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The US and Middle East Oil

Hello old Hippy –

My question is – is the purpose of the manufactured wars in the Middle East simply to remove any resistance to US control of oil reserves?

I look forward to your answer.

Peace, Ravenstar

I would have to say the oil reserves are a very important part of middle east policy as always. But I don’t think the US has control over those oil reserves, yet their presence in the region does give the US leverage if push comes to shove. However much of what is happening now is a very complex power play involving not just the obvious players like the US, Britain, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, etc., but also China and Russia figure prominently.

First off the US has just accomplished a number of secret goals despite missing Bin Laden and Mullah Omar. It now has several bases in Afghanistan, and more in Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The last two places represent part of a new oilfield that may be as big or bigger than Saudi Arabia’s fields. But the real strategic interest may be not only securing those fields for Western use, but also having those bases available to be used against Iran, Pakistan and even China should the need arise.

But I think the US and its allies will have their hands full just dealing with the Taliban and Al-Queda which still present a threat.

Another strategic issue which can’t be overlooked is that these new bases are also smack in the middle of the biggest opium growing region in the world. The opium/heroin trade is estimated to be worth over $50 Billion annually, with very high profit margins for everyone involved (unlike oil!). The CIA has been known to traffic in illegal drugs as part of its dealings with rebel groups, clandestine arms shipments, and to obtain secret money for secret projects. So having the CIA back in the region means of course they’ll be siphoning off millions from the drug trade while the US government officially tries to stamp out opium production (yeah, as if).

As any think tank can tell you, the real enemy these days isn’t Russia or the Taliban or even Saddam, it’s the Chinese. All these incidents involving spying with the Chinese are reminiscent of the height of the Cold War when US and Russia were constantly stepping on each other in their quest for military secrets. This is a very real danger.

China would now rank as the #1 most powerful enemy of the US. And while we trade with them, and become ever more dependent upon their cheap goods, they become much more independent and wealthy and powerful. And of course they also are becoming even more repressive of human rights, with regular mass executions for things that would easily be dismissed with a good lawyer in the USA.

China has so many people, rapidly diminishing resources, soon to be unliveable cities (the pollution is horrendous – 700 million people are now drinking water unfit for human consumption). And within a few years their needs will be overwhelming as they become a country of consumers following the American model. Can you imagine a country with a billion cars? It’s going to happen. And it won’t be pretty. And there are either going to be some major changes in China, or China will bring about major changes to the rest of the planet. It’s only a matter of time.

What happens between the US and the Middle East is very important to China too, as it becomes more dependent on oil to keep its economy running smooth. If the US hadn’t gone into those countries, we would have NO presence around that new oil field, only the Russians and Chinese would. So now we are all there, and I say, LOOK OUT!

-The Old Hippy

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