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Wannabe Hippies vs Real Hippies

Hey old hippy,
I see in some of your replies to questions you say wannabees (as in wanna be hippies). Do you mean that a young person in the world today could not possibly be a hippy? And would wanting to be a hippy really be that bad? Im sorry if i come off as ignorant, but dont all hippies start from the wanting to break free of the conformity of society? How would you describe a wanna be hippie? I mean.. wanting to change is the first step to changing right? What advice would you give to one who wants to be hippy?

There are two ways to apply the term wannabe hippies. One is a derogatory meaning, that they try to look and act like hippies but really don’t have a clue as to what it’s about. To them it’s just a fashion statement, nothing more.

Then there’s the more positive meaning, indicating that the person(s) wants to be a hippy, but just hasn’t learned and experienced enough yet to truly understand where we are coming from. These individuals are attracted to various elements they’ve seen and are really turned on to the underlying message. These people will soon join the new generation of hippies, which is a very real phenomenon.

Unfortunately the first definition is the prevailing one, used to put down those who really aren’t interested in what hippies really think and aren’t interested in rejecting the existing system, just in looking the part because it’s cool. They usually realize their mistake by the time they’re in high school. Yes, this is a teenybopper phenomenon and is totally meaningless in the scheme of things.

But the Next Generation of Hippies, is indeed real, and important. And their numbers are growing daily. They are idealistic and committed to changing the world, even if only by changing themselves, as you wish to do. Yes, that is the first step.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
– Mahatma Ghandi

So once you find the ideals you support, you must then go and live them. This is a lifelong process and involves every thing you do in life. From eating to thinking to talking to working to shopping to loving to breathing even. When you become conscious of each of activity you perform in your day to day life, you become more aware of the implications and effects your actions have on you, those around you and the world in general. You realize there is no escaping the karmic responsibilities that go along with living in the material world. Hence you must become a more responsible being, living life in balance and harmony with everyone and everything around you. All your experiences are a chance for you to learn a more appropriate response than the one you’ve been programmed with. Reprogramming yourself is a massive challenge, but well worth the effort.

When you have worked on yourself and learn independent thought and action, then you can join your peers and learn how to cooperate and share power and take action to correct the imbalances that plague our world. Many never reach this stage because they are too caught up in self-involved ego trips to be much use to the collective. Many people never succeed in reprogramming themselves. They just pretend they have to assuage their consciences and ignore their many other responsibilities as a member of this planet.

You’re going to have to change the priorities of your life, if you love this planet.
– Dr. Helen Caldicott

So first you must find out who you really are in the scheme of things. Then you must locate your fulcrum, your center, your balance. The place in yourself thru which the universe flows unrestricted. Be there and stay there, and you will find your path thru life easily. There are many ways to achieve this including meditation, yoga, psychedelic drugs, fasting, following a guru, etc.

But ultimately it just comes down to you discovering yourself. That is where it’s at. The rest is just illusion.

Peace in Unity,
The Old Hippy

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Why, Why, Why???

hello old hippy. I need someone wise to talk to. I
have these questions in the back of my mind. What are
we? What is the point? Day in day out all we just go
on living our pointless boring lives hoping to make a
mark in the world. Then we die quicker than we came
in. And its all over. Like we go thru a load of crap
everyday only to die and let it all be over. It
doesn’t make sense. I just feel like there should be

Why should my best friend suffer from depression?
Why should i worry about my mom losing it? Why should
we all be so concerned with the way we look when we
leave the house and so concerned with being a
successful doctor or lawyer? Why should people get
married if it is easier to just be in love and stay
together til death? Why am I judged by the size of my
breasts? And why does being young hold me back from
so much when this is the time of my life I will always
refer to? Why am I who I am? Why do we all think
we’re so right and everyone with a different point of
view is so wrong? I don’t get it. there has to be

Please respond. I know my questions might be a
pain or a bore but I really need someone or something
right now. I am questioning not only my existence but
everyone and everything.

Whew, that’s a lot of good questions. I’ll try to answer a few.

