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Berkeley, California

If there is anywhere in California where hippies hang out, it is definitely in Berkeley. This is where a lot (if not most) of the hippy movement began. It is famous for it’s protests in the 60’s and 70’s and even today. I have never been to a place where there are more liberal people in one area in my life, or more marijuana. Students and locals alike share the hippy mentality, just take a walk down Telegraph Ave.!

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41 Responses to Berkeley, California

  • people’s park is a great plavce to be. it’s on telegraph.

  • Well, i dont have anything to say about berkeley, but. On the coffee beans, im not informed on this protest, but im pretty sure it was concerning Fair Trades.. Im not trying to flood this with my own personal protest but…
    Coffee is the second largest US import after oil, and the US consumes one-fifth of all the world’s coffee, making it the largest consumer in the world. But few Americans realize that agriculture workers in the coffee industry often toil in what can be described as “sweatshops in the fields.” Many small coffee farmers receive prices for their coffee that are less than the costs of production, forcing them into a cycle of poverty and debt.

    Fair Trade for coffee farmers means community development, health, education, and environmental stewardship and enviromental sustainability.

    People die over coffee everyday. Im just gonna say.. Do some research of your own before you think it was just over coffee.. its the concepts behind the industry.

  • I know what it’s like to be stuck inside of stockton with those berkeley blues again. Nothin seems to go over very well where the Keystone used to be. I think some of those witches and warlocks cast a spell. Anyway eat at Smart Alecs on Telegraph if you’re in the neighborhood. Get the 1/2 salad. you can”t eat a whole one by your self.

  • I am planning on a road trip this summer. If anyone knows of “must go” places to stop..please email me at chrissibaby@hipplanet.com! Thank ya!

  • i am looking for the experiences of my parents i know it exists. i am 17 and a hippie chick. i am going on a trip around america to find the real people san fran and berkeley are on the agenda. interested? e-mail me at anarchica04@hotmail.com

  • I frequent Berkeley visiting friends. I don’t think it is as cool as everyone wants it to be. Between the crusties and the indie rickers, its fairly difficult to walk through the city w/o being called a poser of some sort. They are just as snobby as the Orange County crowd. However they think its ok for them to act that way because “they have a higher moral value” (as they spit in the street and give every-one dirty looks). I prefer Oakland where nobody cares… At least there, they are real..

    Rama Starfish

  • Don’t go for any of these so-called ‘reviews’ below. Geez! You’re dissin’ the one place that actually CARES about preserving what’s left of the ‘counterculture’. “Hip” as a concept begins and ends in Berkeley. It’s the Alpha and Omega of ALTERNATIVE on every possible level. You can’t judge it by hanging around Telegraph Avenue! From Musicians to Filmakers, NASA designers to Videogame wizards, Berkeley throbs with unlimited creative energy and the outlets to express them. Poseurs? It’s a college town for chrissake! They’re ALL posing! Nobody’s been teargassed there in YEARS! Think about this: Best record stores on earth. Tons of concerts and movies. Real Head Shops. Cheap and nearly-legal Herbs. Lots of Reggae. World’s hippest swap-meet. World Class University. People’s Park. KALX (pioneered alternative college radio).San Francisco 20 minutes away. Endless cheap eateries. Free Clinics. And here’s the good part: You CAN find JOBS! And if you want to stand on Telegraph wrapped in a blanket jangling a tin cup you can do that too. Berkeley has a way of winnowing out those who don’t really fit. Do you enjoy fuming over the morning paper aloud to one and all in noisy coffeehouses? You may be a Berkeleyite! Do you get uptight around people of different races and cultures? Are you only at ease around middle-class working stiff types? You’re NOT going to do well here. Dislike Gays? Blacks? Hippies? Punks? You’ll really wish you’d kept your ignorant mouth shut after a couple of Lesbian Cops lock your sorry ass up for a hate crime.That’s if they even CALL the cops. Actually they may just flatten you on their own. Berkeley denizens (especially street people) can be notoriously contentious when rudely provoked. Remember that Bob Dylan line “The old folk’s home at the college”? Well Berkeley will NEVER be that! You will always grow as a person hangin’ out in Bezerkeley.

