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Columbia, Missouri

Downtown Peace Park and Peace Nook

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6 Responses to Columbia, Missouri

  • I visited Columbia in 2000. I haven’t been there in a while, but I had a good time. I checked out a bar that was called “The Down Under” (I believe that’s what it was called, don’t quote me on that). They had a jammin’ blues band and a good vibe.
    I also checked out a club called “The Zone” (now again, don’t quote me on this, my memory could be whacked out). They played a bunch of techno, which I can get into. Basically my visits in Columbia were a good time, met some good people, and got a little buzz on…….

  • Columbia is dope! It is no humboldt or amsterdam but it gets it fair share of good times. For the little recogniton it recieves it is by far a great party town. Such a diverese group of people as well, especially in such a small town. Blazin on the cliffs overlooking the Mo River is one of the most relaxing things I hav ever done.

  • Despite Columbia being a small town, it has its advantages by being a college town. Lots sexual encounters of the highest statue ( thank god for MU). Tiger servers are the worst! I like to smoke and watch the females choke! DSL is more than a satelite system!

  • Resident of Columbia – look for friendly folk associated with the Clearcut or Diva House, both punk/hippie friendly houses. Good state parks, good caves (check out the Devil’s Ice Box).. APop records, small shop downtown, hosts occasional local bands. OK stop between KC/Lawrence, and St. Louis.

  • Columbia Missouri is no longer a hippie haven. I am 25 years old and have lived in Columbia most of my life—there was a time when it was full of patchwork and dreadheads, street musicians, transients…the like…now…now downtown has been creatively renamed “the district” by the yippie sell outs who have chosen to settle down with their white picket fences and their “families” here. The police will arrest anyone who so much as smirks in the wrong direction, they hassle everyone that’s different, every chance they get. This is not a good place anymore. Hippies beware!

    Peace and Love

  • Bring The SCHWAG to COLUMBIA!!!! I live here, i love it! Check out Peace Nook.. i own everything they make in purple! And Eye Candys fun.. more like an art gallery than a head shop tho. Roots Blues and Barbeque Festival has been here twice now, and i can’t wait til next years. It would definately be worth the trip if you came to Columbia for that! Music, Food, Friends… I love Columbia!

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