Depression: It can be caused by many things, but it certainly is a
‘dis-ease’. It can be a dissatisfaction with one’s place in the world,
personal events, life in general, etc. It can also have biological roots
with a chemical imbalance in the brain. People who are obsessive can find
flaws with themselves and others and just obsess over it to the exclusion of
all else, including the beauty around them. For those without a biological
cause, a change of venue, routine, job, living arrangement, etc. can be just
the cure needed. Also helping out those LESS fortunate can help because not
only doesn’t the world revolve around your personal problem, but then you’re
also doing something that makes you FEEL GOOD. For those with biological
problems, consult with a recommended physician or naturapath (healer,
massage therapist, accupuncturist, herbologist, etc.). Hopefully they can
help restore the balance need for a healthy body and outlook on life.

Your Mom: I assume your mom is on the verge at times. You care because you
love your mom, and want her to be happy. That’s perfectly natural. But
there’s no need to worry too much about it. It’s better to focus your
energy on being the best you can be, and this would include caring for your
mom. It’s very difficult to help others until you take good care of
yourself. Then others are helped just being around you. Give your mom
POSITIVE ENERGY, not worried emotionality. That always helps! Good luck!

How we look, and what we do: People care about their looks because it’s a
reflection of how they feel inside. People who obsess over looks and social
status are never happy with themselves or others and tend to be very
judgemental. The key here is to love yourself, and your beauty will shine
regardless of how much makeup you put on (or how little) or what kind of
clothes you wear. We are socialized to be successful and this means not
just a good career, but also a good mate and children are signs of success.
This is important on a species level that people who are good providers are
the ones to reproduce their successful DNA. So society reinforces this with
hundreds of social cues (fancy cars, exclusive memberships, first-class,
etc.) to indicate that that individual possesses traits that are valuable
given the prevailing values of society. In our society competition is the
means by which people are valued. We have sports, game shows, exams,
contests, promotions, etc. to give us a chance to excel in some way, thus
flaunting our superiority in public.

The problem is that these values are relative from one society to the next.
The best hunter in the Rainforest = the best herder in the plains = the best
Java programmer = the best looking babe on Baywatch. These people get
rewarded in their societies and are admired and have the best selections for
mates. Well maybe not the java programmer! 🙂

Anyway this shows how important it is for alternative communities to agree
on values so that they can offer other means to be successful. On a commune
it’s important to cooperate, work hard, and get along with others.
Competition is minimized. Individuals are supposed to measure their own
success by how well the group succeeds meeting its self-sufficiency needs.
Hippies reject the competitive role and seek not success but true happiness.
This comes from finding peace within and loving oneself. Then sharing that
love with others. Love is its own reward!

Marriage: Again marriage is part of the social success that society rewards.
It has ancient roots and is bound up with religious dogma. It’s presumed
(by society and religion) that stable relationships yield healthier
children. This may be very true. There is a correlation (statistically)
between juvenile delinquency, and other serious social problems and broken
families. So by laying a heavy guilt trip on people to get married, society
is trying to encourage long term relationships and stable families. Once
upon a time we had extended families with several generations living
together. This is a very natural situation where more social roles are
available and the family ties grow ever stronger as the family ages.
Grandparents make the best baby sitters, and have the time and knowledge to
pass on to grandchildren. The rise of the nuclear family has just about
destroyed this concept in modern society, and is a great loss for all.

Then again marriage also lays a whole set of expectations upon people
(especially young people) that they are often unable to live up to. Thus
the high divorce rate. In Europe (esp. Northern Europe), there is a whole
nother attitude towards marriage. People now wait until their thirties to
get married, if at all! This has resulted in a very low birth rate, which
is causing problems too.

So marriage has several important functions. It serves to provide a stable
family life for children. It acts as an important legal contract giving
rights to spouse and children – esp. property and inheritance. It’s a
measure of social status that supposedly keeps the partners from spreading
their DNA around.

Is marriage necessary in today’s world? My opinion is that it reflects the
maturity of those who enter it or don’t. It’s a serious commitment and not
to be taken lightly. Depending on the couple’s moral development it may be
needed to provide the guidance (rules) they need to promote stability in
their relationship. Or they might not need it because they find social
rules stifling to individuality and personal freedom. Or because they
reject the values behind the contract or feel that love transcends laws
while society limits love. Ultimately each person must decide what’s right
for them and their dharma.