  • One of the hippest places on Earth! Look, everyone here gives it a bum rap, but c’mon people! There are so few places that could possibly be any hipper! I grew up here and am still living here, and I’ve been to alot of places, including quite a bit of America, and it still rocks like theres no tomorrow. San Fran across the bay, Oakland just south, concerts and shows everyday, more green and leafy then you can shake a stick at, and some of the hippest people you’ll ever hope to meet. Whatever your desire, you can have it within 30 minutes. I can only think of two places any hipper, and those are Boston and New York. History was made and is being made all over Berkeley. Look around. There’s the square where the free speech movement started, thats people’s park, and theres a massive head shop! Amoeba is arguably one of the best record stores in exsistence, the Fillmore in S.F. is one of the most famous venues in the world, and the Greek Theater has seen its share of action. If you come to Berkeley, and have a bad time, you just are’nt meeting the right people. The Beautiful People are all over Berkeley, you just gotta know where to look. Subway Guitars, the Berkeley Community Theater, Sather Gate, Telegraph Avenue, People’s Park, these are all Berkeley monuments of sorts. So, until you know, don’t shite all over it.


  • I currently live outside Baltimore, MD and am looking to move to the outer San Fran area (Berekely, or near Santa Cruz maybe) at the end of this summer but can”t find the right area for the right price on the internet. Studio or 1 bedroom apartment for under $625/mn. I”m the hippie/New Age/Energy Worker sort.

    Please email me if you know of any sources or good areas to check out! I want to visit CA for a few days in mid-June!


  • Berkeley, oh how I miss you. The hippies, the gutterpunks, the legalized marijuana. I’m just a 19 y/o polit-punk, but Berkeley took the best years of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Believe me, I’ve traveled around a bit, and whether it’s punks, or hippies, or college students, NO PLACE ON EARTH is as politically aware (and pleasingly liberal) as the Bay Area.

  • Berkley is pretty much the ultimate hippy haven in the bay area. theres TONS of great music a lot of awesome bands to see (a few months ago i saw paul mccartney and man he still rocks!) and talk about the head shops and all the cool pipes and bongs. if you go to the right places some of them will let minors in the back if u wana buy something. if youre a hippy or not id definatley go and visit berkley if your in the bay area.

  • Where are the best head shops in Berkeley?

  • hi, im just wondering about some more information on berkeley, for I am heading out on a road trip after high school and looking to just set free over there, and get away for awhile, back to somewhere more relaxed than barrie, ontario — where I from….if you can help me out with this a little more, please email me at broshen_plur@hipplanet.com…thanks:) peace

  • If you really want to know a cool place go to Dallas. HA HA HA HA HA HA

  • dallas? hmm interesting I guess I could travel around that way on my way down there ^o) 🙂

  • I have debated on whether becoming vegan or not, for I think I am becoming lactose intolerant. Sick with milk and dairy products all the time now.

    So possibly,

  • That’s really awesome that your proud to be a gay and such, and I like your voices and opinions on the things you had mentioned. But why just pick abercrombie because they hire gay men? I’m sorry but I’m just not really understanding your whole concept of writing in here…

  • Berkely Guys mmmm!!!!! Seattle story trip………
    I love to Travel and this lat june I traveled to Seattle washington state wow what a great place, I think washinton state is one of my faverite citys, so mush places Yes it was sunny the whole time execpt the last nite from the next day it rained and man I love the smell of the rain, When I was in SEATTLE I went to PIke market place ,Space Needle and we took the elavator to the top, We went to Capital hill street where all the gays and lesbians hang out at, We went there but dident think it was very gay tho Capital hill Disrict Seattle the gay area is all spreaded out, nothing like SF at all its got its own way of things, Email me if u need eny advice ok elliot2698@yahoo.com

  • I have voice as a hippy good for you for suporting them gays, because I suport them too and its Important ok, Gay live in harmony ok, natral, Dress good of it makes your souls feel good

    Praise the Souls if the tree Hippes we are

  • Berkeley has been the dream spot for many a California teenager through the years, and if you’re young it’s a great place to check out. Living there is another story. The more time one spends there the more one realizes how narrow minded and parochial the people are – in their own way they’re just as narrow as the ultraconservatives in Orange County.

