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Wannabe Hippies vs Real Hippies

Hey old hippy,
I see in some of your replies to questions you say wannabees (as in wanna be hippies). Do you mean that a young person in the world today could not possibly be a hippy? And would wanting to be a hippy really be that bad? Im sorry if i come off as ignorant, but dont all hippies start from the wanting to break free of the conformity of society? How would you describe a wanna be hippie? I mean.. wanting to change is the first step to changing right? What advice would you give to one who wants to be hippy?

There are two ways to apply the term wannabe hippies. One is a derogatory meaning, that they try to look and act like hippies but really don’t have a clue as to what it’s about. To them it’s just a fashion statement, nothing more.

Then there’s the more positive meaning, indicating that the person(s) wants to be a hippy, but just hasn’t learned and experienced enough yet to truly understand where we are coming from. These individuals are attracted to various elements they’ve seen and are really turned on to the underlying message. These people will soon join the new generation of hippies, which is a very real phenomenon.

Unfortunately the first definition is the prevailing one, used to put down those who really aren’t interested in what hippies really think and aren’t interested in rejecting the existing system, just in looking the part because it’s cool. They usually realize their mistake by the time they’re in high school. Yes, this is a teenybopper phenomenon and is totally meaningless in the scheme of things.

But the Next Generation of Hippies, is indeed real, and important. And their numbers are growing daily. They are idealistic and committed to changing the world, even if only by changing themselves, as you wish to do. Yes, that is the first step.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
– Mahatma Ghandi

So once you find the ideals you support, you must then go and live them. This is a lifelong process and involves every thing you do in life. From eating to thinking to talking to working to shopping to loving to breathing even. When you become conscious of each of activity you perform in your day to day life, you become more aware of the implications and effects your actions have on you, those around you and the world in general. You realize there is no escaping the karmic responsibilities that go along with living in the material world. Hence you must become a more responsible being, living life in balance and harmony with everyone and everything around you. All your experiences are a chance for you to learn a more appropriate response than the one you’ve been programmed with. Reprogramming yourself is a massive challenge, but well worth the effort.

When you have worked on yourself and learn independent thought and action, then you can join your peers and learn how to cooperate and share power and take action to correct the imbalances that plague our world. Many never reach this stage because they are too caught up in self-involved ego trips to be much use to the collective. Many people never succeed in reprogramming themselves. They just pretend they have to assuage their consciences and ignore their many other responsibilities as a member of this planet.

You’re going to have to change the priorities of your life, if you love this planet.
– Dr. Helen Caldicott

So first you must find out who you really are in the scheme of things. Then you must locate your fulcrum, your center, your balance. The place in yourself thru which the universe flows unrestricted. Be there and stay there, and you will find your path thru life easily. There are many ways to achieve this including meditation, yoga, psychedelic drugs, fasting, following a guru, etc.

But ultimately it just comes down to you discovering yourself. That is where it’s at. The rest is just illusion.

Peace in Unity,
The Old Hippy

Posted by: skip
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14 Responses to Wannabe Hippies vs Real Hippies

  • wow thats so cooooooooooooolllll

                                     i love hippies

  • hiya hiaay hippies

  • i completely agree 😉

  • Peace,Love,Dove everyone!

  • After reading your response, I was just curious if being a hippy had anything to do with religion, I feel that it has some similarities to the evangelical ideas of the reforming version of Christianity. There is a documentary called Ordinary Radicals with Shane Claiborne. He looks like a hippy and there a slight references to hippies.

  • I was doing a research cuz my friend he claims that his father and him are hippies I refused to believe that and I see now I was right! I wish I can actually tlk to a real hippie and interview not to rub it in my friends face but because I actually want to hear their life story ^.^ 

  • Being a Hippy has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with spirituality. Spirituality means connectedness, and nothing else, just connectedness to each other and to the world and everything in it. Connectedness is inversely proportional to ego and the best way to dispel ego is the psychedelic experience. This will provide you with a model on which to base your subsequent growth. Neither Gods nor ghosts nor anything else of that kind is involved. Learn to borrow the wisdom of all religions, but promptly discard their doctrinal specifics. Even psychedelics are but a means to that end, with the ultimate goal of being high rather than getting high. Consolidating that experience into a meaningful integration within your existence can require many years. However, you will be able to gauge your progress by the frequency and degree of selfless involvement and right livelihood to which you find yourself called.
    Start now.

  • Dear Old Hippy,

    Thank you dearly for your post.
    It helped me. Your message has not been lost in the realms of cyberspace. I’m on the other side, breathing, reading, and looking to improve myself and give back to the blessing of a world around me.


  • A hippy very few real ones exsisted  his heart was about loving your fellow man and that weak strong all belong he fed his nebor welcomed strangers , his heart had no hate he saw the beauty of life and loved GOD  , He knew Jesus  the prince of peace , Free love didnt me screw and sex , he didnt over dose on dope he may have smoked grass and even triped but he didnt distroy him self
     His life wasnt about fornication it wasnt about if it feels good do it
     he didnt follow assholes like Abby Hofman or Jerry Rubin nor Bobby seal , ( self centered big mouth brats all about them selves). He saw what a quack Dr t Leary was  ( had his own head cut off and made a movie about it )
    We in our good intentions were taken advantage of by those who seek only to gratify the sex drive and get high.
    he ahd nothing to do with SDS  or   the weather men ,
     he was a truth seeker  lover of peace and kindness.
     as i said very few ever really exsisted many looked like us  but were not of us.
     some where some one hears my soul in these words  and knows what Imean and misses the esscince of what we were about We were  so much older then , We are younger than that now" remember the song. Very few  real hippies  ever exsisted very very few.
     Our  role model was Jesus .  His heart was  Love peace truth .
     that was  the heart and mind of a  true hippy , and the few that exsisted many times didnt reconized each other .

    as tiem went on he lost faith in his fellow man who seem onbly to follow a fad many " went striaght",  soem held on and became human refuse, many of the few  just went on with sad hearts .  but those of us whose hearts were real went on living, and learned . That peace coems with a price and that there are those who would take that peace .  A true hippy knew Jesus The only real selfless hippy that ever exsisted.

  • i love hipppies too & wanna be on eso bad ! peace 🙂

  • i really enjoy this comment! i agree completely and while i try to explain the essence of a true hippie to people they still just have the ugly preconceived notions of free sex, drugs and bare footed people that live in trees.

  • Right On Brother! I must say some Hippies turned into "Jesus Freaks", but to
    truly be a hippie you must love yourself & others as Jesus did.

  • Hey dude,

    I was wandering how I become and if I’m a true hippie.

    I know am doing right now is bad for the enviro ( messaging you on the iPad so I can find inner peace and charging and using the Internet on my iPad is very uncool for the enviro)
    but I need to find out if you can grant me inner peace and tell me how I can become one with the world and my soul dude.
    Thanks you you relpy but if not….
    Peace out dude!✌️

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