Breast size: Are yours large or small? Just kidding….:) This again has
to do with the first question – why we are judged by how we look? Breast
size is important in ‘primitive’ societies as they can indicate a woman’s
ability to feed children. In American society breasts are kept hidden
(relatively) and as such are novelties and the subject of much speculation
and fantasy by men and esp. adolescent boys. In other countries where
breasts are not such a ‘hidden treasure’, men often fantasize about legs or
ears or hair or body smell. It’s always what you can’t have or see that
piques your interest. Unfortunately in our sexually hung up society, people
tend to make judgements about others based upon how they look. Depending
upon how you flaunt your assets you can be labeled (whore, dyke, old maid).
Again this serves the purpose of indicating to the opposite (or same) sex
your availability as a sexual partner. It’s such an instinctive thing.
Just be aware of the signals you are sending out. It will determine the
response you get from others.

Being young: They say ‘youth is wasted on the young’. This is because when
we are young we have all this wonderful energy and enthusiasm and a healthy
body, but don’t know what to do with it. Your point is well taken because
society tends to limit what young people can do in terms of activities (like
driving, sex, drinking) and opportunities (dating, jobs, travel). So it’s a
dilemma to be so virile and vivacious but restricted to utilize it for fun
or pleasure or gain. It’s like the eternal complaint that you need
experience to get a job, but you can’t get a job without experience. We
older folks with lots of experience find that we can’t do the things we used
to because our bodies aren’t what they were. We’re slower, heavier and
can’t think as fast as we used to.

Those things that you feel as limitations will soon be lifted. And once
they are you’ll get to do everything you want. And guess what? They’ll be
a thrill for a moment and then once you’ve done them, you won’t understand
what all the fuss was about. I think it’s best for parents to decide based
upon a child’s maturity (not necessarily age) when they are ready for
certain activities. No two people are alike, and they need to be treated on
an individual basis, not based upon random criteria (age, grade, breast
size, etc.). If you feel you are being unfairly limited, speak up, give
examples of others you know who have more freedom, and be adult about it.
Reason with those in charge. The worse situation is that you have to wait a
few more years. Just don’t make such a big deal about it because few things
are worth it.

Who are you? You are who you are because of genetic, social and moral
evolution. You are a product of your parent’s DNA and your social milieu.
If you’re not happy with yourself you need to delve within to find out why.
Sometimes the social situations we face are not to our liking. Once you
reach a certain maturity you can do something about it. Leave town, go to
college, find a lover, whatever. One thing you can be sure of, things
change. Sometimes we must initiate the change within ourselves first, then
all the circumstances around us change, usually for the better. Just make a
conscious effort to understand yourself and those around you and you will
learn how to please yourself and others. It’s really not so hard to do.
And once you find yourself, the path is an easy stroll, with you in control.

Right vs Wrong: Truth is a relative thing. That is; what I see is truth is
my truth, what you see is yours. We are subjective beings, and objective
truth does not exist. If we all saw things the same way this world would be
very boring indeed. The real trick, and one path towards enlightment is to
Realize Empathy. That is to be able to relate so much to another person’s
point of view that you merge. Love is pure empathy. You become the other
by feeling what they feel, no longer judging them, thus loving them
unconditionally. That is the highest form of Love. When you experience
this you become one with everything since that is TRUTH. Truth therefore is
neither subjective nor objective, it’s totally immersive and inclusive.
When you love there is no I and you and them. There is only love. And
THAT’S the truth. =:)

I hope this answered your questions! They were the best I’ve seen in
awhile. You are very intelligent, and continue to question EVERYTHING, may
you find the answers!

-The Old Hippy

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Why Be A Vegetarian?

Why be a Vegetarian?

The Vegetarian Page

Why be a vegetarian? What do vegetarians eat?
What is the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan? Find the
answers to these and many more questions plus links
to other vegetarian pages
and some great recipes. Need more reasons?
this out!

All artwork and content copyright ©1998,
Hip Inc

Health Reasons
Despite all the rhetoric and brainwashing we have been exposed
to by governments and the media, courtesy of the meat and dairy industries,
you don’t have to eat meat to survive and be healthy. On the contrary,
if you follow the most valid scientific research you’ll find there is far
more unhealthy about meat than you ever dreamed. Besides cholesterol,
and fat there are some wonderful other ingredients that make up commercial
meat today.