    Ultimately – nice place to visit but not to live – especially if you’re over 25

  • yeah i support them too, but i dont understand why brand names should have anything to do with it….

    but thanks for the tips below, im def going to visit there



  • i most definitely agree..but i wish i was born in a time when all of that was there, i would give anything to live back there, but then again i believe in making my own history and path in life and trying to bring things to be more peaceful and live in harmony once again.

    love, music, peace, happiness, equality, nature 🙂

  • People today just don’t have the passion that we used to have back then.


  • Eny body here Ever Listen to Techno trance house music in there life, its a very fast type of music, I love Techno music and I find the music a very neet section, Techno has some pritty beats per minute, lots of people never really listened to Legend Techno , its helps me to express my feelings, https://www.di.fm digitallyImported.com ,
    I live up in Humboldt county, in a small hippie town know as Rio dell northern california tucked in a hill side off HYW 1o1 and its 5 minutes from Rio dell and such beautifull grace full town, Beautifull peacfull town, Redwood Capital ,,,, The one Badthing about humboldt is logging the beautifull forest. ,,,,

  • yeah I have listened to some techno in my life as well. I have to say I quite enjoy it all.

    —>what is this Rio Dell northern California city? I have honestly never heard of that place before. Does anybody know if a lot of hippies live there or something?

  • Rio Dell is a small town south of Eureka in Humboldt county, I wouldn’t really call it a hippy town, more often than not whenever I roll through Rio Dell I get this uneasy anti-hippy vibe from the locals.

  • hey guys in europe there is a place called christiana in copehagen it is a commune with head shops old hippie buses and everything so i’ve heard and come on amsterdam might not be hippie but it is liberal so why not go to europe don’t let people keep you in america just to be patriotic remember your more than an american your a human don’t worry go to europe

  • Is Berkeley a really rad place to be at?

  • Back in the mid-eighties, Telegraph avenue was a hustling, bustling area, mass people’s in the People’s Park, drum circles at Sproul Plaza, major cultural diversity. Now it’s kind of weak, but still cool street vendors on the weekends selling hand-made wares, T-shirts, stickers, incense, etc. Go check it out!

  • Burn Burkley and it’s Tofu sucking hippies. Peace and Love Tofu and Hug. Peace and Love we do drugs we love you have some tofu and hugs. Scuz bags!

  • i was there last summer..when we went outside berkeley people would say that we were crazy to be livin there cause there were so many weird people and hippies around..they would say they’d never go to berkeley because it was ultra-liberal and wacky…but it’s an amazing place.my favorite thing about it was the old hippyish lookin guy who used to sit on the corner of Telegraph and Bancroft…I passed him everyday on my way to the bart station and he always said hi and smiled to me and to everyone who would be bothered to look up and see him.i think he was a vintage, he’d just sit there,cap in front of him with a few coins in it, smoke his cigarette and look around. I don’t think he was a homeless guy. I like to think that he was there in the old days, when the place was a bustling center of hippie culture and activity and that he sits there now just to watch people go by.if you take time to just look around and take everything in then you see why it was so central to the hippie movement..its just a free place…
    plus blondie’s is the best pizza in the world!!!

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  • Ok I’m in a pickle girls and boys. I’m an older retired fart. I have to take a test however to keep current by class A drivers liscense in less than 30 days. Is it true there are *same day* products out there that can help me? If so can you tell me where to go to purchase it?

    Much appreciated, thanks.

