & Communism

Dear Mr Hippy Love the web-site, but there’s one small thing that I’ve just gotta correct…. Communism is opposed to the state in any form – unlike your answer to the ‘Stinking Hippy says. Marx never actually provided a blue print for how a communist community was supposed to look like or how it was […] Continue reading

Confused about Communism?

Hey My Old Hipster! I think it’s such a great thing your doing ’cause there’s so many confused young hippies out there like me! I’m quite interested in communism but I can’t quite make my mind up.I think I know the very basics ( equal rights, power to the people etc) but I can’t figure […] Continue reading