Antibiotics: Modern science has seen to it that animals
are given a healthy dose of antibiotics before they reach us to minimize
losses due to illness. By eating this meat, we ingest these antibiotics
and by being dosed when we don’t need them, they have less effect when
we take them because we are ill.

Bacteria and Parasites: Meat is a magnet for some of the
most dangerous bacteria and parasites. Does E-coli ring a bell?
How about Mad Cow disease? Trichnosis? If you are a vegetarian, you
NEVER need to worry about getting these diseases.

Putrefaction: Fruits ferment into alcohol like wine.
Vegetables likewise ferment or decay creating gases. Meat on the
other hand putrifies which means it creates poisons that are toxic to humans.
Fruit and most vegetables are easy to digest and don’t stay in your digestive
system as long as meat does. This gives it more time to putrify.
It also gives those nasty bacteria and parasites (above) more time to multiply.
Digestive problems such as constipation are often due to a heavy meat diet.
Doctors recommend fruit and vegetables (roughage) as a cure for constipation
(when will they just recommend becoming a vegetarian?).

Antioxidants the cancer fighters: Do you ever hear about
beef or pork being a source of cancer fighting agents? No, it’s always
some fruit or vegetable containing antioxidants or some other factor that
is seen as being a cancer fighting agent.

Chemical toxins: Animals are higher on the food
chain and thus concentrate toxins contained in the food they eat.
Thus one ounce of meat will usually contain far more chemicals than the
equivalent amount of grain or legumes. Plus some animals are fed
animal parts that already have concentrated the toxins of their diet.


The numbers are staggering. The amount of land required
to grow one cow to maturity versus the amount grain that can be produced
in the same acreage. By raising cattle on arable land, our species
is being inefficient in it’s use of resources. By choosing to be
at the top of the food chain we consume unwisely, making it difficult to
feed our ever growing population.

The rainforest: The Central American and Amazon rainforests
are being destroyed to provide farmland and cattle grazing. The farmers
can only raise a few crops before the thin soil is depleted, causing them
to burn more virgin rainforest. The land is then only suitable for
cattle to graze the thin grasses. This is the real reason the farmers
are allowed to burn the forest. They are the pawns of the cattle
industy in Brazil. They do the dirty work, and the ranchers get more
land for their herds. This endless cycle spells doom for the lungs
of the Earth and perhaps for all of us.

In many countries the taste for meat has been introduced
by companies like McDonald’s or Burger King. People whose diets consisted
of fruits and vegetables now see meat eating as a sign of affluence and
status. Densely populated countries whose land is under intense cultivation
and where pressure to urbanize has reduced that cultivation are also pressured
to raise beef. This inefficient use of their land will one day doom
them to starvation.

For more info on how being a vegetarian can help the environment
check out Tipping the
Scales for the Environment.

Meat is more expensive than vegetables. It takes
more protein to feed animals than they yield. They require more water.
Meat is more perishible, takes longer to harvest, requires refrigeration,
is transported over vast distances, uses more resources, so of course it
costs more.

For rich countries and well off populations eating meat
is normal. But in developing countries it is seen as a sign of affluence.
Owning animals is status.

Food Factories: That’s where meat comes from.
No one likes to think about where that hamburger or hot dog or chicken
nugget comes from, much less what’s in it! As a species we have lost
touch with the source of our food. In our hunting/gathering days
we were very much in touch with nature, animals and their spirits.
If we had to hunt or raise and slaughter our food ourselves we could appreciate
what it really is – a living animal that we must kill to satisfy our hunger.
Nowadays a big mac means you won’t have to cook tonight.

To provide this convenience, multinational corporations
have setup food factories around the world that take the worry and fuss
about having that next meal off your mind. What you don’t see can’t
hurt you – or can it?

Certain animals are raised in appalling conditions.
To produce veal – a very young cow, the animal spends it’s whole life caged
up in a pen no bigger than itself. This prevents it from moving and
developing strong muscles thus keeping the flesh tender. It’s short
life is spent standing in its own urine and feces, never to graze fields
of green grass, never to see sunsets, never to live the life a cow is meant
to live. Because of the conditions under which it lives it must be
given massive doses of antibiotics to stave off sickness, which are then
passed on to those who love to eat these poor animals.