  • 1970 was my first introduction to Berkeley. With my van and a few friends we landed there and it was a “Trip” in it’s finest. I met people from all over the planet, then became involved in the places that provided shelter and food. I was part of the group that started the “Peoples Free Food Project” and helped at the “Youth Hostel” when it was located on University Ave. I lived on the streets there and was one of what was called then… “The Street People”. I have to say that was one of the best times in my life. I learned so much about people, life and basic appreciation for life and all it’s gifts. 1971 I gave birth to my first child, born at Alta Bates Hospital. It was fun…

  • If you want a hippie-friendly urban area, Berkeley/Oakland is the right place. There are all kinds of beautiful hikes in the hills (with wild deer, turkeys, raccoons, squirrels and hawks), and you can enjoy awesome strolls along the bay at the Albany Bulb (a dog-walking haven with homeless people’s library and scrap art). There are cool student housing co-ops to party and crash at, a place to always score free grilled cheese sandwiches, and a legendary backyard hot tub and garden that’s open to the public, but it would be bad karma for me to reveal all these spots to you. Okay, these are some of my favorite places in this area:

    Dance – Conga Lounge (world music DJ every Friday nt; reggae DJ every 1st and 3rd Sat nt 10:30 PM – all free); Sweets Ballroom (ecstatic dance every Sun 10:30 AM and Wed 8 PM, $15); Lakeside Lounge (awesome classic R&B band every 2nd and 4th Sun 8 PM, tips)

    Hatha Yoga/meditation – Center for Transformative Change (Sun 9 AM meditation, Sun 10 AM hatha yoga, Thu 6:30 meditation – all free or donation), East Bay Meditation Center (Thu 7 PM people of color meditation, donation), Willard Middle School Park (labyrinth every 3rd Sunday 3 PM, free)

    Group meals – Wat Mongkolratanaram (Sun 10 AM Thai Buddhist temple “cafeteria”-style feast, $5-10), ISKCON-Berkeley (Sun 7:30 PM Hare Krishna simple vegetarian dinner, free or donation)

    Cafes – Awaken, Local 123, Cole Coffee

    Crazy household stuff – Urban Ore, East Bay Depot for Creative Re-Use, Gilman Trading Company

    Miscellaneous – Black Oak Books (new and used books), Good Vibrations (sex toys), Telegraph Avenue 5 blocks south of UC campus (paraphernalia), Ashby BART station (African-American flea market and drum circle every weekend), Berkeley civic center (Farmer’s Market Tue 2 PM), Berkeley Bowl (groovy groceries but always tense and crowded), Reel Video in Berkeley (most extensive corporate video collection), East Bay Vivarium (reptile/amphibian/insect store), Down Home Music (used 60’s vinyl LPs in El Cerrito), Thrift Town (thrift store in El Sobrante),
    Street Level Cycles (quality used bikes and free repair lessons, TTh 2-6, SunSat 12-6), Long Haul (anarchist info/media center), Chapel of the Chimes (great place to trip, in Piedmont), Transfer Station (recycle center in Berkeley, 2nd and Gilman)

    Places to crash: couchsurfing.org

    Enjoy! And if you liked any of my recommendations, let me know! elmo_mandaya@hotmail

  • Berkley is a college town—even the bums are well read. I have not been there in a while. It is not what it was !

  • cool cant wait for the chicken!
  • Having spent my first 17 years in the city too small to be a city state,and too large to be an insane asylum,it my friends,ain’t what it was.[If it ever was.] From Sather gate to Ashby was clean. No empty lots  encased in chain link and flotsom. The only reason there was a riot is because the local rag . The Gazette,ran a headline the day before. "Riot expected tomorrow." So everyone went to see it and ended up being it. A huge Hell’s Angle named "Tiny" was the enforcer.  Keeping the peace and making sure people didn’t pay $10 for a ounce of  sage or lawn clippings.Great pool hall,book stores,greasy spoons,beer halls,record stores,bohemian coffee shops,florists.The campus was there with the ballroom where the Dead ,Congress of Wonders,Loading Zone, The Fish,Dan Hicks,etc played and performed. I seem to remember it was $2 to get in. Swinging on the flagpole ropes on campus,sliding down the wet,slick grass at the Greek Theater. Smoking the stuff that had the stems and seeds that you don’t need in it while crouched in the strawberry creek culvert. Flying down Euclid Ave on flexies and people didn’t freak.The Maybeck homes and the houses where the parking was on the roof.The castle and the quirky paths connecting jewel like parks.the rose garden and the 50 ft concrete slide. Indian Rock where the climbers practiced for Half Dome and El Capitan.The mud flats!Sorry everyone. I miss it

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