Chickens: Little chicks are hatched and sent on conveyor
belts where they are examined for sex and deformities. Like the station
at Auschwitz they are then either routed to the growing area or ground
up to feed their siblings. The lucky chick survivors then have their
beaks burned off to prevent them from pecking the hundreds of other chickens
they’ll be cooped up with. Most chickens in America never see the
light of day. They are kept in huge rooms where the density of chickens
per sq. ft. is maximized. The lighting is controlled to maximize
their feeding and growth. Since they are so densely packed, they
are highly prone to infection and must be given massive doses of antibiotics
to suppress illness.

Pigs: One need only visit a pig farm to grasp the
horrifying conditions under which they are raised. Once the inhabitants
of forests, they are now penned up and fed just about anything. Is
it any wonder nobody wants a pig farm in their neighborhood?


Meat is big business. The cattle, dairy, pig, and chicken
industries all have powerful lobbies that keep Congress in their camp.
It takes a total disaster like Mad Cow disease before people even think
about what they eat. What a political mess that was! No other
country wanted British beef, yet the British were still stuck eating it!


Most Western countries have had meat in their diets for centuries.
You eat meat because your parents eat meat, because their parents eat meat,
etc. Yet most Eastern/Asian countries have little or no meat in their
traditional diets. What meat is consumed is considered a treat.
Of course now these diets have changed due to western influences like hamburger

But why not reverse our centuries old habit? New
cuisines have combined food ideas from all over the world, and with such
a varied assorment of ingredients available nowadays, let’s take advantage
of the many vegetarian options. It’s not necessary to become a strict
vegetarian overnight. It’s easier to eat less meat, more grains and
vegetables more often. First stop eating red meat, especially fast
foods. Then cut back on poultry. Finally eat less fish and
soon you’ll be a vegetarian. I can guarantee you’ll lose weight (absolutely
a great benefit!), you’ll feel better, and have more energy. You
won’t get that heavy bloated feeling after eating a heavy meat meal.
And of course you won’t get all those illnesses meat eaters get.
You might notice more gas, but that is the only negative side effect.


Did you know that the most dangerous job is working
in a slaughter house?

For a good Q&A about vegetarianism check out VEGETARIANISM:

For More links go to our Vegetarian
Links page

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Vegetarians and Protein

Hey groovy dude,
I recently became a vegetarian, and my dad and step-mother are concerned that I’m not getting protein, and want me to eat seafood. Is that cool?

Peace, man!
Sean Klee

You can easily get all the protein you need from vegetable sources, without eating any kind of animals. Proper food combining will ensure that. Most humans in the industrialized world get far too much protein anyway. You can ensure you’re getting enough protein by eating complementary foods that together create complete proteins. These take the form of legumes and grains, (beans and rice). Tofu, tempeh, TVP and other soy products are just the beginning of a healthy diet.

If you’re not totally vegan, you can always supplement your diet with dairy products or eggs, which will add more than enough protein. Unfortunately you also get lots more fat, cholesterol, hormones and antibiotics with dairy products and eggs. So I don’t recommend it unless you have problems with the vegan diet. Eating dairy products also supports the dairy industry which treats animals like commodities, and only cares about making profits. Look at the current crisis in Europe resulting in the unnecessary slaughter of hundreds of thousands (soon to be millions) of animals just to protect future profits.

I don’t recommend eating fish unless they’ve been farm raised (unnatural). That’s because the oceans are rapidly being depleted of all large life forms. Pretty soon there will be a huge collapse of the world’s fishing grounds thanks to mankind’s voracious appetite for seafood. Already, 30% of the earth’s coral reefs are dead. We may see another 50% die in our lifetime. Yet few people seem to notice or care…

Whatever you eat, please be conscious of the source and honor it. And I don’t mean McDonalds, Inc. On another level we are all in the same pool of energy, just moving it around from one life form to another. It’s just light transmuting into light. As long as we consume only what we need, we are keeping things in balance. Learning what we truly need is a path to enlightenment. It’s worth travelling if only for awhile.

Pass the tofu,
The Old Hippy

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Vegetarian Links

Vegetarian Links

Let’s save our animal friends and our planet from the multinational meat industry. Keep ourselves free from toxic chemicals. Feed the hungry. Stop eating meat NOW! Please visit our Vegetarian Page for Reasons to be a Vegetarian!

To buy Vegetarian and Cookbooks visit Hipplanet’s Bookstore!


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